Welp, she gone

Welp, she gone


I just don't fucking understand. At no point did, "there's got to be a better way to go about this." Go through her head?


IF I were the kind of white person to densely compare my choice to be unvaccinated to the forced segregation of minorities, I'd like to think I'd just opt to wear a shirt with Rosa Parks on it. But it's more likely that those aforementioned ideologies would align with blackface


It baffles my mind that these morons don’t understand that being discriminated against for one’s skin colour or race (something which you have no control over) is not even remotely equivalent to being “discriminated” against for something you have complete control over but just refuse to do.


It's the same lack of logic as people who think "blue lives" ( a literal chosen job) is the same as black lives.


Same with "Red Lives" people, only difference is that caveat raises the question of who the hell hates firefighters in this country?


I have never heard anyone mention red lives before


I didn't either until about a month after "blue lives" became a thing. Their flag is even the same as the blue lives flag.


There is a "_______ lives matter" for every emergency public servant now. EMS too. I imagine it started from all the firefighter wives that were like "hey what about MY MAN HIS LIFE MATTERS TOO! #firefighterwives #redlivesmatter"


Whenever I see a flag with the red line, I just think “oh they support firefighters” and I don’t have a problem with that. Being a firefighter I have a sticker like that only because ofc being a firefighter I support my fellow brother and sister firefighters. I never thought about it in the thin blue line aspect. But I have also seen flags that have both the thin blue line and the red line together, along with other colored lines for other first responders and I think military but I’m not sure.


I get supporting your people, but it still co ops the blm idea for a "life" that's really an occupation.


My first husband was a firefighter and came from a firefighter and EMS family. A LOT of them are wannabe cops and adrenaline chasers with a serious toxic streak.


Totally agree. I was a firefighter for a couple years and NOBODY hated us, not that I knew of anyway.


These morons. FTFY.


Blackface is an insult to all African-Americans (Blacks) as that was a comic relief at the turn of the twentieth century.


I was talking to some shitty racists yesterday, they were mad that Aunt Jamima pancake syrup was changed, I pointed out that Aunt Jamima was called "the happy slave" back in the day and pancakes were called plantation pancakes. I don't think I changed their world view but the conversation came to a dead stop.


It didn't change their world but it did make it almost impossible to beautify their BS.


Curious question, since Ive only ever read about this product: how is Aunt Jamima pronounced correctly? Everything I try to sound out myself sounds wrong... Is it Djameemah? Or Dja-my-mah? Or Dje-mi-ma?


Here's a a youtube link with a bunch of clips of people saying it: https://youtu.be/2Tyrec_IE54


I can't believe this video actually exists lol. But that was very helpful, thank you!


Blackface goes further back than that. Comedic blackface acts were around at the start of the 1800s even. Actor Thomas D. Rice's act starting in 1828 gave us the character "Jump Jim Crow", which lent its name to the various post-Civil War laws governing Black activities in the US (mostly South). [Blackface](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackface)


You are correct...I just gave what most people know, but when I taught history at the university, I took it back to the nineteenth century.


You’re assuming her head has thoughts


Gotta watch the video, after about 10 seconds it's very clear her head does not.


Those are some solid crazy eyes




Link please!!


I'm not sure why her face is obscured on this post, she's in the public record now, so it's not doxxing. https://katu.com/news/local/newberg-teachers-aide-explains-why-she-wore-blackface


Aw, if I’d just read a little further. Yup, fucking Newberg.


Those asshats move much further into the Reich and we're set to have the Newberg Trials.


I watched. Now my head hurts and I’m somehow more angry


Oh good god... I LOL'ed. That was [Glenn Beck-worthy connections](https://civicpolicy.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/FOXGlenBeck_Tides1.jpg) she made to get to Rosa Parks.


Whoa doctor, you were *not* kidding.


I like this part: > KATU asked the school district for confirmation of Pefferle’s name and employment, and it declined. They won’t verify her employment? That was even quicker than I expected!


If you stare intensely at her eyes, you'll start to hear elevator music


I heard the ocean


This is an ignorant ignorant person.


Also chuckled at her not-thought-out wording of what Rosa Parks “stood” for.


