Was just called that I have a warrant for my arrest for buying counterfeit goods

Was just called that I have a warrant for my arrest for buying counterfeit goods


If there was a warrant for your arrest, you would have already been arrested or will shortly be arrested. At that point, there is nothing you can say or do to stop being arrested and so you talking to any agent, whether real or not, would do nothing. 99% this was a scam call. Ignore and go about your life. If the police ever give you a call or come to your home, do not answer any questions except for your name and your address. Don't even converse with the police, except to say that you cannot answer their questions. Talk to a lawyer immediately.


Sounds like the place you bought it from just scammed you


Ok but then how did they know my number and know I ordered counterfeit products?


Because you likely entered that information in when ordering the products and it could be an inside job by the place you ordered it from .... or your computer was keylogged, or it happened to be coincidence.


You're on a list like the rest of us. Ignore it. There is no warrant out for your arrest. If your package comes to Canada, if it's even checked and found to be counterfeit, you'll get a letter by Canada customs that they've kept you item and have destroyed it due to it being counterfeit. My son's friend bought a knife online that wasn't legal in Canada. They sent him a letter stating it was destroyed and information on what is legal and illegal to import to Canada. That was all.






They don't. It's just a happy coincidence. I get these calls frequently, almost everyone does. It's just scammers.


It’s 100% a coincidence. This is a very common scam call, I’ve gotten it three times in the last week.


You tried to by illegal products from criminals and now they are running an extortion scam on you. Go figure, criminals are untrustworthy.


Shoot, not again.


I get them all the time and I've never knowingly purchased counterfeit goods. It's 100% a coincidence and a scam


I get these calls like 5 times a month. It's a fishing trip... You don't get an automated warning that you're going to be arrested. If you don't believe me, talk to them next time. It'll be someone with a south Asian accent in a busy call centre.


The company you bought them from has employees running this scam.. or the whole company itself is a sham.


I bet there were never any replica Jordan’s to begin with. The purchase itself was the scam and they’ve done this so you don’t pursue it when your package doesn’t show up.


It could be a rather hilarious coincidence. There is an ongoing scam claiming people have warrants for importing "illegal goods". I've gotten that call three times in the last two weeks.


They didn't. They called everyone and gave them the same recording.


probably because its the person you bought t from


I’ve had two of these calls this week, and watched friends get two more. It’s just a scam. Pretending to be elderly, concerned, lonely and vulnerable is a great way to waste their time 😃 They’re just scammers fucking with you, like they do everyone else. I put $10 on you’re shoes are still on their way.


It’s also entirely possible that your order was fine, and this is one of the myriad of general scam calls. I’d be careful about calling back. They could be phishing for personal info.


It's a spam call. Some company sold them your info Just coincidence that you brought replica Jordan's prior.


It is just a coincidence. I get this kind of calls all the time.


Hey OP, i got the same call. I never ordered any counterfeit goods. It’s just a coincidence. It’s a scam.


This is a common scam call. Don't respond to it.


LPT : if you’re getting a call from the “government “ and want to know if it’s legit, answer the phone in french and say you don’t speak english.


Report the number to the Canada anti-fraud centre. It’s a scam that’s going around. I’ve been called by an automated voice claiming CBSA has a warrant for my arrest for having ordered illegal goods now in their custody. I haven’t ordered anything online in months. A legit police operation is going to speak with you in person.


Thanks, this does make me feel more assured. I had two missed calls earlier today but I think that might also be because I received a different order today


As a heads up, they switch area codes and numbers frequently. I went from 514 and 450 numbers (Quebec) to 416 and 905 numbers (Ontario.). Not much will come from the anti-fraud centre, but it’s worth making them aware of the numbers being used, in the event they’re able to put a case together.


I've gotten this exact call before and I haven't ordered counterfeit goods. It's a scam don't worry about it.


Reporting the phone number to anybody does absolutely zero good. Phone numbers for the purpose of call display are 100% spoofed all the time. It's highly unlikely that any scam call that you or anybody else gets actually comes from the number that it looks like it's coming from. That's why you sometimes get scam calls from 000-000-0000. The scammers forgot to go into the software settings and change it from a default number to random.


Do you call the fraud center every time for those? Me and my co-workers all get those calls multiple times a day. I thought everyone just ignored them.


I ignored them for a long time but when I got calls almost daily, I did report the numbers and the frequency of calls dropped noticeably. Not sure what it does - it’s an online reporting system - but I got so fed up with them that I figured it was worth a shot.


> got a call from an automated voice saying goods under my name were seized, and that there was a warrant for my arrest. Uh huh. And I have a bridge to sell you. If there was a warrant for your arrest, someone would come and arrest you. They'd not live a message that was dictated by a computer.


Don’t you know, the police give you a heads up about arrest warrants to give you a fair chance to run :p


I get that robocall regularly. Just ignore.


