There’s one on tasker st just south of Welland ave. No idea what the quality is.


There’s a small, gravel court with hoops (and lines I think) at the Port Weller Community centre. But I understand that’s further than you’re looking for. Sorry I can’t help closer to you.


There's a new one at [Partridge Park](https://www.google.com/maps/place/Partridge+Park/@43.1504875,-79.237832,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x82bf2ef4bac1f6cc!8m2!3d43.1493606!4d-79.2379608), which is near downtown


Probably the best one I've seen in the city. The baskets actually have nets. There used to be decent courts at the Collegiate, but they were ripped out to make way for the new track. I'm curious to see if they're put back in.


It’s because OG residents paid for extra stuff for that park. Also, there is a residents group that maintains it sometimes.




Apologies if this has been asked a ton before btw.


Interesting question. I don’t know of any ‘public’ courts, and have been thinking for a while that this city needs better options for people that want to play rec/pickup ball. Most of the courts people use are in schoolyards, which are technically private property. I’ll be checking back in to see find out if there are courts that I’m not aware of or if others are in the same boat. I think the popularity of basketball has outpaced public infrastructure that supports it both indoors and outdoors in most mid-sized cities…


Also…the city used to have a deal with Harriet Tubman school for public ‘open’ court time in their gym on Friday nights, but I think that’s been replaced by pickle ball…


I cant think of any. The one you mentioned is bad and theres another close by at valleyview park and it is worse. I think the last thing the city invested in when it comes to the parks are the jungle gyms in the mid to late 90s and a splash pad.


Torosian Park it's pretty cool


I typically play on the basketball court near Roehampton Ave. Probably the best court I’ve found in the area. I tried to arrange pick up at the Meridian Center in Fonthill but no one was interested. If anyone is interested in pick up please let me know. I’ve been wanting to hoop since the start of the pandemic.


Old kernahan park on bunting near queenston great courts


There’s one in Westland Park in Western Hills.


There's a decent court at Glengarry Park near the Pen Center


There’s a nice school off glenridge new court. I play there often. It’s quiet though. Never met anybody to play pick there. There’s a couple courts off bunting I see some people play at some times. I’ve had pick up ball there while soccer was on.