Looking to move down here or surrounding areas

Looking to move down here or surrounding areas


When they say the real estate market booming, that is code for the cost of living is rising. Housing is no longer a regional issue, it is national. Op you are not alone in your thoughts and concerns but I doubt picking up, moving to an unknown city and rolling the dice with your future will solve any of your problems. For the most part the market is over priced everywhere, you can find the occasional reasonable deals anywhere in any city . You just have to be very on top of the market because deals disappear as fast as they show up, I'm talking listings that don't last 2 hrs b4 they get snagged up. Seriously, it is a full time job to try to find and secure reasonably priced housing. The sad fact is that this was all going on pre pandemic 5 yrs ago it took me 8 months to find a reasonably priced house and not get screwed out of the deal and believe me I lost out on a lot of deals along the way. One last word of advice, do not give notice at your old place until you have secured a new property. I know you're supposed to give 60 days notice before you leave and then start looking but those days are long gone. Be prepared to overlap and pay for 2 places for a month.


Actually our prices around here have skyrocketed because of everyone being priced out of their own towns like you. Not blaming you but it’s getting to the point where we are being priced out of our own city because of other people moving here. It’s quite frustrating as there really aren’t other areas cheaper than here. It’s to the point where I honestly feel like I’ll be homeless. Our landlord is selling our house and I won’t be able to afford to rent anywhere anymore.


Two years ago I was in two bidding wars to secure rental home. Finally found one, at 2050/month plus all utilities. (Not updated at all- I’ve made more improvements than owner). Landlord is now trying to raise my rent a minimum of 200/month. Housing is not the deal here that you think.


Tell him to eat your ass. Rent freeze


renting in St. catharines is not as much of a bargain as you would think. currently paying $1225 +hydro&internet for a veryyyy small 1 bedroom. If you're willing to live in the sketchier end of town you can rent a house (or at least part of one) for 1500-1700. north end you can find a nice house to rent for 2100 but they're super rare and unless you're absolutely unable to save for a down payment on a house you're wasting your money.


[Average price for an ok place. Not even whole house ](https://i.imgur.com/7B4PxkB.jpg) [More expensive end and it's ++ but a beautiful home and pretty close to my city](https://i.imgur.com/wqtfeCp.jpg) And then there's your city.. [All inclusive whole house and under 2k.. compare this to my first pic in the comment ](https://i.imgur.com/Rlevi9i.jpg) [Again same thing great price beautiful home. ...](https://i.imgur.com/PkcMWAO.jpg) I feel like I'm missing something here. Bigger city in Ontario and its cheaper and more beautiful homes then my small city farther from southern Ontario I thought it would be the other way around....


I can’t say much for the place off vine, but the first place you linked off rykert isn’t the best area.


this is absolutely brutal. I figured Peterborough would be cheaper than here. We're fucking doomed. also, i moved back here 2 years ago. We secured an entire detached rental for $1600. We're screwed if our landlord decides to cash in.


I actually lived on hillpark for a few years, not a bad street/area just don't leave your doors unlocked(like most of the city). Not far from multiple grocery stores, schools are close and close to the highway. What you find cheap here is actually on the more expensive side to us locals. Also, that 1900 only gets you mainfloor of the house, the basement is probably rented so shared yard and parking, although when I lived on the street parking was decent