Is accidentally drinking a Pepsi going to hurt me?

Is accidentally drinking a Pepsi going to hurt me?


it should be fine, as long as you bolused / gave insulin


Hey friend, like someone else said. Make sure you test your sugar to know what's going on, we can't tell you what your body is doing. I'm general, non diet sugar is very bad for diabetics, especially when you aren't using insulin to control your sugar. When someone accidentally gives me a full sugar soda, I stop driving as soon as possible, because I'd rather save my carbs for something else, like the occasional slice of pizza! Please remember to take care of yourself. While it sucks not having the food you love as often, you'll feel physically and mentally better when your blood sugar is under control.


Ditch the soda completely and get water


Too late now lol.. Pizza hut gave me the wrong drink




Can you go for a walk to use up some of that blood glucose? Take some fibre pills to slow absorption? I actually don't know if either of those things work but when I eat sweets I take fibre pills with it hoping it helps. Maybe I am crazy.


I do exactly this when I think things are about to go crazy. Take a 30 minute walk, longer if possible, and have a hard boiled egg. Usually does the trick.