I'm thinking that you are going to have different perspectives on a lot of things if your BF is a Tate fan boy...


OP should probably know it's illegal for her to date a middle schooler. /s


Ah ah! The question is how?? How did you agree to go out with him?? Clearly, you two made the same mistake of choosing the wrong guy.


*Tates boyfriend


Tate just lost a fight with a 19 year old girl so fucking hard he's actually been sent to jail, so.


A fight he started 🤣🤣


After months of whining over wanting his Twitter back too


Must suck to get back in the ring for the first time and get KO’d so hard in front of the whole world he probably called your mommy. By a young girl no less. I may make a sacrifice to the gods in Greta’s honour tonight. Legend


Wait…did Musk’s dumbass give Tate his bird privileges back?


Yep and it’s going to send him to jail


Really? How?


You should look it up, but basically when andrew tate made a video in response to Greta Thunberg, he got a box of pizza handed to him in the video. Romanian authorities identified the logo on the box which basically confirmed he was in the country, so they successfully arrested him. He might go to jail for rape, human trafficking and organised crime


I hope he goes for life


Elon is the true hero here /s


Yeah we're in actual Glass Onion now, it's real weird.


Yeah haven't you heard, Elon Musk is a champion of free speech. /s


Yeah, a couple of days ago.


Sometimes there's a point where you just have to shut the fuck up - Andrew Tate Not exactly his quote but close enough.


I don't think he's smart enough to say or think that


Lol it was an ironic comment. Tate said that to True Geordie when Geordie mocked him about coverting to Muslim and got him cancelled. it's no more what he did to Greta... which got him arrested...


Fair one, i didn't know that! That's hilarious..


Gretas comeback was fucking great. Fuck this mashed tater guy.


It’s is a sweet moment to savor for sure.


Wait what?


He bragged to Greta Thunberg about how much carbon dioxide his fleet of cars emits. She owned him. He made a video as a weak attempt to make a comeback. Strangely, he received two boxes of pizza during the video. The pizza was from a Romanian company, which tipped off the Romanians that he was in the country. That night they arrested him on outstanding warrants for rape and human trafficking, creating a criminal organization. This all happened within the past 48 hours or so.


That’s fucking AMAZING.


He cyberbullied a 19 yo (a fight which he initiated) and then got arrested in the end lololll what a fuckin clown


Well... he TRIED to cyber bully her and failed miserably.


What a loser hahahahahah


We can sometimes have actual good news.


Absolutely delightful news


He was beefing with Greta Thunberg


This shit is fuckin 🔥 Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.


This is truly a shining gold moment in the turd pile of the last few years. I’m almost giddy (ok I’m totally giddy)


She's doing God's work.


Why are you rewarding this man with your presence in his life?


Old saying, 'you are as good as the company you keep'. Sorry op, your bf is a dumbass but at least he's your dumbass!


My Scottish Granny used to say, "if you fly with the craws (crows), ye get shot with the craws"


My grandma used to say, "Birds of a feather flock together."


I like, "Your vibe attracts your tribe."


And posts on Reddit? I'm pretty sure the average human, even a young person, could figure out this guy Tate was a piece of shit.


So i found out how much he “loves” him just a week ago. We have been together 5 years. We usually have the same opinions about stuff since we are more spiritual and open minded, but it just seems so off that he would like a person like that. But everybody has there own opinion i guess


That's insane, you would imagine a spiritual and open minded person would see through Tate's shit. Sorry you had to find this out so late


well they aren't married, she still has time


But it doesn’t sound like she going to get smarter any time soon.


The spirituality to misogynistic/horrible person pipeline is very real


This is actually not surprising. I feel like spirituality movements are full of disillusioned, vulnerable people


There is a short pipeline from spirituality to the alt right, so it's not too surprising


Being spiritual doesn’t necessarily make you a morally superior individual, if anything it makes you more susceptible to joining a cult or having the idea that random shit gran gran cobbled together when you were young could somehow be better medically than anything a doctor could prescribe.


