Welcome to diablo!


It's nothing new, lol, been playing since classic.


Be happy.. you saw a ber rune drop :D


It’s not like they never drop. If you’re farming ruins than you should get them fairly often. Since new year I’ve had 2 ber 2 lo 4-5 vex and a jah drop (Cham before new year too). I don’t even play often.


This is why I never rush hell or do I ask to be rushed in hell. I get to level 60ish and play through hell myself. The game is fun and more challenging at that point and I've had some nice drops just running my characters through a hell alone. Even better when you have most of the gear you need for a character, makes it easier.


That hurts, my reccomendation for the future. Have them wait in town and put the TPs in a out of the way location. If they move from that position then let whoever kill them and have them stay dead while you complete the quest. This worked in regular D2 idk if they patched that or not.


How did he steal? You agreed on forge, you got forge, other drops are FFA unless noted otherwise. Not part of the agreement. If it was a Mal or Gul, I would have understood the post, but forge cannot even give Ber, so what did you expect?


He said forge and rune drops in hell on post


Well, then he did steal.


Literally says in OPs post that he was rushing for forge and rune drops in hell