What was your strategy? I'm struggling to get to delirium with them.


I wish there was a solid strategy that involved skill, but to be completely honest it was a lot of ’R’-keying. If the floor wasn’t favorable, restart. If the item room wasn’t usable, restart. If there was a curseroom but the loot wasn’t decent, restart. You get the point. Pretty much bruteforced my way into a decent run, and Void was my last checkmark. Had 3 amazing runs die at Chest due to no portal. I wish you the best of luck and I hope RNGesus is on your side. Also, always go downpour/dross for the double itemroom and try to get as many angelrooms as possible. ![img](emote|t5_2sxpk|8906)


I haven’t tried it before, how does it work when you go through the mirror as Jacob and Esau? Do you turn into two Losts or just the single one?


Touch the fire with both of them and they both get turned into lost forms. That's how I do it.


only the one that goes thru the mirror turns into the lost form


Oh okay good to know. I’ve barely touched those guys since unlocking them so it’s nice to have some knowledge before I dive into it


they got it wrong. it's whoever touches the fire turns into the lost. so both can be the lost.


Funny, I just did Delirium first try. It was 100 % restartable run till Womb II where D1 room was kind to me with explosivo and Godhead. Also I had Prayer Card and later Satanic Bible. Still almost died https://i.imgur.com/fGZixzF.jpg (look how awful the stats are)


I always, always go alt path. At least for Downpour. One of J&E's strengths is being able to grab an item each when you normally only can grab 1, and so, not going alt path means there's wasted potential in them. Of course, alt path is tougher so the odds of taking more damage is there. But at least for Downpour, and MAYBE Mines, I go alt path. Also, angel rooms. They too often contain multiple items where you normally only can pick 1 :D


My Strategy was to Min-Max the fuck outta them and use as much time and resources as possible before going to any major boss. I would give Jacob luck-based and tears up items due to his higher stats in those areas and Esau damage up and range up items for the same reason. If you take your time with them then these two are actually really fun, but if you decide to do any timed challenges like boss rush or hush first like what I do you’d have a much more different opinion of them as they are a nightmare for those marks.


This was my approach: Jacob is your tank. He gets every health up except for the first (I like Esau on 2 red hearts just in case). Also most defensive items, and luck. If you're not sure what an item is, give it Jacob. Esau is DPS. He gets every damage and tear upgrade. Also babies (for conjoined) & things that feed off damage. Always enter rooms with Jacob, and use him to block damage if it's unavoidable. Go for Angel rooms as much as you can (including sacrifice rooms if you can spare the hearts). Spread out blue/black/bone hearts between the two to maximise your chances. Always go for the alt paths for double items, and through the mirror for a bonus boss item (except boss rush). Yes it's a bit harder but if you can't beat these levels you're not likely to win anyway. The knife is a good bonus weapon even if you're not going for Mother. Keeping both characters together is key. Eventually you get an instinct for it - if they get split by e.g. a rock then try and bring them back together mid-battle. This makes it much easier to judge your hitbox and avoid damage. Think those were the key points. Unlike the others on here I never restarted (you can have some fantastic runs with a weak start) and didn't go slow or min/max too much. Edit: oh yeah, where possible & relevant swap active items so that both characters hold them, so they can both get transformations (e.g. bookworm).


I cheesed them with coop, any character with t.isaac or t.maggy is a free win


Mine was: Tainted cain, greed, 10 fucking eden blessings, play jacob and esau![img](emote|t5_2sxpk|8906)


Unfortunately Tainted Cain can't just conjure Eden Blessings up his asshole anymore so that strat is off the table.


Yes he can, just use platinium god and see his recipes for the seed, craft 3 to four steam sales (which always have ez crafts) and break the game on greed with things costing less then they give on coins when picked up, now just craft the eden's blessings, its pretty ez


Ah I forgot about that, either way at that point I'd rather just constantly r-key if you're gonna try and get a decent start as them, I learnt this by doing the same thing with pre patch Tainted Laz but just decided "Nah, I'd rather just actually try and get a good run than do this shit".