People who are truly spiritual won’t likely brand themselves as so, they are likely able to discern the good and bad pretty soon and they know what to react. It’s those delusional people who claim to be spiritual who are more into cult and are easily brainwashed.


Unfortunately, “spiritual” people tend to be more prone to bullshit and false gurus, in my experience.


Sometimes having different opinions is ok, like having pineapple on pizza or liking cold weather over hot. But believing that women are inferior or that global warming is false is not something to take so lightly as you can actually be in danger with someone like that.


This isn’t something you just have own opinion on without repercussions. I’m going to be honest and I’m going to be brutal, if you willingly stay with a man that is a self proclaim fan of another man who openly admitted to grooming teenagers, avoiding police so he can traffic, and created a movement of young boys shitting on women You’re a fucking idiot. Like point blank for real if you stay with this man you’re a moron


I understand, thanks for the honest feedback


Girl, you took that (blunt but accurate) hit cleanly. I wish you the best with this. It’s scary to know someone so long and then….bam! Not the person I’ve known at all. Is there anything else different about him right now?


If anyone talked to me as bluntly as that, I would be genuinely mad and try to defend myself. Props to OP for taking that criticism to heart.


Completely agree with the comment but thought I'd just say I hope you figure out how to go forward with this. As someone who's been groomed and knowing people who have gone through trafficking, anyone I've known who's defended those people have a real bad side to them. Every time. Maybe they don't do that stuff themselves but you have to be off kilter to defend those people. Stay safe okay? I'm sure many people here want you to be happy.


Awesome reaction, and just chiming in to reiterate (hopefully I'm not piling on too much) that not everything is a harmless difference of opinion, like, "Some like Jimmy Fallon, some don't." (I hate him.) I'm not saying you *have* to dump this guy today, but there is something you do *have* to do. You are doing yourself a major disservice if you don't seriously take some time to reflect on what it means that he has this position. I only saw a couple headlines about this Tate guy so I'm no expert, but I'm thinking about what it would mean if a loved one said they loved Kanye, Alex Jones, Hitler, etc. For people like that, it goes way beyond disagreeing about how funny a talk show host is. What does it mean they love them? They hate Jews? Support sex trafficking? Want innocent people to suffer? Supporting people like that is just shorthand for saying you want vile things for people who don't deserve it. Applying that lens to your boyfriend is a consequence that is natural, fair, and necessary. You owe it to yourself to do it, 5 years be damned.


When you break up with him have this one in the chamber in case he goes off the rails: "you're low value." It'll hurt him in his small dick energy.


Hate to break it to you but misogyny is not an opinion


Better to waste only 5 years than to stick around and waste 10 or more. This is a non-negotiable issue. If he can't see how terrible Tate is, then you need to tell him how serious you are about leaving him over this issue in particular and then follow through with leaving if he continuesto be a moron. He can and will abuse you if he hasn't already.


Essentially your man does not view you as an autonomous person deserving of rights. He aspires to owning you. He aspires to beating you when you disobey. He agrees that spousal rape is okay because a married woman owes her husband her body. All of this is just the tip of ATs iceberg of misogyny, trust that its far worse than that. Get away from this fucking loser you’ve wasted five years of your life with. It will only get worse from here.


I consider myself spiritual and open minded, but it shouldn’t be an excuse to have harmful views.


Can I ask what your user name means? I have been wondering a long time for another reason…


I think it’s an Always Sunny in Philadelphia reference


You’re correct


Denim chicken?


Everyone has their own opinion but your need to recognize when those opinions start to impede on your basic human rights.


That’s insane! Five years wow. Sorry that he turned out that way


Well my ex doesnt like andrew tate but he said some sexist things to me.we were together for 3 and 1/2 years. I finally had the courage to breakup. It sucks. It sucks so much but i needed to stand up for myself. So i did. If u dont stand up for urself , he will take you for granted . You are saying its okay if u treats him this way. Ik it sucks after 5 years but love is not always enough op . Its never enough.


Did he go down the New Age alt right pipeline?


