Lost opportunity to say "Magic mush was turned to mush!"


Alternatively “there wasn’t mushroom for magic mush anymore!”


mfers will really complain about tcain runs taking forever and then say r key is fun


really. it's like that. I'm fine with R key being OP, but once you get completion marks, it's just a "save the streak", or let mayhem continue. I do have to admit, some runs just have to end.


I’ll say this because there’s a lot of overlap: it’s like Clone looping in Enter the Gungeon. It’s fun to a certain degree, but it hits a point where it’s so absurd and you just want it to end. It’s an endless basement run with different wall paper


If I find R Key when I'm having a weak run I always pog the fuck out. If I find it late game after working hard to get shit done I just go "...do I really wanna?". Sometimes I do and go on a power trip annihilating everything, sometimes I ignore it. EDIT: Why tf did my comment get posted twice


My last t Cain run was almost 4 hours long and it almost made me want to quit Isaac for good.


How was it that long? My full post it run took 2 hours 40 minutes and that was with zero experience and looking every recipe up to figure out my own game break.


I honestly have no clue how people take so long on T.Cain runs. If you just pick up stuff randomly and only craft it if it's good you can win pretty much every run.


People spending over half the run’s time googling the recipes instead of just playing the character and winning with random items, then complain the character is boring. My brother in christ you chose to spend an hour not playing the game


I know this comment is at my expense but it's 100% accurate.


Get the item descriptions mod and you can literally just see without googling.


Not an option for console players like me unfortunately


Shit I honestly forget console all the time.


Were you using platinumgod or the item description mod? I think the item description mod makes things way faster but I play on console so I don't have access to it. My run took forever because I spent way too much time setting up and then struggled to find materials for r key and mama mega.


Platinumgod. I'm on console so no mods.


Even the most broken of runs should take less than two hours to complete honestly. The only reason why it would take any longer is if you're going for a single run post-it completion for T.Cain and get unlucky on R Key ingredients. If you're not doing that, then your run is likely already OP as hell and you're continuing to get stronger just because you can instead of just winning.


but honestly, r key can be any of the other items.


At least with an r key run you're playing the game the whole time (not to mention the extra run will usually take like 7 minutes), but if you're minmaxing a tcain run you're spending half of your time on platinum god and the other half looking for pickups




R key is a choice and isn't tedious. T. Cain I don't have the choice not to take forever.


? How are those remotely comparable lmao


Both take a long time


Tainted Cain makes you want to squeeze out every potential advantage you can get on every floor. If you use r key and you're more than halfway through a decent run you should be able to speedrun the first 5 floors at least. Using the r key is a one time decision and then you can play like normal except you're overpowered. Idk how they're comparable


R Key is the only Tier 4 item that is just an immediate skip for me. I will only take it if the run is booty butt cheeks and I plan to use it immediately.


You can use R key as a survival element or as a 2-3 floor forget me now, all people talk about R key as if it was mandatory to almost end the run before using it when it's way more versatile than that.


ROUND 26 Poll: [https://strawpoll.com/polls/B2ZB3e2lLyJ](https://strawpoll.com/polls/B2ZB3e2lLyJ) The top 10 are approaching rapidly. Today was Magic Mush's turn to leave. It's all around a great item and it's understandable why it lasted so long. It's an (almost) all stats-up, a damage multiplier, had a satisfying sound effect when picking up... It's not strange why many like it. But people have an overall bigger general love for the remaining items, and as we can see, the remaining ones are mostly lacking in risk value and are both powerful and fun. Question is, what will be the community's overall most beloved item...? Round 1: Bag of Crafting Round 2: Void Round 3: Abyss Round 4: Epic Fetus Round 5: Proptosis Round 6: Infestation 2 Round 7: Dr. Fetus Round 8: Maw of the Void Round 9: Pyromaniac Round 10: Ipecac Round 11: Mega Blast Round 12: Satanic Bible Round 13: Binge Eater Round 14: 20/20 Round 15: Mom's Knife Round 16: Stop Watch Round 17: D6 Round 18: The Wafer Round 19: D Infinity Round 20: Mega Mush Round 21: Crown of Light Round 22: Cricket's Head Round 23: Polyphemus Round 24: Spindown Dice Round 25: Magic Mush


Are you going to release the results of each vote when this finishes? I feel like it would be interesting to see.




