Well, I had a red miniature poodle who cleared to apricot over the first 18 months. “True” reds (those that remain red) are relatively rare. It is likely the case that your red will clear to a lighter color over time and grooming too. Some apricots clear to a near-white. Try not to be overly concerned with colors, though. You’re getting what is sure to be a loving and playful pup.


My red puppy is pretty much blonde at a year and a half. My husband and I joke that it was hair dye and we got duped.


Lol- you would be surprised. I know someone who bought a purebread "black" dog- only to find out it was dyed by the breeder who was nowhere to be found. But yes- this is very common with these breeds, along with turning grey.


At the end of the day we don’t even care what color he is . We have a poodle who doesn’t listen half the time but is the sweetest best friend . Seriously tho he’s far harder to train than our labs.


This. I was crossing my fingers every day hoping my gorgeous red would never fade. He did anyway at around two years old but I couldn’t care less. We have such a special perfect bond and I love him so much it hurts


Same. My Doubledoodle. He was red when we first got him, but he faded to apricot in the winter and almost white in the summer due to his double coat. And I know that love that just aches and makes you want to cry for no reason but for happy tears 🥹.


🥰 thanks for the award 🥇


Considering the mismark on his chin, so cute btw, he might fade quicker than usual (because he might just have a few different genes than a "uniform red"). The uniformity isn't really relevant because all poodles fade, usually ears are the slowest, feed and face the fastest. In Europe the colour red isn't separate from the colour "fawn" which also includes apricots and creams. All of these colours are from the same genetics with different degrees of the fade gene. It's nothing to be worried or surprised about.


Mines really red. Doesn’t always photograph tho. Also my dog got redder with her adult coat




Most reds don’t stay vibrant for long


Ours: dad black coat, mother deep red coat both high standard of breeding, kennel club multi-generational recognised & paperworked. The pups all deep red coat at 8 weeks, then faded heavily by week 12, then groomed, exited groomer almost as all white fur, then gradually went back to apricot over the next few months and stayed there now 3 years old.


Thank you so much for all the replies!! It seems like the puppy will fade which we're totally OK with and were expecting! We were just thinking it would happen around the time it's an adult vs now at 8-10 weeks. Can we assume the puppy will fade to more of an apricot/cinnamon colour or will he turn more of a cream/white? I've searched a ton on google / poodle forums and cannot find any examples of poodles with a similar style as Alfie, where their legs are a mix of apricot but his feet, chest, and most of his head are red. Both of the parents are fully solid faded red/apricot. Thanks again for the information, you are all so helpful!


It’s really impossible to predict what a dog will look like from a puppy. I also was super curious about mine but you just have to wait and see. Good luck and enjoy this super sweet bear


Our Black poodle is now kinda silver, and our apricot is apricot. just enjoy.


My black poodle is getting white hair! He’s only 3.5 years


Mine is 8 months and has white hair on her back now lol. We keep joking that she’s going to end up looking like Pepe Le Pew at this rate lol


Variations in color like the chin and legs are normal.


I have 2 miniature brownies, and they were both so dark that they almost looked black. The 3.5 year old has lightened to a silvery taupe color, and the 1.5 year old is still dark brown, but has lightened some from her puppy color. I was hoping to have "milk chocolate" and "dark chocolate," but who knows?! They are full sisters from different litters, so I expect the younger to lighten up more.


Two things: -Science. Mom and dad might be all red, but that doesn't mean their parents and their parents' parents were all red. Some genes from those other dog's may have been passed down. -Color definitely changes as your pup ages. My boy is a party poodle and had really light, almost golden spots. As his adult coat came in though, the spots darkened up a bit and are now a latte color (parents were golden and white). Other poodles I've had, their coats get a bit lighter or more silvery as they age.


My apricot has the same colour variation but shes apricot with cream legs and chin. She’s still apricot, just much lighter now that she’s 2. The orange is a lot more dull. Yours will probably fade similarly to a lighter ginger colour. The thing is dogs fade at different rates and degrees so there’s no guarantee. But yes it’s very normal for him to not be completely uniform in colour.


Yup my poodle has silver and black straight hair mixed with her fading curly brown hair. She is very interesting the older she gets.


Also don't be surprised if the coat is a different color or texture after his first couple grooms. It's not that the grooming process changes things, its that the hair coming up from the bottom is adult coat and will be exposed by the hair cut.


This little guy will most likely wash out to apricot by the time he’s a year. For poodles to hold onto their red locks they need to be really dark at birth.


Side note recommend shaving face and paws early on to get them used to the process. Even if a full shave face isn’t what you will do long term. Note you will probably end up liking the shave though cause you get to see their eyes and face so much better. Plus way less mess.


Yep our Groodle has faded into a lovely honey / red / light brown - 7 months old


My standard red faded a bit around 4/5mo and then actually darkened again. He has a few white spots just like yours. Now we’re at 1y half and he’s still very dark. I’m not sure what to expect but it seems like most if not all poodles will color change by 3y unless theyre white!


He will get alot lighter..very light apricot..almost cream. If you shave his face..that color you see will be his final form.