New climate alliance to push for phasing out oil and gas at upcoming climate conference

New climate alliance to push for phasing out oil and gas at upcoming climate conference


You can make a form of plastic from corn.


How about carbon fiber?


New Climate Alliance aka Climate Alliance Part 4. We've been through this every decade since the 90s with no practical advancement beyond the initial agreements made in the 90s. It's been proven again and again that global gentlemens' agreements do not work and are ineffective. It is an attempt to replace green democracy with green diplomacy, with correspondingly poor results as there is no broad public consent for these policies *especially* not in the global south which the west is externalizing all it's emissions to. The results here will continue being poor until every western country admits that green policy is *totally* incompatible with free trade and unregulated trade. So long as China can keep making solar panels using slave labor and coal power and then export them to undercut western firms, climate policy will never be effective. Ditto for Saudi Arabia, so long as they can freely export oil to the USA Americans will forever be dependent on gas guzzling SUVs.


I’ll ask the dumb question: what is the plan for replacing plastic then? We have a society that cannot survive without plastics, from medical to even the device that’s probably in your hand right now. Plastic is a byproduct of oil refining. We all know we refine oil for fuel, but we are held hostage by all the other byproducts from that production.


Sadly, there is no plan to replace plastic. I mean, as an individual, you can try your best and live plastic free. But that's not going to happen on large scale, plastic is just too useful as a material. For one we should stop producing new plastic that is thrown onto the garbage pile the next day. And we need to find ways to recycle plastics in non degenerative ways. Use what we already have and keep it in the loop. I know that sounds like wishful thinking. Maybe it is.


There are many startup companies trying to come up with biodegradable products like dishes made of plants, planks made of chopsticks etc. And what's surprising is they often come from developing countries. So I suppose in 5 years we'll have much more of that and less primitive plastics.


hemp plastic is pretty rad


The day the world (or Merica) stands still! No one making $20 an hour will be able to afford an electrical car! We should stop all this road construction, cus we aren’t gonna need it!




If you are wealthy and connected then the rules don't apply to you, if you're not then it is your fault for being non-wealthy and not connected.


People who assume we can replace our current energy consumption with renewable energy have not thought it through.


Always take the low hanging fruit. Where the sun shines pv solar is simply cheaper. Like, half the cost of other forms. So of course they're ramping up there. As the cost of PV continues to decline that will be more and more places. Other places, electric costs are high enough, or service unreliable enough, for some homeowners with good location to solve their own electricity needs with rooftop solar and battery. Maybe with generator backup for extreme weather. In rural areas it's easy because when you have acres you can build a big shed to put on as much solar as you need. Always getting the need down first is key. In Northern climes dark colors, vapor barriers, good insulation are important first steps. When taking care of your home makes you more comfortable that's an easy choice. If you're on the North slope of a mountain in the Arctic solar is never going to work for you. But that's already a miserably gloomy place to live and not many do. One day they'll have small scale nuclear for that. One thing we need to look out for is that the incentive and resources to go home solar is uneven. That can be unfair to the poor. It can create a local area that has so many people withdrawing from the grid that the remainder face spiralling maintenance and delivery costs, motivating them to leave also until the grid becomes economically unsustainable.


Exactly, I'm not sure why this massive elephant in the room isn't ever addressed.


People who believe we should carry on as normal because renewables aren’t perfect haven’t thought it through..


People who believe we need to transition energy asap, but know there’s no tech there yet to do so instantly without crushing poor people under spiraling energy costs. ..


Plenty of economists believe the sooner we do it, the better off we’ll be. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is saying we shut off all fossil fuel use now, that would clearly be insane.


My self-designed passive solar home keeps itself at 10°C or better irrespective of the outside temperature (down to <-30° on the coldest days). I bump that up to a more comfortable temperature with a masonry heater. The amazing thing for me is how uninterested most people are in a house that heats itself for the most part.




From my experience, passive solar should work. The majority of the days here in winter are overcast. The gain is not as great as it is on sunny/partly sunny days, but there is gain heating our house. If we were in a sunnier spot, we’d be cracking the windows in winter more often than we do, but we are still receiving heat.


I live in an area where homes are heated with Natural Gas and electricity (88% of it) comes from burning Coal. Solar isn't a practical option and electricity is adding to the problem. A lot more science needs to be done before I can leave the fossil fuel network. As an aside. Where I live buying a gasoline powered car has a lower green house penalty than buying a electric vehicle for the first 90,000 kilometers.


.... and WTF am I supposed to heat my home with when the temperature drops below 10⁰ C outside? The sun is too low in the sky to use solar in the winter. It gets covered with snow. It is only daylight from 8 am to 4 pm.


Charge it with a treadmill. Free electricity and heating + you’ll get off your fat ass and do some exercise.


There’s plenty of other options for renewable energy


I'm all ears


Wind energy, nuclear, geo thermal energy. The list goes on


The world as it is won’t make it past this century. With Norway, Russia and China reversing their stance on utilisation of fossile fuel, Africa developing itself rapidly, there is no way we can keep the goal set at the COP21. This will create tensions, global wars, and climatic catastrophes. Hundreds of Millions will die in the next 50 years. There will be an equilibrium eventually but with an enormous set back of humankind


There is no shortage of idiots.