It’s kind of like an exciting day when I do


Fr, my homie always tries to point out people who are possibly taller than me.


Yeah, i totally act like an annoying short person when I see someone significantly taller than me.


Very rarely but when I do I'm feeling uneasy and realize how most people feel when they stand next to me.


I saw an insanely tall guy at my boxing class, crazy tall. Got to the end of the class, walked past him and realised we were the same height.


This happens to me sometimes. I'm sitting at a bar or a restaurant and someone walks by and all I can think is "holy shit that guy is a giant and barely fits in this room! Then I stand to use the restroom or something and we see eye to eye.


I have those a lot it’s kind of weird. I think it’s because we get so used to the general height of people we run into, and then you see a really tall person who stands out, and then you stand next to them and it reminds you how tall you are haha


Haha. Yes!!


I do that all the time with people who are shorter than me, then realize what a freak I am


I kinda think that we are born/conditioned to take being of average height as the reference point, regardless of how tall one actually is; so seeing that dude over there who looks freakishly out of place and is almost hitting the door frame automatically makes you think "wow that's one tall guy." Then you walk past him, realize you're actually of roughly the same height, and suddenly remember that you bumped your head on the same door frame just couple days ago.


Lol had the same incident


Ha, nice


I was smiling ear to ear at a guy I passed on the sidewalk today because he was my height, it was so rare that I couldn’t even say anything. Poor guy must have been weirded out by another guy his height smiling like The Joker at him.


Alright this was hilarious.


How tall..:.???


I remember at one of my hockey games I noticed at the start that their goalie was absolutely massive looking at him from the other side of the pitch. Then during the handshakes after the game I got to him and saw that he only came up to just above my eye level


This is me whenever I meet my Dutch distant relatives at family reunions


Me too. It feels very intimidating because I am not used to it. They always seem to be nice people though 😀


That's how I feel as well unless I know the person well. I think it's different for shorter people because they are used to people being taller than them. We see someone taller and it's like seeing a giraffe for the first time in a while.


No. Not often at all. Hell sometimes I'll see someone at a distance and think "thay guy is tall" then I get up close and I'm a good inch or two taller. I


Lol same with the taller from a distance thing but I'm 5'11


I'm 6'2 and I can relate to this lol. Like there's this guy I know, we don't hang out we just meet on the street from time to time and I always thought "damn he's tall" then a few days ago I came across him and he said "I haven't seen you in a while, you're tall as shit". I felt so good after that because I always thought he's taller lol. People look taller at a distance.




Bruh this happens to me all the time


Often enough, though I suppose they also tend to stand out in a crowd


I see men taller than me relatively frequently (few times a month-ish, sometimes more, sometimes less), but women I can count the number of times on one hand.


i’m dead in the middle of that and very very rarely do i see anyone even close. i feel like boban on campus


Where do you live? I am also that height and often see people taller than me. Have only meet two women taller than me but hundreds of males


i’m from charlotte nc


I'm on an ultimate frisbee team with a guy who's 6'7. So every other day or every 3 days. We also have the same name so it's great. I'm now the Little Matt.


Ultimate Frisbee, you say? Have you played against MKBHD?


By team, I meant a college club team. So no lol. But some alumni and current players are on semi pro teams


Ah, got it!


Yeah, almost weekly. (probably more if I wasn't slightly depressed and lonely due to neglecting friendships) Here in the Netherlands, especially in Friesland, I quite often see people who are a few cm's taller.


Can confirm, also Dutch, also slightly depressed and lonely


When I visited Amsterdam and Workum/Hindeloopen area, I also saw many people taller than me


One of the managers where I work is like 6'6". I've got some tall cousins too. 6'5" then another who's 6'7". Several of the guys I work with are 6'4" as well and we look each other right in the eyes when we talk without moving our heads slightly up or down at all.


Yeah almost Daily and I don't live in a tall country. Statistically 1-2 people out of 100 are taller than you at 6'3-6'4 so if you go to crowded places or cities Is not that rare. Sure it Is still a very tall height.


what country are you from?




Daily, it's usually between 5 or 10 people. I live in the Netherlands so thats probably why


Not at all


You aren't 6'3-6'4


I forgot haha


Weird flex but ok


Female here, USA. Probably like once a month, if even that often. And it’s only men, I have yet to EVER meet a woman taller than I am IRL. I get a lot of “my husband/nephew/brother/male relative is your height!!” from strangers though.