Time for some more hot takes As mentioned last time I did think magic mush needed to go as the other items that were similar to it went out So what one this time? Well instead of saying one because i honestly can’t decide imma go through and say comments on all of em then maybe I can decide Again this is all my opinion and you can disagree if you want, I think i know this game well as I’ve played it for fuck knows how long on multiple platforms and have dead god Brimstone is definitely not going out this round, it got nerfed but it’s still nuts. Spending 2 hearts for a death ray is amazing however I doubt it will win due to it being outclassed by revelations Glitched crown has a chance to be out this round but I personally say no. While yes it does take some skill to use, and no that’s not a skill issue joke. You need to be good at timing to get it consistently and that takes practice. But it’s like D6 on steroids so imo it should stay in Godhead... I don’t think I need to explain. I mean it’s staying in, just the name alone wins. Ok jokes aside it’s a nuts good item and is an always take Holy mantle was what I was going to vote this time but maybe not? I said it last time but TLDR: I find normal rooms quite easy most of the time and boss fights are where I struggle. In fights like hush and deli and mother and hell even mega Satan sometimes, I get hit more than once so one free hit isn’t that good. Holy mantle on its own is still nuts tho Incubus, made me notice a running theme here, some items in tier 4 are just better tier 4 items like glitched crown being a better D6 and revelation being a better brimstone. Incubus is a better 20/20. However twisted pair is a better incubus. Well back into incubus, it has a high chance of going out this round tbh, it’s an extra shot but that’s still amazing There’s no way revelation is going out, it’s brimstone but better and you can fly R key is prolly the one going out. I see a lot of people saying it should be out and honestly I kinda agree. Let’s not beat around the bush here, it’s best use is completion marks. I’ve had runs where I get to the void and it drops and the only reason I use it is for marks, which is kinda pointless now as a few days ago I got dead god. However I kinda feel, bored on the second run, it’s the same reason I find t cain boring sometimes, however it’s still a nice item Sacred heart is another one that’s deffo staying in. It’s just incredible and gives homing and thanos tier damage. Sacred orb is something I don’t think people know just how good it is. Like it filters so many items out of a runs pool. You don’t normally notice it, I bet it staying in this round Tech x is probably the other one w the highest votes atm. It got nerfed a lot in repentance but IMO it’s still great. Big ol balls of tech that kill rooms with a single shot, that said it does not hold up that well compared to the other items Twisted pair is incubus but better so it’s gonna be in no matter what, same reason as revelation: the weaker version should be voted out first Imma just say one thing for flip and that’s #justiceforflip C section, has a high chance of winning the whole thing, spectral and piercing is already nuts but add homing and that’s one busted item And finally psi fly, psy fly... however it’s spelt. It should stay in for at least a few more rounds, lil hyper flying boy, what’s not to love? And with all said I think imma vote- R key Also wow that’s a shit ton I wrote, can you tell I have ADHD lol


Revelations is definitely not a better brimstone. It isn't affected by tear stat so it will always take very long to charge, making it feel sluggish late-game and it has wayyy less synergies. I'll take brimstone anytime


It does allow for you to keep firing normal tears while having the brimstone-like beam though. Someone needs to do the math on that but im pretty sure at base revelations is a bigger dps increase. It can be pretty fucked by stuff like monstros lung though.


Eh, these takes are not so hot, the whole thing is reasonable. The only thing I disagree with is Revelation > Brimstone, not just because of the synergies, but also because Brimstone is probably the single most iconic item in the game.


I saw a video a few days ago that made tech x look even worse to me. Did you know that the higher your tears rate is, the weaker the big ring become? The small ring become slightly stronger with tears rate, but it don't make up for the bigger ring becoming weaker.


That's a lot of text when either Brimstone or Sacred Heart is clearly going to win at the end, lol.


