You get much less after chores


Don't forget to work out as well. Don't forget all of the paperwork as well. Don't forget to go grocery shopping as well. Don't forget social contacts as well. Don't forget partaking in cultural events as well. Don't forget hobbies as well. ​ Aaaaaaaaaaaaa


You forgot the dishes ! You forgot the kids homework! You forgot to walk the dog twice a day! You forgot to mow the lawn! You forgot the kids activities on Thursday and Friday night. You forgot the Dr, dentist, hairdresser, teachers, psychologist, social workers appointment for the kids. You forgot your life.


Damn having multiple kids sounds like a curse


Having 2 kids and raising them to be well-rounded, healthy, social and productive takes an incredible time commitment. My wife and I both work demanding jobs and after juggling the kids we have very little spare time during the week, or even on weekends.


I don't have a dog or kids and i don't plan on getting either, though, so i'm set.


What about pooping?


Multi-task. Poop while doing paperwork


No, you should poop on company time.


You waste company time because you have to poop I poop because I have to waste company time


Born 2 shit Forced 2 wipe 💥👊🏾💩🧻


to spray\* as well


Every day, every job between 9a-10a, I gotta poop. I work in hvac as an installer so I always ask what bathroom we can use while there that day. Buwahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


We are not the same


A 10 minute poop every day is an extra week of vacation every year


I pretend to use the bathroom every hour at work for atleast 15 minutes. They assume i have ibs. Im actually just reading hentai


Reading? Hentai? What is there to read?


Those are rookie numbers


I think it’s just for Rule of Thumb… If one only takes three 10ers a day, they’re getting three weeks off. If they’re taking two twenties and two 10ers…


I’m taking at least one 20er and many piss breaks which amount to at least a 10er. So a slow day for me is more than 30 minutes. If I’m bored I’ll take a couple 20ers and scroll through memes


Boss makes a dollar, and I make a dime, That is why I always make sure, to poop on company time. Fun calculator that calculates your annual poo pay 💩💰: https://www.workpoop.com


I’ll shit off a cliff and I’ll shit off a dock, but I’ll be god-damned if I shit off the clock. Edit: credit as far as I know goes to Ave and the greybeards he picked it up from


That needs to be a motivational poster


If this was on a t-shirt, I'd spend my hard earned on-the-clock-poo-money on it.


its been a year in my new job, not once have i pooped in my home since


Must be nice to work somewhere you’d actually want to take a shit


>somewhere you’d actually ~~want~~ be allowed to take a shit FTFY


If anyone, at any time, for any reason tries to prevent you from going to the bathroom when you need to; you are morally justified in squatting and shitting exactly where you stand.


I used to do home remodeling. It’s not that you’re not allowed to, it’s that sometimes there’s literally no where to go.


If you're in the USA, OSHA requires the employer to either provide a bathroom or for mobile crews allow the employee to leave the work site and access a public bathroom. I did field work, tree work for a few years and am not stranger to peeing in bottles and having work sites with really shitty bathroom situations (pun intended). But if you need to drop one, you can get in the truck and go find a bathroom. Its a basic human need. They can't restrict you from using the bathroom...


Pooper work.


I personally do the paperwork immediately after pooping...


You save that for while you're at work. I'd rather get paid to shit then do it for free at home


Just dont have friends or partake in cultural events. EZ


Realistically, you can cancel the last 3 ones for a lot of people. Not enough time and money for this


Yes. That's incredibly unhealthy tho and will leave you lonely, separated and sad.


Hobbies are what you do in your free time though


Yeah those aren't necessary responsibilities they're purely because you want to do them.


I feel bad for the people in this thread who feel like they are forced to do things like working out and doing hobbies every single day. If the idea of doing them stresses you out, they aren't hobbies.


I think you guys are all missing the point. It’s not that you have to do those things or stress about those things. It’s that you have 4/5 hours to do your extra obligations plus things you want to do and that’s the stressful part. It’s the fact that you want to do those things but are given such a limited time that makes it so sad.


Just become alcoholic and a smoker, then you can skip working out, events, hobbies and social contacts


I mean, you just described life. What is "personal time" if not time you spend on your hobbies, your social life, etc? Though to echo another commenter ... what about pooping?