If you can't have a serious conversation about why he likes this piece of shit person, what he gets out of him, what his actual opinions are and what it means for you, for potential daughters in the future, and a whole host of issues... then you are letting five years dictate you a miserable lifetime ahead where you can't fully communicate with your partner. He's with you, so he likes you, he wants you around, if you've been together five years, losing you would be devastating to him. Don't you get how much power that gives you in a relationship to demand an honest "you can't get out of this" conversation? If you don't know how to do this together by now, you won't last another five, that's for sure.


Don't fall into the sunken loss fallacy. 5 years wasted is better than a lifetime with someone like that.


Five years and no misogynistic alarm bells rung off? In Five years?? Where is my calculus textbook cus the math…


Been with my GF around 6 years I wouldn't leave her for anything... However If she turned around one day and in a completely serious way said "well I mean maybe Kanye is right about the Jews" I would 100% leave her Yeah 5 years is a long time to throw someone away for an opinion/a like/ a dislike But step back and thing just *how* damaging the thing they are associating themselves with actually is. Liking Andrew Tate isn't like say being a Jeremy Clarkson fan. I.e they're a prick IRL but you can separate the TV personality with the bellend behind it No no, Tates whole thing is his shitty attitudes, his mistreatment of women in society, that you aren't an 'alpha male' unless you're committing SA and horrendous shit like that. It's toxic masculinity at its core and if you're not on board with that mindsight you can never be his fan TO REPEAT LOUDER FOR OP AND THOSE IN THE BACK ***YOU CANT BE A FAN OF ANDREW TATE WITHOUT AGREEING WITH HIS VIEWPOINTS AND PHILOSOPHIES.*** TL:DR- there's some views that should seriously should have you reconsidering the relationship and this one of them, by simply believing tate over the actual truth of the matter he's showing that he believes he can do no wrong and your bf likely believes some of the **deplorable** shit he says


>Everybody has their own opinion Yeah, but that doesn’t mean their opinion is correct or acceptable - not when it’s about something or someone this objectively despicable.


Sometimes other people’s opinions can really suck, and it can be a dealbreaker.


Funny enough this has been happening to a lot of other peoples girlfriends so you’re not alone 💀


Imagine what else you don’t know about him!


he was quite literally just arrested hours ago for sex crimes so that may change things a bit


Well sadly the thing is i told him this info and he doesn’t believe that Andrew Tate is guilty :/


Tate admitted to moving to Romania so he could bribe the corrupt government and get away with SA, and he still got arrested. That’s how awful he is. If your bf is defending him, he’s too far down the rabbit hole and you gotta let him go.


The bribery will keep him out of jail, it doesn’t stop them from arresting people.


Doesn’t change the fact that the reason they caught him was because he got too cocky and gave away his location.


Yes and no. Yes for obvious reasons, but also the immense corruption means that he felt safe in being so cocky. I’m just trying to temper the exuberance with some reality. He and his brother may not spend much time in jail/prison. It truly sucks to say that, but this is where Romania could show the world how wrong we are and actually hold them accountable for their actions.


It could change things for you, though. You could decide that raping and kidnapping women is an uncrossable line for you, no matter what your boyfriend thinks. I'm genuinely not trying to tell you what to do, but for me, that would be a dealbreaker.


So why are you still dating him?


I’ll tell you what I told my 23yo daughters. They are forbidden from dating any guy that likes Andrew Tate and what he stands for. Any guy that follows him is not worth a woman’s time or effort. Walk away now. Edit:for all you phony outrage types screaming “patriarchal oppression”…they love that I said it and took it for what it was. Advice from someone that loves them. Not an order from on high. Now go find another phony battle to wage.


I just told my daughter the same. A quick test of the worthiness of a man - ask him how he feels about Andrew Tate. If it’s anything less than utter disdain, he’s not worth your time.


