Is it wrong that I want Mega Mush to go? I just never had a lot of fun using this item, and although its a +40 damage, its temporary and takes a long time to charge. If anyone does have any objections to this, I'd be glad to hear them out


You do get really big tho


Yea I guess that is funny


Every time I get it I can usually get most of the way to charging it before it runs out. I do prioritize battery items even if I don't have an active though.


I mean. It is basically a bit more op than mega blast. And when mega blast was voted out i thought that mega mush would also go soon


I think crickets head should be out next personally, it’s just a damage up


I would say magic mush first. It gives a health up yes and some speed. But honestly screw size ups. Apart from T forgotten it sucks


i once had mega mush voided as t!lost and with a six charge mega mush i stacked several minutes of it. got me through delirium super easily, but havent had any other wild runs with it


Eh it gains charge while using it, so as long as you focus on floor clearing you generally get back most of the charge.


it is wrong. It has saved me as tainted lost more than once


ROUND 19 Poll: [https://strawpoll.com/polls/PbZqoJNdNnN](https://strawpoll.com/polls/PbZqoJNdNnN) ​ The Wafer is an incredible powerful item for most characters. Essentially doubling your HP and allowing Sac rooms and Blood Donations and the like to be used for half the HP cost is very good, and in the later floors, Wafer can be incredibly good if you don't have the most powerful offensive items that can one-shot the rooms and bosses. Round 1: Bag of Crafting Round 2: Void Round 3: Abyss Round 4: Epic Fetus Round 5: Proptosis Round 6: Infestation 2 Round 7: Dr. Fetus Round 8: Maw of the Void Round 9: Pyromaniac Round 10: Ipecac Round 11: Mega Blast Round 12: Satanic Bible Round 13: Binge Eater Round 14: 20/20 Round 15: Mom's Knife Round 16: Stop Watch Round 17: D6 Round 18: The Wafer


I’m rooting for c-section to win it all. Voting out Crown of Light


Same here, I love c-section, super fun, lots of synergies and really strong too


C-Section team 4ever


I agree all the way. Crown of light is too hard to keep active.(at least for me it is) I just take too much silly damage for it to be useful enough.


The other day on a daily I found death certificate in basement 1. I chose C section and that made realize it's just my favorite item in game. Sacred heart, revelation, tech x and brimstone come close, but C section is just really cool and i feel it's synergies are on another level. You can really tell it was a passion project by Kilburn.


it's 100% not gonna win, but i still hope brimstone wins the whole thing it's the item that pops into my head first when i think of "isaac item"


its the only item i will take even it kills me in doing so, thems the rules


Wholeheartedly agree with that one Brimstone is the epitome of fun + powerful + most cool synergies in the entire game


Me too dude, im a brimstone enjoyer as well. we all know sacred heart is going to win, its so predictable, although the order the items are eliminated isnt, and to me its what makes this interesting. but im sure brimstone will get pretty far![img](emote|t5_2sxpk|8906)


Eh, not since the nerf. I'd definitely pick Revalation, sacred, glitched crown, r key over it


Revelation Is Better for me so idk


it ain't as iconic as brim tho


Sacred Heart and Magic Mush are just a better Crickets Head


Magic mush yes, but calling sacred heart *just* a better crickets head is just insulting to sacred heart


Sacred heart is just crickets head and spoon bender.


Sacred heart is 4x better crickets head plus spoon bender, don’t undersell it


Personally I prefer cricket head over magic mush just because I hate that it makes me bigger.


Finally someone understands me


Being bigger doesn’t increase the hitbox


being big 😏 throws me off


Yeah, I know, but for some reason I can't dodge when I'm big ![img](emote|t5_2sxpk|8907)


Yeah, but being bigger throws off my dodging cause I’m really not used to that size of the player, I can’t really accurately judge where the hitbox is compared to what it looks like.


Hp and speed up+ range up???????????????????????????????????????


Crown of Light is just Cricket's head but you lose the effect if you get hit


Stronger Cricket's Head with some extra stats. Just don't get hit. Or be The Lost.