Well on vacation, you actually have time for side hobbies and projects.


Fitter. Happier. More productive


Read a book Learn a language


More work? Nah. Video game


I like working out so I don't really throw that into something that's a chore to do after work. You can grocery shop like once a week. Not defending our little free time, but your points are not every day occurrences besides maybe working out if you do that.


While I mostly agree, I seem to find a chore every week night: cook, dishwashing, grocery shop (several shops for specials/ vegetables/ meat), vacuum, clean bathroom/ kitchen, dust, wash laundry, iron laundry, change bed sheets, refill dispensers, call or email parents/ brother/ in-laws/ friends, water plants... Not all take the same amount of time but it's something every night. Cooking is probably the worst and most frequent. I understand now why my Mum used to say she *hated* the kitchen.


I have close to an hour after work before I have to start cooking dinner, eat, clean kitchen, shower, oh look, I’m late for bed!!?!?!?


No you're just extra early for the next day


Indeed and people are gonna try and tell you just do some time management


The real scam is how after working that much, rent and other basic costs of living are still barely affordable.


If you get paid well it's still a scam. What's the money worth if I don't have any spare time?


That’s true but it sucks even worse when you can’t even afford basics.


I'm not denying that.


I know, I’m not denying that working that much isn’t a scam as well.


They say to get a better job and “trade up”. But then if we all do it who replaces us? They say they don’t like immigrants but they let them in because they love cheap labor. Also, the better jobs they tell you to get will bring you into the middle class. Don’t they also say the middle class is dead? Too many mixed signals. Rich ppl chill all day n do shit but buy on Amazon while we sink deeper into debt w/ no help in sight.


People nowadays have their heads shoved so far up their ass they forget the minimum wage workers they berate are the only reason they aren't walking around knee deep in garbage. Seriously, I challenge them to go one week without janitors and custodial staff and see how long they can stand the smell.


Absolutely. I’ve said this for years, but slightly differently...take away trash collectors for a month, or take away CEOs and Congress for a month, and see who we miss more.


In Edinburgh the trash men are on strike. It’s only been 3 days and it’s already infested with rats.


Prime example look at the Edinburgh strikes right now.


I like this idea, but why not go further? Challenge the whole society to have every minimum wage worker one month (all the same month) fully paid vacation, no replacements.


You'd hope society would get this after quarantine and all the talk of respecting essential workers but, as far as I can tell, people have learned *nothing* from covid quarantine.


I’m lucky if I get 3


Seriously. Up at 5 for work, home at 6. "Free" time is desperately trying to get my kids fed, bathed and to bed by a decent hour.


There just isn’t enough time in the day 😫 I can barely stay awake for the time I do get to relax


I just keep telling myself that once I no longer have small children, I'll actually have some semblance of free time again. The other edge of that blade is missing my kids being babies lol


With commutes... I feel this


Living in a society is a well thought out scam


Live in the woods then


I honestly truly would if I didn’t have a wife and kid that I love deeply and care about what they want more than what I want


It's work, hobbies and then bed. Work and hobbies, fuck everything else


None of these people talking bout the 1hr minimum I spend making and eating dinner every goddam night.


While I do agree we get way too little time, I just want to give you a few tips as to how to decrease a bit of time spent on cooking. Sorry in advance if you didn't want any, but I know so many people find it difficult. If you didn't want the tips, you obviously don't have to read this, but in case anyone would find them helpful I'll write them down anyway. First of all, lower the bar a bit for week night dinners. They don't have to be the most amazing thing ever. I made dinner from scratch (okay granted I used canned chickpeas) in 20min yesterday and it tasted good enough for a thursday night dinner. My SO went for seconds at least. I didn't use a lot of utensils so I could clean up by just putting it all in the dishwasher after, which took 5min. Of course not everyone has a dishwasher (I got one for the first time in my life a few months ago at 27), but there are plenty of one pot meals that would have similar clean up times anyway. When I'm alone I just eat while doing my hobbies, if I'm not I enjoy spending that time with my SO or other people I'm having dinner with, to me that's not necessarily time wasted but we all have different needs and preferences of course. Meal prepping is another great alternative, it doesn't take more time to make more food generally, one pot meals and sheet meals takes at most an hour, most of the time is entirely passive, and you will have left overs for the entire week if you want to. If you don't enjoy meal prepping or cooking at all you can always invite a friend. They bring ingredients for one dish, you bring one for the other, then you cook together and split the meals between you, after cooking you have dinner together and clean up together, makes it a fun social thing instead of a chore. If you are more of an introvert it can help to have a favourite podcast instead that is weekly and were the episodes are around an hour plus. Only listen to the podcast while meal prepping. I usually get myself a beverage I like and listen to the podcast while cooking, and I find myself enjoying it quite a lot.


