Not gonna lie, I got chills when she started singing.


I already know I’m going to be so obnoxious when this releases omg 😭


No like, the timeline isn’t ready for me. I’m going to be a MENACE 😭


Yesss! 🙌🏾


I already have been since they casted Halle!


Me too! I feel like I should draft a warning letter to my friends and family.




My inner kid screamed.. the little mermaid is Black and has hair like me. This brought a tear to my eye. I turn 35 next May- I’m bout to have a mermaid themed birthday party and I don’t care what ppl think.


Little Mermaid was the first VHS I ever owned (yes I’m an old millennial 😆) and I can’t wait to see this.


Same here!


I’m gen z, just turning 18 in April, but we had a lot of the older princess movies on vhs when I was younger and the little mermaid was one of the first I watched too!




the little mermaid motivated me to become a division I athlete, an armchair marine biologist, and a scuba diver. I've never seen a Disney live-action remake but I will be seeing this one.


Let me tell you something. TWENTY NINE YEARS I’ve been preparing for this moment.


I’ve been avoiding these remakes so far but I think I’ll have no choice but to peep this one. It’s the vocals, I literally have goosebumps rn


Im looking forward to this so much!


Can’t wait! I love mermaids (have them tatted on me). I grew up loving the little mermaid (had a whole little mermaid Christmas one year) so I’m very excited for this. To see a beautiful black mermaid is an amazing feeling. And her voice is absolutely amazing! I’m having a daughter soon, and I can’t wait to watch this with her! She’ll only be 6 months old by then, but she is going to watch this with me 🤣 I teared up a bit seeing the trailer. Can’t wait!! I still sing the soundtrack daily as a 31 year old! 🤣🤣 🧜🏾‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️


I'm already shopping for my cosplay ahhhhhh so excited. And the vocals! Can't wait.


Oh absolutely. Full mermaid for the film. Obviously 💅🏾🙌🏾😅🧜🏾‍♀️


She really devoured that. Her voice is angelic. Im about to run through that red hair die because I feel like its really going to be a moment when this comes out


I'm so excited, this is actually my favorite Disney movie and I just know Halle is going to do a great job.


yes ma’am!!! so excited for this 🤩


Growing up I always wanted to either be Disney's Pocahontas, Ariel, or Mulan. They were always the coolest to me. I went as them for Halloween. Now new little girls will be dressing up as Ariel like Halle. We're also gonna see a surge in red hair & locs.


She looks gorgeous! Already planning to take my neice 🤗


Yesss ma'am you know I have been waiting we love the Bailey sister's 😱🧜🏾‍♀️🙌🏾


This literally made my day…. Chills


Disney let her kept her locs!!!!! The representation I want to see.


I'm more excited for the soundtrack.


This is great. Go Hailey!


Soo....when are we going to get another official, original, black princess (that won't turn into some kind of animal) after Disney pats themselves on the back?


There actually is one in the making! She’s Afro-Latina, and she’s going to be voiced by Ariana DeBose! :)


Omg she looks so cool !! Cant wait and love thr afro-latina rep


but its still a problem. We rarely get things done for black women. Its always afro-latina or a mix of black and white.


I agree with your statement but, afro-latina’s are black women, no?


Not alway, it depends. They could be mixed. Some are mixed with white latino blood, some with native, etc. I will say that aaying that you are "latino/a" is not a race..


One of the things I really liked about Black-ish was that Tracee Ellis Ross got to actually be biracial. Instead of just “black.”


Didnr watch the show yet. But I cant wait for the day when biracials will be seen as white in tv shows ans real life. 🤷🏾‍♀️


I really like black-ish. But they also loop in a little bit about her parents and upbringing and how that frames her perspective. The show doesn’t necessarily address colorism a lot. But there is a good episode specifically about that.


I'm literally crying. I've waited 35 years. 🥺


Here’s the link that revealed her character: https://twitter.com/houseofphoton/status/1568401965721460737?s=46&t=UwJJaRK2ORGP4S9wcTmiCQ


The little girl in me is shinin rn 🥰


May Ariel never be subjected to those awful "she just left her home for a man because she's spoiled" takes ignoring the fact that she was abused by her dad who literally blew all her stuff up before she left for an entirely new world and culture she was fascinated with.


Just saw it now, I got goosebumps!


I'm crying and my inner child is screaming dammit wdym 2023 😭😭😭


Let me go block off my calendar


why did i tear up😪


me too. this movie meant everything to me as a little kid. being able to see more of myself in the little mermaid is like my imagination becoming reality.


this feeling is immensely special. and to know that my potential future kids will grow up with this as the norm.. my heart could explode. it means so much!


I don't have dreads but I'm going red for 2023!! I'm currently a blonde 👱‍♀️


Love this! So beautiful with such a lovely voice!


The black girl representation I actually want and need Non-sexualized ✅ Feminine ✅ Youthful ✅ In a healthy romantic relationship ✅


The relationship, like, personally or the film? I’m interested to see how they play the relationship here.


I really like how refreshing the comments are here. I just came from the movies thread and felt some kind of way. I’m glad y’all are happy :) Can’t wait to take my mom to go see this.


Y'all, I haven't been genuinely excited for a movie in YEARS!


I can’t wait to see it the little mermaid is one of my favorite Disney movies. She looked so beautiful and her voice was angelic.


Her VOICE!!!


she looks beautifull I can't wait to see her on the big screen.


JESUS, JESUS.....the goosebumps. The world is finally, FINALLY evolving.


Love it!


