This new episode of 'The Bald and the Beautiful' should be ILLEGAL to listen.

This new episode of 'The Bald and the Beautiful' should be ILLEGAL to listen.


... I am such a dumb bitch I thought that was actually Katya's mum


Is it just me or does katya’s mom sound like deven green?


what if were to tell you deven green is Katya’s “mom” 😉


I’m stupid 💀


Oh I’m so excited, I remember when she was a guest on Katya & Craig’s pod it was the funniest thing I’d ever heard


I almost blacked out trying to keep up with this one. 10/10 would recommend


Oh my god I listened to this earlier and did not know that it was not Katya’s real mom. I was mouth agape most of it and having to stifle laughter listening to it. When it finished I thought “the way Katya is makes sense”


SAME. Came here to say that Katya's personality makes so much more sense listening to this and that is how I discovered the joke *woosh*


ME TOO! I am actually so glad it isn't her mother! I was a little upset by this interview??!! I'm actually so relived to know it is satire, I thought Katya was trying so hard to get genuine answers out of her mother and all she was getting were horrible Moira Rose-esque like responses that just kept falling flat. I realize now I may be far too invested as a fan, but I am just so happy to hear I wasn't the only one that was fooled!


this was the funniest rpdr-girl related episode i’ve heard this year. i died 😂


Wait I think this joke is going right over my head, katya’s mom isn’t on this episode?? I haven’t listened yet so i’m confused


Yeah it's not her actual mom. Went over my head too because I thought "damn katya's mom get even funnier since she was on all stars 2" and I thought she was just putting on this weird accent all to realize at the end that it wasn't her mom lmao. It's a fantastic episode tho. It's probably the most I've legit laughed out loud multiple times in forever.


Omg I’m a fool! I thought she sounded too young but still bought into the con that this was really katya’s mom!


I was in hysterics. It made my whole day


This entire episode is so chaotic


I'm in the middle of listening to the episode.....and things have gone so delightfully down a path I did not expect!