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So does this mean that in states where abortion is illegal, mothers can claim their fertilized eggs as children and thus receive tax credits for 9 extra months? I wonder how those states will pay for that? 🤔


They'll just eliminate any Child Tax Credits.


Quiverfull Christians and Orthodox Jews would flip their shit, both groups have extremely large numbers of children and low incomes, and both would align with republican voting


If the Christians can pull their head out of their ass long enough to realize they are hurting themselves too not just their "enemies"


But they’ll hurt themselves if it means hurting those they don’t like too.


Get life insurance on every fetus, make bank in case of miscarriage (which is MUCH now common than people think) Instead of "anchor babies", any immigrant in the country can stall deportation by having unprotected sex, since they may be pregnant, and it would be an American citizen (since life begins at conception now). Child support starting after any unprotected sex that may lead to pregnancy. These all really suck, but I'm trying my best to find ways to make republicans pay for this bullshit in any outlandish way possible...


They’ll say that life begins at conception, but citizenship is only awarded at birth. I like the life insurance though.


time to deport that filthy non American fetus then


Hmm, I wonder if you can jail a pregnant woman then? I mean if life begins at conception, then you’d be jailing an innocent life for a crime they didn’t commit.


The crime? Imprisoning a fetus in her own womb, how dare pregnant women do that!


That’s not gonna work. They’ll introduce self contradicting legislation


Ah, a loophole. Just like the right likes to use. Me and fiancée are going to the sizzler tonight


You are gonna come, right shooter?


Damn. I miss Sizzler.


Those states just take money from the federal government anyway.


There’s a line forming out of the door for vasectomies.


Mine was covered 100% by my health insurance around 5 years ago. Additionally my company sent out a US wide email stating effective immediately, anyone impacted by states outlawing of abortions, our health insurance will now cover travel, lodging and meals to states where abortions are legal. I really hope more employers healthcare covers this.


Dicks sporting goods just announced this today. Good move.


What a good and supportive dick. That's the way all dicks should be.


Dick's for dicks


Dicks out for Dick’s?


Mine's been out since Harambe. RIP in peace


That's what skewed the timeline leading to what happened today. You can Mailroom Charlie your way through every step. Harambe -> Roe overturned.


Disney announced this today too


Comcast as well.


I'm confused...usually I see the name "Comcast" and I get my pitchfork and blazing torches...what the hell am I supposed to do now??? /s obviously...good on them for doing right by their employees


I mean, it's a win win for the company. It's very very expensive to have employees go out on leave and have babies. It saves them a lot of money in labor and health costs, the political benefits are just gravy. Amazon did it when the draft was leaked, but they were NOT doing it out of the goodness of their hearts, you can bet on that


Even Evil has Standards.


More standards than the Supreme Court, apparently.


Comcast is actually an amazing and inclusive company to work for. I am a commission based employee and during the last 2 years our commission have gone down as people struggle to pay bills and they have added money to my checks to make up the difference. They also gave me paid time off when my 13 year old nephew committed suicide even tho it wasn't technically covered under bereavement leave.


I'd love a list of other business with similar policies.


what the hell kinda health care you got? I pay close to 20% of my income to health coverage and most of what I see is 'deny deny deny'


I'm not the person you replied to, but I work at IBM. IBM has covered traveling costs for procedures not available in an employee's area for a long time now. This has explicitly covered gender-affirming medical needs, and part of their response today was to remind everyone that this also covers abortion related care. You know, before joining I never knew IBM was as cutting-edge inclusive on things like this. They don't get a lot of Cool Points compared to companies like Google or Amazon, but they're as Equitable an employer as I've ever worked for.


I won't say my employer but it's one of the world's largest biotechs. When I moved here from my last employer, also one of the world's largest biotechs, my insurance premium went down by A LOT as did my disposable vpap supplies. Both last company and current company covers vasectomy and tube ligations 100%. I don't have scripts but my gf is on my insurance and her script prices went down a lot when I moved to this new company though I think her scripts weren't that bad from the previous company. I never checked to see if abortions were covered before or now, but they're covering all that shit mentioned above. I understand I'm probably fortunate but please know that there is almost always going to be a better option out there for you, I just hope y'all can find it. The tradeoff coming to my current company is that I get slightly worse 401k matching but I'm making A LOT more now such that I think the worse matching still benefits me with the pay raise, or it's damn close to it.