"Well, I admire Helen Keller for speaking out during her time when people with disabilities were discriminated against. After seeing and hearing the school board's plan for unvaccinated teachers, I felt it was my time to wear a blindfold and earplugs because I felt that I, and others who are unvaccinated, were starting to experience discrimination." \*turns and walks into a wall


You know, I think Thich Quang Duc *was really cool* for bringing attention to the issues between the Buddhists and the South Vietnamese government.


For those unfamiliar, it's [this guy. NSFL.](http://mediad.publicbroadcasting.net/p/shared/npr/styles/x_large/nprshared/201305/160190602.jpg) He famously burned himself alive in protest.


You insult ignorance. This, my friend, is a stupid stupid person.


I've always seen *ignorance* as deliberate - it's different from *stupid* or *uninformed* because the ignorant person is wilfully stupid and wrong.


I hear you. I come from a town full of proud ignoramuses. They are really proud of their simpleton ways... They mock everyone else for being stupid as a defense mechanism to their own stupidity. Yes, the root is stupidity, and ignorance is the defense mechanism.


I'm so sorry that you live there!


I left over 25 years ago. I grew up here. I had many "friends" on Facebook from there... Covid-19 ended those friendships with the disgust i had for their incessant ignorance.


There’s a million towns like this all over America. People who were born there and never leave. Well that’s fine if you want to keep your backwards ways to yourself, but realize there’s a giant world out there that has taken huge leaps while your town stays frozen in time. If you come out of your bubble things might be a lot different than you think. FAFO.


"People who were born there and never leave". **Voters** who were born there and never leave. But they vote and their state which has less people than a moderate sized city has two senators.


Nah, ignorance is simply not knowing things. I'm ignorant of a ton of stuff. So are you. Literally everyone doesn't know things. But remaining that way so you feel secure is called *willful* ignorance and at that point, it's to be shamed.


Thank you. The phrase exists to distinguish natural and deliberate ignorance, so it's a bit ironic the original poster confused them.


This guy is correct. Gold star and an upvote!


Indeed. One cannot *see* ignorance as deliberate and be correct when the word has an actual definition that never identifies deliberation as a characteristic of the word.


I'd say [none of those terms implicate deliberateness, intention, or malice](https://www.grammarphobia.com/blog/2015/11/ignorance-stupidity.html). "Ignorant" and "uninformed" are closely synonymous to each other because they both mean "lacking knowledge" though there's a bit of a difference of degree: ["uninformed" tends to apply to a specific piece of knowledge](https://www.etymonline.com/word/uninformed#etymonline_v_25111), but ignorance is more commonly a wide-spread issue. Stupid, though, is lacking in mental capacity and isn't something that can be remedied.* Frankly, though, most people will use these terms fairly interchangeably in colloquial speech. I have no idea if a specific person will have their own spin on what each word means, so I use phrases like, "willful ignorance" or "malicious stupidity" to make extra sure that I am more accurately conveying what I mean. ---- \* I do want to say, though, I've known some people who are simply not very intelligent (i.e., they're "stupid"). But they are compassionate people who do their best within their limitations. They may not really understand how mRNA vaccines are made or whatever, but they are able to understand and act appropriately on what precautions they should take to protect themselves and their community.


Rhetorical honestly.


An Ontario politician did similar like 2 days ago. He didn't go black face fortunately but He posted he was going for his Rosa Parks moment as he went in the Hortons without a mask and refused to leave. Got arrested and I'm not sure what kind of penalty he is facing for his dumbassery.


Wow, so brave. Just like Rosa Parks.


Getting arrested for something he can voluntarily change. Rosa parks didn't sit in the front of the bus for this! She could've just turned white, but she chose to stand against oppression. /s


There was a guy in Canada protesting the vaccine passports and mask mandate by "being like Rosa Parks" and going into Tim Hortons unmasked and with no vaccine proof. Well, he got arrested.


We have members of Congress showing shitty memes during their hearings. It’s brain rot. And it’s contagious.


If she is dumb enough to think that consequences of her own choices are comparable to beung discriminated because of your skin color, of course she is stupid enough to wear blackface without being able to realize how that could backfire


You have a choice to get vaccinated. You don't have a choice what color you're born. It's that simple. Jesus h. christ.


I bet her 1st thought was to go with a Star of David...🤦‍♂️


If you're already wanting to protest because of vaccines there's not much going on in your head to begin with.


