UW Most Wretched Hive is a Geo TB focused guild with Challenge Rancor on farm! In terms of DS Geo, MWH earns 30 stars with 39 WAT shards. We regularly milk all SMs for GET2, and are working to exploit full phase 4 CMs needed for that 31st star. On LS Geo we earn 18 stars with 2 more stars very close, plus a handful of KAM shards with 10+ members close! Raid Times are constant - 9PM Eastern USA time. Our ticket refresh is 6:30pm. Challenge Pit Raid is on farm, come get that elusive R8 material! We have a core of long timers with some who joined along the way, and we have a couple of very focused new "lower GP" players. 600 tickets per day required to ensure constant raiding. Bot metrics help us track habitual trends for follow up with individuals. Net result is nearly max tickets, plenty of shard shop currency, and a GREAT pace of regular RAIDS. Our TW fortunes are on a roll. We are competitive, and have 16 wins from the last 17. Come join us and dominate the galaxy![https://discord.gg/64kJkV5QN7](https://discord.gg/64kJkV5QN7)


I’ve been at the Hive for a long time. It’s a great place for advanced and focused players to learn, grow and reap solid rewards. We are serious about helping members improve their pvp counters and TB waves. Very active discord community with deep resources for all game modes. Hop over to our server!


New Guild leader of UW death watch and ever since MWH joined been impressed by there organisation and overall ability throughout the guild. Great community to be part of.


I am in one of the lower guild in this alliance, so I am benefitting from their competitive approach. Also, as in all the guild in UW, there is a lot of fun chatting going on.


Love this alliance. Would never think of going anywhere else. I’ve been playing since November 2020 and have made GREAT progress.


An amazing alliance any way u look at it. And now with a fresh new starter guild to accommodate all size accounts!