I have a feeling that R key might just win the entire thing. It just feels so damn good to restart with all your stuff intact


Save R key for last so we can activate it to restart the entire poll ![img](emote|t5_2sxpk|4358)![img](emote|t5_2sxpk|4357)


Am I the only one who doesn't care for it most of the time? It's undeniably strong, but more times than not unless I'm going for a hard completion mark, I don't really want to lengthen my run just for the hell of it. But maybe that's just me


Nah, I don't like it for the same reason, especially bc I mostly play for fun than completion marks. It just hurts to see if you have a good run.


...Why would it *hurt* to see if you have a good run? It doesn't get rid of your items.


R Keying on a good run is extending it for no reason, you would've already won


And also the item that makes tainted Cain actually kind of fun once you've got the ball rolling a bit. Just steamrolling through the game multiple times with sacred godhead fetuses for all marks was definitely a highlight for me


I want C Section to win. It has such cool and amazing synergies, it’s in the treasure pool so you can see it more often than the secret room items, it’s a hilarious concept, and it can absolutely carry your run. It’s definitely the best Q4 in my opinion…


I unlocked it a few weeks ago but havent seen it yet, it seems absolutely awesome!


Best way i can describe it is prenerf piercing godhead with a charge to "balance" it which is rebalanced by stronger homing


Sounds good to me!


I’ve only gotten it once since the update and it was in Backasswards so I can’t in good conscience rate it


Well maybe if you play on PC try a run and give it to yourself with the console (but don’t get any completion marks you don’t already have) and test it out. Or maybe watch some gameplay or synergy videos.


I hit dead god a month ago and uninstalled so I’ll just abstain from voting until it’s out


ah i feel that. i 100%’d rebirth 6-7 years ago, quit for years until rep came out and got 100% again. now i do speedruns bc the game is tedious after dead god, speedrunning is very fun and challenging for me. i actually got the regular 7 character speedrun world record recently!! you could also try mods to spice things up a bit, but yh isaac gets stale after a while


You say that, yet there is a feature that does almost the exact same thing as R-key with slight modifications Its called a rerun, you should give it a try.


Im a slut for completion marks though, so reruns/victory laps dont really appeal to me at all


Presumably with the exception of the small handful of achievements that require you to do like 3-4 reruns in a row


You just contradicted yourself there: You don't like killing weak basement enemies with funny op build on floor 1 but instead want easy marks. Admittedly if we were talking about how strong x item is then R-key would probably win, but we aren't we're talking about how fun they are and once you get dead god R-key is essentially a glorified Rerun.


Not everyone has dead god you know


Even then: If you've gotten all marks on a character and just want to play them for fun if you see R-key, would you really use it? And If I alter the question to be "If you can do a rerun (which you can literally always do once you've gotten the rerun achievement)" Would the answer be the same? I mean the differences are honestly so miniscule its not even funny.


I dont ever play characters I have all the completions marks for, and if I ever get dead god (I wont), I would probably stop playing the game all together rather quickly


>I would probably stop playing the game all together rather quickly Honestly Isaac is quite easily the most replayable game in my eyes just because of how much you can do when you get down to core of it, already you have so much variety and ways you can play, I've rarely thought I wanted to 100% repentance just because I wanted to do it for bragging rights (though that is a factor since I didn't 100% any other Isaac DLC lol), however I just wanted to do it just so I can finally play it at its core and even if I take breaks from it its still ***extremely addicting,*** like I think many people 100% this game because its fun, not because they want the excitement of getting such game changing unlocks such as Nuh Uh, Soul of Maggy, or Lucky Sack. *I mean there's a reason its my most played game on steam and probably of all time,* aside from maybe minecraft but that's a completely different story.


>Even then: If you've gotten all marks on a character and just want to play them for fun if you see R-key, would you really use it? I'll get bucket of dowvotes, but my answer is **no**. I have Dead God file for months now, and I'm still playing on this file very often just for fun and relax doing whatever I want, because I don't need to prove anything (for example giving myself Spindown Dice instead of D6 because why not).And when I see R-Key, I'm not excited and I have rerolled it multiple times. I am playing for fun, to see if I can achieve win on build I have got. Resetting to Basement I with all my items is almost guarantee win. And not fun, because it feels like chore instead of fun.


