Sometimes your vote really does matter

Sometimes your vote really does matter


Reminds me of my first time voting. Riding was decided by 21 votes. Left an impression.


In my first election voting, another riding in my province was decided by [just 2 votes](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jordan_Brown_(Newfoundland_and_Labrador_politician\)). It also made the difference between a majority and a minority for the Liberals. EDIT: I'll never forget [how shocked CBC was](https://youtu.be/ZQoKKjQ-Npg?t=8854) by that result.


The incumbent who lost in my example was none other than Nova Scotia Premier Darryl Dexter. Only election I've ever abstained from was a municipal one. Mayoral race was a non factor (incumbent was dominating) and my asshole member of city council was running unopposed.


I probably shouldnt have voted for the rhinoceros party.


Plot twist: the Rhinos won in their riding


By 21 votes


I've gone the other way. The Liberals got elected with ending FPTP as one of their major planks and they abandoned it. I feel immoral rewarding them for it, especially when the Cons have been unable to get close to a majority. I also helped nudge the party I liked over the 10% threshold in my riding, so now they get a rebate for their election expenses.


I haven’t voted for Trudeau since 2015 when he chose not to end FPTP. Campaigning on ending an electoral system that rewards strategic voting to then abandon that and ask for strategic votes to keep the conservatives from winning … Nah, I’m good.


The...guy *still* [thinks people will fall for it](https://reddit.com/r/notthebeaverton/comments/pqr8a6/trudeau_says_he_remains_open_to_electoral_reform/)...sadly, he might not have been wrong.


I have no doubt Trudeau is open to voter reform, however he bailed on his promise because people didn't like what he wanted to do. He wanted ranked choice, which would have kept the Liberals permanently in power as they are often the 2nd choice of both NDP and Conservative voters. The public on the other hand (at least those that wanted reform) wanted proportional representation, which means the Liberals would probably never get another majority ever again, and they'd lose the tactic of getting NDP supporters to vote for them to keep the conservatives out. That would probably lead to a much stronger NDP, and a diminished Liberal Party.


Actually you can have both - some sort of proportional representation instead of parliamentary representatives (or a mix such as MMP), and electing the government using ranked choice.


I think even with ranked choice, NDP might have more of an advantage since people won't need to vote strategically any more.


It depends on how the counting is done. There are a lot of options.


But most conservatives would rank liberal over NDP and those voting NDP would rank libs above Cons as well


But lots of people that vote Liberal now could be NDP supporters that have to vote Liberal so at least it's not Conservative. Who knows, maybe NDP will get another 5% before the ranks even come in with this system. Besides, ranking, it means that the PPC goes to Conservatives, and then it's a question, Liberal or NDP? If NDP, Liberal win. If Liberal, could be a NDP win, who knows? So long as one party gets over 50% in total.


There are far better choices beyond just ranked choice voting and simple PR. For example, [Rural-Urban Proportional Representation](https://www.fairvote.ca/rural-urban-proportional/) is a [verifiably better scheme.](https://www.ourcommons.ca/Content/Committee/421/ERRE/Brief/BR8454480/br-external/BeckerByronWeber-e.pdf)


I'm having a hard time understanding what exactly that means. I'm tired and it's just not clicking. Can you give me a ELI5?


