A good game? In 2022? This is unacceptable. It must be ruined with tedious gameplay which encourages microtransactions. That's what gaming is now. Profit for the 1%. Not fun.


"now" implying that in the past big companies didn't care about the monetization.


Sorry bro, you can't play online unless you buy the Map Pack 43


You're just playing the wrong games, literally just a couple companies doing that which is a fraction of the gaming market


Dude Elden Ring came out in 2022. By default that makes this an amazing year for gaming. Doesn't matter what shitty companies try to ruin it.


You’re right, idk why the downvotes.


Also when your fans are mad, focus on like two death threats and call the fandom toxic


As a once serious gamer who is now middle aged with a kid, Dread was quality and I'm glad Nintendo is still committed to the franchise, but honestly it was legit far more difficult than I remember Super Metroid being as a teenager. The EMMI sections almost made me give up a couple of times. I have maybe 30-40 minutes a day to play video games anymore. I just want to enjoy that brief time I can reconnect with my youth, not spend it infuriated.


That's completely fine and fair not sure why people are down voting lmao. Hope you get to enjoy games more eventually


For what it's worth they added an easy mode in an update later. Not having it on launch was a shame, though I personally played on normal and thought it was the right level of difficulty. Not easy but it was pretty fair, restarts were fast and most sections took like three tries at most.


Same boat as you, when I had time to game I forgot the control and emmi would alway get me trying to remember how to slide


there were several sections that were outright horseshit. I dreaded the emmi sections but for all the wrong reasons


Well to be fair the EMMIs were designed to be scary as fuck to face and they did a great job on that


>it was legit far more difficult than I remember Super Metroid being as a teenager. Really? I only played super a couple years ago, and I thought it was more difficult than dread. When was the last time you re-played super? Because going back and replaying them, some of the games from my teens are harder than I remember them being too.


> has a cool grappling hook


Pretty much the only requirement for a good game


Bionic Commando gives thumbs up


Good game


Infinite overall is a very disappointing halo game, and throws all the other 15 named main characters out the window, fuck 343


Didn't people bitch about the 15 named characters?


Palmer, Halsey, Locke and his squad, Captain Laskey and that’s just halo 5 halo wars 2 you got pavium, voridus, Anders, CAPTAIN FUCKING CUTTER, Jerome, Alice, Douglas, need I go on? Also fuck Atriox I guess, shows up for 4 minutes total despite being probably one the coolest halo villains ever


Halo Wars 2 is understandable but people fucking hated Locke, Palmer and the Osiris Squad (execpt Buck), doesn't make sense to be angry that the characters everyone hated didn't appear


I understand but the inclusion of Atriox means that if you are going to merge a character from halo wars then you better explain how or bring in more story elements, cuz at the end of wars 2 Anders found a guardian and cutter neutralized atroix on the halo, and yes I know how infamous Locke and halo 5 as a whole was, but the fact 343 dropped them entirely and left us to believe they were presumably killed off or MIA seems like a missed opportunity or bad/lazy writing instead of trying to make Locke more redeeming


Maybe future dlc/book? Idk


One of the coolest villains? Lmao he was literally a walking bad guy tv trope.


I guess someone didn’t play halo wars 2 story


Metroid Dread is in fact a pretty based game


*cries in Covenant*


What what what


Wort wort wort*


I like what what what better. It’s funnier to me and funny is all that matters.


I should replay Halo Infinite once Co-op is out


"once coop is out" Lmao thats a good one Edit: i apologise for my previous statement as it would seem that 343i is in fact working on implementing coop.


Chief deserves better, fuck 343


Doom eternal is better than halo infinite


fucking most recent shooters are better than halo infinite and it's sad


What did they add in updates lol?


I never played Metroid Dread so I probably missed a lot of cool stuff they added (or maybe not) but last I heard they added a new difficulty mode and a Boss Rush mode


There were two new difficulties added: Easy Mode, and Dread Mode where you die in one hit The Boss Rush is easily the best part tho, it's so much fun perfecting those fights and trying to beat them all as fast as possible


A one hit kill challenge mode, easy mode and boss rush


Extra side content that wasn't even needed. Wait you guys usually have to wait for your games to be fixed via updates?


it should be considered a fucking crime what 343 did to halo infinite


Why do people hate Infinite so much I liked it, it was fun


Good gameplay with terrible progression, customization, shitty monetization and long droughts of no content.


Entrenched event?