I feel like playing with achievements blocked dont really count, you know? Like, it doenst really mean anything to get overpowered when there will be no reward in the end


That's EXACTLY why R-Key becomes bad item as soon as you hit every completion mark - there is no point to re-do your run.


Yes there is. If your run is weak, and you are playing for a streak, an R key almost guarantees a won run.


Yeah, but if you have a fine run, it's kind of a waste of time


That's EXACLTY the point - guarantees. What's so fun about havong guarantee finish ?


R key sucks when you get it too early. It takes up your active slot and does nothing to help you win the run you got it in unless you use it prematurely to start the run all over again without completing the completion mark first.


Yeah you basically just hit it at the bottom of the run or right when you are about to die, massive massive value either way


Think of a venn diagram. One circle is runs you would lose without the r key. the other is runs where you have the r key. How much overlap is there, really?


*flashbacks of me dying to Mother with the R key because I got too greedy*


I feel you man! That feeling of having a totally insane build and then just… dieing.. is unique


I'm gonna be so annoyed, I've been voting for it like almost every day lol


Crown of light is my mortal enemy. It started off as a bit, but now it’s personal. “Crown of light does nothing” is bullshit, it actually does do something; deprive me of my sanity. I will eliminate you. No longer just for the bit, but for the sake of my sanity.


D infinity haters cry about it


It feels like movie in which many good characters die, but antagonist gets what he deserves in the end


Yet another day yet another casualty from the *endangered five:* Incubus, Mega Mush, D-Infinity, ~~Wafer~~ and Crown of Light. Now Im a bit torn here because I feel like there are two candidates that could go out right now and are still not in the five: Polyphemus and Cricket's Head. I'm gonna put the dmg doggo in the five, as I feel like polyphemus is way too fun and iconic item to go out before Mega Mush, D-Infinity and Cricket's. Funny thing is I feel like R key is always close to bottom in those polls but will never quite get enough hate over one of those items to go out just yet. Oh and btw I'm voting Mega Mush myself (I feel like it will be out next round - probably really close to Wafer in todays voting too).


i feel like magic mush might go before cricktet


R key kinda overrated


Brimstone will win


I hope not


D Infinity is just D6 with extra steps and bugged


Don't underestimate it, it's also a d8, but if in the case of d8 you have to carry it long enough, here it doesn't take up a slot. Also it's d20 (greed mode auto win)


And d1 for T lost card gamble. Also don't think that bug of one particular patch should affect the voting


D20 is not a auto win in greed. You underestimate how bad my luck is


Actual slander.


Also the best-looking item of the whole game




So I discovered this yesterday, since the bug allows you to use the item as long as its total charges including overcharge are equal to its current charge requirement, combined with the fact that after use it will always put its charges at the overcharges, means that you can use smaller charge dice like the D1 with effectively less charge if you touch an active item while at full charge before using, so D1, D7, D8, and D12 all become effectively 2 room charges.




Holy mantle ?


It comes right back by the time you enter the next room.


So does Crown of Light if you have any soul hearts


I don't actually think that's true (you need equivalent to max red health) and it excludes several characters altogether.


Crown of Light works without any red heart containers, including both Losts


Yes, I'm saying if you have 4 red heart containers and only 1 red heart and 1 soul heart, that doesn't mean it will replenish in the next room. But if you have all soul hearts your red health is 0 and therefore you will always exceed its max value.


Honestly polyphemogus is not that good. There are few things in this game i hate more than low tears.


All of this for C-Section to win, it is undoubtedly the best item in the game besides Death Certificate


Cof mega mush cof


Continuing crusade to eliminate R-Key.


AT LAST now I may rest


Just how the Crown of Light is still here?


2X damage multiplier son


Which is lost upon taking damage. I mean, if you can take no damage on the final boss, you don't really need a crown


Mfers acting like the final boss is the only thing that matters in this game and nothing else exists.


Well you have to beat it for the marks so I kind of get where they're coming from... However, while the Crown might not help much on the final boss, the damage means regular enemies die faster, meaning you get hit less. That meaning more health and especially more deals to get powerful items. So, in a way it actually helps you beat the final boss, but In an indirect way


It often works out like that because the final bosses are a pretty big difficulty spike


They really aren't, they may be hard for the first few runs you have them but one thing final bosses (bar Delirium) have which (most) things in this game don't is consistency, though I've already stated why they are far from the only thing that exists in this post already.