I have never met a woman as tall or taller than you and me either.


not often at all, I live in a small town so not that much people at all, so considering that i rarely leave my town i almost never meet people even my height


It's on and off. There's some days I'll be the tallest person I see the whole day, and then there'll be days where I see multiple guys taller. But it's kind of odd. Everyone's either WAY shorter, or WAY taller. There's rarely ever just an inch or 2 difference.


Rarely. I've met maybe half a dozen people taller than me since I turned 14.


I wouldn't say often, as usually when I go anywhere I'm the tallest in the room, but I'd say outside of basketball training/ games I see taller people 3-4 times a day


I'm not that tall but I see people taller than 6'4 at least 1-2x a week tbh. I am in Berlin, by the way. The tallest I've seen was 6'11 (yes, an entire foot taller than me, and I'm slightly above average in the US and my native country Brazil. You can imagine how surprised I felt XD)


Not often. Most people feel in the tallest at 6'4" but I feel normal and know there are others out there. Lol


My posture would be a lot better if there was always someone close to my height in the room. Anyone else straighten up when they encounter them too?


I go to a very large school so I see people taller than me pretty often. I think there are only like 15-30 that I’ve seen in my entire school though with almost 3000 kids. Of course there are probably more, but not that I have seen.


OK School. Line up according to height.


No not really


I’m 6’ 3 1/2” and I often joke that I’m always the second tallest person anywhere I go.


There’s one dude in my class that’s a half inch taller. Same class? Two 6’3 14 year olds in one class? Pretty rare. But I regularly see people taller. Mostly the same people. (6’5, 6’6, 6’8, 6’10) those are the tallest people I know haha


6’5” and I don’t see many taller than myself here in Australia . I do play basketball and sometimes I’ll see someone taller there.


I m 6'0, where i live i rarely see anyone that is taller. But when i go abroad it happens quite a lot


No, but i do feel weird when that happens


Every work day- my boss is 6’6”. Outside of that, not very often.


Not often, but when I do it is quite strange


Every few weeks maybe


No, I'm always surprised. There is usually one guy, on a busy day, that is taller.


Almost never, maybe once a year. When I used to work in the public though it was like maybe once every couple weeks I'd see someone an inch taller than me, sometimes 2 inches.


I'm 6'4, but from a big family. I have two brothers and my dad who are taller. Anywhere else, it feels weird if I have to look up at someone.


Everyday, my son is 7’1”, other than that a couple times a month outside of people I know


How tall are you and your family?


I’m 6’4” and my wife’s family is all over 6’ but my side is under 5’10”


I was 6'-4" in high school and remember standing in line in the cafeteria and looking out over a sea of fellow students. Then I turned around and the varsity basketball team happened to be standing behind me and I seemed to have to look straight up at them. Lol


Not really. But umbrella season is the worst.


No, but when I do I get a little jealous haha


Rarely happens but when it does I’m shocked. I’m two meters tall and I’m from the Country of the Giants aka the Netherlands. I remember this one time I was out clubbing and I saw two guys entering the place. Both of them were taller than me. I must’ve been gawking at them since the “smaller guy” walked up to me and spoke the legendary words “that’s too bad, right?”. Then he walked on and ordered a beer. What a power move. After I had regathered my confidence I went to him and asked about their height. He was 2.07m and his friend was an astounding 2.14m tall. Amazing. Will never forget this moment


I’m in NYC, and on the Subway some mornings I’ll see a guy who’s 6’5-6’6”. I’m only 16 though, so hopefully I make it up there someday.


Dope I’m also from NYC, and that seems about right if someone’s taller it’s usually 1-2 inches taller than me but sometimes 6’8 giants pull up out of nowhere and that’s really rare


I know a guy who’s 6’5 and he feels like a giant standing next to me, even tho he’s only two inches taller.


I feel this same way about people who are 6'4, absolute giants 😂


My SO is 6'6" and we went to an event a couple nights ago and saw a guy much taller than him. He reacted with "Dang that guy is tall" I told him, I bet you don't get to say that very often.




20 people taller than 6'4? That's a lot




I'm 6'4". Seldom see people taller than me. And then my daughter, years ago, went and played university bball. And I met the men's team. It is very odd, to this day, to look up at someone.


It’s like asking Elon Musk if he meets many people smarter than him




Where do you live Im over here in brooklyn And don’t see people taller often


Here in Africa not to often


I live in India Nad it's very vert rare to see someone taller than me. FYI I am 6.3


Less than 10 times a month apart from some people I regularly see. EDIT: Can't edit flair. I am 192 cm – 193 cm something.


Where are yall living where everyone is so short. here I am, 6'3 and see people taller than me almost everyday, especially when I'm on campus, where I feel average af.


