The Underworld Alliance needs your help! We have 6 guilds varying from 110M through to our Cpit 290M guild. Join the Scum of the Galaxy!

The Underworld Alliance needs your help! We have 6 guilds varying from 110M through to our Cpit 290M guild. Join the Scum of the Galaxy!


Looking for a fun, stable, and easy-going atmosphere with some genuinely cool people? Then come join The Underworld Alliance! We have 6 guilds to accommodate all player GP levels and play styles: UW Hutt Cartel (290M GP, 49/50, Geo TB): Hutt Cartel runs all heroic raids including Challenge Rancor and is now earning 31 stars (plus 45+ Wat Shards) in DS Geo TB and 21 stars (plus KAM shards!!) in LS Geo TB! Full clears of TW in 2-3 hours. Looking for rosters that are focused on TB (KAM ready) and that have the teams needed to contribute to Challenge Rancor, especially p4 teams. Come join us as we dominate the galaxy! UW MostWretchedHive (246M, 46/50, Geo TB): MostWretchedHive runs all heroic raids, raking in 28 stars (39+ Wat Shards) DS and 15 stars (and some KAM shards) in LS Geo TBs. We’re on a roll with TW, up to a 15-win streak now! Looking for rosters that are Geo TB focused (particularly towards KAM and LS Geo TB) and that are working towards Challenge Rancor. Vode An! Brothers All! UW Wa Da Tah (238M GP, 47/50, Geo TB): Wa Da Tah is a fully heroic guild that runs DS Geo TB (26* plus 30 Wat shards) and LS Geo TB (13*). We are a casual guild with no minimums who are working together to continue to grow into tackling the new TBs. Ideally you are 4M GP and looking for a friendly and welcoming group to play with, but we are open to smaller rosters who are committed to growing and participating in Guild activities. UW Crimson Dawn (181M GP, 47/50, Geo TB): Crimson Dawn is a fully heroic guild that runs DS Geo TB (22 stars, and 16 Wat Shards) and LS Geo TB (9 stars). CD is looking for members who want to be team players! Looking for 2.5M+ GP, however exceptions are made for well-focused rosters and those willing to work towards the needed teams. We would love to welcome you into our ranks! UW Black Sun (172M GP, 48/50, Hoth LS TB, Geo DS TB): Looking for a more laid back and casual experience, but with a guild that actually still gives a crap? Then come join Black Sun! BS is a fully heroic guild that runs LS Hoth (40 stars) and DS Geo (16 stars). No ticket minimums. Just be around and have fun! UW Death Watch (110M GP, 50/50, Hoth TB): Death Watch is a fully heroic guild that is seeking motivated players to fill our ranks! We are looking for 1.5M+ GP players to help prepare us for DS Geo TB, while pushing further in Hoth TB's (34DS, 36LS). In a recent test run, DW earned 10 stars in DS Geo TB. 500 tickets per day is required, however we understand that life comes first and we just ask for notice that you will be short. Join Death Watch and help us crush those that resist us! https://discord.gg/RSTWnq94


Truly would not still be playing this game if not for this amazing group of people in the UW Alliance! They help keep the game fun and engaging while maintaining a relaxed, chill vibe. Every guild has tremendous leadership with dedicated officers that work their butts off to make this alliance the best that it can be!


Home away from home 😀 only guild/alliance I will be in.


Nice and chill place to hang out and grow your account no matter what stage you are at!


I'm a member for about 3 months and it's the best decision I made.


https://swgoh.gg/p/944795992/characters/ A little short on GP but maybe there is still a spot for me? My current guild is falling apart and it slows down the growth by a sizable margin


Hey bud, so our guilds are growing too fast! Unfortunately we just don't have space for an account your size right now. Our two newest guilds are already averaging closer to 2 M GP with at least 1 team with relics per roster. We keep all our guilds growing together instead of constantly shuffling them like some other alliances, so until we start another new-player focused guild, I'm afraid I'll just have to wish you the best. May the Force be With You!


Thanks for the response. Best of luck to you!


Hey, let me ask some of our officers and see what they think!


We've been growing together for 3+ years! A place to play for all styles. Plus, we do Secret Santa!


Amazing alliance to play in! Everyone is v friendly, helpful, and excited about the game.


Amazing group, amazing alliance!


Joined this group a year ago after two other guilds split off. I'm not the stongest, or the weakest, but if you have heart like me check us out!