I ran 30 of the EoW pre-boss after i was done farming the big boi for his necklace. Dropped 0 uniques, and a few eldrich orbs. Shit's ridiculous.


What I don't get is they could just have them drop like 1-3 eldritch currency guaranteed and they would be worth running just for the currency and it's not like that's going to break the game somehow. Those can only be used on 4 pieces of gear and provide an alternative crafting method to players


They don't actually want you to use the currency, otherwise it wouldn't be that rare. I haven't even seen an eldritch chaos orb since archnemesis league.


yeah they nerfed the shit out of the drop rates from altars.


Yes it was so common back in AN league. I skipped Sentinel then came back this league and was legit confused that I dropped ZERO Eldritch currency(not the blue/red ones) 3 weeks into the league. It's ridiculous


Well I think it'd still increase the price of the invitations correspondingly, no? If it's guaranteed to drop 1-3 currency, invitations will probably be priced at the price of 2 currency + a bit more. So on average it still wouldn't be worth running, outside of just avoiding trade when you eventually need those currencies I suppose.


I think it would do the opposite. Adding 1-3 currency per boss kill should drastically increase the supply in the market and drop the cost of eldritch currency accordingly.


Farming maps for altars (when specced appropriately) generates way more eldritch currency than a few currency per boss kill would, so doubt prices would move too much Edit: not true for chaos/ex/annuls if they would drop those


Have them drop the t4 currency


2x 50 runs after first and second quit. Yeah 0 Ashes 😂


last league i farmed about 100 black star with my CoD build, i sold some good amulets for 2ex each and dropped a lot of eldritch chaos, exalted and annul, and conquerors maps. It's a decent farm for low tier bossers, if you have all nodes alocated on the atlas tree.


Black star isn't awful bc polaric devasatation and exarch dominated amulets are valuable, but IH has nothing worth a damn in his drop pool


yep and his fight is just a mess, you i failed to 1shot it because of less crit damage taken + life as extra energy shield, as soon as i returned to the arena he went octopus mode and then send me to the swap, hate that boss


maybe ive treated sirus too harshly, atleast he drops good loots


Sirus has one of the best drop tables in the game imo. Crown of the Inward Eye - Amazing helm that fits a large number of builds. Generic damage and defense. The only reason it used to be 1c and is now 10c is because it's the most common drop on his loot table. It's definitely stronger than a 10c helm. Hands of the High Templar - Really cool unique that can be absolutely insane if they hit. Also super fun to gamble on, and thus will always have value. The Saviour - Pretty much bis for dual wield melee dps wise. It and Paradoxica carried wield melee for many leagues. Thread of Hope - Pretty much anything that allows cool interactions with the passive tree are awesome, and open up a bunch of flexibility for builds. The downside for threads are also an upside for Doryani's Prototype builds, so that's fun. He also drops Awakener Orbs, Orbs of Dominance, high ilvl influenced bases (lowkey his best drop), and I think he still drops awakened gems, but I could be wrong. Absolutely amazing drop table where you never feel like you're losing, even if farming him in trade league. And then there's the belt. We don't talk about the belt. Oh also I may be a masochist but his fight is very very fun. Super fair fight outside of annoying storms occasionally.


They could AT LEAST have those bosses drop a Guaranteed Eldritch Annul, Exalted or Chaos. Something more valuable than the regular currency that promotes a specific method of "crafting".


I think my last 10 sub bosses didnt drop anything, just some filtered out rares :( had some good streaks with their uniques as qell though (months ago, after their first buff).


This is one problem, but are they ever going to change the hunger boss fight? That is single handedly the most toxic experience in gaming if you do not do 20M+ DPS.


I fight that boss exactly once each league for this exact reason. Black Star is actually a cool fight, but Hunger is straight up dog shit.


IMO, black star was by far the coolest of the 4 new bosses. Conceptually it was the most interesting. I mean the whole needing to move from one side of the room to the other to manage what buff you have to immune the massive aoe damage of the other type is such a more interesting concept than dodging balls, running through sludge, or collecting orbs with an imprecise hitbox.


I’ll be honest, though conceptually Black Star is probably the best… The Searing Exarch bullet hell phase has to be my favourite in practice. There’s just something so thrilling about manically dodging the orbs, and the difficulty level is right at a sweet spot where it doesn’t feel unfair, but definitely makes you sweat.


Searing Exarch and David Bowie's Final Studio Album both have interesting mechanics that are fun to interact with: hiding behind the correct pillar while giant chunks of ice are crashing all around us gives us an immediate, measurable reward (not getting beaned by a giant chunk of ice) and dodging Exarch meteors fulfils that primal instinct we have to fit the exile-sized block into the meteor-shaped hole. Infinite Hunger's mechanic punishes you threefold: you build up Takes More Damage stacks, you get punched by the little goobers, and you get slowed by roughly ten billion percent. Finding the portal feels less like a reward for your clever flow-following skills and more like the cessation of a punishment. Maybe that wouldn't be the case if we could actually measure our progress towards the portal. Eater of Worlds' orb-charging minigame is pretty fun, except for those times when the instakill blobs camp all of the orbs (I could do without the heat-seeking instakill blobs altogether as a melee main). It's another example of a mechanic that gives immediate feedback towards my completion of it, and the glowing laser beam chasing me gives me just the right amount of panic during it -- not enough to lose all rational thought, but enough to spew curses if I leap slam out of an orb a split second too early.


