Is it legal to bill for ambulance without telling preliminary that it isn't free?

Is it legal to bill for ambulance without telling preliminary that it isn't free?


In Ontario, if the ambulance ride isn’t deemed medically necessary you are non the hook for $240. I’m assuming NFLD has a similar policy. I do have to ask…..you say this wasn’t urgent, so why did you call 911? Edit to add nfld link https://www.gov.nl.ca/hcs/ehps/


Ambulances still cost $45 on Ontario for emergencies, but most insurance plans will cover it.


Unless you’re on ODSP or qualify for a copay exemption.


Ambulances and paramedics aren’t mentioned in the CHA, so I believe they’re not free for anyone in Canada. If your private health insurance covers it, then you’re in luck. $115 is cheap though.


I was researching online, and saw some health article saying to seek medical assistance if the pain doesn't go away or continues several days (don't remember exactly). I didn't know what to do and decided to call 911 (it was 1st time in my life). I quietly explained them the situation, wasn't in a rush, and they could have understood that it isn't urgent and suggest me to do something else (like go to my doctor, go to emergency, etc.), but they send paramedics. Thanks for the info and link.


911 isn’t really going to suggest going to the doctor or something, their job is to respond to emergencies so they’re going to treat it like an emergency. I don’t know about Nfld but I know in Ontario we have a healthline we can call for things like this, where you can talk to a registered nurse that will advise you if you should go to emergency or can wait to see a doctor or what not. See if there’s something like that there and that would be a good number to use.


When you tell 911 you are having chest pain they will send help immediately - that's a sign of a heart attack. And when in NL you call 911 ASAP because in some areas it will take the ambulance 30+minutes to get to you then another 30+min to get you to the hospital.


If you have a medical insurance? You might be able to claim it. Otherwise, consider yourself lucky and pay for it. It’s more than $115 in some provinces!!!


Thanks. Does insurance coverage percentage applies to that $115 or the whole fee? When I called by number on bill, they said that provincial healthcare system (MCP in NL) covers some part, and 115 is the part I need to pay. I have an insurance, will check with them if they will even reimburse for that.


Your extended health insurance will generally pay for at least some of the $115.


You'd have to read through it or contact them. You may have to pay and be reimbursed. Chest pain is hard to tell, so don't feel bad! They tell by an EKG (tracing of heartbeats) and a certain level of something in your blood, tropins, I believe. I'm glad you're fine, though. Worrying about chest pain causes more symptoms, like faster heart beat, and it's just awful.


Yeah dude. Totally legal. You can’t just be calling an ambulance for no reason. You even stated that it was a non-emergency. Get your own ass over there for a broken arm or a sore throat. Pay up. Good thing you didn’t call a chopper to pick you up. That’d be $5000.