Rural ridings would continue much as today, only with Instant-Runoff Voting instead of FPTP. They would continue to elect a single representative, and could choose to either mark off only one candidate (as we all do now), or rank their preferences. Urban ridings would operate under Single Transferrable Vote, where ridings are combined into larger "mega-ridings" that would elect up to a maximum of 9 representatives (though most urban ridings would see 4-7), and candidates are elected using a form of ranked choice with a threshold. CGP Grey has a great series of videos on electoral systems, and _multiple_ videos that go fairly in-depth into STV. To ensure an even better proportional representation, the province as a whole would have 10-15% of their representatives elected under Direct Proportional Representation or STV in what would be called "regional MPs" or "regional top-ups", making this a very specific sub-form of MMP. This could happen either via selecting the best runners-up, or using a second ballot with an open list for voters to pick their favourite candidates to represent the regions as a whole. As an example, Edmonton-North, Edmonton-South, Calgary-North, and Calgary-South might each combine 5 currently-existing ridings into "mega-ridings", and each of these new "mega-ridings" would elect 5 MPs. Red Deer might combine 3 ridings and therefore elect 3 MPs. Some of the rural ridings would grow slightly to balance things out, and each rural riding would elect 1 MP, as they do now. Finally, Alberta-North and Alberta-South (roughly split along the 50% population line) would each elect 3 MPs (most likely using STV on a separate ballot) to represent half the province. The total number of MPs elected by the province wouldn't change, but since urban ridings tend to be much more diverse in the vote, this ensures maximum proportionality while still having local representation. This actually isn't too dissimilar from how Alberta elected MLAs in the...I want to say 1940's? There was a 30-ish year span where the Edmonton and Calgary ridings used STV and the rural ridings used FPTP. IIRC, Manitoba also has used a similar system in the past as well, only with Winnipeg as the sole urban area. So it's not a system without precedent of some sort.


On the surface I like the sounds of this. Having lived rural and urban, lack of a direct MP was a concern as a rural. Now that I'm urban, some MPs city wide is fine; as we have enough other electoral power through nature of our size at Fed and Prov levels plus extremely robust municipal governance.


Would electoral reform have to pass a general referendum?




He said that in response to a reporter asking him if he was still open to vote reform. He didn't bring it up himself. I agree that it's not worth trusting him on the issue, but people keep presenting this as if he said it in a desperate attempt to sway progressives back to the Liberal vote when that's not what happened this time.


This seems so silly, it’s not punishing him if strategic voting fails, only yourself and other Canadians if you end up with a bad government.


How is it not punishing him


Because realistically, politicians at that level will be a bit frustrated or upset, but then will move on pretty quickly. They will do just fine outside of politics, either doing public speaking or a variety of other things. It's not 'punishing' or 'sticking it to them' at all. That's why to me, it's important to weigh the possible negative consequences of not voting strategically. If the party opposite to my values gets in because of the choices of myself and others, is my 'moral choice' worth it? Whenever I've considered the possible negative results, the answer has been no. I happily voted NDP in this election, but I am in a very safe NDP riding.


I think Trudeau cares about being prime minister. Obviously in the grand scheme of things he will be fine but there is a clear message if he breaks a promise then loses an election the solution to a party breaking a promise you specifically voted for is definitely not to keep voting for them


A clear message isn't the same as punishing him. I think people also drastically over-inflate the importance of 'sending a message', especially when in the process they do damage to themselves and their fellow Canadians. The solution to a party breaking a promise is also *not* promptly voting them out so that the party with polar opposite beliefs can take control. That's just backwards logic.


> I think Trudeau cares about being prime minister. Good? I mean I’ve seen enough of politicians that don’t care about the electorate down south where they just do their own thing. Give me a politician that’s actually a politician and wants votes and is willing to change based on the votes they get over an ideologue any day.


Even if it is punishing him, his life will still be awesome. Electing to make one person's life change from exactly what they want to still rich and famous at the expense of millions of regular people is crazy.


We’re already there buddy


The only time I ever voted Liberal was to give him the majority so he would mandate election reform. Never. Again.


That promise to end FPTP was what got him elected in my opinion. It was one of the first he broke. I actually believed and hoped he would do it and make good on the image he was presenting. The young guy who was actually tired of the usual political garbage and going to make a difference. Didn’t take long for him to show us it was just the same as the old guard. Party first, voters pay taxes, vacations and scandal to follow soon.


Didn't just break the promise, he blamed Canadians for being indecisive on electoral reform. "I guess I can't fulfill that promise because you can't make up your mind". It was condescending and insulting.