Got mine about 6 months ago. I’m very glad to have had it done and know that I have no concerns about getting anyone pregnant.


Where the hell do you live and how can I immigrate there? I need to get my family out of this distopian nightmare that is quickly forthcoming.


This is a big ploy for big urology to get made. It's a ploy I tell you!




Funny how no one wants to talk about how big urology and their army of lobbyists have been controlling this country since the 60s


Got one years ago, brother. I shoot that shit everywhere now. I painted the neighbor’s porch furniture the other day.


That explains why the gulls were congregating on it


His milkshake does bring all the gulls to the yard.


I happen to have mine scheduled for today. Glad I’m getting it taken care of.


Don't get a cheap one.. they're a bloody rip-off


This is the first good urology joke i have ever heard, props


Ouch 😣 HaHa Nice play on words


Get tested to confirm that you are swimmer free. Mine failed but got tested and then got to enjoy a second vasectomy.


My friend Mike had that awkward realization that there were still bullets in the chamber when a year after they had their youngest son...made for a very funny pregnancy announcement lol


My friend had something similar, weird thing is, the procedure turned his kid Asian…


Dropped the mag and forgot about the one in the chamber, rookie move.


Don't forget that you'll still shoot viable batter for a few months afterward, and to check back with the doc to confirm results!


Enjoy the drugs, get lots of rest. Do not put up a gazebo like I did the same day. Your balls will hurt along with your stomach. But good on you


>Do not put up a gazebo like I did the same day. I'm guessing you saw the rest of that day as a day off to get stuff done and not a strictly recovery experience. Well don't worry, you've learned a valuable lesson for your next one! From what I remember the day I got mine, I was waddling out from a clinic in central London and told the anti-abortion bible basher outside to stop harassing a 17 year old girl and her mum as they walked out before me. The choice of words I used were not kind. Then I bought some posh sushi and ate them on the train back to my hometown, a nice lady in her late 30s asked about my sushi and I told her I got it back in London. She was sad about it. I didn't think to tell her my balls ached from the anesthetic wearing off. Probably best I didn't.


> I'm guessing you saw the rest of that day as a day off to get stuff done and not a strictly recovery experience. Man I took the rest of the Wednesday off for my bisalp surgery and the rest of the week off for recovery even though the doc was like "yeah you could WFH the next day if you wanted" - nah, fuck that shit. I got some time off and enjoyed my rest.


I just got the all clear about a week ago. Remember to follow the post-procedure care instructions, including the ice. You will be sore for a few days, but at least for me it was not really that bad. Hardest part for me was keeping my kids from jumping on me for a few. I didn't even need to take off my shoes to have it done.


My old boss told me about his. Pretty much summarized it like "lay down feel a slight pinch from the cut, then smell some skin burning, then walk around for a week feeling like you got kicked in the balls. Do you agree?


I just made an appointment. Our Catholic hospital doesn't do them. Gotta travel to a smaller town.


Why in the ever living fuck does a religion run a hospital?


A shocking number of US hospitals are religious hospitals


Tbf the catholic church pretty much created modern hospitals


Like half of the hospitals in the US are named “Saint Something-or-other”


Really gonna blow ya nips off when you learn about history


I used to work for a Catholic Hospital that got excommunicated for giving a woman an abortion because if they hadn't she and the fetus would have both died, leaving her already existing 4 children without their single mother. 100% worth it and I am proud to have worked there at that time when they made that incredibly important and life saving decision.


I don’t plan on having kids at all. Definitely getting the snip soon.


Get good and drunk before the pre-snip appointment. Show up as haggard as possible, and practice saying "man, children are a blessing, but 4 is enough for me!"