Outside of Europe and the Dinka Tribe, everyone is short. You usually see a variety of heights in cities.


Not that often. But last week at the airport I saw a bunch of people that were taller. It felt weird to be “average”.


Only during periods when I have worked with, lived with or been friends with people taller than me. Though I have known several people around my height.


I would say about every two weeks to a month, it’s pretty rare.


There's someone at work who is 6'-6", so yes.


I'm 6'1 at 16 years old. There are 172 boys in my school (all boys school) out of those boys, 28 of them are the same height are taller than me. I live in Ireland, dont really know how people who r only 2-3 inches taller than me at 6'3-6'4 dont see people taller everyday. On my commute to school, i see multiple men or other school boys who are taller than me.


No not much at all


Pretty regularly. They usually 1-2 inches taller


Rarely. Once or twice a year maybe. I feel like I always have a bigger reaction then short people because it happens so rarely.


Yeah, Everytime I go to work or just in public. Although I am only 192 cm. In my class with 12 people i was 3rd the others being 194 and 198 cm. Now at work I am fourth tallest of 30 although half is women and i have only met two women taller than me


I am actually a 6’3 girl. And the answer is never hahahah Only some man here and there. Here in Brazil everybody is soooo shoooooort >_<




Yeah from time to time but, not often. I’m usually the one of the tallest people in the room, I see guys close to my height more often then I see taller guys


Every six months


I’m 6’9” and sometimes I meet guys taller but there’s a bit more that I get the pleasure to meet that are 6’5” or so or closer.


I’m 6’5 and I don’t see it too often, but when I do for some reason people ask me if it bothers me not being the tallest. Like no if I was any taller clothes and shoes would be ever harder to find


I’m 6’5” and rarely see someone taller than me, but when I do, I immediately begin an internal dialogue towards them that starts with “What? You think you’re better than me or something?” Honestly, I wish I was as happy to see other tall guys like Jeep owners are when they see other Jeep owners, but it seems to never be mutual.


Not that often except on airplanes. Probably because we all want those seats with extra leg room


6’4 here. Occasionally but not often.


I wouldn't say it's often but it is quite uncomfortable when it happens lol


In public, its not too often that I see people taller than me, but there are definitely some. However,I have a teacher that’s 6’8” that I see everyday. Sooo yeah…


I’m the shortest guy in my family at 6’4”, so yes very often.


Probably not "often", but at least once or twice a week.


6’ 3”, here. If someone is unusually tall- like 6’7” or above, hell yes. Otherwise not at all. I feel so bad for them, too. Airplanes, man. SMH.


I live in NYC. I usually don’t see much guys taller than me walking around. When i do see someone taller than me, it’s usually someone who isn’t much taller than me (6’4-6’5 range). But there are times where i see guys who are 6’7 plus and it feels very weird to say the least.


Yup this sounds about right, I’m also from NYC and 6’8 giants sometimes pull up out of nowhere making me feel small but that’s very rare


there are a handful in my town, but few enough that I recognize each one(don't know them personally tho)


Almost never. It’s always an interesting experience to see someone taller though. Usually when I see a guy the exact height as me, we just give each other a head nod.


Once every few days. But I see a lot of people for some of the work I do.


I work with two. I'm 189.5cm, so just under the height you mentioned in the title but the two dudes at work are both like 6'7. I feel so short standing near them


Why you have 192 cm in your flair?


I measured incorrectly. Recently had a doctor's appt and got measured. Forgot about the flair


I wouldnt say often but from time to time I notice someone taller than me and I'm 6'4"....when I do notice someone taller than me I'm like dang that person is for sure tall if I'm looking up at them bc I'm tall lol


It's very rare for me because I'm from India. I remember meeting a guy who's my height and turns out we share the same name. It was an amazing experience!


I live in South Africa, I'm 6'3. The white (boere) community are very tall on average. I quite often see men my height or taller, we are also built quite large.


Apparently I moved somewhere with more giants, so I see a lot of people who are probably 6'6"+


im a kid but in my country almost nobody pases the 5´8 or 5´9 but sometimes i see people from like um 6´0 (im 5´11)


6'4, I'd say once a year or every 6 months.


Average person in my family is 6’3 so give me a few years to grow to that height and then I’ll tell you


Yeah pretty much every day


I work at a casino. I do. I even see taller old ppl.


Normally, I would say no, but recently I have been meeting quite a crew of people standing above the famous 6 ft threshold. What makes the greatest impact when meeting someone taller than you at 6'3/6'4 is that there is probably going to be a significant difference between your heights.