Only listening to the podcast while prepping meal combines two habits which make it easier to them regularly. Great advice tho, people should listen to you :)


Adding to this, my meal prep just consists of making way more than I eat that night. I put the leftovers in meal containers either for lunch at work or dinner the next day. Saves time in cooking and cleanup !!


You have time for hobbies? I guess if you're skipping out on sleep, it makes sense.


Yeah my sleep schedule is all fucked up


my hobby is sleeping so it works out


Sleep can be a hobby


But can it be a job?


Actually, I believe it can. Not sure on credentials though.


BuT wE aLsO gEt WeEkEnDs! 💀


Spending the Saturday worn out from the week before and the Sunday dreading the week ahead 👍


Dont forget all those chores you need to get done in order to maintain a healthy appearance and living situation!


How did you access my day planner? /s


I propose that we work 7 days full-time and then we get 7 days off in a cycle. Who's voting for me?


I just started a job where I work 12s on Friday-Sun and get paid double time for Sunday. Quite a few places are going to it. Yeah it sucks to work 12s and it sucks to pretty much forfeit those 3 days, but having 4 to myself is pretty great.


You guys are getting weekends? Insert face of dude from that RV movie


now add: cook dinner do dishes do laundry if needed vacuum clean toilets broom mop where needed and suddenly you have about an hour maybe less... this whole adulting thing is such a scam.


People clean the toilets everyday? Or even sweep, vacuum and mop?


Doing that every single day is a bit of a clean freak thing to do.


Well if you have a large family then it’s fairly mandatory to do that every day but yeah it just depends I would say


Who can afford a large family?


But a large family means more help with chores, no?


Dishes is the only one that probably needs to be done everyday or close to that. You don’t do all that everyday unless you’re a germaphobe, a real hardcore one


This is why working from home is such a blessing. Start work at 9AM, finish at 5PM. Spend 5PM-Midnight doing whatever I want. Sleep from Midnight until 8AM the next day. A whole 7 hours of my own time after work each day + the option to put laundry on and do small chores throughout the day can't be beat.


It's also a scam that there are five work days and only two fun days. Whoever wanted to split a week had a shit concept of division. Could have been 4-3, but noooooooo


For real!


I work 4 days 10 hours minimum. Having 3 days off can be nice. But then the company says well we need you to work 12 hour days. And then it's well we need you to work 12 hours Friday. But hey you still get two days off.. but wait something came up. If you could just come in 8 hours on Saturday. Oh and you'll need to come in early for the meeting on Monday. Oh and it seems raises will be a little tight this year as our company only made about $900 mil in record profits so we gotta cut back some spending. Did I mention we cancelled the bonus?


Lol well when the 5 day work week was created, people were working 6-7 days a week and minimum 12 hour days. Not to mention many of those people were literally children. I'm not saying I don't love the idea of a 4 day work week, but it was a huge improvement at the time.


Sure, but it could be better. I barely feel 2 days a week of rest. I wouldn't mind a 9 or 10-hour shift every day if it meant getting a third day off per week.


Eight hours a day and five days a week was just the beginning, and it was won [with the blood of many a working man](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haymarket_affair). We could've gone further, but organized labour has been systematically disabled pretty thoroughly the world over since then, especially in North America. Heck, some of our right have even been rolled back in recent years; how many of us are spending nine hours at work instead of the hard-won eight because our hour of lunch is now unpaid? We won't get three days of rest a week with polite requests. Rights like those aren't gained by asking; they're gained by taking.