Dump him


Your boyfriend thinks rape is okay and that women only exist to pleasure men - I think you need to move on from this one


Why is he still your boyfriend tho? I may be desparate to find a parter but I'm still not going to settle for a guy who supports misogyny, racisms or lgbtqphobia. That's far below the bar and personally prefer to find someone else who has an actual heart or be alone. I mean what does his support for Tate's views imply about how he really sees you and your relationship? That makes it likely that what he says he thinks about you vs what he really thinks may not be the same. That would make me question a lot. Like isn't he happy with your relationship? Would he rather forcefully change it in a way that aligns with Tates's facist ideal? If I were you I'd like to know what's his problem you know, get to the bottom of things and see if it's just misogynistic entitlement from his part (mostly like it is) or if there is some sort of legitimate issue that you both need to address (not impossible). Anyway, sorry for being so direct and harsh. I hope I'm not insulting you. Let's just say I have ethical views where enabling bigots (including being friends/lovers/family to them) is unacceptable.


Yeah definitely time for a new bf




girl. leave. you'll be doing yourself a favor. that man has no good qualities if he supports andrew tate. even if andrew tate comes out of this "innocent" hes still a horrible person


Leave that man. Anyone who is willing to defend sex offenders - let alone sex traffickers - is a walking red flag.


You need to leave this man. This is so clearly an enormous red flag, I’m not sure why you would stay with him.


well he just got arrested so ur bf is probably crying


Nah the denial when actual criminals get sentenced to actual crimes is immense. It's all a conspiracy or something.


Either that or he’s full of rage.


Or both


I was gonna be mean but after reading through your comments, my heart hurts for you. This is a fucked it situation you’re in. He’s absolutely not the “man” for you. I hope you find the help you need. 🖤


Thank you 🖤


You’re welcome. 🖤




You should take a long hard look at being with someone that can convince themselves that Andrew Tate is anything other than a douchebag sex criminal


Break up with him, he sees women as property to be used and thrown away


That would be crazy. Sometimes i think he puts on a facade just for me. And just a week and a half ago, i also found a bunch of chats with women he was “attempting” to talk to on tinder. Once i found out and asked him about it, he still lied to me but is now trying to “mend” things with me because he said he just wanted attention. Maybe i really do need to leave him. Its just hard after spending 5 years of my life with him. Love is a strong drug :/


OP, your statement dwarfs his opinions on Tate and alone is enough to find someone with whom you are more compatible. He's talking girls up on dating apps? Sorry, OP, but he's not serious about you. I truly hate how easily Reddit says, "Break Up." However, this definitely warrants a serious reevaluating the relationship.


And the crazy thing is after I found out that he was talking to other girls I confronted him and he still lied about it and then a couple days later he told me he was starting therapy… He does this a lot and any time we start falling out he starts treating me like a trophy but eventually it goes back to how it used to. He said this time is different and I don’t have to leave. But something in my mind keeps telling me that I still need to leave.


That’s called love bombing, it’s a manipulation tactic usually used by abusive people to keep their partners from leaving. Anytime you get angry or upset with him, usually to the point of getting ready to leave, he’ll try and treat with better, maybe treat you to stuff he usually wouldn’t, spend time with you, etc. break the cycle, he’s not going to stop, you need to leave for your own sake.


Has he ever gone through with therapy or anything he has said when he apologized? Believe his actions not his words. As for leaving, you said you are isolated? Can you reach out to family or friends from back home? You don't have to stay with this guy any longer if you can couch surf for a bit/ move into your parents house for a while.


> But something in my mind keeps telling me that I still need to leave. Trust that feeling.


Do you live with him? Please leave this man is a trash can


You deserve a healthy relationship op. Please leave him


Honey, if your best friend/sister had told you all the things about their BF that you're telling us about yours, how quickly would you be telling them to get out?


So he’s making plans to cheat, says sorry, still defends a sexual predator, and yet you stay…


Love is a he'll of a drug. It puts rose titled glasses over your eyes so you can't see all the red flags. Luckily for you none of us love your bf AND WE CAN SEE THROUGH HIS BULLSHIT. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIM??? If you came across a post where someone's bf defended a predator and tried cheating on her, would you tell her she should get over it because he said he was sorry for getting caught cheating and that everyone can have their own opinion and should stay with someone who defends scum of the earth? Or would you tell her "hey, that's actually really fucked up and he doesn't sound trustworthy and you definitely deserve better"??? What if that was your sister or best friend? Or your future daughter? Would you think they should stay with that person? Do you think they deserve that and should put up with it? Do you think you deserve that???