Fucking Oregon, man. This is what happens when your state was created as a white utopia.


Thinking the same way. What the ???


They wanna be oppressed so fucking bad. What benefits exactly do they think folks are getting?


As usual, I blame Reagan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welfare_queen


Reagan is the root cause of many of Americas problems


Reagan in America, Thatcher in the UK. The shitty politicians of the 80s continue fucking us today.


Upvoting for the poetry of your statement.


With some work this could be a haiku


“The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of billionaires willing to voluntarily hand over their money.” I think that’s her quote. Been a while.


Howard in Australia


Neoliberalism’s Big Three


We didn't start the fire.


We don't need no water let that [future generation] burn


John Howard in Australia, really kicked the intense nationalism and "dirty foreigner" rhetoric into gear and got it going properly. As usual, if you want to know what's happening in Australia, look at what the US or UK were doing a while ago. We're the same, just a bit behind and refuse to learn any lessons


At least Thatcher wanted to do something about global warming. Back when that was a purely scientific issue and not a fossil fuel industry gives conservatives money to lie issue.


what did she do about global warming? not being cheeky I just dont know


Well she died and stopped emitting co2 for one thing. Unquestionably her greatest life decision.


It goes back further than that. Deregulation and privatisation were economic policies originally implemented by Hitler and Mussolini.


I had a guy in my shuttle the other day trying to explain why Reagan was the best president ever, by the time he got out he was so mad he was almost crying XD


Please tell me nobody said anything and just watched him do this to himself


He's old enough to remember Reagan's presidency, but he still uses public transportation? I would have asked him when he thought the wealth would start trickling down.


I'm not old enough to remember Reagan being president, but if there were public transportation where I live, I would be using it. I don't understand why you think that's an indicator of financial solvency.


Yea that’s a good point . Shit , Keanu has been seen on public transportation even


Actually, that doesn't matter at all, because the kind of dipthong who thinks Reagan was the greatest president is the kind of dimbulb who puts great stock in luxury car ownership.


Because being able to afford to travel without random strangers expressing their political beliefs to me is a luxury.


There were ones before him, but he took it into overdrive. The Bushes kept it in overdrive. Trump broke the shifter to keep it at such.


He trickled down economic problems that will take generations to overcome.


Nixon experimented and sowed the seeds of corruption... Reagan is who took advantage to really turn the tide for the GOP. Trump is the new Nixon. I am terrified for a future smart corrupt piece of garbage that takes trump's seeds of corruption and destroys democracy.


When someone comes along as corrupt as T****, and smart enough to know when to shut up, we're completely fucked.


I wouldn’t say a root cause so much as an early symptom of illness.


Ronald Reagan is a single politician within a larger Political body that was voted into office. Like, fuck Reagan and Thatcher both, but they're symptoms and not root causes.


Which may be true, but they were still leaders at the end of the day.


I feel like Newt Gingrich is more to blame, but to each their own.


Lee Atwater: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Atwater If there's an afterlife and he's in mine I'll know I failed.


I also read somewhere that the IRS goes after low-income or lesser tax evasion crimes than those of the likes of Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk because low income people lack the resources to actually take on the IRS.


It's this, plus it takes more specialized agents and accountants to investigate the wealthy and large corporations, and it takes a lot more time. It's not cost efficient compared to regular agents processing easy 1040s and going after mistakes on those immediately. This is all a result of policy change in the 80s to IRS becoming a revenue-producing agency.


Fuck Ronald Reagan


Popularity... seriously, they can´t stand not being the center of attention for FIVE mINUTES




They want to live the fantasy of fighting a rebellion of some kind. Just like the preppers with their bunkers and loads of guns fantasize about living out an apocalypse.


They can’t stand that the world is changing and marginalized groups are getting more rights and opportunities. They feel threatened by that and they can’t reconcile with the fact that things they used to do and say are no longer socially acceptable so they retreat into a fantasy world where *they* are the marginalized ones, where *they* are the victims of institutionalized oppression because that’s the only way they can cope.


Getting the vaccine and wearing a mask are probably the best ways to live out an apocalypse.


I wish I knew the answer to this


*puts on blackface* "I'm so oppressed!"


