Dad gives tired son permission to go to sleep

Dad gives tired son permission to go to sleep

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My daughter was exactly like that. We used to roadtrip a lot. I have no idea why I had to "give permission" for her to sleep but everytime I noticed she was starting to, I would just day "babe if you're tired you can sleep." A quick check and she would be out.


Completely uneducated guess but my thinking is kids who are more attentive to social cues are trying harder to fit in and match the adults who are all awake. Or maybe they're so conditioned to scheduled nap times just going to sleep of their own volition is awkward.


I think a big part of it for me as a child was not wanting to miss anything. I felt like if I fell asleep I’d be missing… something. No idea what or why I thought there would be something but as a child you’re just so eager to soak in everything you can that the idea of taking a nap, even when you’re exhausted, is a waste


My daughter has done this before. She doesn't want to miss anything. The trick is to let her know that we'll wake her up when we get there and she won't miss anything.


Imagine being so excited for life that you fight sleep this hard. Or being so excited to go do something you sprint full speed to get there, even though it's 10' away. Kids life is wild.


Meanwhile, I'm this excited to sleep.


I am also always excited to sleep, until the moment I lay down and my body says, "Nah fam, we're going to lie here wide awake for a couple of hours first."


Time to have an existential crisis's.


I'm lying awake *because* I am so excited to sleep.


This is me as an adult. I hate wasting time when traveling, so I like flying out early. But I also won’t sleep much on the plane and refuse to sleep while getting into the destination city.


My kid use to poke herself in the eye to stay awake


The way he says yeah is so cute




"Sure is a fine lookin pizza..." ^^"Yeah"


Is that...the cheeeeese?




And the pepper*oni*?




*ooooooh* looks good, huh?


^yah 🥺👉👈


Fucking makes me realize that when My kids were that age, it was one of the most beautiful periods of my life.


And it goes by so quickly, and then you wish you could go back sometimes.


"The days are long but the years are short"


Oh….when did it start raining in here. My cheeks are all wet.


Oh shit sorry… I’ll go back to my urinal


Unexpected R Kelly?


I fucking swore up and down I would never be the parent that says that kind of stuff, but then a photo from only 2 years ago popped up and my daughter had grown SO MUCH in that time and it wanted desperately to go back and squeeze her tight 😭


Yeah, if heaven was a moment in time mine would be when my little girls were that age just being themselves.


It's so true. Life was harder because money was tighter and all of that, but I guess those things don't matter so much in the end.


Amen. The hardest part of life is enjoying the good moments when you're in them.


yeah whenever I need to ruin my day, I think back to the way my oldest used to call his toy cars "beep beeps" and how I will never hear that again.


I was just reflecting about how my son used to always want to be picked up and cuddled in a crowd which used to drive me crazy at the time but now that he 14 and three heads taller than me I’ll never have that privilege again, nor can I recollect the last time I held him safe like that. It’s like one day I put him down and he never came back.


watching your kids grow up and learn shit is simultaneously the most beautiful and existentially heart-wrenching thing I do on a daily basis


My son calls fire trucks “wee woos” and it melts my heart every single time.


And tiresome! Very very tiresome. You have just forgotten about it. Its my third time right now.....


I’m on my first, he’s three. And my wife and I both work more than full-time. We’re exhausted. But coming home to have him yell, “Dadda!” And jump into my arms… worth itx10


I love his hat as well, it's also very cute!


That's what I was thinking, he looks like a well prepared cold weather baby.


And that giant hat on his lil head This vid hit me in the ovaries


Is it possible to learn this power? ...and I'd honestly take either of their abilities.


I think they teach this in the Army.


I fell asleep on the shooting range during basic. Every time I got prone, zzzzzzzzz. Woke up to a drill Sargent kicking my helmet asking if I fell asleep. "NO DRILL SARGENT. I WAS LISTENING FOR HER BREATHING." Thankfully, he had a sense of humor. He just laughed and told me to watch instead of listen. And he volunteered me for trauma training that afternoon. I had to play a person unresponsive. I still remember that 20minute nap.


> And he volunteered me for trauma training that afternoon. I had to play a person unresponsive. I still remember that 20minute nap. That's a good man.