David Bowie's Final Studio Album Angry upvote


Hehe, yeah, it’s quite amazing how poorly The Hunger fits in with these boss fights… it’s honestly the most miserable fight in the game. Beyond the annoying feeling of being punished by everything… it’s also the only fight of the four that is insanely buggy. Half the time his burrow or attack out of burrow animation don’t play, and he regularly has weird animations that kind of disrupt his tells. I cannot think of a single bug I’ve witnessed in the other 3 fights.


It's actually Mos Def and Talib Kweli's first collaborative studio album.


>Eater of Worlds' orb-charging minigame is pretty fun, except for those times when the instakill blobs camp all of the orbs (I could do without the heat-seeking instakill blobs altogether as a melee main). It's another example of a mechanic that gives immediate feedback towards my completion of it, and the glowing laser beam chasing me gives me just the right amount of panic during it -- not enough to lose all rational thought, but enough to spew curses if I leap slam out of an orb a split second too early. If you turn your character to face those black balls they shrink and run away from you. They are manageable in that sense.


I did the conditional challenges for this boss myself in Sentinel league and most of the time I still can't see which way the shit is flowing.


Id like to fight him just once but i dont usually beat him first try because i still got no idea what im doing in the sludge realm


Watch the direction the diarrhea is moving in. The exit is at the centre of it


The problem is sometimes it's really hard to tell what direction it's moving for some reason


Follow the way the sludge is moving to get to the portal


Absolutely hated how subtle that was. First time I fought him I built up 200 stacks before I said fuck it and went to the wiki. Of course at 200 stacks he one shot me so that was cool.


Difficulty through obscurity. It's a crutch the game leans on too often for my tastes.


Some would say they don't have a leg to stand on.


Yet another part of Chris's vision. Cant do the map fast if you dont want to mouse over every rare to check for corpse detonator.


My first time fighting him I went in blind, also ended up at 200+ stacks trudging through that sludge. Afterwards I went to the wiki and my reaction was basically "how the fuck was I supposed to know that?" Maybe we just need Maven to appear in the "tutorial" version of the fight and yell "[follow the flows](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew-Of0o_Hy0)" or something.


Me as well. Fought for my life around 15 minutes and walked around a lot but apparently never got close enough to see the portal on the map. Then asked a friend and thought "This is bullshit" Never had an issue after that though. It's actually one of the easiest bosses if you know what you have to do imo.


Follow the flow


You just follow the ooze. People spam it in general chat if you ask.


It wouldn't be so bad if the poop lake phase wasn't so agonizingly lame. Figuring out which direction to run sucks. I know to watch the flow of the poop, but probably 75% of the time I still don't find the exit on my minimap before I drown. More importantly, being progressively slowed until I die is just not fun at all. And all of that for basically no rewards means I do the tutorial fight and never go back. Black Star on the other hand is awesome. Easily top 5 fights in the game. The Ice Storm attack is visually dope (I'd play that skill on a character for sure idgaf about visibility if it's that awesome), taking cover behind the pillars on the correct side of the arena to block the lasers is a sweet mechanic. It's almost a shame the fight is so trivially easy once you have a decent character because you can just ignore all of those mechanics.


Literally i would add


And I thought I was the only one slightly annoyed by this selfhealing bastards that for no reason sometimes decides to stay underground for most of the time between two swallows.


Is that the liquid shit boss? If the portals were visible from the start that boss wouldn't be the worst boss in this game's existence. Alas..


What really annoys me is that it actually has great mechanics, it's just that they are so poorly tuned Like, tone down and cap the ramping slowdown effect and make the mud direction more visible and it's instantly a great fight


You need like 6M-ish dps to reliably kill him before phasing on a white invitation, more of you're juicing.


which is utterly prposterous that a side boss thats probably less profitable on average than shaper guardians to be this hard.


Burnout and real life has kept me from playing much since the eldritch stuff was added until this league. I was farming maven writs with my initial atlas until I finally listened to a friend and switched. My first fight for the initial atlas completion, I had never done the fight so I just died when he did his submerge phase. Killed him blind, said what the fuck, and watched a video. Okay, dodge that, and the he'll send you to the stomach like c'thon in wow. Follow the land mass, the video said. I'm lvl98 and tanky as fuck now, shouldn't be a problem even with my low dps. I have never fucking raged as hard at poe in thousands of hours as I did doing that fight trying to find the portal. I eventually tried logging out, only to learn that when you go back in you're still in the stomach with all the debuffs, lols. I got through a few stomach phases until I eventually died down there with over 400 stacks of the debuff after being totally fucking lost the third time. Apparently it's follow the fucking slime current, what goddamn intuitive gameplay. Original blight launch. Delirium invisible volatiles that killed you after the fog ended and the rewards dropped. Sirus touched rares. All trialmaster conditional challenges. Spending 100+ exalts crafting an item and failing to get the mods I wanted. But the design of this fucking fight is the first time I have actually emotionally hated the game I was playing.


