Nuclear war.


And this is a serious question, thanks for answering. This should’ve been my first thought, duh!


Idk if this is common but I hold no stress at all over nuclear war, there’s nothing that I or any normal citizen can do to prevent it


My view too. It's something way out of average joes control


No, there is nothing you or I could do. But I have been terrified of it, having grown up with the cold war. Being obliterated does not frighten me. What frightens me is nuclear winter, and the earth slowly dying. And dying of radiation poisoning is the most painful death one could experience.


Just occurred to me: wouldn't it be insane that if nuclear winter did occur, it would balance the out of control global heating we're experiencing? Even if it did, humans and animals alike would eventually die from radiation poisoning.


The fact that nuclear war is a legitimate possibility right now is terrifying. It used to only be a joke a year or two ago


Yeah, it's unlikely to happen in the next few years but we haven't been this close since the cold war and the odds are increasing, be it slowly, every day.


You got a source on that last claim?




Thank you


Lol, and this is from *January 20th*. Things have only gotten worse since then


The crazy thing is that 2021 was the closest we've been to midnight since this started in the 1940s.


I would argue it’s an inevitability. As individuals, we have to hope our lifespan ends before it happens. As a species, we have to hope we get offworld colonies established before it happens (if you’re rooting for the species). Look at Russia. If they fall, all those nukes fall into random hands. So they have to stay intact - but they can’t with the leadership they’ve got. It’s an unstable equilibrium. India and Pakistan are both nuclear. They hate each other. On a long enough timeline, either a nuclear state will fall or two nuclear states will go to war. Assuming anything else would be like saying you’ll never ever have a fist fight in a high school. What are the odds?


The conversation around nuclear weapons focuses on the extreme scenario where hundreds or thousands of warheads are exchanged. A limited nuclear war or a single bomb detonated by a terrorist cell or rogue state is much more likely of a scenario. Also worth adding: a total nuclear exchange would not wipe out humanity. Maybe ~100-300 million people die in the first two weeks and then three times that over the next year but the majority of the worlds population survives.


It's always been a possibility, look at the Cold War. Russia and China are not to be trusted. I feel bad for the citizens of those countries.


China isn't likely to start a nuclear war, for several reasons. Russia might, but even the US has come close to using nukes several times. Also, both Russia and the US have declined to adopt no-first use or sole purpose. There's also a very real chance of nuclear war by accident, so this is not just a matter of dictators going rogue.


I was under the impression that the US adopts a no first strike policy.


Oh no, quite the contrary actually. And the guy who replied to you saying that England needs to be consulted is also wrong. Nixon once famously said that he could pick up the phone, and in 20 minutes 70 million people would be dead. That wasn't a lie. The US has consistently claimed the right to strike first, Obama considered changing it but decided against it. Biden has apparently been interested in no-first use, but I think it's unlikely after Russia's invasion of Ukraine. After all the official doctrinal statement has been delayed because of the attack, and no-first use is gonna be one of the first things to go I think.


Really cannot trust policies at that time


I believe there's a thing where if the US wants to use a nuke, they also need England's permission. But surely we've made some that *don't* require that permission.


Add North Korea, Pakistan, India. I trust none of those countries to not have a rogue launch or retaliation launches.


North Korea can barely feed its people.


North Koreas only ever gonna try using nukes if they think their regime is near collapse. Otherwise, I expect nothing from them other than their continued existence.


I think this is the only time all regimes would use them, it’d only make sense they’d only accept MAD if they were already collapsing


That's basically why they want them. North Korea isn't really a threat to anyone but it's own people.


Its still less likely now than at any point between 1945 and 1991.


it's not


It still is super unlikely to happen though?


It was a legitimate possibility two years ago when President Trump was in a pissing match with North Korea.


I swear to fucking god there’s been 3 times this year my heart dropped because I thought the west and Russia were at war Always starts with a misleading titles from tit wank dog shite news articles


You took the words right out of my mouth


Oh it must have been while you were kissing me 🎶


Must have been😘


Omnicide. Wipe out the bottom of the food chain and let the rest of the structure topple over. It's not enough to kill every last person, anything that can be considered living must die as well right down to the last bacterium.