I was recently at Arlington Cemetery to see the Change of the Guard. I was with a group of old veterans and we were told to be on our best behavior because the guards are super strict when it comes to being silent and remaining standing during the routine. One of the guards was mid routine and while he was facing some of the nearby vets, he quietly asked. "How are you all doing this afternoon? Good? Ok good. Enjoy yourselves today." (The old veterans were about to be part of the routine of laying a wreath for the Unknown Soldiers, but it was still heartwarming)


That is actually kinda...rare isnt it?


Yes. I was on a veterans Honor Flight tour. I am not a veteran, but my father is. I guess they make exceptions for special events like that. My dad and I were both very surprised. The guards will also occasionally subtly scuff their boot while marching as a way to give a salute to a veteran without noticeably breaking routine.


This was cool to read for me and even cooler for you to see I bet! I still remember the scrapes dug into the ground from how strict they are with their routine and positioning. So crazy to have seen it.


Yeah! It was so cool. So robotic and uniform. Those guards all click their boots together at *exactly* the same time.. every time. And they do it all day long. Incredible experience.


Turns out doing something all day long, every day, makes you pretty good at it.


Bro or bra, when they tried resuscitating you, they probably thought you were really gone or something.


It's called "Method Acting", fellow Redditor. :)


Someone in my class told the DI he was praying when they caught him lmao




Your DS was a real one.


During my mandatory military service I once got to play the injured guy in a wrecked car while my mates we're cutting the roof off and saving me. It was pretty chill after a long day but the huge hydraulic rescue tools right besides my head we're a bit unsettling.


Did they use the super realistic gore makeup? When we did those drills it was disgusting.


Ug. The closest I got was getting “killed” in a Humvee. It would have been great if there had not been white phosphorus smoke grenade about 3 feet from me. In hindsight, I wish I had gotten out of the stupid fucking HV. Fuck the reaming the DSGT would have given me. You only have 1 pair of lungs.


Nah, they don't teach it, but you'll definitely learn it.


in basic you learn to sleep standing at parade rest and marching for sure


One dude told me he would nod off during runs when he was going through special forces training because they made them go so long without sleep


*body knows what it's doing. now's our chance!*


Yup. Guys going through RASP or BUD/S say the same thing. Getting sleep while carrying running with heavy shit on your back/head. A different breed of warrior, for certain.


During the crucible I fell asleep for the first half of the ruck march at the end. We stepped off, next thing I hit the pack of the guy in front of me. I asked why we stopped, he said "We're halfway, change your socks and all that, duh" I honestly didn't believe him and thought everyone was fucking with me until the DIs started passing out apples. Slept through like 5 miles and somehow kept up. It was wild.


I haven't fallen asleep while running, but it definitely sounds possible based off of my experience with cross country. When you hit a certain point, your body movement is almost completely subconscious as you get into the runner's high. It was great for thinking shit out as a moody teenager, because I left everything except for my problems for my body to deal with.


Falling asleep while standing is both euphoric and terrifying. Everyone should try it once.


When I was in basic they grossly miscalculated the time we’d need for a march. Nothing major, easy 20 miles or so. But they wanted to do „stations“ where we’d have to do stuff we learned during basic. They thought about 20-30 minutes per station would be enough. We took about 90-120 per station. So it turns out, the expected arrival of around 2300 at the camping place would become 0400 with an expected resting time until 0630 the next morning. Suffice to say, most of us were functioning rather than thinking that day. Edit: my dumbass forgot the reason I told that story… sometime during the March, I wasn’t sure when, I have a memory gap of around 90 minutes and have no idea where I was or how I got there. Somebody told me I fell asleep during the march.


I haven't served but I'm a Dad of 2 and my newborn is only 1 week old. I can relate to the awake but asleep feeling


Haha. You are definitely serving now, bud. Good luck from a fellow Dad of 2 youngins.


I believe it's the either AF or the Navy aircorp - one of the two has a program to teach the pilots to sleep any where any time


You don't have to be a pilot. Air Force just makes their chairs extra cushiony.


They don't call it the Chair Force for nothin'


As a af vet i just want to say dont be a hater.. we have sensitive posture demands


I read about how the AF does it and using that method has helped me fall asleep much more quickly than I used to. My technique still is not great but it is getting better.


Kids are so silly. My daughter HAAAAATED taking naps. So I started telling her "You don't have to take a nap, but you do need to lie down and close your eyes." She was totally fine with that because it's not a nap! And she was always sound asleep about 30 seconds later.