I’d been a fairly consistent Liberal voter my whole life, with maybe a Green or NDP vote at some point. When he backed off Electoral Reform, the Liberal Party lost my vote for the foreseeable future, possibly forever. Glad to see other people still just as pissed as I am.


That and the CRTC BS that's been going on had me voting NDP. I hope Trudeau is nice enough to cater to NDP and find a middle ground with their platform instead of working with O'Toole and keeping things status quo


I believe the per vote subsidy that was abolished. > On May 25, 2011, just three weeks after the election that gave them majority power, the Conservatives announced that their June 6 federal budget would include the elimination of the per-vote subsidy. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_political_financing_in_Canada


The per-vote subsidy is unrelated to the election expenses rebate. From your own link: > When an election takes place, perhaps the most significant source of public funding for the federal political parties is the election expenses reimbursement... the parties' riding organizations are also reimbursed 60% of all expenses incurred by their candidates in each riding where they obtained at least 10% of the votes, plus 100% of allowable "personal expenses". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_political_financing_in_Canada#Electoral_expense_reimbursement


>I also helped nudge the party I liked over the 10% threshold in my riding, so now they get a rebate for their election expenses. That is great! NDP or Green?


You realize the problem was no one agree'd in a new voting method and that's why FPTP is still a thing. There has been multiple referendums by provinces to change how they vote that have also failed. The majority of Canadians don't care about FPTP, you are in a bubble online. I'm just as sour that it hasn't been changed but I don't go blaming the liberals for it every time.


> The majority of Canadians don't care about FPTP, you are in a bubble online. I'm aware, thank you. Enough Canadians cared that the Liberals made it a significant plank of their platform. A promise doesn't need to be a priority for a majority of people for it to matter that the promise was broken. > You realize the problem was no one agree'd in a new voting method and that's why FPTP is still a thing. That's incorrect. Not only was it not no one, but the ERRE report adopted a *majority* of MPs on the ERRE committee, representing *all but one* of the parties, recommended a form of PR. PR was a non-starter for Trudeau, so not only did he oppose the recommendation, he claimed that there was no path forward and abandoned his promise.


Orrrr the liberals win because no Layton and Harper was a friggin nightmare


90% of people ho respone to their survey prefered a proportional system over FPTP. So what if not 50% of people would prefer any specific voting system to choose instead? when that many people say they *don't* want something, choosing to keep it instead of making a decision is a decision against democracy. it's not like there aren't voting systems specifically for figuring out hat compromise is best. a ranked ballot national referendum would be a good start, and would test elections canada's capacity to handle other vote systems before running a federal election.


Ok but rhinocerous is awesome


nice, another rhino voter!


> [the Liberal Party led by Dwight Ball won re-election, but nonetheless fell one seat short of retaining their majority after an unexpected loss to the New Democrats in Labrador West by 2 votes.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Newfoundland_and_Labrador_general_election) As bland and corrupt as provincial politics here can be, this cemented the importance of voting in my mind forever.


Charleswood st james in Winnipeg is 24 votes difference right now


It's amazing looking back in hindsight what could have been. I think it was something like 15000 votes in 3 different counties could have swung the 2016 election for Hillary. Just a tiny percentage of Americans at any given time have the potential to make huge waves.


Please leave that impression on everyone in my riding who “voted strategically”.


If anything that’s a stronger argument for strategic voting. If the worst case scenario is a Conservative MP and you “vote with your conscience” for a distant 3rd place in your riding, then you could be one of the few who create an opening for a conservative win.


My brother lives in this area and didn't vote.


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Same in my riding. 197 votes between our liberal candidate and conservative candidate with one poll left to count.


Same with mine! Neck and neck and the outcome still hasn't been decided. Also between Lib and Cons.