My money is on the new comer c-section


It's a great item, but I think items like Brimstone and Sacred Heart that have been in the game since vanilla are going to sway a lot of people. Or maybe I'm just overestimating the nostalgia factor.


IMO Brim beats revelation because better synergies + brim is effected by tears and can be fired faster, and also Brim is more iconic.


W you didn't miss one ![img](emote|t5_2sxpk|2357)


The best moment to vote R Key was lots of rounds ago. The second best moment is now.


Doing R Key now. It's very rare since it's in the secret room pool of course but it isn't that interesting unless you have Chaos or Flip or something to really make it worth while.


I hope this is it, I've been voting R Key since Round 1. It's genuinely one of my least favorite items in Isaac.


Voting tech x for now. R key is next


Tech x is overrated


Two words: nostalgia boner


Thanks someone with some awareness, I am voting tech X for few days now


Ever since Repentance dropped it just hasn't been the same ![img](emote|t5_2sxpk|8907)


repentence tech x is like absolutely terrible compared to stuff like the knife or dr fetus or ipecac i dont get how people think its better like seriously even with fully charged shots tech x just feels kind of "i guess its alright' most the time now to me


Fr, like it basically tickles enemies if you don't have any other item. The fact that people consider it to be on par with godhead or incubus is absurd




Tech X’s fully charged damage actually decreases as fire rate increases now. That one ginger guy did a video on it recently.


I'm convinced people just haven't found it that much since repentance and think its still good, because I'm like genuinely baffled it hasn't been eliminated yet


yknow im actually genuinely surprised its even quality 4 still when stuff like haemolacria isnt despite (from my experience at least) being generally way better feeling


I’ve been voting it for the past week.


Half the voted out items are better than TechX, it should've been voted out a while ago. I would take magic mush (or crickets head)or 20/20, ipecac, dr fetus, wafer over TechX any day of the week.


idk i win every time i get tech-x


You probably also win whenever you get any of the items on this poll tbf


Every item on this list is a win. But when tech x appears it doesn’t bring the dopamine rush like the rest of the remaining items on the list


Every time I've tried to give it a chance and take it since repentance my run is instantly not fun anymore




yay let's remove one of the most pog items in the whole game but still keep an item that resets your run


Have you ever used it in womb 1? And became super overpowered and the easy completion marks?


It's boring and if you're not going for completion marks, it's pretty much useless.


What? It literally doubles all your items if you use it


If it just gave you double items it would be one thing but making you go back through early levels just to turn an already won run into an even more won run is no-thanks tier. Genesis is essentially a better version of this item and it isn't even in this list.


What if you have a weak ass run?


Well that's the one use case, but how often do you find the R key on runs where it would actually do anything? And even then Genesis would also save the run.


I did a t jacob run i arrived at womb 1 with base damage and tears then became extremely broken using r key trying to do the last completion mark "mother" i will never forget that run


Unfortunately 3 of the hardest marks (Boss Rush, Hush, Delirium in most cases) are out of grasp with R Key.


Just start a victory lap then r key immediately




it's the most boring item in the entirety of repentance


Black bean?


rebirth stuff he's talking about repentence (we dont talk about earser)


Huuu aarser is that a new item?


Idk, I mega pog whenever I see R key. It's not like you see it every single run. I like having an op killing spree to beast every now and again. I literally remember one time I got R key and I had to evacuate my entire family from the house as I screamed "prepare yourselves i am about to morb" and then i morbed everywhere for the rest of the run


My brother in christ it's an all stats up item with a damage multiplier tacked on


The fact that most redditors don't even know who you are too. I'm not shocked by how dumb the voting has become since the first few days of the poll.


Getting guaranteed bonus completion marks puts it over most T4 items imo. I would vote out Godhead, Revelation, Tech X and probably Incubus before R Key just because it saved me from having to grind out Mother runs on a few different characters.


YESSSS MY BOMBRADES HAVE BEEN AVENGED! time to bandwagon with r key voters to get the snoozefest outta here!


What does that mean?


I was voting magic mush because I kept bombing mushrooms in hope of finding it. Never showed up.


