Where can I go for mental health

Where can I go for mental health


The walk-in clinic can give you a referral to see a proper mental health professional. Google tells me there's a free walk-in centre on Tuesdays, more info here: [https://www.fccniagara.on.ca/uncategorized/free-walk-in-counselling-every-tuesday/#:\~:text=Thanks%20to%20United%20Way%20support,%2C%20couple%2C%20and%20family%20counselling](https://www.fccniagara.on.ca/uncategorized/free-walk-in-counselling-every-tuesday/#:~:text=Thanks%20to%20United%20Way%20support,%2C%20couple%2C%20and%20family%20counselling). CMHA Niagara also has good options here: [https://niagara.cmha.ca/programs-services/information\_resources/](https://niagara.cmha.ca/programs-services/information_resources/) and options for same-day phone appointments here: [https://niagara.cmha.ca/programs-services/someone-to-talk-to/](https://niagara.cmha.ca/programs-services/someone-to-talk-to/) Good luck! I can't say speak to either organization, but these seem like good starting points. I see your username is BlessednFavoured. Niagara Life Centre is a Christian Mental Health organization, so maybe they can help too.


You don't need a referral to see a psychotherapist, social worker, or psychologist. If you are under 18, pathstone is the responsible funded agency for providing mental health service. They have "walk in/drop in" service online. If you have a family health team, they often have social workers on staff. If your parents have health benefits, they will often cover at least a few sessions with a psychologist.


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Adding to what has been already listed, here is a website which lists a number of resources for various mental health related topics in the Niagara region, specifically for young people such as yourself: https://www.niagararegion.ca/health/schools/youth-services.aspx If you ever feel that anything is urgent, do not hesitate to call a crisis line. Their job is to help you. Other than that, in the counselling services section, you can call Pathstone for information about their walk in clinic. Just know that you are not alone in any of the struggles you have been going through (especially during this lockdown) and personally I think it's incredibly courageous and mature to both recognize you need to speak to someone and have taken steps towards seeking that information out. I hope you find the resources that you need :)


Into the hospital, straight towards the elevators, but don’t get on. Turn left and walk all the way down. There’s a 3 desk intake area where they deal with mental health patients. They MAY be able to hook you up with a psych doctor if you cannot get a referral. Dr Kimakovich was dealing with patients when I was there and also a nurse practitioner that dealt with intake. It was amazing. I took classes there for months as an outpatient. I was lucky to know a mental health nurse and got in quickly. This was a few years ago. It’s almost an unknown service if you don’t know the ins and outs. I know so many docs and councillors there now and I learned a lot


Do not go to the hospital unless you are in crisis. That means actively looking to hurt yourself or others. Use outpatient mental health services, including Pathstone's drop in counseling service.


This is both in and outpatient check in. I got lucky knowing a nurse in the building who got me in. I hadn’t even known about the services there. At the very least, they can hopefully direct someone who has no no idea how the convoluted NHS works to get mental Heath patients addressed. After so many years of GPs doing nothing beyond medicating, it’s nice to have a place that worked WITH me and offered different ways to deal with my brain. Maybe the hospital is not the greatest place since covid to just walk into, but this is OUR service centre as citizens and if you have no other internal advocate in the system, you need to make your case. I fell upon it at the exact right time and it was a godsend


Talk openly with your family doctor! (The other suggestions are good too). When my wife had a miscarriage she was very depressed and her doctor referred her to a counsellor, and also to St.Joseph’s in Hamilton. Good for you for reaching out! That’s a big step in itself


I had a hell of a time. I dont know why it was so difficult to find out how to access stuff for mental health. Any who, I found this place called quest community health center. They have a nurses and Drs on staff and assist you with finding someone long term and work with you to try and find solutions that would best fit your needs. Therapy, group, support, etc They also have a crisis line too which I've never used and can't speak to it. Currently going on my 3rd week of support with them. 905-688-2558 that's the number. Good luck


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I was going to do what others have done and point you towards Pathstone. Know that you're doing the right thing seeking help.


Sadly all the doctors will do for you is call you every two weeks asking you how the meds are which they push down your throat thst have crazy side effects one type of meds i was given made me put on 30 lb and made me feel worse whe n i didnt have them. Its the unfortunate truth


you could try switching to a better doctor instead of trashing all doctors


I have i went thru about 3 and there all the same


Pathstone used to have a walk in clinic. Call them.


Spread with your family doctor if you have one. They can refer you to free counselling. Right now they are doing the counselling virtually. There are waitlists though so it’s not immediate help but definitely something to look into.


1-866-550-5205 That's the number for COAST - crisis outreach and support team. I deal with them on a regular basis, and they are a great resource to use. Their goal is to keep you out of the hospital while getting you the assistance you need, whatever that may be right now. The other option is a unit with EMS call MHART - they don't have a direct line and are only through 911 I believe. Niagara 211 (just Dial 211) may also be of assistance. They are kind of like a broker, where they have access to different teams/people to get you in contact with to try and find help. Stay strong, things will get better for you


You are under 18, pathstone is free. Call the walk in clinic you can be seen fairly quickly.


With the way things are with COVID, calling COAST is a great option! You can call as much as you want, leave your name, pseudo-name or anonymous. The nice thing is that if you leave some contact information and decided to call back, the counsellor can pull up your contact file and review what another has written so you do not need to explain yourself all over again. They will not hangup until you are ready to end the conversation and hang up.


Hey ! Try QUEST clinic. They may be able to guide you in the right direction.


I enrolled my two daughters at Pathstone in September. Spoke with them last week and its atleast another year wait for either one of them to speak with someone. Just a heads up