NGL, I sometimes wonder how people can be so upset on this subreddit, then I read posts like this.


im suprised that the fight is so hated, i love the concept of the stomach poop phase, i agree that the sludge direction is a bit too hard to see since it "pulses" back and forth, but i find it pretty easy and always get the portal very fast


The problem is players hate time waster bosses and he is absolutely #1 as a time waster, if you run this fight as like 1mil dps melee your uptime is something like 5%. He is always underground, hosing you, about to charge or sucking you into dr.robotnik's sludgetopia. Simply put he is the boss that takes the longest, and ironically also drops the least. The only reason to like the boss is thematics which i'm good with tbh I can understand why people say I like this boss because its cool, but any other reason it really is the bottom of the spectrum.


The sludge phase isn’t even the worst mechanic of the fight, it’s the fucking underground bullshit


agreed. even with very good damage he's still spending a lot of time underground unless you can completely burst him. If you have any amount of ramp it's infuriating. the poop gut phase is a little bit annoying but it's very easy once you learn how it works. It's terrible because I have a very hard time believing most players figured that one out on their own. It's one of the purest "did you research this boss beforehand or not?" checks that PoE has ever introduced.


It's a really easy mechanic... once you watch a fucking video that explains it. It's a pure knowledge check. It's easy if you do some research, incredibly hard if you try to figure it out on your own (because you're almost certainly not going to do so).


It was literally my first time encountering it, and of course in the video the guy had no problem, he actually made it sound like you can avoid it by not walking into it unless you need to dodge an attack, not that it will fill the arena. I could tank all his slams, I even survived a few with hundreds of debuffs. I fucked up and died to one of his emerges, I survived another. I had a very, very long time crawling around in that slime to think about how horrendous the mechanic felt as I scoured most of the damn arena. Following the ground didn't help. Going to all 4 walls of the area, didn't find the portal. Had no idea it was in the center, and I didn't even notice that the slime had a current, just staring at my minimap looking for the portal and getting chunked for 5k if the minions caught me. Just several minutes of alternating fighting for my life against the infinitely spawning trash, crawling at 10% movement speed between frostblink cooldowns, pausing on land when I could while trying to explore.


I like the fight too. I think the hatred and outrage is massively exaggerated, especially because there are more bullshit mechanics in other fights that people don’t talk about nearly as much, somewhere along the way it just became cool to hate on this fight, and maybe it is also because it is newer


Agree. Fuck that boss


Its complete shit. Its beyond me that someone sat and worked for hours then went: "Yeah thats crazy fun! A boss you can dps 3 sec th run for two min".


Hunger is a very simple fight you just have to understand 2 mechanics : - if you get transported to the swamp you have to find the whole where the mud is flowing to. - if he starts digging to jump you, you have to stay close for a few seconds in a row to bait him to come out. If you let the poisonous trail go too much around it can be annoying. Once you understand those things, boss is easy. He can also drop conqueror maps from the atlas passive, and eldritch currencies.


He didnt say it was hard, or even that he necceserilly doesnt understand the fight. Only that its annoying and unfun.


Sirus cross beam phase that slows you followed by offscreen die beam is worse.


But if you get slowed by the beam or offscreened, you objectively played the fight wrong.


Assuming the fight doesn’t bug out, which at this point is a coinflip.


oh yes, the 1 in 50 coinflip. Ive done sirus maybe over 300 times over the leagues and I do not think I have seen him bug out. aka him standing in the middle of a chaos storm without any ways of moving it for infinite time period.


Yet to bug out for me though.


I killed more than 100 Uber sirus this league again. Never seen 1 bug.


Somehow they managed to make everything even more unfair in Uber Siris.


once you do the fight a few times it becomes pretty easy, there are voice clues for most of his moves and the timing is not that hard to master. a pretty amazing boss fight.


For me Sirus is the most consistent boss right after Shaper. They're so well telegraphed it's almost boring lmao Haven't tried uber Sirus yet but I don't think I care enough to learn the uber version(s)


Somehow the worst boss fight this game ever had suddenly is ok. Wtf reddit?


There's actually not much to learn if you know the normal fight. First 2 phases there's a mini chaos storm in the middle of the fight circle and I think labyrinths are bigger + degen zones cast by bigger sirus stay. Sirus die beams follow you in p1 already. Last phase there's 6 beams instead of 4 in the cross beam pattern. Good regen is key but the fight stays more or less the same with a bit more area denial.


Thanks, Will try that. Had at least two attempts every league since he was introduced. I'm just bad at the game I guess.


it is a very hard boss for beginners, but it is quite like riding a bike- once you learn it, it comes naturally. My first league I had some 40m dps BV character, but I couldnt do it at A8, because my defences sucked, and I was too much a potato to dodge stuff lol. Now I can do it with leaguestart 1m dps chars without much issues. takes a lot of time, but is managable. Corrupting bleed immunity helps. ailment immunity is very helpful too. if you use a char that has spell suppression, its like a cheat code.


i had that problem before too, but now i always consistently find sirus in the clone phase and always stick close to him


Toxic ... hehehe


normal conqs influenced rares are shit 9 out of 10 times, though EoW and SE dropping ichors is basically the same as conqs influenced items, but instead of being on a random base, i get to choose on which item i want to use the influence. i think it's fine, but yes, it definetly feels bad killing a boss and getting no special drops from the boss, especially since it takes quite a bit to get back to the boss again when playing mostly solo