Big oof




20/20 has been out for some time, but Incubus, which is barely better, is still here?


You can buff familiars, lots of synergy compared for 20/20


There aren't a lot of things that buff familiars. There's like 2 items (BFFs and King Baby) and 2 trinkets, but that's it (it does count for conjoined too). 20/20 also has synergies with inner eye, quad shot, and most of the big tear modifiers. Is also pairs very well with a lot of tear effects. Don't get me wrong, Incubus is better than 20/20 in most situations, but I don't think they're very different and I'm surprised to see Incubus still standing even though 20/20 has been out for like 10 ronds


It’s just because 20/20 is a tradeoff and Incubus is an upgrade. No matter how similar they are, it always feels good to just get a straight upgrade.


Yeah I don't get the logic with some of these choices lol...~~20/20 and incubus both give you 1.75x damage up~~ (edit: Got some wires crossed. Only incubus gives 1.75x, 20/20 gives 1.5x - thanks for clearing that up /u/Eprico47) and an extra chance to proc tear effects since you're firing two shots. Incubus synergizes with box of friends and BFFs, but other than that they're pretty comparable in terms of power. Not sure why incubus made it so much further. Also, twisted pair is better than incubus and I will die on that hill


20/20 is a 1.5x damage up. 0.75x damage multiplier and 2x tears = 1.5x damage up. Incubus is 50% better than 20/20. But yeah twisted pair for life


Yep you're right, mixed my numbers up a bit...thanks for straightening me out. Not sure why I got downvoted for an honest mistake, but I guess that's Reddit for ya


I rarely downvote anything but others probably did because it's misinformation, nothing personal. Just trying to prevent newer players from finding this thread and taking what you said as fact, if it has downvotes then they'll be able to see that it isn't true. I put you back in the positives though :D edit: nvm somebody downvoted again, i tried lmao


I tend to reserve downvoting for irrelevant comments or people who are acting like assholes, but maybe that's just me. I edited my original comment, maybe now I'll be spared the pitchforks lol.


Incubus synergise better than 20/20 cause it's a similar who mimic your tear, and not just a second wave of tear. Incubus+20/20? Quadshot Incubus+conjointed? 6 shot It's drastically better. + It does more damage than 20/20 (1,5 vs 1,75)


I just hate Glitched Crown. It's good, but I don't like it.


How the fuck is Glitched Crown getting this far?


Incubus has to go, we have twisted pair


If we have to pick between the 2 then you are right. But Incubus itself is definitely better then some items still here. Like psy fly and r key


Psy Fly is hard to compare because it's basically in its own category, all the items left are either DPS or opportunity for better items (glitched crown/r key), Psy fly is just incredible defense


R key, seriously? 1 more tear that inst even that close to you is better than more marks and a broken run? Really? (Oh and psy fly makes bullets hell childs playground if you can dodgr for the 3 seconds it takes to rechargd)


Just like the character elimination we don't give a fuck who the best and most op is. The lost won because he is the most fun. Same thing will happen here. I want r key out because it's boring. Psy fly is really good yes and i love him, but succubus has way more synergies and is simply because of that more fun


Thank God, someone else who finds R key boring. Unless I'm going for hard completion marks I almost never take it




R Key is op, sure. But it's also extremely boring.




Tech X did get a big nerf, but I still think Revelation should go next. It’s a much more boring and one-dimensional Brimstone, and while Flight is certainly good I actually think it’s about even with the stronger early-game fast room clear potential of Maw of the Void so idk how it’s lasted so much longer.


r key boring


Psy Fly was godly, key word being on **was**, after the nerf the psychic fly became much worse, not bad mind you, it staying alive till now is a show of it being great. But the nerf was pretty major and I think that that's the main reason that it should be eliminated. Tbh, holy mantle should get out after this as well.


Sacred orb lose most of its value if found late.


How was bag of crafting out but flip is still in the both suck on the base characters but overall bag is better since you can turn useless things into a free item


r key time


Incubus its time to go you suck ass compared to these other items


R key sucks smegma Incubus> snooze key


Glitched crown. While yes you can get really good items in the rotation, you can mess up and get a poor item. It’s really good but the potential for messing up is there.