Wait we had a paid lunch before??? That wouldve been nice to keep.


Trust me, I work four 12 hour shifts per week, and having three days off still doesn’t feel like enough time away from work. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like I have days off because I have so much to do even when I’m not at work.


I don't even get that


Haha.. 4-5 hours.. would be amazing.. try like 2 .5 hrs..


Why I love wfh


Yup. Saving an hour each way of commuting.


I miss working from home, I felt like I had so much more free time since I could get shit done throughout the day. Feeling like I can’t focus and need a break? Time to vacuum and cross that off my list for this week. Trying to eat healthy? Forget prepping it the day before, throw that shit in the oven now and have freshly made healthy lunch in 30 minutes. Wanna go to the gym? Take a slightly longer lunch and then eat your actual lunch while you work at your desk. There’s nobody else there, the odour doesn’t matter, just shower after work


`The only winning move is not to play.`


How would one avoid playing?


When I did it I moved to a forested mountaintop and built a cabin, generated my own power, and grew my own food.


And now you’re back on Reddit


I never left Reddit. Cellular coverage is pretty ubiquitous, even as remote as I was. I could even stream Netflix when the weather was particularly good. But yeah, now I'm back in civilization, though not by choice. I miss my mountain.


I went to a mountain once


Can relate. I used to call my mountain, Sugar Tits because she was just that kind of girl. Got dragged back to work but I still stay out bush. Everyone calls it, "roughing it" but what's rough as guts is how tired I get. Aside from basic purpose of keeping my cat and dog fed and sheltered, I feel like a husk. I don't have what it takes to, "just upskill" "just do better" and I can't justify the cost of paying someone else's mortgage with rent so I just don't.


Can I ask what forced you back into civilization?


My wife left me.


New life goal dropped


I wish had the balls and the means to do that, bc I definitely would. But I know I would hate living in a remote area


Hear, hear. War Games, right? Applies to almost everything. It's all a sham and a racket. There is no winning move. I sometimes wonder what the hell we are all doing. Relax, have a good time and do the things you are drawn to. Nothing else really matters in the end.


Tired and in debt and dependent are pre-requisites for authoritarian or oligarchy governments…unless of course, the people rise up against it…*wink wink hint hint*


Do you not have chores or other responsibilities? The workforce is a sham indeed.


Holy shit, when you add kids into the mix, you get about 1.5 hours to yourself if you’re lucky. The only way to extend your “me time” is revenge bedtime procrastination — which I am currently partaking in.


1.5 hours a week, maybe


None of my close friends have kids, and they all seem vaguely confused when I still haven't caught up on new TV shows weeks after they drop, or watched anything with subtitles or requiring a lot of attention. My dudes, I have about 1 hour of TV time a day if I'm lucky, and most of that is spent multitasking chores anyway.


Originally we were suppose to get 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, and 8 hours of free time. BUT the free time feels like work because of chores and shit.


Work ends up spilling into free time because of the commute, and you have to get up earlier to get ready for work, so you end up actually spending 11 hours dedicated to your job. You get home at 6, and assuming you get up at 7 am and really wanted to get 8 hours of sleep you'd have to go to bed at 10 pm every night. So from 6 to 11 pm that's 4 hours to do whatever you want but we still have chores and kids to take care of. Its pathetic


Ok now that we identified the issue, can we change it now? I really tired man.. lol


Anyone here thinks we should have 3 weekends and only 4 days work?


You get 4-5 hours wait.. you get to fucking sleep???


Fuck man I'm lucky if I get 2 hours before bed. (Construction)


U guys are lucky. I work 10 hr shifts, 4 days a week. I leave home by 7:50am arrive at 9pm. I go to bed roughly midnight, because there is not enough time for anything after i arrive, and wake up at 6:50 every day to get ready.


10hr shifts 4 days a week is what a lot of people want


If you don’t sleep that’s like 6-8 whole extra hours. It’s all about the grindset. /s


Yup. We had one shot at this life. And instead of laying on the beach eating fruit, we opted for mortgages and the stock market.