My son's the same. He started saying nap times are for babies so I suggested he "rest his eyes" like I do instead. I was being silly but he loves the idea of being like daddy so it worked.


I have both. Sleeping quickly on command comes with having a college roommate that fucked everything he could. Getting kids to sleep in the car, just as easy: car seats give them comfort (swaddling) and the repetitive motion and sound of the car just lulls their brains off. It's wonderful


I just put them in the car seats but don't bother leaving the garage. It works so well that even I get sleepy when I turn the engine on. (e: this is obviously a joke. Don't do this one kids.)


My GF has this power.


Hypnosis can be learned. After watching it a second time, this is actually a pretty textbook case of hypnotic induction, though it was done inadvertedly. The "patient" already is in a state of mind ready to take the final suggestion. The little one already is tired and already wants to sleep. And we also start off with him trusting his dad. Who he is also ready to take suggestions from. Usually the hypnotist has to work for all of that. The dad in the video gets all this groundwork for free. When that baseline is established, all it takes for a hypnotic trance are a few suggestions which make the patient fixate on those suggestions and which lead them deeper. In this case the father uses suggestive questions, all with "yes" as an answer. That conditions the answer to the last command: "Are you tired?" "Yeah" "Can't keep your eyes open?" "Yeah" "Have you been nodding off a little?" "Yeah" "It's okay buddy" If I am not mistaken, at that point you also hear a little "Yeah". And that would be really textbook, because that is not an answer to a question. The last remark doesn't need an answer. But when you still get one, this indicates to the hypnotist that the patient's mind will approve what comes next, because the current rhythm is to listen to what hypnotist says and "yeah", because what the hypnotist says is true, can be trusted, and it feels good to just relax and approve. So next comes the command, which is: "Go to sleep" and the implied answer is: "Yeah", and the lights go out. tldr: And that's how you do hypnosis.


Huh. "You're getting very sleepy" / "Are you tired?" "Your eyes are getting very heavy" / "Can't keep your eyes open?" "You're drifting off to a deep sleep" / "Have you been nodding off a little?" I think you may be onto something here, but inadvertent? Hmm.


You have a good point here, it just seems a tad too perfect. What I especially love is the end, where you get the "go to sleep" suggestion, which on the one hand is spoken with some authority, like a command, but has an "if you want to" thrown in somewhere, which makes it the perfect authoritative suggestion you want when you do hypnosis. Then there is the really awkward timing, establishing a rhythm, and then long pauses where you would not expect them. Again, a very Ericksonian hypnosis thing to do, if you wanted to do that. Or it is all chance, and just worked out perfectly putting a kid to sleep.


> And we also start off with him trusting his dad. Who he is also ready to take suggestions from. Usually the hypnotist has to work for all of that. The dad in the video gets all this groundwork **for free**. This is the funniest part.


You don't call just under a thousand days of diaper changing free?


Just reading that made me sleepy


The little boy definitely says yeah after the father makes the statement that it's okay. And he also briefly says yeah right before he falls asleep. I just watched it again with the volume way up the one after the statement is obvious, the one when he's falling asleep is very short and quiet


My daughter can do this, we call her the light switch. It's a 25 minute drive to her and her brothers school and she frequently would get a genuine fifteen minute nap in on the way there.


Amen. “Just rub the kids stomach or back and sing” is all the advice says. ooook. Give me this dads power!


Him saying go to sleep just triggered that kids brain to turn off in like 0.12 seconds.


*Windows shut down music plays*


But then it would take another 45 seconds for him to actually fall asleep.


*This program is preventing your child from restarting -* chocolate.exe


It is now safe to shut down your computer.


*Microsoft wishes you a pleasant shut down*


*Don't worry, we'll keep watching while you're sleeping just to keep you safe*


*Don’t worry human, you may power down*


[Windows shut down music plays](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTmrj6Ct4mM)


This may have been a hard reset. Pull plug, power down.


I remember the first few nights after we moved our daughter into her 'big kid bed' and she had trouble with some nightmares. One night as I was going up to bed I heard her kind of whimpering and tossing around, I felt so bad for her and I just stuck my head in the door and said "Hey baby, it's OK. Everything's fine, you're OK." And she just instantly stopped and quieted. It was like some fairytale magic. Sleep is so weird.