True but why dont the eldritch bosses drop 3 items with a guaranted t4 implicit and exarch/eater drop 3 items with a guaranteed t5(maybe more with tree)


because at least 9 out of 10 of those will have a barely used implicit on a barely used base item. there are already tons of items with random implicits on the trade site that don't sell because of those two reasons, unless they have ilvl 86 there is maybe a 1% chance those will be even worth the time to look at them on the ground


lol Hunger is not a cool fight. Fuck that swamp phase


I found very easy solution for boss-no-drops, which is: play a build with so little DPS that i can't even kill them. No DPS = No Boss = No problem! And in the end I get as much boss loot as Boss runners :D


I didn't even bother to run them. It's a waste of time. I have better things to run.


Eldritch currency, conq maps and black star's ring are worth good money. You need height of hubris and big quant but i ran 100ish black stars and made really nice profit this league


you mean the great feeling of droppin nothing? its a lotery ticket, nothing else.


Cos having drop is fun. And no fun allowed here.


Because somewhere along the development path from 0-3.19 GGG forgot how to distribute loot in a psychologically satisfying way. The game started and gradually became more and more addictive over time. The weighting of items and loot distribution was excellently balanced to facilitate maximum addiction. This could have been by accident or by design, but either way it really worked. As the game became more complex and complete the players came for the fun and stayed for the dopamine. Somewhere around 3.15 (at least from a player perspective) GGG either conciously or accidently stopped doing things to maximise addiciton and simply forced the game into their chosen direction with literally zero consideration for dopamine and addiction. A perfect example of this is the loot distribution of 3.19 and loot goblins. Small, regular payoffs secure the player into a dopamine cycle and then the rare but huge payoff locks the player in. You're addicted. 3.19 deleted many many aspects of this small dopamine feedback cycle. (Eg, Gwennen, div card drop rates, t0 drop rates, overall unique drop rates, currency drops (these last 2 were quickly reversed)) And then shifted all of this gradual dopamine into a massive payoff bigger than we've ever seen from a regular loot mechanic in the game. Instead of hooking us with small amounts of dopamine and then locking in the feedback loop with a big payoff. They removed the small hook and massively spiked the large payoff. The result is people experience boredom and FoMO until they either quit without a win, or feel resentment that they had to wait so long for 'their win to come along'. They inverted the cycle and unhooked us from regular, small wins and inverted the feeling of big wins to make us feel a frustrated type of 'finally here's the win I deserve'. Now someone might reply, if anyone cares, that 'my loot is fine', 'you're being hyperbolic', '3.19 is just as much fun to me'. And I counter with 'variance'. Some people will drop luckier than average. Some people will have higher thresholds for waiting for bigger payoffs. And some people are actually genuinely playing the game coz they like it. But [most](https://poedb.tw/us/League#LeagueChart) people? Most people just quit. EDIT: Oops to keep on topic. My long ranty post is why GGG just simply haven't noticed that it's idiotic for a huge end-game boss that takes 14 maps to spawn to drop literally nothing most of the time. They forgot or chose not to make the loot drops from this boss psychologically rewarding.


I'm still in shock they wouldn't straight up revert the loot nerfs after the backlash they received from the community. The loot system was nearly perfect (just needed better "smart-rolled" rares and less quantity of them to balance it out), and map juicing felt great and really helped the game stand out in contrast other ARPGs. The more you could handle, the better you were rewarded. Kind of like how 3.18 Sentinel juicing was an optional "hardmode" for better drops, which should have been made core to replace Torment imo (Tormented Spirits). And now, the game has 22% positive recent reviews on Steam (Diablo Immoral is 4% and WC3:Reforged is 6% on metacritic for comparison), and I legitimately believe Chris needs to step down from director of Path of Exile. The game is completely fucked and I refuse to play it in it's current state of loot goblins, map juicing being destroyed, endgame crafting even more gated into the realm of being ridiculously over-expensive, and archnem mobs still being overtuned, too rippy and messy in general. Leaving loot goblins for 3 months is a sick joke, especially when my first solaris-touch mob I found after getting two chars to 85+, dropped 1 chaos 1 alc, which was one of the tipping points to me quitting. They won't listen to the community to the point the game is at a comically low review score, so they dug their own grave with the direction the game is going.


Oh yeah, while I have actually had a ton of fun this league and have the best geared char I ever have... it doesn't mean I think the league itself is good or the changes are good. I've been able to brute force gameplay hours to get the loot and some big payouts, but only because I love the game so much. If it stays like this next league, I'll probably end up quitting until they fix it, which makes me sad because I'm so passionate about the game. I only enjoyed this league because I was able to develop as a player over time and do things more efficiently, not because the league enabled me to enjoy it more. The changes this league has felt like a waste of my time, but I remain hopeful for next league (I know, I know, hopium). GGG is the only game company I have any faith left in, so I really want to believe that there is a good end goal but that the path has just been a little rocky getting there. I don't want to be let down. Again. But given track records of other companies, I understand why some people have already lost faith.