While it may be neck and neck with respect to the parties, I'd suggest looking at what percentage of voters in the riding voted NDP. if 1/3 vote Liberal, 1/3 vote Conservative and 1/4 vote NDP, clearly the NDP lose the riding, but public attitudes in the riding are far more left-leaning, given the Lib + NDP votes compared to a straight Lib/Con comparison.


Is Canada ever going to consider ranked choice ballots? It seems the best way to preserve a multi-party system against the spoiler effect galvanizing the two biggest parties against all the others.


Edmonton Centre? Been waiting for it to update today.


I want someone to win by a single vote. And then we can use that as a case study example for voting PSAs


with one vote, it is likely going to the court, and a by-election could be in order. it happened before with a Lib Incumbent. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/supreme-court-upholds-conservative-win-in-toronto-riding-1.1234380


Ok, but that is still a perfect example of how one vote can have a ton of impact.


Agreed. Just FYI. These candidates are totally going to the court.


Just a point of clarification: there’s an *automatic* judicial recount where the winner wins by less than one one-thousandth (1/1000) of the valid votes cast (so, in a riding where 40,000 votes were cast, if the difference in the number of votes was less than 40). There’s only a by-election in the event of a tie (after a judicial recount) in a federal election. (But, in some provinces, the two tied candidates would flip a coin for it instead!)


Literally happened in a NL provincial election in recent years.


Yukon earlier this year. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/silver-governnment-vuntut-gwitchin-recount-result-1.5993478


Some what related, but American elected have gone as close as 6 votes. Not sure about Canadian ones tho


Nunavut has had ties on multiple occasions.


What happens in case of a tie? A run off? An ice fishing competition? Penalty shootouts?


I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it can come down to coin toss as a very last final option


I heard it was fight to the death


Specifically, the first voter to die tips the balance in favour of the opponent. It's sudden death.


They each get an icicle and have to try to take the other out before it melts. If they both fail they're executed on the spot.


There was actually a now infamous ballot tie after recounts in a state house race in the US in 2017. Under Virginia state law they had to draw a name out of a bowl to decide the winner. The Republican name was chosen and that ended up giving their party a 51-49 control of the legislature. One single vote can, has, and will absolutely matter.


American elections have come down to a candidate losing by a million votes and still thinking they won!!😂


LOL so true


Probably Kitchener-Conestoga, but there are a lot of close ones this year. The last 3 elections Kitchener-Conestoga have been within 400 votes, going to the CPC once and the LPC once with this one leaning LPC right now. It is either a rural riding that has two of Kitchener's larger suburbs or a suburban riding that has three rural townships depending on your viewpoint. Either way it goes, half the riding feels like they are not represented.


It's been called for the Libs, if you haven't heard.


One of the municipal candidates in Kitchener lost by a single vote a couple elections ago. They did a recount and... yup... one vote difference.


Kitchener-Conestoga is still up for grabs, less than 200 separating Liberal and Conservative candidates


Fortunately: [Conservative Carlene Hawley says she's 'not anticipating a win at this point' in Kitchener-Conestoga](https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/kitchener-waterloo/kitchener-conestoga-results-delayed-federal-election-1.6184248)


Oh no...anyways.


When only 200/203 polls were responding the NDP were leading by the smallest margin I've ever seen at 34 votes.


Currently in Trois-Rivières in Quebec the Bloc are leading the conservatives by 32 votes with 244/245 counted. I’m sure the final result will be challenged.


I bet the cons would have liked to get those 1,090 votes that went to the PPC in that riding.


Update, the bloc won by 93 votes. Yes. The conservatives would have loved those PPC votes.


For a while Trois-Rivieres was like the epicenter of Covid cases. I don’t having anything against them (my boyfriend lives there) but I side-eye that city af


There’s an automatic recount when the differential is less than 1% (i think that’s the threshold).




