In Doctor Who it was stated that a Time Lord who’s like 90 years old was still considered a child


Yeah well they also live >900 years so a maximum of a tenth into that lifetime being considered a child phase makes sense.




Yeah when you consider that the 1st doctor was already older than 250 and still in good health when he first appeared, you'd think that the average Time Lord lived to at least 3000. I've seen consistent reference to him living to 450 in his first incarnation which would imply a time lord could live to 6000.


Matts smiths incarnation is believed to be 2k years ca


Didn't Peter Capaldi's doctor spend like 4.5 Billion years inside the confessional dial?


At that point, you might as well say that Time Lords are immortal. Like lobsters. They’ll never die of old age.


The thing is, the way the dial worked he was basically trapped in a time loop where he repeatedly died and was respawned, he just remembers the time


Ah, so he’s just mentally 4.5 billion years old. It’s been years since I watched that season, so I couldn’t remember how it worked!


I dont think he remembers. He figures it out every iteration.


When it comes to fantasy world building it does raise an interesting question of what should be a child. There are a few ways to look at it. A lot of people go with experience, but the problem with this is that experience isn't just measured in years. This let's you get fantasy cultures where there is some specific guidelines for turning an adult and it doesn't matter one's age when they meet it. Rights of passage and such. Then there is the biological level. Even if one's fantasy doesn't really consider biology, it is good for the world building to follow some basic consistency enough that it doesn't break immersion. Thus if you have a species that lives to 1000, there is a difference in childhood when their brains mature just as fast as a human compared to when they mature at 1/10th the speed. Similar for sexual maturity though many fantasy settings keep a distance from sexual matters entirely (sometimes to the point it qualifies as a trope). There's also a matter of education. Unless the species learns much slower, longer childhood allows for greater teaching and greater expertise building. Then there is the possibility of breaking away from the child/teen/adult/elder flow and coming up with entirely new life stages, though if you go too alien then readers will have a hard time following unless you either slowly introduce them or that is the intent.


Brain doesn't stop developing till we're like 25 and education usually ends around 22-28 Honestly we as humans start too early. If you go back even further adulthood was like 13-14 for alot of culture way back in the day.


Well if we do it by proportion it doesn't work for humans.


Why not? I didn't say 10% into ones life *was* 9 years old, nor did i say that 90 year old time lords are equivalent to 9 year old humans. I also didn't say timelords or humans were kids for 10 percent of their life.. I just said that a time lord being a maximum of 10% of the way into their normal life span makes sense for them to still be kids. For us to spend less than 10 percent of our lives as kids, we'd have to live to about 100-120+ years old depending on where your cut off for "kid" is. So as long as we aren't living to that age, being a tenth of the way through life and still being a "kid" checks out. We know the doctor is at minimum 900 years old when the 9th doctor rolls around. I believe he mentions it at some point. So. If the kid timelord is 90 years old. Thats no more than 10 percent of the way through a normal lifespan, so that lines up with humans.


I was just making an observational statement… nothing particularly directed at your comment… if we do it by percentage it doesn’t work


I'm really not sure what you mean by "if we do it by percentage it doesn't work" what doesn't work? Comparing the stages of life between the two? I just explained how that works. So, what doesn't work? I. Genuinely just confused by what you mean. I'm not trying to argue or anything like that at all. But if you don't respond thats fine. I didn't respond to your first comment to try to be argumentative or whatever. I just was explaining what I meant by saying being a tenth of the way through ones life at maximum for humans is still considered childhood. So if we're comparing humans stages to timelord stages, and the timelord whos 90 is a child, that checks out.


I subscribe to this notion. The only person I deem wise and adulty enough is my 93 year old grandma.




Pretty much the same for elves in fantasy series like lotr and dnd. Any elf under 100 is just a baby.


Which makes it really weird when the Doctor makes out woth people in their mid 20s...


They’re humans though. Think of it this way, Humans: 1/10 Time Lords: 10/100


the age difference is the least weird thing in that dynamic


Also baby yoda is 50.


More like Baby Boomer 🥁


I propose 40 as a new upper limit.


As a 39yo man. I think we should make it 45 or 50.


