One of the problems with their terms of service is point 9.3.1. saying that you can't post anything that is obscene. I guess it has something to do with US law and this is the best reference I could find: [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miller\_test](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miller_test) But still, I don't understand what is obscene and what isn't. For example, in the previous faq (which apparently was updated and I can't find the old version) I've seen something like consuming urine is considered obscene but pissing is ok (although you can't use the word "piss" etc., this is a different story as it has something to do with financial processors). Probably the best option would be to ask them directly if milking content is ok. Or just stick to safer content.


I’m a little late but they just removed all of my lactation content.


Same. Justfor.fans is a better alternative


Not me but I’m in a retweet group with a mom who did this and was deleted off her OF site. Sadly they’re very strict about that stuff :/


Whaaaaaaa??? Does this include paid content? I guess I could understand if it's just blatantly on a page without a subscription, but paid should be good, right?


Paid is fine! I've since gotten an answer from their help team


Thanks for responding! 🖤


Can you advertise it in a words-only post? Otherwise how will the subs know you offer it as paid content?