Gotta keep the wealthy, powerful elite happy, right? /s


What? Do you want less demanding and predatory student loans to live a fulfilling life? I AIN'T GOING TO SPEND MY HARD-EARNED MONEY HELPING YOU!!!! anyways, let's forgive millions of dollars of debt for a group of 435 people.


I feel like this “debt forgiveness” is the biggest FUCK YOU to graduates in debt than the debt itself. “Here’s a small amount of money that will make it look like we listened, promised, and delivered, when in reality, all we did was continue allowing the very predatory system that exists to keep existing and doing its thing, while placating a tiny amount people who have mostly paid off their shit, except for the last $10k.” Fucking joke.


Literally nothing is stopping you from laying on the beach and eating fruit, bro. Get off reddit and go do it. Stick it to the man.


I had this argument today with my gf..I said I'd love to have a pill I could take so I'd never have to sleep and could get back another 8 hours to do stuff... but she said "yeh but then they'd make you work more hours so you'd end up in the same position "


She's 100% right


To top it off you might have to do that for like 50 years before you keel over and die


sleeping is also a scam, you can basically get 8 hours back if you dont sleep for 8 hours thats free real estate imo


Ok Rick sanchez, whatever you say.


This is the reason for "revenge procrastination". Why many of us stay up until 2, 3 or 4 am to get in "our time" before going to sleep to start the day over again. The thing is, we are dragging during the work day and like zombies by the end of the week. I spend most of my weekend catching up on sleep from "revenge procrastination" during the week. 8 hours per day, 5 days per week is bullshit. It should be 6 hours per day, 4 days per week if even that. If you are too inefficient or dull witted to get your work done in that period of time then perhaps you are not cut out for the job. I see too many people goofing around and chit-chatting during the day and it's not productive time. My social life is completely separate from my work life and I go in, get my work done and leave. Those of us who can do that should not have to be penalized by the unproductive social butterflies who get no work done during the day and therefore need more time to do it.


I guess most people are unproductive during work because there probably isn't enough to do in order to justify an 8 hour shift. Depends on the job, of course


well the alternative is get a part time gig, work 4 hours a day and have 8 hours of free time


And live mostly in poverty :/


truly meirl




Are you motherfuckers sleeping 12 hours a day? Where is this math coming from?


so many people are in jobs they hate for low pay because their family is working class. Its so difficult to get into a job you love because of the cost of education. I want to be an astrophysicist, but i cant afford to. I have been working 4 days a week from my 14th birthday to put towards a uni fund. Its so fucking sad.


What happened to 8 work/8 sleep/8 for yourself. Now I spent 8hrs a day at work, so that leaves 16 hrs for me. But it doesnt, because you have to include 1/2hr unpaid lunch and 1 1/2hr commute each way, that *actually* leaves 12 1/2hrs. Now cooking and eating dinner, and cleaning kitchen (from breakfast too) takes another 1 1/2hrs, and you desperately NEED some time to unwind after work, say 2hrs of chilling in front of tv, xbox or reading news, that leaves 9hrs. Then you see you need milk and bread for tomorrow, that means a trip to store, and another almost hour gone. 8hrs of your day left. So its time to go to bed, but first shower and realise you still need to wash and dry tomorrows clothes. So now work takes 11.5hrs, sleep is lucky to get 6hrs and you're constantly tired, and you dont know where the rest of the day went, but you know you didnt get any time to spend on yourself. And tomorrow you have to do the same think again.


When working 12-hour shifts it's less than that.


“That’s not true, if you’re in work for 8 hours that leaves 16 hours of your own time to do stuff” “Oh, you sleep 8 hours? Well that still leaves 8 hours for you”. “You commute, and it takes an hour each way?? Well that’s fine, it still leaves 6 hours for you”. “Oh you need to go shopping, run errands, etc?? Im sure that only takes an hour or two. You still have 4 hours…” Fuck offffff.


Psh, I work from home and tend to only get about 5 hours of sleep a night. That leaves 11 hours for other things each day.


4-5 hours?! Wait til you have kids it gets worse!!


I definitely won’t have any kids lol that would suck💀


This is why I don't want to ruin my life with kids. I enjoy having freedom and peace far to much. Plus I'm broke, so there's that too.


