Suggestions for a day in Niagara tomorrow

Suggestions for a day in Niagara tomorrow


Country Fresh won ton soup and fresh donuts


> Country Fresh won ton soup Fact! It is fantastic.


Flying Saucer is a greasy spoon with lots of kitschy appeal.


Better have a cast iron stomach. Don’t check the health inspection reports. Lol


emphasis on greasy lol... ugh.. to be fair, its been a long time since i went there last


I was there a few weeks ago. Was delicious


huh.. good to hear, i never did go for breakfast either.. just late night drunken saucer fries and i wasnt a fan lol


I did breakfast and it was great. For drunken food I would recommend Taco and Tequila… soooo good


Turd Ferguson...we miss you Norm.


Oh cool! Thank you


embassy has breakfast but there are a bunch of ihop/dennys around.. personally its always "raining" at the falls so walk down and see that. but the new power plant attraction looks super cool and i want to check that out myself. [https://www.niagaraparks.com/visit/attractions/niagara-parks-power-station?gclid=CjwKCAjw7rWKBhAtEiwAJ3CWLEytTHD3He3NocaALihCbSxIA06aoXZF\_AFewpvHzKGzGrGNPEmc0hoCehoQAvD\_BwE](https://www.niagaraparks.com/visit/attractions/niagara-parks-power-station?gclid=CjwKCAjw7rWKBhAtEiwAJ3CWLEytTHD3He3NocaALihCbSxIA06aoXZF_AFewpvHzKGzGrGNPEmc0hoCehoQAvD_BwE)


Awesome! Thank you for sharing


Go out to Queenston and Niagara on the Lake if you like seeing nice things. Wine country, lots of little attractions. Niagara on the Lake is so nice to visit, its adorable, lots of little shops and restaurants. If you want the best ice cream, there's Avondale Dairy Bar kinda inbetween Niagara and St Kitts. Ice cream and cones made there, costs less than Dairy Queen and too many choices. (I get the jr banana split with chocolate and strawberry, classic, but they have 12 styles, or custom, and 3 sizes, 2 scoop, 3 scoop, and 6 scoop!) If you like beer, there's a microbrewery on Queen St in Niagara Falls, close to the Hill, with damn amazing food, too. Its called Taps. Diner food ,better than the Saucer. I worked at the Saucer as a teen, I still eat there (just.. not the saucer saucer, lol). There's not a tonne else, except shoping you can do anywhere without any sort of deal, or touristy stuff tbh. If the weather was nicer, and I had notice, I'd invite you over for a swim and show you some stuff. For a funny response, I have a friend in NYC I met in Toronto. He couldn't stay long enough to see the Falls so he came back, for Canadian Thanksgiving with my family. He wanted to see the actual Falls and was so excited. I took him down Clifton Hill, we walked along, got to the brink and he goes > this is really nice, and gorgeous, but where is the actual, big waterfall, like Niagara Falls? Well, I broke his heart telling him. Fortunately my mom baked 8 pies (she usually does 8-10 for holidays, some days on random). I visited him in NYC for US Thanksgiving and had turducken.


Meals: Breakfast at Falls Manor. It's a little further up Lundy's lane after the flying saucer on the same side. Fries and burger at Nico's on Victoria near the dry cleaners (get the fries crispy!) or won ton soup from Country Fresh just across the road.


If you're looking for a cool place for some shopping, check out The White Whale on Queen Street. It's a second hand shop. A bit small, but it's got some cool stuff. While you're on Queen Street you should also check out Camp Cataract. It's a bar/restaurant with draft beers and some cool old arcade machines, as well as some retro touristy stuff from Niagara Falls' past. If you can stomach a crowd right now, Clifton Hill is pretty fun. The prices on some of the attractions are sky high, and you might have to look a bit for cheap parking, but some of the attractions are great if you're into silly stuff like wax museums, haunted houses, and dark rides.


The go carts on Clifton Hill are fun. You can get a huge Soft ice cream near the Timmies. The ferris wheel is great and gives you a nice view of the falls. The Keg Falls view is on the 11th floor of the Embassy Suites is worth going to for the view.