He wanted a free day of fun. When he didn't get it, he took his son's free day of fun away. That is sad!


He has been like this my nephews whole life. Forcing him into football, controlling every aspect of his life. I really hope he breaks away from it when goes to college.


That's the type of asshole parent who will end up in the shittiest nursing home and never sees or hears from his offspring again.


I do too! Poor kid.


This cousin sounds like my mom lol. I was a kid and got invited somewhere foot a night with a friend. My little sister who is a spoiled rotten brat decided she wanted to go. So my mom decided to order me to have my friend invite my sister, she said no so I was told I couldn't go. Right after my friend left to the concert my sister got invited out by a friend and when I objected I got grounded for 2 weeks and told to quit acting entitled.


I would’ve told my sister I was going with her. My tantrum would’ve been a lot worse.


There's only one way to deal with people like that. When they ask you why they just can't pay you back later, you tell them flat out, "Quite frankly, I know you. You never pay people back. You'll use any and every excuse to weasel out of paying me, and I'm not getting stuck treating a grown man." You probably dodged a bullet anyway. He'd say he'll pay at the gate, then "forget" his wallet. You'd be stuck paying for him anyway, plus any food or other stuff he wants. Then he'd spend months arguing about what he had and how much it cost until you just gave up.


Every mothers day he will invite his Mom out to eat, sometimes at special events that can go 50+ dolllars for the meal, and every year he has made his mother pay her own way.


I'm an unemployed 13 year old and I still offer to help pay for some things my parents buy special day or not


There's an old saying - "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." In this case , though, I think the mother just wants to spend time with her son, and doesn't mind if she has to pay for it. She knows he's an idiot scumbag, but he's her idiot scumbag.


There is a huge amount of friction between the mother and son. They haven't told each other I love you in years. She even told me that she doesn't like her son, that he makes everything more difficult. There was a pretty severe argument a couple of years ago and the entitled parent kept his kids away from the mother for about a year.


Your nephew is 16 and has a car If he wants to come with you he should


My thoughts exactly, but he isn't allowed to go anymore. They track him through phone gps.


That’s a kid who will go NC as soon as he starts college.


I agree


Don’t feel guilty at all. Pretty clear the “I have to come or my son can’t come” rule came about because he wanted to go to the event for free too. When he couldn’t con you into buying his ticket for him, _he_ decided to disappoint his son because he selfishly wasn’t getting what he wanted.


To be honest I want to see how he tries to justify his actions to his son all because he doesn’t want to put in the effort and so he took away his day


Nothing in his life is ever his fault. There is no point in trying to understand why a narcissist does something imo


i wouldn't put it past him if he randomly said "i forgot my wallet" when he was gonna buy a ticket at the door


Then his ass can stay outside while I go meet Bret Hart.


Start forwarding those text messages to all the family and point out that he disappointed his son because he couldn't get a free ticket. He's TAH!


The rule about his son not going without him was especially designed so you would pay for the dad too. The dad is punishing the son because the dad cant get a free ticket. I would totally tell the mom about it.


I would request that the ticket be returned and give it to a friend. If he doesn't return the ticket you gave his son, it's on him.


Its a qr code that I scan at the gate. I still have the tickets. Ended up giving it to a friend of a friend who is a HUGE Ric Flair fan.


Good. Your cousin is setting a poor example for his son.


the people he is talking to already know him. They can guess what happened


You should have told him he was a Masshole for all of this and that he’s a shitty father for doing this to his kid a d that this is why no one likes him


Dear God the entitlement oozes from that guy. Hopefully your family will see through his Bs and his son will be free of them in a few years.


His son is gonna resent him


My boyfriend would’ve driven you there, bought all the beers, and then took you for dinner. He loves Bret and Ric.


The lion the witch the audacity of this bitch


That is the best thing I have seen/heard all day! Thank you! And I’m stealing it!


Please steal it's super funny!


I will upvote you like mad if you post pics of the Hitman Hart!!! 😍😍


I can on Saturday lol. I have a picture of me meeting Ricky steamboat along his autograph on his figure from when I met him in june


Don't worry about it. From what you said, it appears that everyone already knows what he's like and when he tells them this is your fault, they all probably just internally roll their eyes. His kid is probably happier not going than going with his DB Dad anyway.


Don't worry about what he's telling people. They know what he's like.


Paragraphs are your friend


Give me a second and I'll add footnotes and cite my sources too.


It's been 13 hours. Way longer than the second you claimed to need.


I'm working at George R.R. Martin Speed


So the kids Father is your cousin and the kid is your nephew as well?


the entitled parent is my cousin. I'm not going to call the son my first cousin once removed every time i refer to him, so Ive always called him my nephew.


> my cousins son, who I think of like a nephew OP already explained it.


Whatta douche! The chance of ur kid meeting some of the biggest names in wrestling and having a fun Saturday for free ruined b/c some abusive white parent can't "let go" is beyond sad