Pause Menu trick makes failing almost impossible


You underestimate my power.


I am dumb and don't know this trick, please elaborate


You stand close to the pedestal and pause the game on the item that is directly behind the item you want. You hold the move button and unpause the game, and the timing will be perfect and you'll grab the item you want. You can screw it up, but after some time you'll get the full hang of it and it makes Glitched Crown much more enjoyable.


Same here, i'm interested


I'll paste here my response to the other comment. You stand close to the pedestal and pause the game on the item that is directly behind the item you want. You hold the move button and unpause the game, and the timing will be perfect and you'll grab the item you want. You can screw it up, but after some time you'll get the full hang of it and it makes Glitched Crown much more enjoyable.


I don't love glitched crown simply because it's too much decision-making for me (I've also had it deplete item pools too quickly and start breakfasting), but honestly it's not that hard to use. Think of it as a rhythm game. Find the item you like and begin counting a beat every time it appears. Then right before that beat hits you move into the pedestal. Most of the time you can nail it if you practice.


But if you practice with it, you can still get the item you want consistently. It's entirely your fault if you mess up, so glitched crown is top 3 for sure.


Not necessarily, it's a top tier item, but has it's downsides. You will start breakfasting extremely fast


Who cares if you start breakfasting if your already overpowered.


Personally I don't really like having the five options, especially when there are multiple items I would have liked to take. Especially when there are multiple pedestals in one room. I find it over-stimulating, TBH and don't like all the decision making. I'll take it if my run is underwhelming, but sometimes I'll just skip it because I find the way it makes me change my play style to be annoying. I also don't like watching the item pools deplete really quickly. It's a good item, for sure, but it's not for everyone's play style. I wish people understood this.


Wait... So the downside is that you game break too fast?


If i see 4 very fun items, and i know that i will not be able to only get 1 of them, and won't see the other 3 ever, that kinda sucks


that happened to me once i saw too rlly good items and was sad i couldn’t take both


Glitched Crown is far and away the 2nd-strongest item in the game (after Death Certificate), and even if you fuck up a couple of grabs it’s still almost always gonna be more than enough to create an insane run.


Using it in Greed(ier) is such a fucking headache too. It definitely won me the run but I hated every moment I spent in the shops.


R Key out please 🥺






How is it good outside of doing more marks? It's boring af, it has to go.




I've literally just said why - it has no purpose apart from doing more marks, lol


I love more marks i can get to the fun part of isek faster




Spindown dice already out? Wtf bros?


Holy Mantle is good, but I think it can only truly shine on The Lost. It has a few great synergies but by itself it isn't as great as others on this list. I think it should be the next to go. If this is based on an item that can carry your run by itself, I think Brimstone will come out on top.


On other characters its an hp saver, and makes it harder for enemies to chip your hp away until you die


Yes but it only lasts for a single hit. I'm not saying it's a bad item by any means, but it's not as great as the others by itself


I think it's so funny people are foaming at the mouth to fight over stupid shit like Flip and Magic Mush when it was always going to be Brimstone or Sacred Heart in the end. They're the most iconic items in the game. Maybe Tech X will get a clutch vote and win since its also beloved. The only true underdog here is Sacred Orb. It deserves to win because it immediately rerolls ~250 trash items and secures you other great items across a run. It's definitely going to lose to one of the more iconic items though because quality of life items are underappreciated.


Iconic doesnt mean good, id take c section over brim or sacred heart any day. And its just them arguing what order they should be in. We all know they likely wont get top 5 or 3. Doesnt mean their placements dont matter. I think sacred orb will be top 3 tho. Youre really overestimating the power of iconic items. I mean some people are even saying revelations should be above brim.


Flip still bad how is it here?