Too long didn't read, but bosses having 1 or 2 valuable drops with low drop chance and dropping nothing 9 times out of 10 and only making profit if you kill it a lot of times has been pretty consistently the state of edngame bossing since the concept of pinnacle bosses was introduced to the game. It's not something new to post-3.15 PoE.


Kind of wondered why they didn't at least make the loot similar to killing an elderslayer/conqueror, where it drops a few influence bases (or in this case high rolled eldritch implicits on non awful bases) and had the chance at dropping the nicer stuff as well




i would say drop a random rare but with an implicit thats of a tier that you cant get with ichors, that would be cool


And 99.99% of those rares would either have shit mods that nobody wants or be on shit bases that nobody wants. Or, more realistically, shit mods on shit bases.


Not really, as you dont need to id them eldrich rares are actually worth looking at. Strike/proj gloves, brittle boots and reservation helmets are really solid loot, even more so if theyd have the breakpoint level. But again its not about how much the loot is worth, its about dropping anything special at all


Not really an answer to your question although I agree with your title. But I also want to add that dropping rares with Eldrith implicits must be one of the most worthless thing in the game. For example when you can choose it on an altar that the map boss will drop rares with implicits. I feel like it's so rare to find something usable that it's on the same level with rares with lab enchants.


These bosses should in general explode in eldritch currency , a lot. That would make thematical sense and be reasonable, as you farm a lot of maps anyway to get to them. Anything extra is just bonus.


Black Star dropped me a dope amulet with lightning damage implicit on my LC character (so it had the culling strike passive). I think of all the Black Star/Hungers I've killed though that's about the only decent drop. For the most part unless I've got a strong character that can super quickly kill them I don't even bother. Not really risky, just not worth the time.


It's comical how unrewarding these bosses are, while hunger also has the double honor of being the worst boss encounter they've ever made.


Infinite hunger is the worst boss design is ARPG history. You either have dps to skip the mechanic or you just don't do the boss




Eradicator is still skillbased, and you can cheese the ball phase by logging. Theres no way to skip hunger (unless im clueless) after he teleports you to the swamp. The swamp is just pure rng if you find the portal or not, and if you have no regen theres no point to even try


> The swamp is just pure rng if you find the portal or not You just head in the direction all the shit is flowing.


yeah wtf is this guy on about with "rng" the fight still sucks but it's not rng lmao


Wait, is Sirus good now? It used to be the worst.


A sewage treatment plant opening across the street doesn't make the fish packaging warehouse a block over any better, it's just more prominent.


"I should have just sold it" is my reaction to 90% of the stuff i find in game. Yesterday i dropped a 3 mod watcher's eye, worth about a divine i think, decided to unveil it. Dropped to 30 chaos of value.


Eye's are almost never worth identifying yourself unless you are doing many, many of them for that one chance to get a 50 divine combination. That being said, I refuse to sell mine when they drop. Most of the time they are garbage, but I'm waiting for that one lucky time. Otherwise, what's the point of playing? Honestly I kind of envy people who can just get joy from seeing the numbers in the currency tab going up.


they are the only (very reliable and abundant to be fair) source of eldritch currency on my ssf journey height of hubris and big quant is necessary


Lemme introduce you to a friend named altars he practically gives away eldritch currency.


Not Chaos/Ex/Annul


Altar that makes map bosses drop eldritch currency can drop eldritch chaos/ex/annul? I know 3.17, they can, then 3.18 they made it so they cannot, or very, very rarely idk. Not sure after the latest patch where they made these more common if they can now.


The wording was specifically changed to “eldritch ember/ichor currency” for both bosses and mobs, starting in 3.18. And the recent patch increased their NATURAL drop rate, which is from super rare to slightly less rare.


Ye true


You farm until you hit the jackpot, that’s the Vision.


Who knew a game by grinding gear games was gonna involve grinding.


Technically speaking it's still grinding, even more grindy than before, but... jackpot system of "hitting once but big" makes whole grinding worse tbh


Basically GGG is gacha gear gaming more than grinding gear gaming


But that was allways the case. Bosses, crafting and most league mechanics have allways been a game of big numbers. It's not something new to this league, or to post-3.15 PoE, you allways needed to do 50 bosses/crafts/legion 4 waves etc. and made profit in average, while doing just one or two was pretty much a guaranteed loss. That's even how it worked for regular mapping untill they buffed it by added eldritch influence to the map device. Why are people suddenly acting like this is something new when that was the state of the game from the very beginning?


Make em drop even more eldritch exalts/annuls/chaos orbs to make them more available as currency


I kill them once because the game forces me to do it, after that I don't even pick up the invitations


Dropped a polaric devastation that I could use for my ignite build lol


I'm sorry, are you new? Nothing except the god touched mobs drop anything worth while




Because the DEVs do not give a fuck about feedback.


Most bosses have terrible drops too, It blows my mind how such a big deal of a encounter is so trash


If they always dropped a premium Eldritch currency (Chaos, Exalt or Annul) I'd kill them all day.


Totally agree. I think the searing exarch in particular is an awesome fight. I wish it was more rewarding.


I cannot beat either of them this league. So no problems here!