Obviously going to the alt path is preferable however aside from that their strategies aren't as restrictive as you think. For an example, whilst people say that angel rooms are generally preferable because you can (sometimes) get 2 items, devil rooms can still provide a lot of benefit considering they're the only characters that can steal devil deals AB+ Style (no, not like the forgotten who makes his soul unusable to steal one), It can be risky but it can be even more efficient than going only angel rooms and only getting some shit like the habit on depths 1. Though I do have to agree on one thing: Try and avoid flight at all costs unless you either have flight on both of them, or the flight in question is a really good dps upgrade (guppy, revelation, etc).


Fruit cake carried me to nearly all of the marks.


You just need to play and wait. Play and if You die restart


For me believe it or not it was going to the devil rooms. Most runs were carried by a library that had book of revelations/satanic bible and then one little shit got hp ups, while the other little shit relied on the book as their hp generation


I diplopiad a satanic bible and let my determination to get Suplex! carry me through. It is glorious btw.


My strategy was to not give a shit and just run trough. Damage taken? don‘t care just continue. Bad item? don‘t care, take it.


They aren't that hard really just keep the lower health behind the higher health and don't have a skill issue


Impressive, now do the alter


That’s fucking impressive


Esau’s face in the character select really tells you all you need to know about what playing them feels like


I go through periods of hating and enjoying them. Just kidding, they're always my last note. Fuck them both.


Definitely the character(s) i hate the most. Even T. Jacob is more enjoyable


T. Jacob is FAR more enjoyable, for sure! A lot of the battery items can make Dark Esau much more manageable and controllable, so he quickly becomes much more of an asset than a hindrance.


Yeah Jacob and Red Hitbox is probably the hardest base character. I'm almost fully done with the game, I just need to full clear T. Jacob and.... dear god


Relieved is the emotion




i felt the same exactly


I'm struggling with defeating mother with them, i hate this character as well, tainted lazarus is way more fun than this shit. I haven't even played tainted Jacob yet but i'm sure i will enjoy it mroe than this bullshit.


Hitbox and Esau


I just finished them the other day too. Good riddance


Me too. While finishing the post it note for them, I actually started to have fun with them and get better at managing both.


The double tears is definitely nice for the first two floors, but trying to beat one of the end game bosses with two hitboxes and two HP pools to manage is a challenge.![img](emote|t5_2sxpk|8907)


Can you give me some tips? I need go get all the marks on them.


Jacob and hitbox. Fuck them.


I completed them weeks ago and still didnt find rock bottom one, im not asking for much here game pls


The deed is done brother, I salute you in your victory.


I cannot for the life of me get these guys to boss rush


They really aren't bad to play with I actually like their play style


i feel like i’m the only person in this universe that actually enjoys j&e


Me too!


Me too!


I kinda like jacob and esau, i have all completion mark with him, its not that hard, i beated delirium 2 runs in a row


Getting downvoted for speaking the truth. If you don’t like J&E, it’s because you are bad at the game. They aren’t that difficult


Now do all 3 savefiles


Congrats! I did this earlier in the week :) Tbh by the end I'd grown to quite like them.


typical. just skill issue. I like them! you have double the dps and if you go to alt path you develop them evenly ![img](emote|t5_2sxpk|4359)![img](emote|t5_2sxpk|4359)![img](emote|t5_2sxpk|4359)


Wait for your 5th daily run for cracked crown and get them


You can skip days and still get them




Yeah the days don't have to be consecutive, if you get a character you don't like you can just skip it


Well...I hope you’re ready for Esau to be...very angry let’s say.


There is another...


I got incredibly lucky and got a jera and a chaos card on my way to hush, and something I learned by doing so, is that you can’t chaos card delirium. So that’s some knowledge I learned that you guys can use now


N o w d o t a I n t e d .


I like more tainted jacob than jacob and esau




least you got T. Jacob, right?


Congratulations! I did it back when dead cat gave them infinite lives. I doubt I would have been able to do it otherwise


imma be 100% with you but i actually dont mind J&E tbh