I don't fall in the height span you asked about but I'm 6'6.5" and live in Sweden. I believe like 1 in 200 men is taller than me and 1 in 100 is about my height. So in occasion I see someone taller than me.


I rarely do, but it happens sometimes, there's this one guy that goes to school with me, he's about 6'7 but he's a year older than him, but I wouldn't count him as running into someone taller than me though, bc we know each other, anyways, it's once every month or so that I see someone taller than me


It’s rare which makes it more unnerving when I do encounter a huge dude


Not very often, no. Most frequently it's when my sons are visiting!




Yeah probably see like 5~10 if I'm town


Im 6'5, but otherwise it's quite rare, last time it was a man about 6'8 (203+cm) last week. Otherwise it's every two months or so.


Yes. Between my time of playing basketball and track and field, I've came across people taller than me often. Even when running errands, I would see people that's 6'7-6'9. And I would just think to myself, "damn that person is tall."


No, but if I do it's very very eye opening. It's like I went a year without physically being around another human taller than me, or more so that I've been the tallest person in any room I've been in for a year. Being tall is like buying crypto early and having other people excitedly tell you your in profit, which means nothing because you lost the password 😂 I'm almost always the awkwardly menacing giant who's eyes are busy af looking around any place I go to.


I'm 6', not super tall but certainly taller than most people I meet. Ill occasionally meet people who are around 6'2/6'4 but overall most tall people I meet are around my height, give or take a half inch. I had two customers, semi-regulars where I worked that I assume are around 6'4 or 6'5 and I felt very small, which is jarring to me considering I'm usually one of the taller people in a group. One guy, who's around my height, came in with his son whom I assume was close to 6'8 and I definitely felt like I was an inch tall compared to this guy. Not just tall, but broad too, probably an athlete or something. Maybe it's just where I live but 6'4 is rare enough


Im not tall , im just 5’11 but my homies are on average 192cm, theres still a lot of taller than them but pretty much im on shorter side


yeah even in my own school i do


My cousin (6’5) and I (6’4) used to go to the mall when we were younger and play “is anyone taller than us?”


Yea maybe it’s because i hang out with the baseball kids but in highschool theres at least 4 kids i see that are taller than me


Yes but I think it is confirmation bias ignoring the throngs of little people


I'm 6'7", very rarely I'll see someone my height and we both make eye contact and nod to each other. Just a tall guy thing lol.


I see my twin brother every day


I love seeing people my height but it never happens. Sometimes I think I’m normal height until I see someone my height. 6’4


6’5 here, i mean, in london theres alot of guys over 6’2 so sometimes i feel like im small but really im just next to a hulking giant


At my height I have to wear sandals because if I wear shoes I don’t see anyone taller than me most days. I actually prefer looking up sometimes haha


Its not very often i see a new person taller than me.


Pretty rare but not unheard of.


Im 6’3” and one of my friends is 6’4,” so yeah I guess


It’s rare enough that I’m always surprised.


I saw a guy working at a gas station who was a good 4 inches taller than me. Almost said “wow you’re really tall” until I realized I hate when people do that to me.


That’s how I felt around the basketball team in college. They were the only guys who were either my height or taller. It’s dope meeting people taller than you every now and then.


once every 2 days ish


Like all the time, everywhere


Where are you from? Here in NYC that’s not the case


Serbia. The average here is 6'1-ish


Not often. I am 6’3. If there are a ton of people like I’m at Costco sure I might see a couple


I’m 6’2 I rarely meet people taller than me.


I'm taller than you're asking for but I can count the amount of people I've met taller than me on one hand, and most were quite a bit taller than me


I see people all the time like “man that dude seems tall” just to walk by and be taller by a few inches. Makes me realize what people see of me when they walk by


6’7 - only really at basketball games. Maybe once or twice a year out and about.


No but ot uncomfortable when I do. The shift of perspective is unsettling.


I’m a girl but recently I saw a girl and thought “wow she is tall holy crap!” and walked by and I was still taller


I'm the guy you see, maybe.


I’m that guy that’s taller than everyone at 6’7 at 17




It’s amazing how easy they are to spot. Also, when I see myself in a photo, I’m all, “Do I really look that tall?” And I’m not really all that tall.


Rarely. But if I do, they're typically only 1-2" taller.


Occasionally, and then I understand the draw that people have towards things like “you’re so tall”, and “how tall are you?” Anyone 6’3” or taller draws my attention, and there’s the internal battle of not being that guy. Also, my BIL is 6’9” and lean, but when we’re all chilling in the living room, we’re all kinda the same size.