Please, don't think that your five years will be wasted if you leave him. Break up with him because your relationship has reached its expiry date.


There’s something called a sunk cost fallacy. It’s when we believe we should keep doing something because we’ve invested so time, energy, love, etc, even when it’s clear it’s no longer beneficial or healthy. The only thing that will help is to get out of this situation. You can’t get those 5 years back, but you can make the next 5 years a hell of a lot better. You mentioned being isolated from your friends and family. No money or resources to leave. He attempted to cheat on you and then lied about it, and he has narcissistic traits. Being an Andrew Tate fan is kinda par for the course here. Please google signs of an abusive relationship. I think you’ll recognize what you see. Please do what others suggested, and find a way to get out ASAP. You deserve more than this. Don’t let the next 5 years be wasted with a man like that. No ma’am. He can go to therapy and heal on his own time. And I hope he does. But you don’t have to stay while he does it. If he really means it, he’ll do it whether you stay or not, because he realizes his behavior has hurt you, and he’s committed to changing it. I bet you a thousand dollars if you broke up with him tomorrow that man would never call a therapist. Make. Him. Prove. It. Leave, and tell if he truly wants you back he’ll do the work. Andrew Tate is just one small piece of a shit pie, dear.


Leave as fast as you can


Oh damn, you definitely deserve so much better! Sorry you’re dealing with an AH, people suck


So why are you still with him? He’s literally cheering for someone who is telling him that you aren’t a human being who deserves rights…


My husband left after discovering Tate. I only recently discovered that being the cause. It started with him looking up workout motivation so he could get fit and became a rabbit hole. Andrew Tate is a plague. Leave now before it becomes a problem in the future like it did me


I saw your comment about the Tinder and his views. You need to leave your partner for your own safety. These men do not care for your safety.


Dude. Leave him. I HATE when Reddit jumps to “break up” “divorce” immediately… but if he thinks so highly of him, think of what his perspective of you must be? You deserve so much more.


Your EX boyfriend loves Andrew Tate.




I really hope what you mean is "my ex-bf loves Andrew Tate." That's a hard stop.


why are you dating someone who supports a rapist misogynist? what does that say about your boyfriend? seriously, you can do better.


The fact that you got as far as dating a tate guy is wild


well, some people agree with andrew tate. if your boyfriend does, i'm not sure sticking around is in your best interests. anyone who listens to a misogynist like they're some kind of priest... yeah.. no.


Dump his ass


The alleged trafficking completely out of the picture his personality is completely insufferable I can’t imagine someone unironically liking him


It's really shitty to find this out so late into a relationship, but staying with a person who attempts to cheat on you while looking up to a sex trafficker would be the worst thing you could do.


Your boyfriend is a bad guy and you should break up.


Mine said he’s being framed, I want to ship him off to prison with him! it’s infuriating. I hate misogyny! I loathe him. I hope this puts a stop to his ridiculous rants on TikTok and stops awful males (not good ones) from thinking they’re superior! We’ve legit gone backwards. The cost of living has sky rocketed, governments across the world have gone crazy, look at what’s happening in Iran. Abortions being banned in certain American states. The British government is a shambles! If we can leave Andrew tit in 2022, that’s 1 problem down, only millions more to go!!




I hope you’re leaving him, just as I do for OP.


I know it feels like that but crazy shit has always gone on. 20 years ago it was 911 and Iraq and Afghanistan. 20 years before that it was Iran Contra, Soviet Russia, Pol Pot, etc. History is a continuous line of terrible things. We do, in the West at least, seem to be moving in the right direction. Just look at LGBTI+ rights, the way women are treated in general, and how we view racism.


leave him??


He moved to Romania, as the laws regarding SA are a lot looser compared to the Western World. That's all I need to know about someone to not like them.