I do this a lot, when my daughter was a baby she got very sick and since then she's had nightmares presumably from when she was in the hospital. Going in her room and telling her I'm there and she's safe just makes her calm right down. That or giving her my hand to hold.


My daughter can overcome sleep anxiety if I give her some reassuring words, but my son is just like child me... Doesn't care what mommy or daddy says, fixates on the anxiety and thinks the ghosts are still coming to get him. I did NOT sleep so good when I was younger... Thankfully we live in more enlightened times and we were able to get him into a pediatric psychiatrist relatively quickly. Though apparently there's very little they can give children in terms of medication, he did start sleeping better. I wish my parents had done the same thing for me...


Is it possible he has ADHD? I was the same as you and your son. Very vivid dreams of my anxieties that wouldn’t let them go away once you’re awake. And that makes you scared to fall asleep. Honestly, I still have very vivid nightmares sometimes. Weed helps but some still slip through the cracks


I have severe childhood trauma. Husband does this during a triggering meltdown. Having someone you trust say these words are FAIRYTALE MAGIC when I'm that little girl. Your words of encouragement and support are helping her in a way that is absolutely fucking magic.




These programs are keeping Windows from shutting down: Anxiety Existential Dread Is that pain in my side me dying? Shut down anyway?


I’ve been there lol. Literally recently. I was at a friends sitting on his couch and hadn’t slept the night before and he was like “bro just take a nap” next thing I remember was waking up 2 hours later. Sometimes your brain just needs to shut off for a while.


Like a light switch…if it could only be this easy.


Tranquilizer darts are not used in your country as a usual part of child rearing? /s


[nap time spray](https://youtu.be/AF_nfazQaek) lol


“… this is chloroform”


but it’s made from military trained scientist doctors from nasa


Damn that was awesome. "Nap time is not legal in the following states..."


Was there a State not listed?




Alabama, somebody checked it


Yes just Alabama. It lists 49. Toss-up on whether it's legal in DC I guess.


That shit got real fuckin' dark.


I keep her in a shoe box


she hasn’t made a sound in weeks!


Lol best part is when she's about to put the kid in the garbage disposal


It is when they are in a car, stroller or anything else that moves. But the instant you get home they don't want a nap but are tired and irritable and blame you for it.


Just yesterday I fell asleep in the middle of a conversation with my 9 year old daughter. D: "Dad, can you help me with my math homework? Vonmule: "yeah how many problems do you have? ..... .... D: Helllloooo? ...I have 2 problems...did you just fall asleep? Vonmule: "yeah. I'm tired, I'll help you in a few minutes after I nap a bit". Meanwhile, my wife has insomnia and hates me.


Weirdly, in order to get to sleep, you have to first pretend that you are asleep. (Although not in this case!)


That kid has an SSD as brain


Not just the sata SSD it's a freaking m.2 drive in there


m.2 is the form factor, it can still be SATA m.2. What you mean is NVMe! I ruin parties


Knowledge is power


France is bacon.


Slap my tiddies and call me a communist, I laughed way too hard from this.


Not just any NVMe either! Son of a gun is on new hardware and got that PCIe 4 going on!


This kid is already on PCIe 6






My 4 year old still does this. He fights it and fights it. Then says daddy I'm going to close my eyes for a bit, and flops his head down. Not instantly asleep, just assuming the car sleep position.


Yup, I recognize that far-stare those heavy blinks


I can remember the first time I had to go to sleep. Mom said, "Steven, time to go to sleep." I said, "But I don't know how." She said, "It's real easy. Just go down to the end of tired and hang a left." So I went down to the end of tired, and just out of curiosity I hung a right. My mother was there, and she said "I thought I told you to go to sleep." -Steven Wright


Just don't run into your mom at Stress Ct.


This joke just goes right over my head. I've seen it quoted a bunch of times and I just can't pull the humor out of it. What am I missing?


His delivery -- monotone and deadpan. "The other night I played solitaire with tarot cards. I got a full house and three people died."


"Sometimes I would be down eating my lunch at night. At midnight. And my mother would come down and say 'no, lunch is at the other 12'" The delivery makes it for sure


"One time I was walking in the woods, alone, a tree fell right in front of me and I didn't hear it."