Its odd non-lore customization. Most of it looks funky and isn't that cool to me personally. Not for me. Only one I really liked was tactical ops with the me V zeta helmet


Infinite is fun game just not a good game


Ahhh, you got me bro, I still wish that halo is with us


The only thing I disagree with is the update part and partially the level design part.


They updated the game to have two extra difficulties and a boss rush Also Dread has one of the best level designs in general imo. You almost never get lost, but they also never railroad you into one specific path.


The only substantial part of the update was the boss rush, the two difficulties weren’t much. And while the level design is good that it doesn’t railroad while still leading, there are still weird moments where it restricts your path with something like a grapple block. From a veteran’s perspective, it’s a bit too easy to find the right way forward.


>there are still parts where the game restricts your path Gamers when they play Metroid and find out it’s a Metroidvania


Who would win in a fight: Samus or Master Chief?


Samus, by a mile. By the end of Dread she could probably take out an army of Master Chiefs by herself.


Chief. I like him more.


Why are you being downvoted?


Literally no reason


I think that was their way of voting. Very introverted way.


Samus. This has been played out in r/whowouldwin every imaginable way, and Samus always wins. She is just insanely overpowered compared to nearly every other scifi character. She is walking around with hundreds of tactical nuclear missiles, and can shrug off a hit from one of those same tactical nukes with minimal damage, can throw a whale into the air, can see and shoot through walls, has a bomb that can vaporize every human within a few dozen meters and ignores walls, can stand in lava over her head with no damage, can dodge bullets and missiles, can be slapped around by an enemy the size of an apartment building with minimal trouble, and can hit the ground at terminal velocity with no damage. She has multiple ways to kill Master Chief before he can even see her, not to mention get close enough to effectively attack her.


I'd say Samus. Idk much about Halo but Samus is pretty absurd.


As of Dread, Samus. I mean look at all the upgrades Samus has, her beam upgrades, screw attack, missiles that freeze whatever they hit And she has cooler armor


Never played Halo so I don't know what MC can do other than shoot guns, slash with laser sword and use grapple beam, but Samus can do all of that and way more


Samus can shoot through walls, teleport, and basically has infinite ammo. She'd win easily. Now Samus against doom guy that's a fight I wanna see.


I tought anon was talking about halo because of pic




Is Metroid dead really that good? It seems every game published by Nintendo is circle jerked into godhood then forgotten about 2 months later


I think it’s pretty good!! It’s a pretty well designed game with fun mechanics and super cool boss fights, not to mention some really great 2d movement.


They added content?


Yeah. A two new difficulties (easy and Dread. In Dread mode you have 1hp) and a boss rush


It's a very good game. It wasn't ruined by the grubby hands of Nintendo higher ups like Nintendo Switch Sports, the new Mario strikers games and games they've made under the guise of new free content when it actuality, the game is just unfinished. Its a return to form for Metroid who's gone under for many years and the last game in 2D Metroid. A bit back story for Dread. It was actually planned to be made like in the 2000s. But the people making the game felt that the hardware at the time couldn't support their ambition and ideas for the game so they scrapped and became a ghost story for the Nintendo community. Years later, they ideas have come to fruition with this game and it's amazing. Everything is executed greatly with good game design, excellent quality and executed the EMMI sections perfectly. So as someone who's 100% the game, you should definitely pick it up


It is a really good game. The Metroid series is loved for good reasons (Super Metroid, released in 1993, is still considered one of the best games of all time), and Dread is good enough and loyal enough to the series to stand alongside the best of the series. It may not be the best Metroid game, but it is certainly up there.


If you are a fan of Metroid like I am it's amazing, probably my favorite in the series


Edit: Cool downvotes. I guess I'll fix this reply up and preface it with: there's a lot of great games **that aren't by Nintendo** that are also played for 2 months and then put away, or "forgotten". Idiots. That's because Nintendo games have proper progression and an endgame. Meanwhile games like Valorant and Rust you can play online an infinite number of times and games like WoW and FFXIV Online you can play for endless hours due to the MMO nature of them. Once you beat a Nintendo game, you put it away and move on to the next thing. Nobody really forgets about them.


Game from [category] is good because games from [other highly different categories] don’t do what [category] does


I was talking about the reason why Nintendo games seem to be "forgotten" faster than other games. What are you even talking about?


There are trillions of games out there you play once and then put down. It’s not exclusive to Nintendo lmao


Okay, and? That's completely irrelevant. Plus, I already knew that and never said that I believed otherwise.