I literally teared up.Im even happier shes kept her locs for this role😩❤️.


We’ll I know what my daughter is going to want to be for Halloween next year


I am so excited for this


I'm so fucking happy and excited! Hallie Bailey is the perfect black women to play Ariel! Her voice is so beautiful!


I feel more represented as Halle being casted as Ariel than Tiana as the first blk princess and that’s saying something


I saw and now I am conflicted! Tired of remakes and especially of my kid movies but I want to support and she is eating this role up from what I saw. If on Disney+ though, will be watching anyways. So happy for Hailey though!


Ngl, my eyes got a bit misty for a minute.


I’m a pretty big Disney fan, but The Little Mermaid has always been quite boring to me. That being said, I’ll definitely be supporting Halle in this role as she looks beautiful, feminine, soft, and like a lovely representation for young black girls.


I’m sorry but these remakes have been some mid


Ah-greed she's a beautiful girl, but these live action remakes are garbage


Disney is literally an evil empire. I’m beyond done with them. They do representation when it makes them money


All the media only does representation when it makes them money. But the media has a very real impact on the self esteem of little black girls, and this is capitalism so my most powerful vote is with my money. So I'll be there.


That’s true. But there are better companies than Disney. Disney has shown their ass.


There’s very few corporations better than Disney, I fear. We are unfortunately living in a hypercapitalist nightmare. I’ll accept my shreds of Black girl magic where I can get them, even if it’s from Disney 😭


Fair enough. I’m queer and I’m just beyond sick of how Disney is with gay people so I dropped them. Other reasons too I usually watch smaller companies. Disney has gotten way too big


I’m queer too, so I feel you fr. I’ve decided to boycott everything Disney actually, but imma watch this one because I also have locs and want to see a loc’d up Black mermaid so bad 😭 Tbh I don’t really believe representation will save us. All the Black characters in the world hasn’t solved racism. But at least it’ll give me a smile in this dumpster fire we’re living in


That makes sense. Representation won’t save us. It does help though for lgbt people. I just keep my money for other stuff. There’s a queer book store by me


I agree with the rep but listening to people who work on set makes it clear our dollar isn't a vote and that they won't be treated equitably whether Disney gets paid or not. White supremacy in Hollywood can't be dismantled with the dollar, so just pirate it on a c t v id or a similar site when it comes out and compromise for having the rep. Production staff largely gets abused, treated like second class citizens, and isn't given basic pandemic protections and they're not denying non-white people access out of lack of money.


In this case the dollar is a vote for the representation itself. The media will only create what there is a market for. If it's not profitable to have black leads then they won't and it won't matter what the country's demographics look like. That shouldn't be read as an excuse to overlook any of the work place conditions you mentioned. In that case I suggest you work to support unions and push for government to better regulate the workplace. I don't have an issue with pirating but it does nothing to address either of these issues here. Making it harder to profit in the entertainment industry is only going to lead to them cutting expenditures which will take the form of doing less for their workforce. This is the problem under capitalism


Black people aren’t denied access to Hollywood because of an actual false perception that black doesn’t sell—they do that because the industry is loaded with white supremacists and other racists. Even then the few black people who do break in as writers and industry writers are largely from middle to upper class backgrounds if you do most analysis and that’s not even getting into how many of them are just capitalists, abusers, etc. You can’t protest for better rep with a dollar when the foundation itself is built by people who will just default to another excuse. They’re proven that profit or not they do not devote the money to oppressed or vulnerable voices in any way, so I think it’s just an excuse dressed up as action to act like supporting a shitty industry is in any way beneficial.


>You can’t protest for better rep with a dollar when the foundation itself is built by people who will just default to another excuse. No, and at no point did I say otherwise. I'm not in any way calling this "protesting" because it's obviously not protesting. Being denied equal access in Hollywood is a different issue than media representation. Obviously going to see a Disney movie wouldn't solve it. I'm all for tearing down the system entirely but since we aren't doing that today I'm going to make the choice that makes it slightly less miserable for black girls. I know it's not a revolutionary act but 1) not everything has to be and 2) this is what I'm in the position to do at the moment


I’m not particularly excited about this one. Why is prince Eric white? Are we doing bridgeton again? All I’m waiting for is the soundtrack.


tbh im not excited about this. If they TRULY wanted representation and cared about diversity, they would have made a movie about black princesses that excited or use black folklore stories. Disney was being lazy and are trying to make quick money thats all.


Love her voice but I do wish they made her more red


When the nappy headed fish sees her ancestors from the 1700s at the bottom of the ocean really spoke to me


Ending: Nappy mer-fish drowns cause she dark


Ursula was my fave character in Lil Mermaid so it is really all gonna hinge on Melissa McCarthy for me. But Halle looks and sounds great. Probably gonna pass because these live action take on my childhood are weird. :P


Her ginger locs are so beautiful!!! 👩🏽‍🦰🧜🏽‍♀️


Pardon my language, but FUCKING FINALLY! I CAN’T WAIT!!!


Ariel is white.


Little mermaid throw pillows for the babies on my page!


Didn’t they film this like three years ago? And still another seven months? Anyways, I never cared for Disney. The classics or the live action movies. Even as a child. But I stan the Bailey sisters. (On that note, anyone else think Hailey is under such a tight contract with Disney that she can’t do much else, compared to Chloe?)


Filming wrapped around the time of the Oscars this year and post production for a movie like this is going to take a while considering that they are going to have to CGI a good amount of the scenes due to it being about a mermaid who talks to animals. That stuff takes time to be done right