Can I get a haircut?

Can I get a haircut?


Salons are closed until we get into at least the red zone.


Ok thanks for the clarification. Appreciated.


Yup. Salons and barbershops are closed still until we go into red. My wife manages a salon and is being bombarded with clients calling to get appointments set. It's hard to do when you don't know for sure when you can open up again.


Hey there, My name is Matt and I am an owner of frontier barbers and company in St Catharines. And I can confirm that these comments are correct unfortunately all Barbers and salons are supposed to remain closed while in the gray zone restrictions we are hoping to move into red next week however no official update has been given by the government so your guess is as good as mine as to when we can open up again


Low key plugging your Barbershop with the comment lol


Hey at least he's not contravening the order and opening a "film studio". Plug away dude!


Haha of course, all while trying to be helpful that is


My barber is me. I appreciate being hair challenged more during lockdown. Been doing this for 20 years. Saved $$$


The expectation is that Niagara will enter the Red Zone next week, and hair services will be allowed at that point. The formal announcement will be Friday afternoon though, so things could change before then.