It's true that they have consistency, but even then, a fair amount of the patterns can be pretty tough, and the hardest characters let you take only a few hits before dying; it's not as much of a problem outside of the final boss fights because you can often heal/recharge mantle and the fights are usually much shorter.


Simple, if you need a crown to get to the final boss, you'll fail the run anyways


This argument can easily be the exact same thing for Holy Mantle*,* Which is significantly less great against bosses than it is when you're going through regular rooms, I'm not arguing Holy Mantle is bad or anything but genuinely when people applaud this mineset for x Item whilst not applying it for the other just baffles me.


i guess the argument is like holy mantle, it's just 1 extra hp for the final boss but amazing for normal rooms. same goes for crown of light, the 2x will only last like 15% of the boss fight but it's 100% for normal rooms


I see a clear difference in their impact on the race. The mantle directly saves HP, which is a resource, and the crown only makes it easier to pass through rooms


I agree with you, would rather have holy mantle than crown of light, think it's less situational - but I think the counterargument would be that speeding up passage through rooms tends to save on health too.


Of course it tends, but here we need to choose


Passing through rooms quicker makes you less likely to lose health while also making hush/boss rush easier. And I think discounting the advantage it gives against bosses (particularly as low hp characters) is unfair, and if you have a bad rear rate and powerful tears it can make a really big difference.


Crown of light embodies ‘skill issue’ imo. The better you are at the game, the more value you get from it. I’m always really excited to see it, it’s definitely up there with my favourite items. That being said it’s days are definitely numbered in this poll.


People voted out Proptosis very quickly which is another item I think highlights a player’s skill - how close can you get to enemies without dying. Proptosis deals even more damage than COL too.


I heavily disagree. There are many characters who basically thrive on taking damage or focusing on red health and this item is basically useless for them. Pretty much every other item on the list is universally good but Crown of Light is kinda pointless for characters like Tainted Maggie, Samson, possibly Eve depending on whether or not you've been able to purge all your red hearts (unlikely since you go angel route for crown of light), and Bethany (ironic lol) On the other hand it is invaluable for the Losts/Soul heart only characters who get it at the start of every room. It really isn't just a "skill issue," item, it's a mainly character dependent item.


You raise some very good points I perhaps didn't consider enough! The characters I've been playing recently, and my overall favorites, all benefit quite significantly from crown of light, so I think that bias crept into my comment quite a bit.


I know what you mean because initially I thought it should last until the last few rounds, but when I consider it in all contexts it loses to something like Cricket's head which is a smaller but permanent damage multiplier and is useful on all characters.


>‘skill issue’ ![img](emote|t5_2sxpk|8907) stop being elitists im finna throw up with this dark souls community level of '*get gud*'. Now while I completely agree its an item that benefits from skill, this item isn't consistent and doesnt work into telefragging delirium or long fights. It's like one of two items left that have some downside to it, obviously it will go out soon


Yet it shortens fights significantly yea Delirium can just Telefrag lol GG you but the chances of that happening before you can get a large profit of damage from the crown is slim, even longer fights depending on how skilled you are can be significantly shortened with its 2x damage. Mantle is simply a crutch While the Crown of Light rewards your skill. By no means was the guy being elitist he was just being factual, it’s an item that only gets better and better the more experience you gain.


I wasn't trying to say *if you don't like crown of light you're just bad at the game* so apologies if it came across that way. It's just a fact that the longer you avoid getting hit the more damage crown of light lets you put out (which shortens the fight, in turn reducing the amount of time in which you can be damaged yourself). I think the other response to your comment articulated what I was trying to say quite well.


ive been wondering this for 2 weeks. i think people are afraid to vote out an angel item bc then it means their fave angel item is no longer safe.


so so many good times gone…. wtf is revelations still doing here?🥴


Revelations best stand-alone item from the list. Flight + hp + extra damage. Literally everything you'd ever need to win a run


How has Flip stayed as long as it has




So is it like how d6 is to ed6?


No it's like diplopia and D6 working together. In Items/devil/angel rooms you get two diferent items.