Already had mine scheduled for late July. Hopefully I'll still be good.


Waiting for the 🔒award.


You're welcome.


This is moderator corruption of the worst kind. ("This" refers to the comment you are currently reading; the comment that I used to bypass your lock.)


There's no emoji for this. 🇺🇲^-1


I appreciate this math comment. Thank you.


For those who might not know, flying the flag upside-down is a legitimate way to display the flag. It means "distress" or "danger." It is not unpatriotic.


I was about to ask if it was illegal. Then I remembered flag burning is legal.


The flag code doesn't have laws, they're guidelines. But even according to the guidelines burning is preferred. Section (k) The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.


They flag code is law it just doesn't have any enforcement provisions or penalties. It has never been challenged in court since nobody can claim to be negatively impacted by it.


Kind of says how free your country is when you have to ask if you legally hung a piece of cloth correctly.


Also, who cares. People getting up in arms about being unpatriotic but God forbid we let woman have abortions.


I always found that weird. Oh, you're against some fuckery America does as an American? You're not a patriot! Besides, being patriotic isn't all that, anyway. And the US has, in my eyes, made the word "patriot" sound dirty and pretentious.


As an American I feel patriotism is fighting for freedom, not undying loyalty to my government. I think OP is a patriot. Apathy is what is not patriotic. Not voting, not making your voice heard is not patriotic. This is a country, it shouldn't be a cult.


Agreed. Nationalism is different than patriotism. I love America so we need to fix some shit. It’s not a don’t like it leave…. That’s not America. America is unity in differences.


Right, you repair a house you love, you take out the rotten beams and repair the foundation, you don't pretend everything is fine and neglect it until the roof falls in and the foundation collapses. People that say if you don't like it leave, nah I'm gonna try to fix this house first.


And sometimes you demolish a house because the rot goes too deep and it needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.


Unfortunately there's a large swath of the country who doesn't want this. They want a Christian Nation. Something we are not


They probably don't know much about the Middle East. Because that's what it looks like when religion is the government.


Yeah, but *our* theocracy will be good. /s


Of course it would. You have GOD on your side! (just like every other theocracy, apparently, but let's conveniently ignore that because OUR god is real and the others are just being vile and violent!)


Too many self-named Patriots are actually Nationalists


Not just ‘too many’, it’s most of them. Christian Nationalism is a disease and the afflicted are getting worse.


My take is that there's no greater form of treason than seeing problems in your country being silent about them. If someone you love is sick you take them to the doctor; you don't just say "I love you and I'm proud of you" and watch them die. If you see that your country is suffering and in horrible shape you shouldn't just sit back saying how awesome it is; you should actually try to FIX it.


The word ‘patriotic’ has recently been used to control people and suppress people from resisting injustice. The USA PATRIOT Act is probably the best example of this. Edited because of the reminder we don't have to stand for fascists co-opting the word 'patriotic'


That's because some people don't understand the differences between patriotism and nationalism. Most right-wing patriots are actually nationalists, in which they believe the US is perfect and the greatest country ever. While patriots fight for what they believe. And are not afraid to admit when their country makes a mistake or is doing something wrong with the hope that doing so will bring necessary change.


Agreed. The idea of blindly following is nationalism not patriotism. America was founded on questioning the powers at be. Fundamentally America is in of itself a constant work of progress. The only thing Un american is working against progress for all its people…. Looking at you GOP




Where Income from, calling oneself a "patriot" is like calling yourself "cool". You don't get to do it, that is a privilege reserved for everyone else.


[The flag, the flaaag, ssfskakbdlkjabbastheflaaaag!!1!!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKCeESg9Ev8&ab_channel=Samora)


Also, who gives a fuck about patriotism? Like Doug Stanhope says about nationalism: it's teaches you to hate people you've never met, and take pride in accomplishments you had no part in.


What is unpatriotic, however, is removing protected freedoms from literally half of all Americans.


Well fuck me then ... someone call 911 this man needs help!!!


911: "911, what's your emergency?" Caller: "Help, theocrats are invading my uterus without consent and forcing me to give birth against my will!"