First we must find two Infinity Gauntlets


Or 1 halo ring


2 holocausts


“We’ve had holocaust yes, but what about second holocaust.”


morbid r/unexpectedlotr


Bloody hobbits!


2 holo 2 caust


Holocaust: Tokyo Drift


I mean, there basically were two Holocausts. Usually people use "The Holocaust" to refer exclusively to the ~6 million jews who were murdered by the Nazis. But, the Nazis murdered ~6 million more people of various other groups in the same industrial, brutal fashion. Romani, Sinti, political dissidents, people with physical/intellectual disabilities, people of different sexual orientations, "antisocial" people, etc.


Holocaust 2: electric boogaloo


How bout neun.


So close!




It feels wierd ranking atrocities, but the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia were the stuff of nightmares.


Calling it a nightmare is generous lol. I don’t even think regular humans can comprehend the level of atrocity committed by the Khmer Rouge even in their worst nightmares


Just learned about some of it today coincidentally, absolutely horrifying


Would be crazy if the US/CIA had backed those guys… but they would never, they care too much about human rights and bringing freedom… right?


Seriously, the US and South East Asia have some really dark history. It's crazy to me how people just seem to not know about it.


could you explain a little about it? i’m very interested


Under Polpot, the Khmer rouge killed roughly 25% their citizens through famine and an effort to exterminate any religious practice, "intellectualism", and racial, ethnic, and cultural undesirables. They typically killed their victims with pick axes because it was cheap. If you have an interest in stories of monsters siezing power give them a google. There are allegations that the US supported them in a war against Vietnam ( not the Vietnam/America war but the Vietnam/Cambodia war) but I have my doubts as china was openly backing cambodia and the US had more to gain in a Vietnamese victory.


Belgium's colonization of the Congo


All those pictures of people with their limbs cut off. The fact that they chopped off people’s hands CONSTANTLY for not meeting insane rubber quotas. That one famous picture of the father looking at the chopped off hands and feet of his murdered daughter (who was then allegedly cannibalized), killed because he couldn’t meet rubber quotas. Massacring villages indiscriminately. Drowning, beheading, torturing men, women and children as they saw fit. So heartbreaking. Up to ten million people died.




And, acquisition of rubber is like insanely painful, so it’s hard to meet an insane quota when you’re skin is burning off


No one ever talks about this. Leopold ii was an HORRIBLE human, on par with Hitler. Im not denying the atrocities of the Holocaust, having visited a camp in Germany. But its crazy how its like people dont even acknowledge what congolese people went through under this man


Is there any good books that you could recommend about the topic? I know very little about it.


[King Leopold's Ghost](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Leopold%27s_Ghost) is a great but harrowing book on it.


There's an episode about Leopold and the Congo on a podcast called Behind the Bastards which might be of interest to you


It's a fictional work, but check out heart of darkness by Joseph Conrad.


Hi! Thanks for asking. Unfortunately i dont really have any books recs. I learned about it mostly from one HS teacher, my parents and video documentaries like on Youtube


World don't care when something happens to non-whites sadge


Nsala's pic will never get out of my head


Jeez, same. Normally I'm not really affected by stuff like that but this one really sticks with me


Also Rwanda, they had a genocide of the Tutsi people.


The genocide was perpetuated by the Hutu tribe, not Belgium


Don't forget the murder of Patrice Lumumba in the 60's.


Unit 731


And the other atrocities Imperial Japan perpetrated in China and the rest of Asia.


Doesn’t qualify because it was on a much smaller scale. You need to have scale and grotesque brutality


The Raping of Nanking


Search 2002 gujrat India massacre on Wikipedia


I did not know about this. :( My heart dropped.