I mean in Terms of how they are the "Equivalent" of one another. ED6 has the same base function, but D6 clearly does the job better. I´d say that similar-yet-superior description applies between Damocles and Flip too, although with a lot more nuance


D-inf omg bro leave already... Jesus!


I'm voting for Spindown Dice now. All the remaining items are either game-winners themselves or items that allow you to get a game-winner (Flip, R Key, Sacred Orb, D Infinity, and Spindown). Of those latter five, Spindown's the one I find least useful. D Infinity is on the chopping block, though, since it's not really much better than the vanilla D6 (why would you bother with any of the dice except D6 and sometimes D1?)


Spindown is my favourite dice because it allows for many fun synergies and items. Here we vote for our least FAVOURITE items, and i think spindown is very fun to use, but there are 2 big downsides: you need a mod to see rerolled items and backtracking after recharging the item. I'm voting for cricket's head because it's just more dmg, which may result in very boring win.


You don't need a mod. I don't get how people don't understand what spindown dice does. Look up item id's on the wiki. Spindown dice subtracts 1 unit from any item you use it on. Hence why toothpicks always turns into sacred heart, and blood bag always turns into brimstone, and many more fun items. And if you hate backtracking just download good trip


I worded it wrongly, what i meant is that without mods it often takes a lot of time, obviously you can use wiki but searching every single item is tiring


In which case you just remember good items by heart (like toothpicks and blood bag) and for other items either don't spindown or spindown until you get a good item


The problem is that spindow dice becomes exponentially more powerful when you know chain of items (since you can use multiple times on the same item). So it isn’t enough to know that bloodpack turns to brimstone, you need to also remember that skinny odd mushroom turns to blood back and large odd mushroom turns to skinny odd mushroom.


That's where you just randomly spindown if you don't want to use mods, or are on console. No point in not spindowning mom's underwear just because you're not sure what it's gonna turn into, as if you know when using the d6


If you just have platinum god pulled up with the list of items pretty sure you just find your item and then look to see what item comes before it. It might take a bit to visually find your item but that doesn’t seem too bad TBH, and for a lot of significant items you can remember important spindown sequences, ie tooth picks -> sacred heart.


We know how it works, it's just more convenient to have a mod rather than checking the wiki everytime


Spindown dice is legit the 2nd best item for giving you better item I'd take it over Sacred Orb, Flip and D Infinity any day


Easily. Spindown might be the best setup item in the game after glitched crown.


There is also the d8, which is very usefull and the d20 if you're playing greed mode


Another person sleeping on D8 and D12. Truly a sad day


I'm still hoping R-key gets eliminated soon, many other items have been booted just because they're "boring" yet R-key an item that is designed to be a terrible and unfun item is still in this, and before you say "oh but I love anihilating lame ass basement rooms with funny op build" there is this very cool feature that not that many people know about that does similar things to R-Key: Called a rerun.


R key allows completion mark's though, reruns don't.


Again, if we are talking about viability R-key would probably win, however if we were doing that items like Mom's Knife or Epic Fetus wouldn't go down as easily considering they're also easy completion marks a good chunk of the time.


inubis should of gone a lone time ago


>inubis ![img](emote|t5_2sxpk|8907)


inubis but yeah it good ut not even close to the other items


True I'm surprised that 20/20 was eliminated but incubus stayed. 20/20 feels like a far better item for more tear oomf


Incubus both does more damage than 20/20 (up to +75% dps compared to +50%) and also doesn't neuter items/mechanics that scale with your damage stat. The only advantage 20/20 has over it is not trailing behind you, but honestly I'd still much rather have Incubus, and I guess most people would if it's come this far.


imo glitched crown should go out in the next few rounds - it’s just like the dice in that you use it to get the other remaining items. Personally, if I was given the choice of glitched crown or any other item left, I’d take everything over the crown - including spindown, d-infinity and sacred orb


You'd rather take an item that rerolls items manually once... over an item that rerolls them four times passively and gives you the option of which one you want? Odd logic.


This poll is about favourite items, not best, isn’t it? I dislike how it depletes item pools, and if you are unlucky enough to see multiple really good items in one cycle, you’ll never see the others again. I fully admit it is a bad, skill-issue take on my behalf. I just don’t like having to wrangle with picking up a specific item amongst others that I might mess up and either massively lose out or screw over the run




Does anyone genuinely enjoy using Glitched Crown? It's so easy to mess up the timing for it even with the menu pause method.