I think this is pretty good feedback. It's probably hard to balance bosses because you can just buy the stuff and run it, so it can't be over-rewarding because that will push the value of the fragments too high. But is there anything at all of value in the mid-boss fights? Maybe an atlas passive rework that makes it so that if you're specced for them normally, it's worth running them for embers/ichors, or something new? The rewards are underwhelming even when specced into it for sure. It just feels a little lame atm.


(Recorded live from somewhere) because it's dangerous to play poe... too much violence in the atlas, why oh...


They dont even drop eldritch currency half of the time. Waste of 14 maps.


The Vision as I understand it should put more loot on Unique Bosses


It would be nice if they had one guaranteed drop, maybe of a mid-tier ichor/ember with a chance for high tier. And TBH I think it would be good they did something like have them drop a fragment which, when combined with its corresponding Eater/Exarch invitation, allows you to access Uber Eater/Exarch. Most people do not bother to run Black Star/Infinite Hunger, so this would open up a market for those who are willing to.


Valid point. Would love to see it. At least one freaking currency and one tier 2 or higher piece, but preferably tier 3 mod. Simple but fun. Oh wait.... We can't have fun in a game. It's the vision


During Sentinel I did a few Apex Sentineled fat bosses. 75 Quant invitations, juiced apex sentinel. Dropped fuckall.


Better question: why are they even in the game?


Yeah - even if they just dropped ichor 100% of the time that'd be nice


I thought first "what is his Problem with Eye of Winter (EoW)? "


the winners of the big league event in sentinel haven't submitted their unique designs.


They should have a chance to drop searing/screaming invitations also.


Because they wanted to add 2 bosses that were particularly annoying and had one-shot mechanics but also wouldn't be rewarding, cause otherwise you would feel rewarded for doing them. If that doesn't make sense, remember that we are talking about GGG here.


I think they should give these invites a low (<10%) chance to drop screaming/incandescent invitations and it would instantly make the fights more worthwhile and appealing


The drop the eldritch currency (chaos, exalt, etc) very frequently. I even remember last league they were pretty profitable to run.


the small ones absolutely dont from my experience, yea they do drop them but i wouldnt call it frequently. i ran a lot of them with high iiq in the last league and the nodes and chaos for example couldnt be more than once every 5 invitations ​ EDIT: i did forget about the conq maps, thats something at least. but the base drops are the problem imo


Are you running them with Height of Hubris? I remember running them last league 70+q and Height of Hubris, on average only had 1 every 3-4 runs that didn't drop something


i think not, but IMO you shouldnt need to tripple the difficulty of an endgame boss for it to even drop anything at all 😅 i think a guy made a complete sheet with 500 runs a while ago, he made good profit because he insta phased the bosses, and even then it was not that great


Path of exile is ALL about tripling the difficulty to maybe get something tho. Rewards are all scaled around doing "white" content not giving you anything


yea its just such a contrast to other boss fights that you cant juice up in difficulty where there is no "shit base level". but its weird, white searing exarch is not really easier than shaper id say, yet shaper always drops something, and exarch doesnt... and the jackpot isnt even bound to IIQ, as far as i know omni/ashes is always 2% or so


farming these smaller ones is actually a legit farming method (well it was last league i havnt tried it this league) you just have to spec into it and juice the maps


In 3.17 it was ~5ex+ an hour just chaining black star accounting for buying them at something like 5-7c, it's a bit boring obviously but you could go through 120 invites an hour if you had good single target. Eldritch currency can be marked up insane amounts if you have bulk, conqueror maps, and her unique ring (which is even better now because a well rolled one can be 2+ div I found out). I don't think there's any problem at all with the loot table of black star specifically. I don't know about the fat guy I kill him once a league


Hunger drops a div card for an extreme chase item, [[The Choking Guilt]]. It's rare because when GGG make a powerful unique common, the playerbase reacts by removing it from their loot filters. Star has a damn good unique.


and both only drop less than one in ten times which is my point, this isnt about the rare drops not being good enough, its about the fact that the majority of the fights drop nothing at all, which isnt in line with most of the other bosses that at least drop special stuff or their low value uniques pretty much guaranteed (conqs, sirus, shaper, elder, atziri, maven, you get what i mean)


If they dropped more, the market price of the invites would just go up. If GGG made Hunger have 100% chance to drop Eldritch Annuls, then your non-idiot enemies in trade (aka other players) would buy them for an extra eldritch annul in price. ESPECIALLY given neither have oneshot protection (like Shaper's phases) If GGG added a 40c guaranteed drop, you'd have 100 people multiboxing the encounters doing them 75+ fights an hour and paying ~38c more than they do now per invite. Unless GGG drive those people away with long phases like Shaper has.


> If they dropped more, the market price of the invites would just go up. which isnt a problem in my opinion. im not talking about trade in mind at all, i dont care about that. i dont want to sell my boss fights, i want to do them because theyre fun. that fun is damped by seeing an empty ground after the big evil guy dies. i dont know why people dont get that nowadays. i know trading is important and many people are traders by heart, i like trading too, but the game shouldnt be balanced around trading. it should be balanced around having fun. and i think killing an endgame boss and being presented with an empty ground is not fun. it really is as simply as that, no offense but if you dont understand that i guess thats fine, thats just my point of view.


