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This therapist doesn’t exist or is a friend on discord lol


!! spoiler cuz next slide includes semi graphic detail !!


"I can if I want to" ???????


The therapist is a quack


Average Kinstagram "IRL no doubles" gorespammer user


You can not be psychotic at two years old. Literally. As someone with an illness that has psychotic features (hate using this term, you’ll never hear me openly call myself psychotic), I didn’t show signs of psychosis until I hit my late teen years, and that’s even considered “early”. You’ll see pre-DX of conduct disorder for kids like myself, who showed early signs of mental illness, but like, not psychotic issues, more like social and mood regulation issues. You’ll never see a young kid get a diagnosis under 18 unless it’s ADHD, depression/anxiety/OCD/autism, and even then, it takes a long time for the majority of those to be actually DX’d as they are not childhood illness typically (save for autism, adhd, and OCD AND anxiety)


my therapist even said i am miku The detailed violence and threats of goreposting rly make this image


What is an irl?


Someone who "believes" or "is" a fictional character IRL


Who the fuck is their therapist? Bloody Mary?


the real question is which miku does this mf claim to be


Hatsune Miku, the fictional VOCALOID ..


no i mean. there's different producers (huge difference between mitchie m and kikuo) that have kind of their own little versions of miku. hatsune miku on her own is a very flat character.


oh, i am fully aware of that!! i didn't know thats what you meant by that. but op never ever specified


if this therapist IS real then i can’t help but wonder what’s going through their head while dealing with this person. like, this generation of people has to have therapists completely STUMPED on how to approach any aspect of what’s going on with these people.


For people who get offended and hurt if someone doesn't think that they're a robot who sings, they're quick to send people images of gore to hurt them


Therapists say what the person wants to hear to soothe their soul and avoid creating eternal conflict within the minds of their patients . At least that's what my mom told me , and she's a therapist . If a client told her that the white wall was red , she'd look at the timer on her phone and say 'mhm' and then ask 'why is it red , do you think ?'


Positive feedback = $$$