Kids cost too much, I have plans.


Yeah,kids destroy your free time and it's kinda unethical to have them ATM due to the fact their lives will likely be a mad Max esque hellscape by the time they're 30 due to climate change.. this is why birth rates are plummeting worldwide


I think the future economy is going to fuck today's kids over more than the climate. Unless they're born into family money or inherit one they will never own a house unless they're making $200k a year. My message to people who do have kids is that it's unethical to not put something aside for them when they're adults. This is not an option anymore. My boomer parents gave my brothers and I nothing to start our lives out with (in fact my mother took a LOT of money from me, causing me to put dreams on hold for so long that now I'll never afford them) one because he has money but would rather spend it on himself, and the other because she's so bad with money she still has no savings after a lifetime.


You lose all the time, and then some of your sleep time too!


This is why I'm never having kids.


I ain't gonna wait till I have kids cause I'm not having one lol


I have and I get 1 hour a day lol


Actually meirl. Get home from my job at 11:30pm. Shower. Sleep. Wake up at 6am to prepare child for daycare. Take child to daycare. Get home at 10am. Have 2 hours before work commute. Repeat.


Well, it's a good thing us Gen Z's has choices on the whole *"StArTiNg A FaMiLy"* concept now because whether I am rich or not, that life doesn't seem appealing to me in the slightest.


I wake up at 7am. Exit home 7.55 Train leave at 8.15 Arrive at work at 9.30am 8 to 9 hours work.. Leave at 6pm Arrive at home al 8pm Go to sleep 1 to 2 am ...wake up at 7am. >!shit!<


When I saw the grey box I thought you added a grave. Damn that works too.


You get 5 hours after work???!!!, I work from 9:00am to 9:00 pm 4 days a week, after commuting, eating , showering , I get home at 9:45 , shower , eat, then go to sleep, no time for anything else


Jesus Christ man, get a new job. This sounds like torture


"Get a new job". This is most people who work healthcare that have a commute. 12 hours of work, plus drive time, etc, etc = maybe 1 - 2 hours of actual free time between shifts... If any that is


You could always become a farmer and work from sun up to sun down, usually 6 days a week...


Lol, maybe during fall and spring. The other parts of the year is pretty slack. Source: entire family being farmers


Better than in an office dealing with incompetent managers I guess. When I was on a fire crew and working 18hr days, that was far less horrific than my 9-5’s that’s for sure. More hours, paid less, way happier. Miss it.


But they work with chickens, so it's more fun than work.


Spoken like someone who has never done a day of farm work...


Well, now you're uninvited because of that rude response.


“Feels like”..?


If u have pets it's like 3 hours. And if u drink it's like 1 hour lmao


I work the night shift and it's inverted. I go to sleep like an hour afte work and when I wake up I have 5-6 hours until I work again. Yeah I got the whole afternoon off, but can't do much since I'll have to be awake until 6 in the morning.


Same with school,for most people


This is why I work 4/10’s. I see work days as useless, stress on your mind, I live for those 3 days off.


If you add in driving to and from work, preparing for work and everything else work related. It's less than 4-5hrs


Sometimes i think to myself i would rather live in the woods than endure this shit till i retire




It's called life. I hate work as much as the next guy, but at least we have leisure time. That shit didn't exist for the vast majority of the world for most of human existence.


Wait til he finds out how much leisure time other countries have to offer. [https://www.worldatlas.com/amp/articles/oecd-countries-that-spent-the-most-time-on-leisure-activities.html](https://www.worldatlas.com/amp/articles/oecd-countries-that-spent-the-most-time-on-leisure-activities.html)


Yeah, America def sucks at work life balance.


4 to 5? Buddy is living like a king. I wake at 4 work at 5 off at 530 home at 630, cooking take a shower and boom its less than 8 hours of sleep already, I get zero time. All just to pay these basic necessities.


5 hours? Man I wish!


It is. We do all the work, get paid the least, and the big folks on high reap all the benefits and make the most money. Fucking scam.


It's even worse if you add kids to the mix and assume their existence is necessary to *"BeTtEr"* the next generations.


it is


It totally is


It IS a scam. Welcome to the United States!