The craziest was Eastern Quebec in the 2018 Quebec election. In the Gaspé riding, the Liberal candidate defeated the PQ candidates by 132 votes (6071 vs 5939). Then the next day it was discovered that ALL the 194 votes in one of the ballot boxes were in favor of the Liberal candidate. 0 votes for the 3 other parties. Turns out the poll workers had been poorly trained and had filled the vote total in the wrong box. The PQ candidate ended up winning by 41 votes. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/parti-quebecois-gaspe-recount-win-1.4858130 In the neighboring riding of Îles-de-la-madeleine, the PQ candidate won by only 15 votes. Also, in the same region, a truck transporting advance ballots hit a pothole, the door popped open and ballot boxes spilled on the highway. (all the sealed envelopes were fortunately recovered) https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/elections-quebec-1.4844897


Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia-Headingley is currently 24 vote difference.


At one point on Monday the LIB were leading by 11 in Edmonton Center.


Edmonton Center is even closer. Liberal leading over the incumbent by 136 votes


Sault Ste. Marie is 61 vote difference right now.


It's funny seeing all the PPC votes in the soo, could have made that seat crystal clear conservative by now. I love it


St James in winnipeg is 24 right now.


That must have been a really awkward campaign to run when it came out that this guy was a serial house flipper. Had I been in that riding I would have definitely voted against as well.


I used to live in that riding and I’m a long time Liberal voter. I would’ve voted for NDP in this election if that was my riding


I voted NDP in this riding but my parents both voted liberal (same riding). My dad is a hard liberal but my mom strategic voted. She got scared by the conservative sign in her neighbourhood and all the polls said the conservatives were second over the NDP. I'm so pissed that the house flipper won.


I noticed a lot of advanced polls had the ndp 3rd where they were actually 1st or 2nd in both the last election and this one.


It's a pathetic that after all that he's still in this race at all let alone possibly going to win...


That's a wealthy area. Anyone who owns a home there probably has a couple investment properties themselves. Hence why this controversy didn't sink him.


This what strategic voting does. We need to end FPTP


Theres a similar race still pending in Toronto, it was about 300 vote lead for the libs last i check with a few polling stations still waiting


That's my riding, Davenport. 318 as of 6pm. I would just love an NDP seat in the city.


Mine too! And apparently there are like 7500 outstanding mail-in votes left to count in Davenport. Fingers crossed. Edit 9:20pm, liberals win Davenport by 165 votes. Ugh


Ya we just missed it in Parkdale, i think high park and Roncesvalles stayed red


This would have been NDP with the amount of people who strategically vote for liberals to beat the conservatives vs the NDP


It happens in tons of ridings in every election yet people still act like it doesn't


Some of these people live in ridings like mine, where the Conservatives could run a ham sandwich and still win by 20 points or more.


Fucking Simcoe-Grey. I remember my Gramma telling me about a Liberal candidate who came to her door. She invited him in for tea and broke the news to him that a dead dog could run as a Con in this riding and win. Blue since the 1930s. Jim Wilson's been riding that wave since. Fucker needs to retire sometime.


*cries in Alberta*


Yep. Family is hard conservative, and I’m the only non-right voter in my family. I’ve heard things like “No one cares about the west” and my honest opinion is that because it’s been blue for 4 decades no one really tries to appeal to the west because whatever is done, the west (Alberta) will vote blue so why bother wasting money on that?


It's funny to me that they refer Alberta as "the west". On the coast in BC, anything on the other side of the Rocky mountains is basically considered to "back East"


I live in one of those. Still vote but all I’m doing is making a rounding error on the con victory.


I grew up in Abbotsford… Cons could have run a poorly trained poodle and won.


I think most of the ham sandwiches are defecting to the PPC


Nope, still plenty of incompetent and negligent ham sandwiches in the Cons


my incumbent lib mp won \~65% of the votes against 4 other candidates not putin level of landslide, i guess


It’s in my riding but with the Liberals. Easily won with over 50% of the vote


It doesn't actually happen as frequently as you're implying.


In 2015 my riding was decided by under 50 votes. First past the post is so dumb.