Holocaust killed way more people, and the people were also tortured too, same as the Chinese. You could argue that the Japanese were as bad or worse than the Germans in total but the Rape of Nanking alone wasn’t comparable to the whole Holocaust


In some ways the Japanese army did worse things than the Germans, but they didn’t go about trying to exterminate the entirety of the Chinese race (though I’m not sure about other ethnicities in Southeast Asia.) I remember very clearly that when they taught us world history in China that the teacher said “the Japanese war crimes were the worst of humanity, but what the Germans tried to do in the Holocaust was not something humans are capable of.” Hyperbole, obviously, and yeah she wasn’t exactly being unbiased, but there you go


There isn't an objective way to measure atrocities. Quantity vs quality of death, ideology, etc.


Do you wana see babies on bayonets, because thats how you see bayonetted babies. The barbarity of Nanking i think isnt paralleled. If you want to go a numbers game way. Genghis kkong "He was responsible for the deaths of as many as 40 million people. While it's impossible to know for sure how many people perished during the Mongol conquests, many historians put the number at somewhere around 40 million." https://www.history.com/news/10-things-you-may-not-know-about-genghis-khan Mao "Forty years ago China was in the middle of the world's largest famine: between the spring of 1959 and the end of 1961 some 30 million Chinese starved to death and about the same number of births were lost or postponed." https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1127087/#:~:text=Forty%20years%20ago%20China%20was,births%20were%20lost%20or%20postponed.


US chattel slavery was pretty fucking bad.


Finding half a holocaust in your apple


The rwandan genocide was worse than the holocaust in my opinion. Look it up.


Why do you say that? Seems like the holocaust is worse considering more people died and was pretty directly involved in WW2 which tacks on many more million deaths


It’s not always about the death toll though. Sometimes it’s about the brutality itself. Or the aftermath.


So why is dedicated death squads and gassing people to death less brutal than machetes? Genuinely curious.


Uhhh I think most people would prefer to be shot or gassed than hacked apart with a machete


shot, yes. gassed, no.


Id rather be gassed than machetted


Yeah shot definitely, but I'm not so sure about gassed.


Honestly I’d rather get shot or hacked with a machete than gassed. Suffocating is probably the worst way to die in my opinion


"Hacked'' is the keyword here. They can cut of the fingerrips first, slowly moving up, inflicting greater pain for longer, while keeping the victim *still* alive and screaming. Saying that another actually worse tragedy being worse than the holocaust is not anti-semitism.


No one said anything about anti-semitism mate.


You could look at the starvation over a period of time during the holocaust and imagine the hunger pains and other complications that could come from it. I don't know what either feels like but I know that the body is capable of protection from pain due to shock.


The rate and brutality of killings exceeded the holocaust. Also much more rape, torture, and mutilation.


Mass child raping, keeping the kids alive to grow up with the trauma..


Unfortunately that’s a daily reality everywhere in the world.


It is, but I do personally think it's worse.


As a victim of abuse as a child, it’s kind of outrageous to me that you think I’d have been better off a victim of the holocaust than of a pervert. Am I really that irredeemably damaged in your eyes?


I've been one too? Some people commit suicide because of it. Not to mention the affects it has on their mental health.


Yup, you don’t have to tell me, I promise. I have BPD. I do wish I was dead or had just never been born. But death was the least horrific thing about the holocaust. Death was preferable to many. Watching your children be lead off to the gas chambers whilst screaming for you? I’d rather have ANYTHING happen to me than that. And it didn’t end there for the parents who actually made it into the camps rather than also being taken to the gas chambers on arrival.


This is your opinion on what's worse, I was just stating mine.


I understand that. I’m just engaging in conversation. I thought that was what Reddit was for.


More so sounded like telling me I was wrong but ok.


The holocaust if hitler actually finished his plan


The Atlantic slave trade


While the Holocaust might have been the worst part of WW2, it was just a part. In total there was more hurt done outside the Holocaust during WW2. Aweful war. Both Mao Zedong and Stalin has a higher kill count than Hitler. Vietnam war had 1.7 million vietnamese die. China currently has concentration camps we don't really know what is going on inside. In terms of hypothetical situations, nuclear war would be a rough one to compete with, maybe plagues. In terms of how much of a dick can we possibly be to eachother, biological warfare towards civilians. Have the whole of Paris vomit blood for 3 weeks before they perish.