911: "And what were you wearing at the time?"


"uh, Khakis?"


"She sounds hideous."


Well, she's a guy, so....


I still want a comedy skit of a school shooting, but where the 911 call is about an imminent abortion to get the cops to show up


I was like “how can I do half mast on a 5 foot flagpole”? Now I’m thinking maybe I just get a black flag. EDIT: The answer was Pride flags all along


Consider a Black Flag flag :)


Black Flag sticker on a Cadillac


A black US flag is called a No Quarter flag and I suggest you read about it before flying one. It will not send the message you desire. https://www.miamitimesonline.com/opinion/the-no-quarter-flag-and-its-threat-to-america/article_0e7221c0-46eb-11ec-8195-e7b68bed1e86.html


I was thinking a plain black flag. Like this - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchist\_symbolism#Black\_flag


[fixed link because it didn't work with the attempt to escape the underscores on my browser](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchist_symbolism#Black_flag)


Do you have an EU friendly source?


Holy shit the amount of people I've *worked* alongside this specific flag and I had no idea. I always thought it was just a cool looking version of our flag. I need to stop being so goddamn naive about the world around me.


Skull and crossbones is the way to go


Read Thomas's opinion. He said the court needs to revisit contraception and same-sex marriage/rights. Fuck that pieceofshit human.


Funny how he doesn’t mention Loving v. Virginia, isn’t it? 🙄


Hey woah hey now… that would affect him.


The white supremacists don’t seem to mind him fucking a white woman for some reason


Hey now, that wouldn't apply to him anyway because those rules are for, uh, _other people_


That was my first thought when I read his response.


The other 5 don't need him for Loving v. Virginia.


I don’t want to see it for the sake of my country, ever. But I’d high key like to see it for some ultimate leopards eating face action. IJS.


Butcher was right. Too much power makes you a right and proper cunt.


For someone who came of age during the civil rights movement, he sure hates civil rights.


weird he didn't mention interracial marriage, almost like he's not only evil, he's a hypocrite too


Ha like all right wing Republicans. GOP stands for Gaslight Obstruct Project after all


I hope this country doesn't come to that


If you need to go back to the 1780s in order to justify your decision then perhaps we also need to stop giving churches a tax benefit.


If we are going back that far I say we ban any gun that is more advanced than a musket. It's only fair


Own a musket for home defense, since that's what the founding fathers intended. Four ruffians break into my house. "What the devil?" As I grab my powdered wig and Kentucky rifle. Blow a golf ball sized hole through the first man, he's dead on the spot. Draw my pistol on the second man, miss him entirely because it's smoothbore and nails the neighbors dog. I have to resort to the cannon mounted at the top of the stairs loaded with grape shot, "Tally ho lads" the grape shot shreds two men in the blast, the sound and extra shrapnel set off car alarms. Fix bayonet and charge the last terrified rapscallion. He Bleeds out waiting on the police to arrive since triangular bayonet wounds are impossible to stitch up. Just as the founding fathers intended.


You seem like a fantastic and fun person. I am honored to have read this comment Edit: I have just been informed this is copy pasta. I take back everything I said. Friendship over


b-b-but friendship is magic 😭😭😭😭😭


I don't believe in magic. Only the power of the lord and savoir cthlulu


Yep and any sort of communication that isn’t verbal or in the newspaper should be censored.


An unintended consequence is the serious weakening or even the effective elimination of stare decisis, and that will only exacerbate the political divide - now extending it as relative open fact of the Supreme Court. What is overturned today, is readopted tomorrow by a changed or enlarged court. This is not "originalist" thinking, it is a short sighted road to the diminution of the Court's authority which will prove to be a Constitutional problem in future.


So this is an issue of the voters not demanding adding bodily autonomy as a right into the Constitution via amendment? What other 'rights' we currently enjoy are hanging by thin threads the SC could snip? I'm talking about rights that were extrapolated from court cases and not codified into law or the Constitution.