Lol this is a scam I get it at least once a week and when I press one to talk to the “detective” I ask for the badge number and I get a no response then hung up on don’t sweat it mess with them if you want I love that shit


I got the same call today and the Indian lady gave me a badge number. Like it was real..lol. Terrible that people actually get duped by this scam, it's so obvious.


“My badge number is…..1…2…3….4….5……”


Amazing! I have the same password for my luggage!


Lol, I was hoping someone would get it.


I wish it was appreciated more. I know only a handful of people who would understand that reference :(


Lol facts I’m surprised they gave a badge number (fake) my dude just literally said no he can’t then hung up my wife always comes running to me when scammers call cause she likes watching me mess with them honestly sometimes I get sad if they stop calling lol


As soon as I heard it connect, I said hello and the lady started her speel giving me a badge number. I just asked why is she scamming people and click. I should have held out longer.


The last one gave me his badge number: "Get a pen. Write this down. My badge number is A-n-W."


lol i love messing with them i have a game where i try to stay on as long as i can with them just so they can't screw other people over that might be more willing to release personal info


I do the same. If they're trying to scam us and we play the game, we might be saving some unsuspecting folks a bit of money. Win/Win for me!




Lol it'd a scam. I get called by "border services agency" multiple times a week. Just ignore it until you are actually served a legal notice. Your replica Jordan's will likely arrive shortly.


I don't know if this will help set your mind at ease, but I received the exact same call two days ago after I ordered not counterfeit goods that did not ship across the border. It's a scam.


I got the same call too earlier. It was an Indian lady pretending to be an agent, even gave me a badge number..lol. I asked her why she's scamming people and she hung up. It's a scam. Indian people don't phone you from India if you have a warrant.


It’s a scam.


Absolutely a SCAM. I've literally been autodialed to my work phone at my job with the federal Dept of Justice lol. Same goes for that CRA call that's going on; it's never ever legit. CRA will send you mail/use your MyCRA account, and RCMP will always legitimately call you.


Lol. Do you honestly think you'd get a call that you had a warrant for your arrest from an automated message?


My boyfriend did just receive this call yesterday (he did not order anything online at all). He knew it was a scam so he pressed 1 to be connected to a “CBSA officer”, who had a strong Indian accent and ended up hanging up on my boyfriend when he asked “is this a scam”? Don’t worry, you’re good :) (Also CBSA would not arrest someone for one pair of fake sneakers. The max max max would be confiscation and some sort of fine)




It is a scam, don't fall for it any more than you already have. They call 10,000 people and you happen to be the one that the call made sense to.


I get this call a couple of times a week. It’s a scam. I have yet to be arrested.


I received this phone call many times. Prior to buying any counterfeit goods, and after. Happy to announce that I am not and have not been arrested for these heinous crimes.


i have gotten 5 of those calls this week. exact same message and all from different phone numbers. just ignore them and block the numbers.


I have had 30 of these in two months. This does remind me of the time I tore one off and immediately after got one of those “I’ve hacked your cam” emails. Momentary freak out.




You will never receive a call that is automated and also requires you to push an assigned number on the toned keypad for a criminal matter. Forged goods are sent probably not often than authentic ones. Border agents are not qualified to asses authentic goods to knock offs. They would also dispatch an agent to your address before calling you… for something serious. A warrant for say traffic violations, this again wouldn’t be deemed necessary for a phone call or address check. Your DL# would be flagged and if pulled over or renewing a DL you would be informed. Furthermore, you can call your local RCMP or courthouse and ask if there is a bench warrant for yourself. I forgot , they even send registered mail to inform you that there is a pending court date that requires your attendance. YOU ARE SAFE ! Again , you didn’t purchase anything illegal. i.e. controlled substances, weapons, animals…purchasing “replica “ goods is not illegal


Lol!! No it’s a scam and you got the call in a coincidence.


Bruh, it's a scam call. I would be concerned about whether or not you'll actually get your shoes because these people clearly either run the scam or give your info to people who do.


In the pass few years I've gotten this call about 20 times. Still waiting for them to arrest me.


This is a common fishing scam. What they bank on is making their message vague enough that someone might hear it and think it specifically applies to them but it's just a generic message that gets put out to lots if people. I've gotten that exact call several times. Just ignore it. If the police had a warrant for your arrest / were looking for you, you'd know because they would just come and get you. You're not off the grid hiding. Police know how to figure out where you live, where you work, they wouldn't rely on people turning themselves in.... just ignore, it's a scam.








ignore this wtf its canada u can murder a cop in toronto and leave jail


>u can murder a cop in toronto and leave jail We don't know the full story of why the guy was granted bail. Maybe his lawyer had a solid case? Or the persecution messed up? Or it's not an open and shut? There are so many factors at play here.




And for reference I’m in toronto


These scammers spoof their number. That's not the real originating number.


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