I seriously can't belive Tech X is still around.


Goodbye D magically loses charge bars when picking up other active Infinity 🥱


Why is Holy Mantle still here? One free hit per room is good, but not that good.


I’d say one of the biggest upsides to Holy Mantle is being able to maintain perfection, which is a great trinket to hold onto. Luck based tear effects, tons of extra pickups and money for shops. But I definitely would hope it would be voted out pretty soon, I’d pretty much always rather have DPS than defense.


Not to mention Holy Mantle also allows you to get hit WITHOUT the fear of getting fucked over by Damocles every 4 frames. ...Once per room, sure, but it still lessens the anxiety of having it dangling above your head (assuming you didn't get hit before you got the mantle).


Vote out sacred heart too boring 🥱🥱🥱


Yo why is everyone bashing on Dinfinty, its versatile and good as an active. Also glitched crown and r key are my bet


After all this time....**I've seen enough, I'm satisfied.** Now, to vote out Holy Mantle...


Revelation, be gone!


Not untrue, as much as people don’t want to admit it imo, it’s steadily being outclassed by everything else, except personally I would rather vote for glitched crown and the dice


Don't you dare i will smite you with my holy laser beam


if you think Revelation has to go, then it's Brimstone's. Revelation outclasses Brimstone by huge margin. Revelation's Beam does have longer (fixed) charged time, but you can still deal damage while it charging. Damage of the Beam is stronger then that of Brimstone. Revelation also grants flight. Not only that, but you can shoot revelation beam at any angle.


I’m voting for Tech X, it’s a good item but at this point I wouldn’t care to see it go.


tech x... it just isnt as good as it used to be


Mega Mush


D infinity is HOT TRASH i don't know why but the de is just a more streamlined item. No hassle, no bugs. So it should get voted off




Downvote me for this if you must, but I voted for Spindown Dice. It's a fun enough item, but it can take a lot of uses to turn something into something useful, often more rolls than you'll have charges on the floor. It's completely situational. I'm only ever really excited to see it as T Lost to try to get survivability items, and even then the chance is so low.


Hmmm it’s hard deciding what goes next… I guess I’ll pop spindown dice since I think d infinity is better


Wow, wasn't expecting wafer to be taken out so early. In most scenarios it straight up doubles your health, but i suppose on the harder characters the benefit becomes zero.


>taken out so early This is round 19, there's only 30 items.


Mega mush


Voting Psy Fly because I’d rather have a fun tear replacement or cool synergies or good DPS rather than protection from projectiles that I can dodge perfectly fine on my own.


If Spindown Dice or C section wins i will legit ascend to another realm. R Key is expected but still fair if it wins.


I feel like it’s a tie between crickets head and magic mush since everything else has amazing effects and can change a run easily In my opinion has to be cricket it does have the better damage up but the other stats of magic mush make up for it


Mega Mush is a free win, but like.. it always is the same. Go stomp Hush or Delirium with your big boy Isaac. The same every time


Still voting for Flip because it's nothing that incredible, but next pick has to be Spindown Dice which should've gone out before D6 honestly, nobody would memorize that ID order completely, it can give you great things but if you need to use a a list/mods everytime for a single item then that's pretty flawed in my eyes.


I might get crucified for this but I gotta say Revelation, it just doesn’t feel like it has the carry potential of any of the other items


Sacred heart is sacred heart but sacred orb could be anything... even sacred heart!


Now cricket or D infinity


Magic mush has to go, its just an all stats up, and isnt that creative or good.


This one's hard


crown of light boring dump it


If glitched crown dosnt win its riggef


I was about to miss this elimination game because of Reddit which turn off my Isaac's suggestions.


We all know brimstone wins


Y’all would rather have the mantle over the wafer? I thought this would be like way way up at the top tbh


Brimstone is bad


Tech x is worse


Not necessarily, it depends on your current synergies and such. Tech X is pretty bad with high shot speed, but gets much better with lower shot speed. I think Tech X has greater room clear/AOE potential than Brimstone, but Brim is better for single target enemies.