I think this is a bomb idea. Would make id'ing things fun again and would be an easy way for them to make unique items relevant without having to completely rework all of them. Great idea!


>Would make id'ing things fun again how dare you


now that divine's are not a dime a dozen this would be a fantastic way to buff under performing uniques. Love it


Yeah this is actually a great idea. Facebreakers and ventors are great examples of how large roll ranges can make a trash item or great item based off of the roll.


Or, hear me out, the higher the ilvl the bigger the numbers. Granted, this doesn't work as well for items locked to bosses but you get the idea


One way to do it, though I'd prefer if they instead leant harder into the identity of each unique and then go from there. Example: Give Starforge a more AoE multiplier and tack on 10% increased maximum life. Also obv raise it's damage. But increasing the ranges might at least lead to some useful copies going around.


So many uniques could be made usable by just giving them resistance or HP energy shield or both


Yeah something like last epoch legendary potential system would be pretty cool. It let's you transfer affixes from a rare onto a unique which would solve that issue.


>Usable Starforge But this would force me to play 2h. I still dont think I would go for it without some form of 2h rework, because I get higher dps, clear and sustain numbers as one hander with shield and not die to every fart on top of that.


I'd rather they buff the non-ranged stats or just move the ranges up. Larger ranges means more disappointment when good uniques with shit rolls drop. Divines are too valuable now to ever be worth throwing at a decent unique.


I think GGG wants to try and limit the number of forced unique items. If a unique is best in slot for a particular build, then it limits build diversity. Shavs vs ivory tower is a good example of two alternate uniques that enable the same low life playstyle. That said, SO many uniques are just not feasible to play with, whether leveling or at end game that giving them the potential to be end game items seems like it would enable more options.


Buff uniques by buffing uniques, sometimes. Amazing.