The biggest thing that's interpretation based is "Selective Incorporation." Basically, it says that the federal government and state government BOTH have to abide by the rights granted by amendments, not just the federal government. It's an interpretation of the 14th amendment, that all Americans are equal.


the next 3 cases to watch because Justice Thomas explicitly named them would be * Griswold v. Connecticut - the right to buy and use contraceptives without government restrictions * Lawrence v. Texas - it struck down sodomy laws * Obergefell v. Hodges - extends the right to marriage to same-sex couples they may not affect you personally, but they absolutely do affect millions of Americans.


Hey, they have pissed me off enough that I'm willing to go ALL the way back and overturn *Marbury v. Madison*.


Switching mine to my state flag. (New Jersey) Edit: having said that, now I just need to find a NJ State flag...


"Everything is legal in New Jersey"




As a fellow NJer, id still have it half mast for all the women about to get fucked from this


>about to get fucked Perhaps... perhaps that isn't the best possible wording.


Cant fuck if you're at half mast...


Finna just put up a United Federation of Planets flag and be done with it


Or Klingon and call out Nazis when they try to salute it!


For the folks sarcastically responding "so brave", there are places in the United States where this display outside your home *is* brave. Some "patriots" don't take well to protests against their government.


Only wish that people were taught in school the difference between patriotism and nationalism


It's funny, I remember the 'nationalism and racism disguised as patriotism' uptick right after 9/11 when small cheap American flags and decals were advertised everywhere.


Republicans: how dare the Dixie Chicks not support OUR president! Republicans a few years later without any irony or self reflection: that black Democrat ain't a real president. What I'm saying is that Republicans are disingenuous asshats that not only wouldn't be able to pour piss out of a boot if you told them there were instructions on the heel, they'd actually drown by trying to stick their head into it to read them.


I'd have broken windows if I did this, it's brave and something I personally wont risk, I'll attend a protest (Which I am doing tonight) and show up at the voting booth but I can't put a target on my back in my neighborhood. Kudos to OP though.


Yeah I’ve got a police officer neighbor with that hangs a n all black American “no quarter” flag. This wouldn’t fly where I live.


This is the main reason I wont, Small town and the police officer we have has a history of harassing people but it's a small white conservative neighborhood so nothing is done about it.


Does this cop have family? I personally would not advertise my willingness to violate the Geneva convention at the place my liabilities lived. You're just asking for someone to warcrime you first. Bold move. Dangerous. But cops rarely have consequences so maybe they don't understand how war works


I live in one. Displaying a Biden sign is equivalent to being a traitor. Never mind the fact that a house flies the 2024 trump flag higher than the American flag……


People across the street from me fly a bunch of Trump flags. Their American flag? Dragging on the ground, or tied up in a knot.


It’s actually logically coherent, for most of these people - they don’t care about American democracy, freedoms for anyone besides themselves, or really anything besides the cult of Trump. They don’t actually like The USA as a theory. Just their own bullshit.


I live near a marine base. Just turned my flag upside down. Fuck em.


Be safe. Put out a box of crayons on top of a trapping pit


Don't use off brand. They really don't worry as well as Crayola.


As a USMC veteran, you are more than welcome to fly the flag upside down, burn it if you want. That's your constitutionally guaranteed right under the first ammendment.


Braver than me. I live outside of Fort Bragg and I’d be too scared.




Sideways then?




I walked outside this morning and took my flag and fourth of July wreath down. In my state, AR, a trigger law that will go into effect as soon as AG Rutledge signs it, and it essentially bans all abortions with no consideration for rape or incest plus more ridiculousness. It was the final straw. Who knows if I'll put it (the flag) back up, but right now, I'm angry at the theocracy that is going to bury our country.


Am also in Arkansas. Fortunately my ovaries have expired… but holy hell, the women and girls that have to live under this sort of totalitarianism. It’s scary & the future of this country is looking very fucking bleak.


I've had a Pride flag up for years (4 actually, as they've worn out), and was about to put up an American flag with it as a "fuck you, this represents us, too," but damn... EDIT: I should clarify. I'm in AR, too.