Pol Pot killed over a quarter of Cambodias population in around 5 years. Just on sheer percentage, he will always rank as the worst of the worst for me. The only close second I think is King Leopold II


Even Stalin had some ''rational'' thought in to his killings, if you were a russian farmer you were pretty safe, Pol Pot just killed anyone no discrimination what so ever


Good ol Communists and fascists


Why is this downvoted when he is right


Because reddit is full of em




Besides nuclear war, disease weaponization - there is a reason it's considered a serious war crime. Just imagine if someone found a way to make Ebola airborne in a large, first-world nation. Imagine literally seeing someone throw up their guts, literally, and knowing you'll be 99% likely to die in a week. Or imagine if someone altered Rabies to make it so it spread across a major city with a major airport nearby, like Chicago considering O'Hare Airport, within less then 2 days but didn't show symptoms for a solid month. Add if it could be spread by simply being within 3 feet of being by an infected person without a cloth mask too - you know just how many people would die by default and how much chaos that would create?


I think Khmer Rouge is pretty horrific.?


Unit 731


Honestly, how the Earth is becoming uninhabitable for humans very quickly, like right on our doorstep, and the people who have the power and money to change that, to slow down the affects against the climate, just do nothing because they are greedy. Like we are literally facing human extinction because some old men want to die in a pile of gold, and the rest of us just have to accept that because we can't change it.


TBF holcaust was only new worst because of scale and efficiency. So whatever ups the scale of genocide is the new worst. Don't underestimate human innovation.


Using then instead of than.


Thanks ya cunt


WW2 as a whole, colonization of the Americas, and chinese wars (Ming-Qing transition in particular)


Holocaust 2: Electric Boogaloo.


Racially charged nuclear genocide. So basically what China's doing to the Uyghurs (if they used nukes)


Not learning from the past.


Human extinction, similar to the dinosaur exinction but it wipes out some very essential things to human life ( food maybe?) then everyone will just be suffering


I strongly believe humans are too stubborn to die. Sure, civilization might return to the bronze age, or pre industrial era, depending on how many survive, but humans as a species are not going anywhere.




Nuclear war and large scale biological warfare; both of which are possible in the current climate.


Some Native American tribes were wiped out completely, to the last man.


Honestly most of the Islamic conquests and European colonisations would be far far worse than the holocaust. The holocaust seems like this almost impossibly evil act no other people could commit buy it just seems that way because it occurred in a period not so long ago and when the concept of human rights was taking birth


Several trillion animals are murdered every year and have the right to a peaceful existence just like we do, all for the pleasure of humans. Violence and harm against animals on such a scale seems pretty comparable to the holocaust, and it happens every single year; and yet they do nothing to deserve such treatment. Even more depressing is that the arguments used to justify this are very very similar to excuses Nazis used to justify the Holocaust in their propaganda, and many Holocaust survivors have themselves spoken in strong opposition to the structures responsible for the deaths of these animals: https://bitesizevegan.org/ethics/holocaust-survivors-speak-lessons-from-the-death-camps/


