Election Signs

Election Signs


A lot of the time, representatives will come to your door to ask if they can put a sign on your property. I believe you can also call and request one from the local office for your preferred party.


Most if not all candidates will have a website that you can input your address to and will deliver a sign! I know the NDP candidate for St. Catharines also accepts this info over social media! (Though... I've been waiting weeks for my sign, I don't think this is a high priority for them).


I’m volunteering with the NDP in STC, and we have had so many requests that we keep running out and having to order more signs.


I find this so strange. Howcome you want your neighbours to know who you're voting for? Genuine question I'm not trying to be an asshole nor am I criticizing how you're voting, just so we're on the same page


Secondary question… has anyone ever changed their voting choice based off of a sign? It feels like a huge waste of money and garbage being sent to the landfills. I hate it and they are eye sores.


In my case, I plan to vote NDP. A lot of people will say I should vote strategically instead, but I'm seeing enough NDP signs to make me feel comfortable with my decision. Maybe not enough to win, but enough that it gives me hope.


lots of signs doesn't necessarily mean lots of support. Most of the time it's just a few staffers putting them everywhere. I've been seeing lots of PPC signs in Fort Erie, I really hope it doesn't equate to support edit: typo


I'm seeing the signs on people's lawns. You don't leave up a sign for a party you aren't supporting.


you'd be surprised how many people just don't care. I've stopped voting "strategically" a while ago and vote for who's platform I like best regardless but I'm one of those swing voters, not dedicated to any of the teams


So you're telling me the majority of citizens just leave garbage on their lawns, despite not supporting that party? If the CPP came to my house and left a sign on my lawn, I'd burn it.


Yes, majority of citizens are apathetic. Lol and that would be your perogative. I would remove any political party sign that was put on my lawn, I don't like advertising to my neighbours the way I'm voting. Political parties aren't sports teams, they should never have peoples unwavering loyalty


i agree, sometimes it's a bit obsessive. coming from a town who is HEAVILY flooded with a certain party's signs.. and i mean outrageously, it's nice to show support for a less commonly seen party imo. maybe people will realize that they don't need to vote for the party that they think they "need to" because it's the most popular and that there are others out there who vote from the heart!!


people should be allowed to display their own political beliefs on their lawns or whatever, but when campaigns feel the need to put 10 signs on each corner of every block, it becomes unnecessary and definitely an eye sore


How many of you think businesses should keep their political beliefs to themselves? Johnny Roccos conservative poster seems inappropriate and more of a damage to their profits....Do they want less business?


I think they just want the generally richer older money, who mostly vote conservative in this area.


Johnny Rocco's are fraudsters who rip off their business partners. Doesn't shock me that carries over into their politics.


…or more business depending on who you support lol


Thats not how that works. They may get more conservative customers, but the rest who dont like conservatives may not come in. If they didnt show they're affiliated with any party, they would get business from all.


I know I won't be going back


The PPC candidate in Niagara West requests $20 for her sign. I am not a PPC supporter but saw this on her Twitter along with some disinformation.


I could ask the three households on my block that have their PPC signs up beside their nomorelockdown signs with the wrong website on them


LOL nice


I would love to see some more bylaws around election signage throughout the region. I would love to see signs removed from random corners and various places. If you live at the property or own the store ... sure put a sign out, but if it is a strip of land with no obvious owner and has signs for all candidates ... gut that. I would also like to see that candidates have to have all signs down by a set date after the election or else they and their party should be fined. You have a database of all your signs, so ensure they all get taken down. I am pretty sure this is already written, but nothing ever happens with it.


The one near 711 on thorold stone always makes me sad. One year I saw 7 different signs for the same party, on the same corner.


In niagara falls and notl there currently is a bylaw against signs on public property(usually includes boulevards). It clearly isn't enforced. There is 1 party in niagara falls riding that I've noticed uses less signs that the rest... Probably part of their platform ideals... But it's sad that signs such as these are one of the best ways to get attention... There is also a bylaw saying you have to remove your signs no later than 48hrs after the election. Or there could be fines. Niagara parks requires signs adjacent to their properties to be removed 24 hrs after election. Niagara parks commission does not permit/tolerate signs ON their property.


Find the candidates campaign office and give them a call. If they have any signs left they'll bring them out and stake it in your lawn.