When the news starts pouring in non stop he will either get the picture or he wont. I clocked Tate as a possible sociopath early on and ignored him. Idk why people can't see the writing on the wall or maybe I have a little thing called **Pattern Recognition**. Keep an eye on him because someone who is that disconnected from reality it liable to justify doing really heinous stuff.


Leave now.


GIRL. L e a v e. Now.


Get the fuck out


You boyfriend is a sycophant of an alleged human trafficker. Why are you with someone like this? Dump him already.


I personally couldn’t stay with someone who supports and idolises someone who is just so morally corrupt. He is for beating women, raping women, thinks women are less than men. Like.. is this really someone you want to spend your life with? Someone (If this is something you want in life) to have children with and raise? Regardless of how long you’ve been together if my partner came out supporting him I’d drop him. Fuck that.


The guy & his brother just got arrested in the last 24hrs in Romania… for what? SEX TRAFFICKING! He doxxed his own location after Greta Grunberg challenged him online and he had to prove her wrong by showing where he was. He had a Romanian pizza box from a very particular location in his video and a few other details that tipped the Romanian government off to get proof he was actually in their country. Anyway…. I’m telling you right now, being with someone whose worshipping someone who has a history of r*ping, SA women, sex trafficking minors in America and now Romania, is a red flag! If I were you, I would make peace with the fact your partner is TOO far gone and his ideology isn’t going to change right now and may not fit a VERY long time. It usually takes something like therapy to change this or something so drastic it snaps him back to reality of why his idol is actually f**ked up. And trying to save him, is going down an epic codependent hole you will regret because this guy has no desire to stop following Tate & hang on his every word like it’s gospel.


I don’t see how you could be with someone who respects someone like that. If your opinions about him are so different how could you be on the same page about anything?


Leave him. He's a fucking loser


People who've fallen for grifters never want to admit when they've been had.


I would say break up with him. Those ideals are going to boil over and one day you’ll wake up at him telling u to quit ur job and do maid services and expect you to stand by while he cheats


Leave. Now. Anyone who thinks tate is a good person is either monumentally stupid or a lobotomized vegetable.


He's making plans to cheat too (if he hasnt already)? Let that mango


You are a reflection of the company you keep. If you don’t leave him you reflect and by proxy stand by him and his crappy ideals. If you stay he could get worse and direct those ideals at you or people you love. Either way, is it worth being with someone who defends a child predator?


Tate is a silly goose.


Raccoon gf confirmed. Loves trash.


No respectful man could be a fan of Tate. A guy who acts nice on the surface, but is a Tate fanboy is not a nice guy underneath. Any decent person is absolutely repelled by Tate and his misogynistic rhetoric. Sorry, but this would be a total dealbreaker for me.


Gross. He religiously follows someone who views you as chattel. In Tate's worldview, you are inferior to your boyfriend. So how can you expect to convince your boyfriend that Tate is wrong?


This is a huge red flag. OP if your boyfriend looks up to him then he shares the similar beliefs. Highly recommend dumping him.


Choose a better man


What on earth are you doing with him? I mean, if he is a huge supporter of the guy, it means he agrees with him. If it hasn’t bled into his actions yet, it absolutely will.


Why are you dating him? Have to wonder just how low your standards are… remember, who we associate says a lot about who we are.


worth breaking up over honestly. he agrees with an admitted rapist, soon to be convicted human trafficker, and someone who thinks you’re subhuman. stay safe; his fanboys are deranged and dangerous.


You mean your ex-BF?


Sadly even if he says he does, with that type of reaction and love to Andrew Tate sadly he does not look to you as an equal. 5 years is a long time and I know you don't want to feel like it's a waste but he is not worth your time anymore. I would start distancing, it sucks and sadly he won't realize what he's lost till it's too late.


He's a loser. Drop him asap.


Your boyfriend is revealing exactly how much he respects women. Don’t support him in that by staying with him


He would be my ex boyfriend


Yup just got in a reddit fight with someone who thinks he is a god. Good luck.


Easy, not your boyfriend anymore. He belongs to the streets.