I’m in Little Rock. Have had both my pride flag and my BLM signs vandalized. People suck.


Protest tonight, state capitol at 5


If you can, there are protests at the state capitol at 5 tonight.


That flag looks underburned.


A little TOO unburned now that you mention it


General strike will bring the powerful to their knees in a matter of days.


We definitely are in distress.


Religious extemists have captured our highest courts, and most Americans still have their heads buried in the sand. This will not prevent abortions. It just makes them happen under circumstances that are less safe.




Theres an opportunity in a few months boys. Dont forget to vote in the midterms


Hanging the flag upside down means that America is going through a crisis, and I couldn’t agree more.


Free speech means you can burn the flag, yanno? There's no need to sacrifice real lives at the altar of decorum and sacred cows.


I’d gladly do this but I live in a town full of brainwashed republican who threaten to kill me when I was tearing and burning an American Flag…that sounds bad but joke is that’s pretty much how you retire an American Flag, which is what I was doing when that happened.


Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others!


Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos


All hail president Kang!




Judging by the size of your yard I bet you live in a more rural, and thus, Conservative area. Good luck fighting the good fight.


And stop donating to religious cults. They are all the same fucking shit. STOP


Conservative Republican policies make America more like a radical Muslim state.


This is what happens when religious nuts gain control. Don't care what anyone says, its a major factor in this.


Today is a sad day for human rights in the United States.


Keep fighting, we need to fight for all women, this is their rights being taken away by people who shouldn’t have a say in what is best for women. I’m a man, but still stand behind every women who deserves the right to have done what she wants done with her own body. This is a monumental day where the wrong decision was made by the wrong people. I will stand and fight with and for women who deserve their rights to their bodies. Anyone who thinks I’m wrong or thinks I’m some “nice guy” that’s not the case, Ruth Bader Ginsberg fought her whole entire life for womens rights, she passes away and they turn it right around, that’s a slap I. The face to a women who fought hard for other women, and it’s a slap to the face to our entire country, if you think your not included take a closer look. There will be thousands of orphanages making an unwelcomed return, thousands of teenage girls dying becauae of “doctors” who give abortions for a few thousand dollars. This is a disgrace to the people of our country. We just lost 50 years of progress. It will continue to go downhill, and don’t expect any good changes in our lifetimes, and that’s why it’s time to fight back, that’s what this country was built on and shall continue to be built on and to show the world if you fight hard enough for your rights you will get them. Let’s be an example for the world in moving forward with the right laws and that pro-choice is a right not a privilege or criminal act.


Could we have put some more emphasis on the *fight* bit?


General Strike!!


I know this is a hard thing to organize but when people are desperate enough maybe it could happen. When people have nothing to lose this becomes a possibility


Friendly reminder that the congress has had nearly 5 decades to codify abortion protections into federal law, but has instead relied on a haphazard "interpretation" of the law so they didn't have to deal with a delicate situation. So now you have justices whose job is to interpret the constitution and determine whether abortion is constitutionally protected by that document. I didn't see anything about abortion the last time I read it. Therefore, it seems to be a state's right to decide. It's time to hold your legislators accountable for their inaction if you're upset.


“In framing a system which we wish to last for ages, we shd. not lose sight of the changes which ages will produce.” \- James Madison, U.S. Constitutional Convention (June 26, 1787)


Tbh I was wondering if I should take mine down. Sure it won't mean anything to anyone else but still. Should I take it down so I don't have to look at it, or should I leave it there to remind me that there is still plenty of work to do?


An upside down flag like OP did seems to be exactly what you mean. It’s still supporting the nation but it’s direct meaning is distress. Modernly, the upside down American flag essentially says that the nation you love is in crisis.


Democrats have had 50 years to codify this into law. But have been cowards or lazy. They currently have the WH, the House and Senate. Hound them relentlessly. If nothing passes, you know the democrats are perfomative status quo maintaining feckless cowards. The controlling party members have been there for decades. It's their fault. Don't expect anything from the people that have put us in this position.