> They wanna be oppressed so fucking bad. It creates a reason behind everything. Like Q-Anon. If you're unhappy, or not successful, or you look at the media and thing the country has gone wrong, you want a reason, a source, a cause, an oppressor. God help you if you realize either (a) you suck, or (b) life sucks, or (c) maybe you voted for people who suck, or (d) the world can be arbitrary. It's a problem in search of a cause.


Living life normally is the benefit. They are more than welcome to join


They don't think they're getting any benefits. These people actually, legitimately think they're being oppressed because they're being asked to not contribute to the almost one million people that have died in the US already. They have no idea what real oppression is. They think even the smallest inconvenience makes it okay for them to start bringing up the Civil Rights Movement and the Holocaust.


The vaccines are not 100% effective, and they seem to not understand what is "natural immunity" or how is acquired, therefore they see no value in taking a shot. They also think the vaccines were invented from scratch, and that we're pretty much taking shots in the dark, so 2 years are not enough to know if they might have long term effects. They think that being forced into a situation of mild inconvenience and dieing are pretty much the same.


Let me double down on stupid! What's the encore? Wear an SS uniform to compare her life to being in Nazi Germany?


They've been posting memes comparing themselves to Holocaust victims for the past year


Which is the ultimate irony because most of them are the same groups that doesn’t believe the holocaust was real.


This is the most disgusting bit. They've spent their lifetimes denying the suffering and loss of actual victims and their fights for dignity, equal rights, and freedom, and then turn around and co-opt the heroes and the symbols of those same people. It's disgusting. It's double disgusting when they then cry about being "cancelled" while trying to reverse roe v. wade, and then advertise their gofundme or paypal for donations to "the cause", their book tour for their latest racist screed in published form, and their new TV show where they "tell the truth everyone else is afraid to".


Most of them are (borderline, at minimum) white supremacists too


LOL when the only thing you have to take “pride” in is the shade of skin you were born with. These people don’t have character, smarts, talent, skill, ingenuity, likeability, humor, they usually aren’t even good looking. The only thing they have allegedly going for them is something they didn’t even earn.


Not only that but they are very hateful and rage-filled.


Actually since she's the "oppressed" one she will get barcoded and maybe wear some sort of prison pajamas.


Good point.


Thafs literally happening. There’s protesters in my area who will tell you they are living through an actual Holocaust I want to scream.


My Hogan's Heroes Cosplay never goes over well.


What a stupid way to die on an even stupider hill. Unreal.


So you clearly have no idea what Rosa Parks and other Black people were going through at the time. I sure as hell hope she wasn’t a history teacher.


Black people did not actively choose to be segregated against, while people who choose not to get vaccinated are simply suffering the consequences of their own actions. You made a choice. There are consequences to actions. You made your shit bed, now lay in it.


I feel like people don't consider consequences when they start throwing around their "right to choose". Hockey season is about to start up here in the US, and it seems like the majority of teams are on board with "No vaccine, no play". Almost everyone from every team has been vaccinated, so it's news when someone comes out to say they haven't been vaccinated and they won't be playing. People start saying things like "So much for freedom of choice". You're free to choose. But your choices have consequences.


Exactly I have the choice to stop paying my bills and taxes. Won't end well for me, but the choice is there.


It's the whole free speech issue all over again.


Why cover her face? The website there already revealed it to the public. [Like... the news already did it. You're in the clear.](https://www.live5news.com/2021/09/24/school-employee-suspended-wearing-blackface-protest-districts-vaccine-policies/)


Wow, she sounds inebriated. Stupid, racist and possibly drunk. A trifecta.


she was out there "educating" kids


We’ll… she got schooled.


She does not look healthy


You’ve made several openly wrong choices in order to get to “Rosa perks blackface” as your answer for anything Edit: Rosa Parks!! Lmao


I'm so so SO glad I never wanted children. I can't imagine how I'd cope with "teacher came to school in blackface today" and that's only ONE incident out of a daily neverending flow of incidents that make me ask "how the hell do you even have a kid these days and not have a nervous breakdown?" Big, big hugs to all the sane parents out there that have to face so much bullshit every day.


