Looking for vet taking patients

Looking for vet taking patients


I go to Martindale Animal clinic! Super friendly staff. I believe they are taking new patients


+1 for Martindale. Got two kittens a few months ago and they took them right away for shots and getting fixed. Very happy with the service so far.


Martindale is such an amazing vet. They care so much and are always very open and communicative about everything during appointments. 10/10.


Court on Geneva has been good to us, no pressure, straight forward. Good luck.


I second Court Animal Hospital! Our puppy adores them, and it is the first time pur cat actually left the vet happier than when they came in!


I’m not too sure if they’re taking patients on but I currently use the saint catharines animal hospital on Welland ave. They are super friendly and are very reasonable with prices 😊


This. These people are amazing. Been going to them for years.


I can second this one. This clinic is super nice to my mom and has helped her so much.


This place they are great and prices are reasonable. Deck it definitely recommend Saint Catharines animal hospital


I just took my cat there last month as a new patient, and can confirm they are accepting new ones. Very friendly staff and you can book appointments pretty far in advance online, as well as moderately early too!


Wilson's Animal Hospital on Hartzel Road. Their sign says accepting new patients. I can't speak to how they are or prices, as I don't have a pet; I just see the sign almost every day as I drive by.


Wilson’s has been very good and reasonably priced. When we got our dog (6 years ago) I called around for pricing and most were close in price, with Huntington and martindale being the highest.


Fairview animal clinic


Second this. Been going here for years. Small clinic and very friendly!


Ya very caring as well. When we had to put our cat down all the staff signed a sympathy card and if I recall put her paw print in it.


Martindale is taking and so is Glen ridge Animal hospital


I swear by Dog and Cat Clinic near the Pen Centre. Not sure if they're taking new patients offhand.


we take our cat here and we just got him last year so OP you might be able to get in!! I would call them and try they have always been good to us :)


My daughter got a new puppy about 2 months ago and has been taking her to Dog And Cat clinic. Not sure if she "got in" because we already were taking our dog there but she didn't seem to have to beg or anything...


Followed Dr. Snieder to this clinic after he left Fairview animal clinic. He is the most caring vet that I've ever dealt with. It also appears that several staff that were previously at Fairview are now working here as well.


Try the one on Hartzel Road! I don't know if they're taking patients but they're so kind. They treated my cat like family for all of her 19 years


Hartzel Animal Clinic! Ask for Dr. Jenny! AMAZING! AND AFFORDABLE:)


If you don't mind the drive, the vet clinic in Dunnville is the best clinic I have ever been to. Very friendly, will work with you and your pets if they are afraid or reactive, reasonable prices, and they don't push prescription diets / unnecessary medications on you like so many other vets do.