Jesus Christ. I'm an animal lover but comparing the meat industry (which yes, is bad) to the fucking holocaust where actual people died is fucking insane. EDIT: The original comment, and the following replies, show why so many people hate vegans and are reluctant to even listen to them about significant problems in the meat and agricultural industry that do need addressed. To believe that the meat industry is as bad as, if not worse, than the holocaust, is trivializing and minimizing the atrocities the Nazis committed against human beings. This is more supportive of the Nazi ideology than me saying that animals are not the same as humans. EDIT 2: For some reason, it's not letting me reply to comments. For those asking if I'm saying that holocaust survivors support the nazi ideology by what they said in the article originally linked: No, because the people quoted did not say that the meat industry is the exact equivalent of the holocaust. They either said the holocaust taught them to be more compassionate towards all of earth's creatures (humans and animals alike), or they said it *reminded* them of the holocaust, but that is far different from saying they're on equal footing. One of the people quoted, "Hacker," is a part of the Animal Liberation Front, which is a terrorist group who have sent letter bombs and fire bombs to kill multiple individuals, some politicians, some civilians like... a vet surgeon. A baby suffered lesions and burns because of one of these bombs. They are also involved in property destruction and general terrorism and have been indicted on several charges regarding their crimes. Furthermore, I cannot find verification that all of these quotes are from holocaust survivors. They *say* they are in their 0 reviewed Amazon self published books, but there are many people who aren't holocaust survivors who will claim that they are. One guy even claimed he was one of Dr. Mengele's victims (yeah, sure buddy, bet you survived that). Also, rumors have it the author of the article, founder of the website, isn't even vegan anymore.


Except for the holocaust survivors that literally make the comparison themselves


Are you accusing holocaust survivors of supporting nazi ideology?


"Actually it's ok to do a mass killing as long as your victims aren't important enough to matter" Hey I wonder where I have heard that before. Definitely not as an argument the Nazis tried to use to justify the Holocaust. Wait actually hang on, yes it was. I think it's pretty easy to compare mass killing against innocents to another mass killing against innocents. In fact plenty of holocaust survivors do so themselves: https://bitesizevegan.org/ethics/holocaust-survivors-speak-lessons-from-the-death-camps/ Isaac Bashevis Singer, Alex Hershaft, Georges Metanomski and plenty more. Would you argue that these people -- the people who actually you know, suffered *through* the Holocaust -- are in the wrong for making the comparison in the same way I am? EDIT: Holy shit I can't believe this dumbass actually said "Holocaust survivors are supporting Nazis by comparing animal agriculture to the Holocaust". There's such a lack of any kind of logical link to this argument that I think you legitimately need mental health assistance for making it, good god you people are so incredibly fucking stupid lmao.


I don’t understand why it’s insane. Why is it? Do you think that there aren't actual animals who die, or what?


True the meat industry is actually way worse. The scale itself dwarfs anything else, even before looking deeply at the atrocities committed.


This one


I heard they skin the fur off of animals alive so it looks “better” on a product Idk if it’s a myth tho


In earthlings you can see foxes getting electrocuted to death because of this, yeah. The most horrifying shot which is still with me to this day is a skinned fox laying in the snow having been skinned and as the camera gets close to the body suddenly the eye moves. It's alive. The fox was skinned alive. Obviously you should go vegan, but fucking hell I'm glad that fur is seen as somewhat tacky these days. It's not much, but I guess it's something. (Obviously fur isn't just tacky, it's abhorrent, but what are you going to do?)




Climate change


Another plague/flue. The spanish flue in the early 1900 killed about 20 million people. Another world war.


I believe C19 was meant to mimic this, on a smaller scale.


Holocaust Pro


I think only nuclear war would be on par with the Holocaust.




The genocide of native Americans, the enslavement of the Africans coupled with the slave trade and Africans experience in America, the internment Asians were sent to… the list goes on. The holocaust is one of many tragedies, and kinda at the bottom of the list considering how the effects of that event didn’t really hinder/enslave the Jewish descendants mindsets after the holocaust. AND the world went to war to end it. Meanwhile, slavery and the way blacks were treated for 400+ years is kinda like “just get over it”.


Religion has it easily beat. It’s not even close.


“Yeah bro, religion is totally worse than killing people because of their religion” Edgy Reddit atheists strike again!


I think he meant more people have died in the name of religion than in the Holocaust. It's kind of an odd statement though because I would think the Holocaust is apart of a religious (and ethnic) cleansing.


Please take a look at history. There are many examples of atrocities being committed in the name of religion. Crusades, witch hunts, wars etc.


