Awesome guild, awesome peeps! Been in it for years and love it!


[https://swgoh.gg/g/27518/uw-mostwretchedhive/](https://swgoh.gg/g/27518/uw-mostwretchedhive/) UW Most Wretched Hive UW Most Wretched Hive is a Geo TB focused guild with Challenge Rancor on farm! In DS Geo, we earn 31 stars with 48+ WAT shards. We regularly milk all SMs for GET2, and are working to exploit full phase 4 CMs needed for that next star. In LS Geo we earn 22 stars plus 15 KAM shards with 10+ additional members close! Raid Times are constant - 9PM Eastern USA time. Our ticket refresh is 7:30pm USA Eastern Time. Challenge Pit Raid is on farm, come get that elusive R8 material! We have a core of long timers with some who joined along the way. 600 tickets per day is required to ensure constant raiding. Bot metrics help us track habitual trends for follow up with individuals. Net result is nearly max tickets, plenty of shard shop currency, and a GREAT pace of regular RAIDS. Our TW fortunes tied to the new format, with all members required to at least join and set defense. At our GP level we are guaranteed R9 mats! We are competitive, and have 7 wins from the last 10. Come join us and dominate the galaxy! [https://discord.gg/64kJkV5QN7](https://discord.gg/64kJkV5QN7)


Listen to the Captain - this is a great place to grow, whether you feel you need more focus & expertise or just to re-energize your game battling alongside a guild full of dedicated warriors.


A Very strong guild. I highly recommend you check them out if you are looking for a strong, motivated and friendly community.


Come collect the goodies!