My favorite though is from Natural Born Killers, paraphrasing *Mallory Knox said she wants to kill you" SW: "I don't believe anything women tell me"


“They allow pets in my apartment. I have a pony. I like to ride him around, but sometimes he slips on the linoleum.”


I think its a combination of interpreting the colorful phrasing of ‘a street you walk down to go to sleep’ literally as well as the relatability of a mother anticipating and being ready to scold a child for not listening and trying to break the rules. I don’t its meant to be a laugh-out-loud funny joke, just a charming little story that is relatable in a sense


I think it's a joke about how, as a kid, you always think you're going to outsmart your parents, but no matter how clever you are, it never works, and you always find they are one step ahead of you. So much so that they can magically insert themselves into a fantasy or metaphorical thought that you're having. The absurdity of that is just a way of calling attention to how they keep surprising you by knowing the game. It's like, in so many other situations you didn't think they could pull it off, but they did, so why not in this situation where it requires magic?


PSA take the winter coat off your kid before buckling up. Looks like the coat is adding so much bulk they couldn't get the straps closed properly and only the chest clip is closed. This is gonna snap in an accident and the kid is going flying. Even closed properly, a winter coat adds gaps in the harness that doesn't properly restrain your kid in a crash, causing bruising and potentially ending in your kid flying out of the seat.


I had to scroll way too far to find this comment.


I didn't expect to have to scroll this far to see a comment about him not being buckled into his carseat. Educating people on taking off winter coats is crucial.


Agree. Too far down. His coat is on and the crotch buckle isn’t even on.


Yep. I'm picturing this guy showing his partner this cute video and getting an earful (which is what happened the one and only time my husband buckled this way'just for the couple blocks to get home'.)


Hah, glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed the crotch wasn’t buckled.


This is all I could see! I wanted to see the cute but all I could think was "omg that kid is not strapped in right"


It took a lot of scrolling to find this, the kiddo is cute, but the coat and the straps had me cringing.


Yeh....I was hyperfocused on the massive carseat fail in this video. Horrifying.


Thank you- this should be the top comment. New title: Driver distracted by recording son who isn't buckled in properly. Riding in a car is the most dangerous thing most kids that age do.


Couldn't tell if it was a booster or carseat I'm just unfamiliar with. Super super super dangerous.


This is great. It also reminds me of a story my father loves telling about me. Apparently I was 2 or 3 at the time and my dad had just buckled me in and closed the door only to realize that he left the keys in the car locked. Through the glass he talks to me and goes “Corvid” I need you to unlock the car, just pull up that little lock next to you. According to him I gave it the old college try for a solid minute before saying “I’m tired” and immediately falling asleep. So he called someone to come unlock the car and have a good chuckle about the thing years later.


Awww haha


shutdown -s -f -t 00


I used to tell my nephew to close his eyes and count to 100 silently and if he made it all the way and was still awake he could watch TV with me for another 30 minutes. He'd fall asleep every time.


I have a cherished voicemail from my then 8 year old son saying how he did all his chores and wondered when I was getting home as he didn't want to get "too bored". His young voice is still the best thing about it. So innocent and pure. I listen to it when I need a smile.


Is anyone else freaked out because this kid isn’t buckled in? It looks like only the chest strap is clipped and it’s giving me anxiety.


Definitely an issue with big winter coats and car seats


I just keep a blanket in the car and drape it over them after they’re buckled in. Coats don’t come on until we get out of the car.




My wife made our kids carseat ponchos. The coats were worn to the car and once we got out.


Yeah, not great to be buckled in with a coat on, but not having the crotch buckle buckled is worse. The chest clip is designed to pop open when force is applied to it, so the kid is essentially completely unbuckled here.


My wife was a mod in a Facebook mom group after she had our first and it's crazy how many people will flat out argue against this. They had like 4-5 official links and a scanned copy of a couple manufacturers instructions on how this is dangerous and will kill your children. They probably banned a dozen mom's a month who decided to argue about how it's just "your opinion."


The sell coats specifically made for car seats nowadays. Also you can just not put them on and use blankets. Bring the coat with you, then put it on getting out of the car.