Idk how y'all voted half of the items that are put before glitched crown tbh


If you don't skill issue glitched crown is strong top 5


Glitched Crown literally the strongest item in the game


Glitch issue


Y'know I like incubus not only for what it does but getting conjoined is really great too. R Key gotta go. I only ever see it in shops and it's so expensive so I never get to use it anyway. Plus like everyone else is saying, it really only gets it's shine for completion marks.


goodbye r key


Bye bye R key


I voted Holy Mantle, it's great, and can be a run saver, but usually it doesn't make or break a run (Unless you're the Keeper, or somehow get it on T. Lost)


I have a new love for sacred orb. I started an Eden run with Death Certificate so I gave myself Rock Bottom. Even with that item, the run was a struggle due to lots of active items in the item rooms that didn't do anything stat wise. I died on Womb 2. Replayed the seed and gave myself sacred orb instead. The run was completely different and I breezed through the run due to strong pickups. Sacred orb's influence is amazing.


Not even a single word on Godhead, which surprises me. Not that Godhead isn't amazing, it's just...weird it's not talked about in the slightest. Like everyone just accepts its status as great and moves on, while *R Key, Sacred Orb, Psy Fly, Incubus, Holy Freaking Mantle, and Tech X* are catching fair amounts of flak Like...what


Because godhead is better than most of them? Sacred orb is obviously better, and mantle is arguable, but r key, incubus and especially tech x aren't close to godhead


Flip is still not a good item, so it still can go




I'm voting for Godhead, I just don't really like it very much. R Key isn't really fun and probably deserves to get booted but I think it's ability to give you near guaranteed bonus completion marks is so unique and special it should be rated higher.


It would be legit hilarious if Glitched Crown makes it to no. 1. "It could be anything, even Sacred Heart! I've always wanted one of those."


Glitched crown is better than sacred heart easily. Getting to choose between 5 items at every pedestal lets you put together runs that are many times stronger than they would be than if you just had a 2.5x damager multiplier and homing even if you get it late in the run.




megamush was sus


Your time has come, R Key


Tech X is not that great, if you find some dmg later sure it's good, but on its own the item doesn't scale well


Do we all think it’s time to throw sacred orb away?


Best dmg ups out, can't believe it. Bunch of no skillers needing synergy voting here....


How did Incubus stay over Magic Mush?


Instant double dps is generally better than a generic all stats up.


2x dmg (or tears if you wanna look at it that way) > 1.5x dmg + speed, range, and health




Oh thank god




I cant believe death certificate isn't on here, it is litterally the best item in the game! (/j)


Looking at this post and the results…I hate all of you


R key must go already


You're mad


R key overrated, good only in greedier where you can't even buy it


If R key wins we should restart this poll.


Why holy mantle? Why are you getting hit to begin with? /s


I think sacred heart is the best personally but i dont have god head so it might be better idk havent tried it




Nvm I missed one of these and I'm brain dead. Voting out R key instead.


Rkey is vote. It's useless once you gett all the marks done on a character, and elongating the run is boring, like building up to good combo is way more exciting than oneshotting everything and melting every boss in seconds, also it's literally lambs ability to loop a run


why did the sacred orb go so far? she does nothing herself, and by the end of the game is generally useless, she should have come out first along with spindown dice почему священное царство зашло так далеко?


Honestly imo, i think revalations is a worse brimstone, yeah you get flight and health but its charge timer is ALWAYS stuck at 2.5 seconds, and its synergys are just super boring in comparison to what brimstone can do, revelations may be better on it's own, but when you have some at LEAST decent item combos, brimstone can slaughter whole rooms in seconds, and don't get me started on the soy milk synergy! And I mean come on, does quad shot work with rev? Didn't think so, Sue me for the rev slander but brimstone is better


R key


unrelated but why does magic mush have a reduced item weight in treasure rooms also still voting r key btw


So…flip next? ![img](emote|t5_2sxpk|8907)


Flip gotta go, its just a D6 you can undo


There is no reason post-nerf brimstone should still be on here, especially not beating mom’s knife or Poly. Also how is Flip still in the running?


I’ll vote for holy mantle because most of the other items are funner.


Seeing a lot more R key hate here huh... ***good***


Don’t mean to be that guy, but… who the hell voted out mom’s knife?


Glitched crown is just tedious to deal with


Give it up for Brimstone! Who else thinks it's taking the W?


Glitched crown... Just so broken