The single reason I’m not moving to a cheaper and more suburban area with “good” schools. I could afford a house there, there’s a lot more nature generally… but I just can’t do this to my kid. I can’t risk her growing up among these garbage people and their children and taking on any of that mentality. I’d rather live without property in an expensive liberal area with actual good schools and just take her to the parks or camping or something.


I began homeschooling as soon as I learned about the pandemic. After witnessing 3 years of trump lifting idiots voices and empowering the uneducated, I knew this was going to end badly. My daughter is 11 almost 12 and aware enough to ask questions and I answer as honestly as I can. We look stuff up and talk to people smarter than us when we dont understand something. During this pandemic, we chose to listen to an old friend of mine who actually managed to work on the vaccine! Man I was so proud of that friend and all her hard work. I thought she was really going to end up respected after spending months of sleepless bughts and a diet if espresso and coffee working in this vaccine. But no. Half the country decided that science is no longer right. An orange turd who uses women is smarter than all of them.


What part of ”You had a choice, blacks back then did not” these people do not understand?


They have never been the victim of prejudice so they just assume its the same as the negative consequences they are experiencing now. Idiots


They're new at this whole being oppressed thing. Cut em some slack lol


So new it hasn't even happened yet!


I hope that my comment is understood as sarcasm. Sometimes it doesn't come across in text.


All of it. Every bit of what you said they dont understand


This is just plain racism. This is how little conservatives value the black experience and history in the USA. It’s pretty much a costume for them to wear wherever they choose to benefit conservatives causes. Like the guy who attacked BLM protestors while yelling the n word then justified it by saying the n Word is meaningless presumably because they think racism is over. The fact that she wasn’t fired immediately says a lot about the opinions of the leadership of the school district.


The same school district (Newberg, OR) recent tried to impose a ban on Pride and BLM flags (which they can't actually enforce), and it was also found that students were using a Snapchat group they had named "Slave Trade" where they spouted off racist bullshit including messages such as "All blacks should die" and "Let's have another holocaust". Newberg is trash.


Biden’s doj needs to investigate this place!


Your last sentence speaks volumes. People in another post about her kept bringing up due process and such for her presumed termination. That is the result of not just a terrible school district, but systems as a whole in this country that offer more support and due process to racists than they do those being affected by racism. It's unacceptable, and has been from the get go. That means 156 years since Reconstruction was initiated, barely anything has changed. Concessions have been made, but white supremacy still rules unchecked.


I tell this to people all the time. Reconstruction is still happening all this time later. The civil war was over 150 years ago and we are still actively feeling its impact to this very day.


The problem with complaining about due process is it runs both ways. If you don't follow the outlined policies for one, people will argue you should also bend it for others.


HOW can anyone think that’s a good idea?!?! [article ](https://www.kgw.com/mobile/article/news/local/the-story/newberg-staff-member-blackface/283-af5ec78b-e2d3-4386-ae11-f9800bd153d5)


Mam, you have no clue, zero idea what segregation is like, so please, don’t talk about something you have never experienced. If wearing blackface is your idea of honoring Rosa Parks, then YOU need to open a history book and start reading. Next you’re going to say the unvaccinated are being oppressed!


I mean, that's exactly what she's saying.


The transformation of "haves" into faux "have nots" in an attempt to gain more priviledges sure wasnt something i was expecting to see, but it kind of makes sense.


Why is her face blocked out? Show the dingbat. She did a live interview for the news. WARNING: Her voice is annoying. https://www.live5news.com/2021/09/24/school-employee-suspended-wearing-blackface-protest-districts-vaccine-policies/




She's also part of the school district that had a student ran black slave trade snapchat group. This goes way deeper than one person. https://pamplinmedia.com/nbg/142-news/521795-416952-newberg-student-involved-in-slave-trade-snapchat-group


So funny. Offensive on so many levels. As a Test and Trace worker I have heard them compare themselves to Jews during the Holocaust. As someone whose dad left neutral Ireland to join the RAF in London during the Blitz, I want to strangle one. Glad she is gone.


My grandmother got starved out of Ukraine by Stalin. I want to give the anti-vaxxers a good smack.


When he killed the Kulaks.... The siege of Stalingrad too. Lots of company there in "The Great Patriotic War." Much respect to their sacrifices. That is why so many of us fled the old country.


