Struggling type 2

Struggling type 2


It's better and more realistic to have a small amount of the thing you're craving every once in a while than to try and ban any food entirely. That kind of restriction is likely to lead to a binge which is way worse than having say half a piece of cake now and then. I think the key is to be prepared and plan for when you're going to have a "cheat" food. Be ready to balance out the sugar or carbs with protein and fat. I recently discovered they sell peanut butter in squeeze containers, so I just have peanut butter in my purse all the time in case I need to balance out something unplanned in the food department. It helps.


I agree with this. I was diagnosed January 2020, it is still hard. The cravings never went away, even after giving up most of my favorite foods for at least 6 months. I don’t ban anything anymore. I was finding it a bit triggering because it felt like I was in eating disorder territory and I didn’t want to go there. I knew if I continued cutting things out completely, I would absolutely fail and end up binging. I eat low/lower carb about 90-95% of the time and I absolutely eat a donut once in awhile, I eat dark chocolate and rarely milk and white which are my favorite. I’ve had pasta a few times and I found it didn’t mess me up, I ate a smaller portion and added tons of meat. I realized that for me, I didn’t have to cut stuff out completely, I just needed to learn how to portion things out the right way. I’m ok if I spike to 160 as long as I come back down within an hour or so, which I do. I also fast 16:8 every day. I feel like it helps. I really try and not say I “cheat” , I don’t consider living my life a cheat. That’s just me though. Good luck OP. I still absolutely hate this disease and bitch and moan about having it. That won’t change unless it miraculously goes away😏😏


There are tons of keto recipes you can make. Cakes, cookies, and the like. I wouldn’t go crazy on eating them all the time but you can have your cake and eat it too as the saying goes.


The sugar cravings eventually went away for me. I would still stuff my face with cake if it was not going to negatively affect my health but eventually the little me yelling for sugar, in my brain, did go away. It asked for pizza and bagels for the longest time.


Stay strong... I remember seeing that stand in the grocery store that shows these lovely bars of sugar-free chocolate. [https://freeist.co.uk/?v=79cba1185463](https://freeist.co.uk/?v=79cba1185463) my wife has amazed me with a nice pizza made of coconut flour which was so much delicious. Try this website for more low carb recipes [https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb/recipes](https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb/recipes) keep your fridge ready with a good amount of low sugar fruits and vegetables for these night cravings.


Thank you all for the advice! I’m going to try looking for the jello! I’ve been eating a lot of keto foods, I’ve made cupcake and cookies in the last few weeks, but these things have given me a few more ideas. You’re all appreciated!


I like to eat sugar free gelatin. Most brands have zero carbs.


I feeeeeel you. I was diagnosed in October and changed so much of my eating habits, but I miss sweets so much. I have all kinds of keto and sugar free treats in my house but they just don't hit the mark 90% of the time. It's hard, but every time you say no is a victory worth celebrating! Just not with cake! Haha. Good luck, wish I had advice, but I mostly just have commiseration.