GGG went for "Good for the casual who isn't sure they can win, bad for the veteran who is sure they can win" They went the opposite way on Shaper, who has the highest value guaranteed drop in the game; that's the boss designed for you here. > but the game shouldnt be balanced around trading. it should be balanced around having fun. SSF is relatively unpopular because most people find trade more fun. Also the game HAS to be balanced around trade (unless trade is banned, like it is in D3) because trading is an objectively strong strategy. If you don't do it, you are playing a self-imposed hard mode, just like someone that says "I'm not equipping an amulet".


The price would go up for like 2 days at league start, and drop to nothing after that, since that "40c guaranteed drop" would drop to 1c after flooding the market and no one wanting it anymore. But more importantly - *fuck* the market, and fuck trade. Its a cancer that shouldnt be allowed to make the game worse every single time..


Would be nice if they dropped items with there respective influence-implicits but high tier rolls (the thing after ‘exceptional” I think they are called) could be some decent value bases I reckon which does not require Orb Of Conflicts


Might be the first time I've ever seen "infinite hunger" and "so cool" together


i just think hes neat, i like the concept. a bit annoying if you take too long maybe


They are by far the cheapest source of conqueror maps. They might be kinda boring to farm but it is extremely good money farming dozens of them per hour. Or at least it was last league when conqueror crimson temple prices were to the moon


true, but my point was never that they dont drop anything good, its just that they often drop nothing at all. even if they drop some nice conq maps every 5 invitations, that changes nothing about my initial complaint


I swear people dont even play the game. They shit out currency


run 100 of both without juicing to 80+ quant and no HoH and tell me again that they "shit out currency" please. and no, quintupling the difficulty of an endgame boss shouldnt be mandatory to get anything at all. ive been destroying endgame last league, i know what im talking about, please dont act like those fights are anything but garbage compared to other bosses.


If they dropped "absolutely nothing", they wouldn't sell for 8-9 chaos.


they sell for 8-9 chaos because they drop something very valuable only very rarely (see me literally saying "90% of the time"), instead of dropping something decent consistently. which is my entire point because i hate this design, so i dont know why youre trying to spin it as a sort of gotcha?


>instead of dropping something decent consistently. which is my entire point because i hate this design Just like pretty much every boss in the game, including the more expensive versions of these invitations? >why youre trying to spin it as a sort of gotcha? How am I spinning it as a gotcha?


>Just like pretty much every boss in the game, including the more expensive versions of these invitations? my ENTIRE point is that its NOT like other bosses in the game. conquerors and sirus drop influenced rares. shaper and elder drop influenced rares. all of those drop their low value uniques very frequently. an endgame boss should never ever leave you with empty hands, only dropping rare items that you find everywhere else en masse, thats my point. ​ i dont think ive ever had a fight from those other bosses above where i ONLY got normal rares. that is my point and you cant act like those fights and hunger/black star are the same. the average rewards are clearly balanced around juicing up the difficulty which you cant do in other fights, leaving the baseline fights without difficulty in the trash.


That can be your point but that point is wrong because other bosses drop expensive items exactly as often. The secondary drops which these two inexpensive bosses have, are farmed far more than practically any other boss in the game. Not only are you wrong theoretically but you're also wrong practically and specifically what you're complaining about while it's obvious that the invitations do have value as they sell for 8-9 chaos each - this is fact which contradicts your title completely. The only reason why you're getting a positive response is because this is Reddit and you're complaining.


Is it hard to understand that op wants these sub bosses to atleast guaranteed to drop rares with eldritch implicit or inchors instead of regular rares and nothing? He didn't said he wants those bosses to drop polaric everytime. Who cares if the invitation price goes up to 20 c or something, elder and shaper fight guarantee a unique drop and it's still exciting to see what drop regardless if it's only watcher's eye that's worth something.


its crazy how many people here think only in numbers, in most profit, in meta, and try to argue with that, while ive never even talked about that at all. ​ my entire point was "boss fights xy should be less xy and more xy because i find this very unfun", and people are trying to argue with me that it is already fun, i just have to adapt. ​ which funny enough is exactly what people complain at GGG about, telling players that they should have fun.


again, your arguments that have nothing to do with my point. ​ you are arguing with value, or with meta (what people do), or comparing the expensive drops. thats not my point. my point is that an endgame boss on the base difficulty should never drop nothing. thats it. thats the entire point. ​ there is nothing "wrong" about this because its my opinion. i never said that those invitations have no value, i never said that they dont drop expensive items, i never said that noone is doing them. ​ its especially weird because pretty much your entire comment is exactly what i said in my initial post. which is, the bosses have rare expensive drops, but no consistent "acceptable" drops.




That's like saying you get wage "drops" every day just because you get a payout for all days at the end of the month.. Why do so many people in this sub forget that this is game, played for entertainment, rather than a job worked for a return?


D4 cant come fast enough after this league where they basically told half the population to just leave and never come back. It is sad fighting those bosses and getting zero items every time. Sadly, items are never good from dropped monsters still to this day.


Lol if you think blizzard can replace poe.