Wow you know what? My kids are 13, and 15 now but I never knew/ thought of that! I *did* used to tighten the straps extra snug when they had their coats on, because of the coat, because it always bugged me that the squish meant if we got rear ended they’d shift hard - but I honestly never knew to/considered taking their coats off! I’ll know now for any other kids in my life - but I really wish I knew when mine were little! Thanks for that! ❤️ I’m glad we never had to pay for my ignorance.


I wish more people were like you. You don't meet a lot of people who are willing to admit they were wrong and thank people for correcting them.


Hey we need to. We cannot know everything, and we don’t have time to make everyone else’s mistakes. It’s actually weird to me when people don’t! I’m glad I can still learn things. Thank you!


You just gave something to consider this winter with the kiddo’s first winter with a coat. Your post did something. Take it off and have the heater going.


And just bring a blanket to tuck around, if it’s cold like it is here. ❤️


Not that it matters now but a good trick (once they're old enough) is strap them in and put their jackets on backwards overtop of everything


Good info for when you have grandkids 😉


The booklet for these seats say not to have the kid wear winter coats in them, but not a lot of people follow those instructions. Tough to get a kid in and out of a coat each time


Its annoying, but I make sure to take off my kids jackets. Fortunately they are getting good at buckling themselves up now (3 and 5) so that helps.


It’s not an issue. You take the coat off before buckling them down.


Thank you. I didn’t want to be “that person” because the little one is freaking adorable. I did the winter coat under car seat straps thing back when my children were small, I didn’t know any better. I would definitely not do it now since Ive read some stuff about it. Crazy to think when I was little they actually had “car beds” that were strapped in the car you just put the baby in. I remember sitting in my mum’s lap in the front seat, I remember laying in the back of the station wagon watching the stars on a long family trip. Times have sure changed!


Yeah, cute video but couldn't enjoy it cause all I could picture was that little guy flying out of that Carseat on an accident. And driving in snow while filming no less.


Glad I’m not the only one. All I could think is god if they get rear ended poor kid is done for. Plus the coat shouldn’t be on in the car seat. It takes like two minutes to buckle them in properly 🙃


Came here to say this. The buckles on his waist don’t look like they are done up. The straps should be coming down from the chest buckle and connecting at his pelvis. Stressful.


YES! I was looking for this. Why the fuck isn't he fully buckled in. If they get in a wreck he's going right into the floorboard. My 4 year old nephew would be 10 if his mom buckled him in properly.


Okay, glad I wasn't the only one who started freaking out because the kid is in a coat. I don't care how cold it is outside, no coats in the carseat. If that dad slams the break because he doesn't notice the stopped car in front of him while using his cell phone that kid goes flying.


That was the first thing I noticed about this video!! My sister-in-law sent me this video about a year ago. It’s so shocking. Definitely not safe to buckle kids in with their jackets on… https://www.today.com/video/car-seat-alert-a-winter-coat-could-endanger-your-child-43442757914


YES! I'm glad someone else noticed too!


Hate to be a cop but that dad didn’t buckle the boy in and he’s recording the kid while driving in what looks like winter conditions. It’d be cuter if it could pass a risk assessment.


Also, it's incredibly unsafe to leave a puffy coat on in the car seat.


Yeah gotta click the bottom things otherwise is pretty worthless


I noticed that too. The chest is buckled but not the lower buckles. I get that it's hard with winter coats but man this is so unsafe.


You're not supposed to put kids in a car seat with a thick coat like that on.


The unbuckled crotch clips were the first thing I noticed and couldn't focus on anything else happening.


He gone


He was here, but now he gone


Can someone please edit in the Windows power down sound effect at the end there


Edit: [Short Version](https://streamable.com/r740sh) [Full Version](https://streamable.com/k6pzpw) Thank you for the awards kind strangers!


So cute but the placement of the restraints on the car seat, that’s a fatality right there if he gets into an accident. Plus the coat…he gonna slide out and go flying.


Am I the only one noticing the 5 pt harness is only buckled at the chest clip? Don’t know if parent was driving or not, or car was moving, but, fellow parents/caregivers, please make sure all winter coats are not on while in the car seat, and make sure all buckles are buckled, and secure. I know this is a cute video, my point isn’t to tear someone down or be “one of those people”, it just kills me inside dreading what can (and does happen) to children not properly (even if not purposefully) secure in their seats.


Just a bit of a safety thing, but it’s not a good idea to put a child in a car seat with the puffy jacket. The straps can’t secure them well enough.