Find your nearest women’s shelter/refuge and leave. They will help you. You should stop making excuses for him and leave


Fucking leave him...


Why is he your boyfriend?


I would leave him. That's the biggest red flag in the world. Dude probably a rapist.


Man am I tired of hearing about this dude. I’ve listened to some of his… stuff, and my only thought is ‘why are we even paying attention to him’? Dudes in jail, I’m sure the details of his actions will come out and then we can all settle our thoughts then.


What’s this say about your bf you think?


Get out. Run


You should pull some of the Tate magic on him and see how he likes it. He might think differently being on the receiving end of that ridiculous ideology.


People like this lack the self-awareness to reflect on their actions. They would much sooner call everyone else the asshole than ever admitting or even considering that *they* might be the asshole. I would know, I had the misfortune of growing up sharing the same household as these people.


bro please mean ex boyfriend


MASSIVE RED FLAG. Dump him! Dump him now. Don't wait. Right now.


I think it’s time to start looking for a new bf.


You can gage a person’s character by who they admire. Maybe you made a mistake in choosing him as a boyfriend.


I think you need a new bf


Dump your loser boyfriend.


sounds like an ex-bf to me


Eeek!!! Run!


Maybe show him how people react to people who like Andrew Tate,I doubt he’ll budge but he can acknowledge how people will treat you. Just like 20 minutes I go,I made a comment about Andrew Tate’s fitness advice and it got over 50 downvotes,the general public does NOT like Andrew Tate.


You mean your EXboyfriend right?


You need to take a good look at the intelligence, attitude, and general character of someone who is a fan of this piece of filth. Then, you should consider whether being involved with such a person is in any way, a wise move.


If you feel this strongly about Idiot tate then you should tell your boyfriend "I appreciate you are 100% for tate and therefore since I am diametrically opposed to your viewpoint on him I will no longer ask you to stop your view. I will instead just break off our relationship since I am pro women's right to choose a partner she can believe in." and leave him in the past to find someone who isn't so stupid. There is no reason to be with someone who won't hear the words you speak and clearly he doesn't respect you or care for you.


i don't know your situation at all, your age, income, if you guys live together, or what you hope for in the future. but I will tell you--this isn't like "oh my BF really loves video games and spends a LOT of time playing" or "my BF is obsessed with bitcoin yet has never made a dime from it despite claiming to be an expert" or "my BF is in 8 fantasty football leagues". This isn't some quirky thing that can be brushed away, that you may not understand or care about but ultimately causes no harm. He admires, and sympathizes, and resonates with someone who (regardless of the recent news which many on here point out "hasn't been proven yet" \[eyeroll\]) is an openly misogynist caveman. I've seen Andrew Tate videos. He's just a bad person. And there's something about him that calls to your BF and makes him feel seen. The further you go with your relationship, even if his AT-esque views merely stay at their current levels and don't escalate (my guess is that they probably will escalate tho), the more regret you will have, the less supported you will feel, and the more the conflict between you two will go. Remember, this is a two way street, like any relationship. He probably hasn't fully admitted yet but he wants a breathing blow up doll with no voice who gives unlimited (and undeserved) worship. I don't think that's you. And what do YOU want? An adult partner, who supports you and sees you and cares about you? I KNOW that's not who he is capable of being. Please leave him. It's okay if it takes a little time to do it safely and smartly ($$$ if you live together or whatever).


Time to say good bye.


I know it’s hard because it was 5 years, but you will feel better with this guy behind you.


Don’t go down with that ship. Make him your ex.


There is no excuse to look up to or think anything good towards that vile human being. Anyone who thinks what he says has any weight deeply concerns me. With that being said, I would reconsider your relationship. Because if you partner respects or likes AT in any way, it may reflect on how he actually feels about women and how they should treated along with consent and things like that. Either way I’d have a good conversation with your boyfriend to see what he actually thinks regarding those things Edit: redacted personal details


Have you ever heard the quote “When someone shows you who they really are, believe them, the first time”? It’s from Maya Angelou. And even though it’s inconsistent with you think he is, he’s telling you who he really is.