Fucking voted in a shitty real estate speculator during a housing crisis.


Not confirmed to be the winner yet though. One polling location isn't reporting yet


Those are probably the special ballots, which include mail-in ballots. Hopefully it wasn't a bunch of homeowners away on vacation.


Mail in ballots lean left. 17% NDP, 8% Liberal, 3% Cons, 1% BQ voting by mail


Somewhere about 5500 ballots in that last poll.


Edit: [Call may be premature according to some other news outlets!](https://twitter.com/NEWS1130/status/1440810776457924619) It's quite possible that a small % of votes in select ridings is what might make the difference between Jagmeet Singh keeping his job or the NDP getting a new leader.


Ah ffs, it *is* him. Come on, people!


Voted in by home owners who are happy with the current housing situation.


Exactly. He’s probably their hero for driving up their home value.


I live in this riding. They shows the riding demographics as majority renters. The voter turnout was also only 52%. I'm pretty pissed that my fellow renters did not take the opportunity here to keep the house flipper out.


You gotta love the ‘I got mine, fuck you’ attitude of middle class liberal voters


Pretty much. I know a lot of families who had homes that shot up from $1 million to $1.6-2.0 million and they're happy but I also know some few of them became upset it's going to be harder to get an ever bigger house since those are doubling in value too. So many people vote entirely based off their interests and unknowingly screw themselves over in the process


This is a very NIMBY riding. Municipally, they vote in extremely conservative city councilors.


My riding never will se that kind of thing happen, though I'm happy for those in that situation. Hope we get an electoral reform sooner rather than later.


Same. I actually like the candidate I knew would be elected in a landslide, but voted for the party I preferred.


I think it'll encourage all the people who like myself feel like their votes mean nothing (still went through)


Let's make it so it always matters. http://fairvote.ca


Exactly once in my life has my riding actually been up for grabs.



I'm 100% with you here


In Sault Ste Marie the Liberal Candidate is only up 52 votes on the Conservatives as they’re counting mail ins. The Liberal candidate will probably hold on as it’s not a huge riding and there won’t be much left to count.


Trois-Rivières has a 93 lead


Lot of strategic voters kicking themselves today.


Did they really elect a house flipper in Granville?


Don't worry guys, 2015 is gonna be the last election with FPTP


Help, I got transported into the Upside Down in 2016! Everything is all dark and infected here! Can anyone hear me?




Who the hell voted for the real estate guy? He is not on your side idiots


He has liberal beside his name and he's with Trudeau so that's all that needed.


I’m so sick of people choosing not to vote for their preferred party just because they won’t form government. My partner managed the Green campaign in our riding. Their goal was to get 10% of the vote to secure a rebate to better fund the next election and hopefully make gains over time, not to unseat the incumbent CPC MP in a stronghold where he doesn’t even have to campaign to win.


Your vote literally always matters. Even if your vote doesn’t win, it still shows support and shows others that there is support.


When the NDP re-took my parents' riding, the difference was only 60-odd votes.


Idk that looks like 232 votes to me


Ah nice yall voted fir the house flipper




That’s my home town. Kinda sad that the Conservatives have gotten this close used be a Liberal/NDP battleground back in the day.


In each of these tight ridings the cons would have won were it not for the handful of votes that the PPC siphoned off. I think we all owe Bernier a fruit basket to thank him for his service saving us from a conservative government


> > > > > Check out Sault Ste. Marie! Liberals won by 55 votes. If just 56 more Conservative supporters had come out we would have had one more Conservative MP! Thank goodness 62 or whatever conservatives stayed home, then. Libs are bad. Cons are worse.


I just moved out so that's good to hear The conservative guy in the soo fucking blows


Sault Ste Marie, my old riding before I moved to the GTA last year, the liberal candidate is ahead by just 55 votes. They still need to count the 2000 or so mail-in and special ballots.


