COVID-19 disinformation backfires as Russian deaths climb, EU says

COVID-19 disinformation backfires as Russian deaths climb, EU says


More than a year after the USA presidential Covid misinformation campaign, both have had tragic consequences, as the Covid19 virus does not give a rats about politics!


Somehow pleased by this news, but sorry for those russians suffering collateral damage from their government’s actions (once again).


So you're pleased that people are dying because of politicians, but also sorry at the same time. Seems like a contradiction to me. Do you think the Russian government cares that its citizens are dying. Ah who cares though, as long as you're pleased with it.


They should care if only for selfish reasons. You’re weakening your own country and killing taxpayers essentially.


Just because they should doesn't mean they do. Don't get me wrong I'm not necessarily saying the Russian government doesn't care about its citizens. The thread was about misinformation and it backfiring on the Russian people, and someone being pleased about people dying, because somehow that will teach the people who dished out said misinformation. I believe most governments actually don't care per say. They only care for the exact reasons you have stated.


Maybe it’s all part of Putin’s plan? Putin didn’t have any problems leading a false flag terror attack on Russian citizens to consolidate power in ‘99. Maybe he’ll use these COVID deaths as a means to consolidate even more power.


All very possible. I wouldn't put it past him tbh. I had to do a quick Google search of the terrorist attack in 99. Definitely seems rather iffy from the quick read I had of the event's. That's my interest peaked in that situation.


I was just waiting for the hot head


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If there only had been a critically acclaimed miniseries set in the Soviet union that had a central theme about the cost of lies to warn them back in 2019.


Or, you know.... The actual events it was based on