My grandfather had to literally run from Nazis as a child in Poland but sure, Karen, cops these days are the Gestapo. 🙄


I just can’t believe somebody is that fucking dumb. Welp, wrong again.


What the actual fuck is this?


“I’m now walking in the footsteps of people and causes I denied, ignored, and deflected away from most of my life.” -This lady probably


I'm sure glad these anti vaxxers are learning that stupid games mean stupid prizes. Just get the damn shot.


Only suspended?


Time to start yanking some teaching licenses. Obviously she didn't learn shit in college and shouldn't be teaching small children.


🤣🤣🤣🤣 America your fucked


Yep. ¯\\_( ❛ ͜ʖ ❛ )_/¯


I used to sell drugs legally as an agent of a big pharma firm. One guy was begging me for more Oxy, but it would exceed 1) the limits of the Rx 2) the manufacturer's safety guidelines and 3) federal law. So that was a hard no. He told me that he is the Rosa Parks of opioids. That was a new one for me, but this may top it.


I looked up the interview and at one point she said “I put dark makeup on all the parts that my skin was showing, including my hands.” The way she said it implied that I guess she thinks it’s okay to do black face as long as you’re doing black hands too? Also, just, for the record. Being unvaccinated = choice. Being black = not a choice.




I think Rosa Parks would have taken the vaccine.


"There's no such thing as bad publicity. I'm starting a dialog." Oh, sweetie, nooo


What a moron.


The difference between the Civil rights and the holocaust and these Pillsbury dough racists is that the former were oppressed for something they can't control. They're race or colour hurts nobody.




Prob needs a history lesson too, whole point was that rosa parks didn't stand up


Glad I'm not the only one who caught that!


This woman either has a) a VERY misunderstood opinion about what Rosa Parks actually did, or b) a hugely inflated sense of self importance


Tell me you're stupid while also telling me you're stupid.


I never thought I would see the level of stupid and ignorance that I have seen in my lifetime. It really is amazing, and tragic for us as a country. We do not know our history, somehow learned not to respect science (even though so many troll from a cell phone; thank you science) and we are spoiled rotten that we didn't HAVE to learn it the hard way, as our ancestors did.


Dumbass, selfish, racist, moronic plague rats and having a victim complex, name a more iconic duo.


That’s clearly red-face.


Why did she only get suspended though? This is next level martyrdom and offensive to anyone with a brain and a pulse.


It's protocol for most school districts to suspend first pending thorough investigation and following the steps outlined in district policy/contracts and union stuff. It's not out of the question that she might be fired though.


*”If you're thinking you’re experiencing segregation due to not vaccinating, you did something wrong. If at any point you find yourself painting your face black, stop and look at yourself.”* A modified quote from Oscar Martinez that I felt was relevant here.


So she came in BLACKFACE to represent Rosa Parks, who happens to be a light-skinned black woman. Please make it make sense for me. Putting Shoe polish or coal on your face to represent a woman with similar complexion is a protest?


God, they wanna be oppressed so badly.


when is black face ever the right answer???


I live in her town and this made me cringe. The town is half trumpers.




Jesus fucking Christ. BEING BLACK IS NOT A CHOICE. Being unvaccinated is. Being a police officer is. Being a racist is. And on and on.


“The employee said she doesn’t understand why her actions are causing offense and accusations of racism.” 🙄 speechless


And for those who didn't know... This is the same district where the local high school students recently [made the headlines](https://www.kgw.com/article/news/local/nerberg-high-school-virtual-slave-trade/283-56462efe-4f35-47b1-a4ee-6670b2754dec) for having a racist Snapchat group they had named "Slave Trade" where they discussed how much they would buy/sell their black classmates for and said shit like "All blacks should die; Let's have another holocaust". Newberg sucks.


Imagine being so privileged that you get to PICK which actually oppressed leader you get to "dresses up" as.


Need to teach about typhoid mary. Big goverment coming into my kitchen, forcing me to find a new cook after my kids died. Pfffffff Mary does not look sick to me!


Don't laugh, because we've decided as a nation that people like her are perfectly capable of serving in congress. It would surprise me not at all to hear one of our current congressional lunatics come out in her defense.


They are not experiencing segregation. They are experiencing inconvenience.


Look at how discriminated against I am. I might as well be black!