Get out there and VOTE, ffs. I can't believe my generation when they say "I don't like anyone, " or "I don't know enough about the candidates" or "I'd rather not vote than make an uninformed vote." JUST VOTE, I don't care for who. Statscan keeps track of all of this, and politicians look at the data. If they see that 18-29 year olds don't turn out to vote, then they don't need to court the 18-29 year old demographic, they don't need to make promises, they can effectively IGNORE YOU because you really don't matter, because you don't vote! Lack of voting among the youth is the reason that tuition and housing prices aren't campaign issues (or at least housing wasn't until this year). It's also the reason that security and taxes are always campaign issues, since these issues matter to boomers and boomers vote. NEVER be apathetic, always vote, and I will support you even if you vote for a party I hate. Make your voice heard, people in the developing world fight and die for the privilege you throw away when you don't vote.


>JUST VOTE, I don't care for who. Yeah, no. That attitude got Donald Trump elected US president. Uninformed people making decisions based on emotion is never good for anybody.


i made my vote from australia because i knew my riding would be heavily contested. it was decided by 1100 votes with a voter turnout of 52%


Look up Trois-Rivières 🙂


The conservative candidate for Charleswood - St James - Assiniboia - Headingly (riding in Winnipeg) has a 24 vote lead right now. Literally proving that every vote counts!


Votes used to matter more before Harper got rid of the per-vote subsidy. What a shitbag move that did nothing but harm our democracy.


I was a volunteer on Andrew Telegdi (RIP) Liberal campaign in 2008. He lost reelection by 17 votes.


Taleeb is a turbo hypocrit who spec bought 64 houses, outbidding Vancouver residents and flipped them for insane profits. Then he claims to be against spec purchases and says he will do what he can to prevent predatory spec buyers from driving up prices. POS.


Check out Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia-Headingley riding - conservatives are leading by 24 votes.


I mean, look at Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia-Headingley: CPC is leading LPC by 24 votes.


Proportional representation would be a nice change. Growing up in rural Alberta your vote doesn’t matter. It doesn’t stop me from voting but it’s a piss off when it’s like 46000 votes to 6000 always


Most people in that riding don't seem to care much about housing affordability, it seems. The Liberal was a serial house flipper, and the Conservative led lawsuits fighting BCs housing speculation tax. Together, they gained more than 60% of the vote.


Sometimes ™


Emphasis on


There was a municipal election here in Ontario. My wife and I got to the polling place at the last possible second and then went to the victory party for our preferred candidate. He won by three votes.


Can someone post this same title but with a picture of my riding that goes 100% blue 100% of the time (:


I think Edmonton Centre was won by the Liberal Candidate over the CPC incumbent by 136 votes. That will trigger a recall, but every vote is important


Would love to see these types of numbers in rural Alberta.


This is why changing to something other than first past the post voting system is important


This is great example of why your vote ALWAYS matters. Sometimes the races are tight. Then your vote REALLY matters.


There will always be swing ridings in a first past the post system. Just because you can find a close riding where a vote actually matters doesn't mean FPTP is a good or just voting system.


Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, votes still being counted, Liberal Candidate is currently 61 votes ahead of Conservative Candidate. Final count in ....Liberals by just over 200 votes.


There is one on Quebec where the Block is leading by 139 votes


So the more popular person won? What am I missing from the pic. Is there fraud here?


No, it really doesn't lol.


Liberals won again... Great job everybody.... Sarcasm


Conservatives won in my riding by 23 votes...


Imagine having a net worth under $2M and voting for Taleeb lmao didn’t realize bootlicking was so popular in Granville


Well, no, not unless your vote was worth 233 votes it didn't.


It always matter. Numbers don’t get close by chance


Look at my riding of Trois-Rivieres. The bloc won by 32 votes


While I am 100% NDP and wish the rest of the voting liberals would give them a chance, I'm satisfied with a Liberal win that puts the NDP in the position of kingmaker.