Yeah, the Holocaust being one of them


Sure, but most of those, namely the crusades, had very little to do with religion. It was used as an excuse, for sure, but if you think the crusades happened because the people responsible for calling the crusades did it because of religion you need to learn more about history my friend. People went on crusades for fame, glory and land (and because the pope was a powerful person who you don't want to disobey)


And what gave the pope that power? What did the church use to suppress free thinking for hundreds of years? What got many people stoned or burned? What made soldiers commit atrocities in cities they captured?


I’m talking about data and hard facts. Religion has caused more deaths and suffering than all the wars in history combined. It’ll continue to kill many more before mankind evolves beyond it and it fizzles out. One day religion will be mankinds biggest shame, it makes the holocaust look like a tea party.


Most wars are started over religion, it’s unfair to separate them the way you are


This doesn’t make any sense considering that the Holocaust was an ethnic cleansing so closely tied to religion. It’s like saying that Star Wars is worse than The Empire Strikes Back


What I’m about to do to your mom


What the United Kingdom did to India and Ireland with their orchestrated genocides


American Colonization, and genocide and oppression of the natives.


Animal agriculture kills 70 billion animals per annum and fishing industry kills between 1 and 3 trillion fish per annum. Extinction is coming our way


being a living Jew and having everyone compare everything to the holocaust because people love dead Jews and using us as punchlines at every single cost whether for oppression Olympics or for inspiring their mediocre lives. Shalom <3


Please just be silent. It's really bad what happened to you and your race, but don't act like you are the only race this has happened to.


In 50 year we’ll look at the War on Drugs in a similar manner


The War On Drugs is a total con and ridiculous as hell but it doesn’t even come close to the holocaust and will absolutely not be looked upon even remotely similarly.


Absolutely we will not. Putting people in jail for a couple years over some dope vs the systematic killing of people based on what they look like, it’s not even close to the same


I was more so referencing the actions of the cartels


Unless you got a "Cartel-State", is not comparable. Not even in the current state of affairs where some cartels think they are the government, they are limited to be the most powerful organization, but they do not dictate policies, nor they have a large enough reach.


Armenian Genocide.


Pol Pot. Cannibalism


A scenario where axis enslaves/rapes/subjugates the entire rest of the world. I feel like that would be pretty bad




Getting away with a new holocaust


The Gringo Papi


Depends on what you think was bad about the holocaust (There are many) here are some: \- The targeting of a certain group of people. \- The total amount of people killed. \- The consequences that follow and the effects on humanity.


There are dozens of historical genocides that are arguably worse than the Holocaust. The reason the Holocaust is revered with such significance is because of how recent it was, and the brazen and systematic nature of the carrying out of the slaughter.


Play Wolfenstein: The New Order and you’ll see.


Theres worst things happening in the world today that have extended a time period longer than the holocaust.


Not on the same industrial scale but even Nazi officers were appalled by Japanese actions against the Chinese.


If you mean worse in more than just scale, I'd recommend a novel called Use of Weapons, which somewhat explores that in fiction. If you do mean in scale and thorougness, the novel Excession mentions something like that, though it's not really central to the plot. Both are (standalone) part of the Culture series, some of the best modern science fiction.


There has been far far worst than the holocaust, if you think this is the worst then maybe read a little bit of history


Aside from nuclear conflict, I think Mao/Stalin took the genocide cake. Not to take away from Hitler.


Holocaust + Soylent Green This might be the next step of insane fuckery.


Genocide is happening now …


Mao's Great Leap Forward....


When it was made known that the Russians were using mobile crematoriums, it made me sick. Holocaust on a much smaller scale, but Holocaust nonetheless.


Soviet revolution, execution/torture/starvation aplenty Some estimate 50million lost


Pol pot did some crazy shit too.


Breeding an entire group of people as livestock, having generation after generation of humans only existing to be food.


A sucesfull holocaust.


bigger holocaust


I read an account once of a woman who had escaped a North Korean prison camp. Her stories were horrifying. One of the worst was of a woman, assigned to clean out the pit toilet. She fell in and drowned and her body was left there. Torture is a daily occurrence, on top of abismal living conditions


Real life fallout baby


we are humans tbh some of us are ill minded we could push further than the holocaust