"D4 will be better" COPIUM


It probably cant, but here's the reason why im also rooting for blizzards success: It creates competition. Oldschool-D2 fanbase (basically 90% of PoEs population today) is massive. It creates an incentive for GGG to strive for quality content, proper testing, respecting their community and many more things that you dont need to concern yourself with if you are a monopolist in a market like GGG is in ARPGs now. Cant repeat this enough, competition is VITAL. And ggg had none for nearly a decade. No wonder they got obsessed with monetarization and quick league releases. - They just dont have to care about anything else since we, the poor ARPG fans, have no alternative than to play PoE.


"No long rant" This isn't the Path of Exile sub I once knew.


Those drops tables are ridiculous and insulting. Such an absolute waste.


Im somewhat newish, only playing since 3.12, but I hate fighting multiple of the big bosses. This is the first league I’ve been able to actually solo grind and kill the bigger bosses. The guaranteed one hit area wide kills are just toxic. None of the boss fights are worth it unless I just leveled imo. It’s worth it more to grind maps instead of wasting 6 portals for a chance at something I can buy for some chaos or couple of divine.


Of all four of them I literally like only the EoW fight. But to get to him I have to farm his influenced maps. And his influence sucks. And even if I fight him I only get few shitty Inchors with a little to no chance of getting some good unique item. Why none of them drop items with respective influence implicits? Why should I struggle to fight them for few minutes (sorry but I don't play meta builds) when I'd make better profit from selling their Invitations and farming their maps? Besides, they are the only endendgame bosses which don't give us any sense of progress by fighting them. Shaper and Elder Guardians and Conqs give us boss fragments. Shaper and Elder not only potentially (and pretty frequently) drop good items but Uber Elder fragments as well. Sirus at least will drop good unique helmet/gloves, not to mention influenced rares. Exarch/Eater bosses are simply a waste of time for me. Except Eater because I enjoy fighting him but that's all.


when i still played i actually went SE influence with ritual and it was great. no more titty bitches. still no boss drops because my luck sucks but mapping wasnt so annoying


Guess its a bit of a dated comparison, and no invite required, but Mephisto didnt usually drop stuff - The Vision


But a good runner could kill Mephisto hundreds of times a day at absolutely no in-game cost. PoE’s system of limiting attempts at all endgame content removes any comparison.


They do you just arent juicing.


doing endgame bosses on 5x difficulty shouldnt be the base line of drops and not opting into any additional difficulty shouldnt mean you get absolutely nothing. i did juice it before, even then the drops were not proportional to difficulty.


If it dropped you a pity reward it would be worthless (since, anybody can do it) and you'd hide it on your filter anyway. Kill harder monster, get better loot. Fundamental principle of an aRPG.


see, thats the thing, i dont agree. i dont hide influenced rares. i dont hide 1c boss uniques, and most other people dont either. they are drops that i dont get showered with in the rest of the game. ​ you guys think too much in terms of efficiency, chaos per minute, risk reward, yea thats all nice. but thats not my point. ​ my point is that a difficult endgame boss should never drop nothing. random rares are nothing. influenced rares are not nothing, because you dont get those 1000000x in a single map. its not about how valuable it is, its about the principle that nothing is bad, something is good. just my opinion, i hope you understand.


Hate to tell you this buddy, you are actually the minority there. Mainly because the majority just click whatever Neversink preset which WILL hide those things you just said. Label me as a zoomer elitist if you want (im really, really not). Most people see actually nothing, and functionally nothing to 99.9% of people, as the same exact thing. I guess GGG could make them drop an exarch/rater rare item guarenteed. It would affect literally nobody except you, but hey if it makes you happy then why not i suppose.


not everybody can do it because this boss requires significantly more dps than shaper and elder guardians.


Yeah which is why in the main atlas progression you fight guardians and shaper first and then unlock black star.... Oh no wait that isnt at all how it works, and these are actually the first endgame bosses you fight since they are by far the easiest.


Endgame bosses with worse drops than one lvl 75 heist contract in 99% of thr cases even with Heights of Hubris. And yes I do farm them as I have a bosskiller with fatal flourish.


Because they died in 2 seconds literally.


You can put points in the sirus wheel for conqueror map drops from the mini bosses


They are meant to be minibusses. Ask yourself the same question why don't shaper elder sirus guardians drop anything? And to be fair they have a chance to drop some really really good loot. Polaris devastation is a busted ring


when i ran them white when my build wasnt ready yet the red one dropped 2 amulets... since i started alching them they drop jackshit


What do you mean "nothing"? In sentinel I got Polaric Devastation and sold it for solid 5 \[huge currency orb\]. Also The Eternal Struggle with good implicits is pretty much sellable.


I don’t understand why they made mapping hands down the best way to generate eldritch currency, it’d be so much cooler for these worthless bosses to drop like half a dozen or so eldritch orbs.


Hunger drops a div card for Stranglecharm. Eternal Struggle is also criminally underused, I usually get them on the cheap early league (10c) and they are amazing. Feastbind is surprisingly solid at killing bosses (Replica FF vs bosses + armor and evasion reduction That said a lot of the drops from the Eldritch bosses can be incredibly bad. Gluttonous Tide? HORRIBLE. Dawnbreaker? Outside of 1 build its HORRIBLE. Inextricable Fate? HORRIBLE. Every Black Star drop other than Eternal Struggle? HORRIBLE. Melding of the flesh? Niche