I've got 8 months til the big four oh.. Ugh


Mines 5 mo. My wife keeps asking me what I want to do, and apparently "just die" isn't a good answer.


Hey, it seems like a valid enough answer to me


Hear hear! 42 and still finding a career


45 and considering moving back in with my parents. Huzzah!


Baby Yoda is 50. Just sayin.


I'm 41, female, and collect pictures of penis tattoo and penis graffiti. I've regressed in most ways.


Well biblically from birth to 40 years old was considered young.


People dont grow up they just learn to feed themselves


Spot on. I'm in my 40s. I still feel like a child figuring things out, that I haven't really earned the right to disperse wisdom or to say I've finally learned how to be a good person. But damn my cooking is orders of magnitude better now. When I think about the meals I used to make for myself even only 10-15 years ago it's honestly embarrassing. I had no idea what I was doing with no idea of just how bad I was.


What were you doing and what are you doing now? Were there breakthrough moments or was it just accumulating skills bit by bit?


Learn the importance of a wok and how it can be used for anything.


Definitely bit by bit, no quantum leaps really. My biggest regret is not getting high quality nonstick cookware sooner. I used stainless everything, and all that did was get the best tasting parts of the food permanently cooked to the surface.


Clarify your butter!


it is butter


Greatest insult is looking up to your parents in their 40's like they have it all figured out, then getting to 40's and realize they were winging it.


My grandpa says that you don’t grow up you just get older.


We force people to grow quickly it's like one day in school the next it's like CHOOSE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE NOW! which just fucks with people you can't just be like YOU CAN BE ANYTHING to CHOOSE IT ALL NOW! there needs to be growth room but we normal people don't have that, it's all bills and rent you need to work towards rather than actual growth of you as a person, you are worth as much as the taxes you can pay at the end of the day.


Struggling with this a lot now. I spent 20 years being told that the ultimate goal is get an education and get a job. I’ve done that now. What the fuck else am I supposed to do now?


Raise a family, continue to better yourself through experience(either professional or recreationally), pass on that wisdom to the next generation, and die.


Don’t want a family, kids would be bad for me personally, I’ve got no motivation to get better. Tbh I do want to die, but I’ve been informed that I’m not given a choice in that.


You can do whatever you want as long as you accept the consequences. If you haven't done it yet, some part of your mind still sees life as (at least slightly) better than death. Explore that part and maybe you'll find a small-but-solid foundation to build a meaningful future upon. Or maybe there's nothing left, but then at least you'll *know* life is pointless and unprofitable.


Find a higher calling, or spirituality.


Try mushrooms playing an instrument with others and exercise


>We force people to grow quickly Guess how it was 100 years ago where they went straight into the coal mines or chimney sweeping at 4 years old. And the further back you go the worse it gets. The "teenage years" are a relatively new invention. This was not a thing in the old days. There was no "finding yourself" back then. And in the modern age I was still buying fucking action figures to put on my cubicle desk when I was 27 lol.


There was if you were (an upper class) male.


If you have a minute to think you might think the wrong thoughts.


This entire thread is mostly people saying they're still kids at heart and all the grownups are faking it. For balance sake, I'm going to say that *not everyone is faking.* I'm in my mid-thirties now and I've *always* felt like the only adult in the room, even surrounded by people three times my age, and have done since as early as my teenage years. If I had a front-of-property lawn, I'd be telling people to get off it. I relate very well to Bilbo.


I think it is our perception of grown ups when we’re a child determines if we “feel” like a grown up as an adult. I thought my parents knew everything, never felt insecure and didn’t have any struggles. While I know that isn’t ACTUALLY the case, subconsciously I feel like I haven’t reached grown up status yet.


When I look at myself in the first grade and I look at myself now, I'm basically the same. The temperament is not that different


you are never an adult, you are just faking it till death


I’m early twenties and I’m scared of growing older. Everyone seems so impersonal or concerned about their own lives when they’re older and everyone seems so adulty and serious. I’m sure there’s some people I can dig for but adulthood seems so dull if you’re not into the things others are.


Adulthood definitely has more responsibility, but you also have more freedom to be who you want, and to find others who are just as weird as you are. A lot of people do mellow out, but that's a choice. We have to get older but we don't have to grow up. :)


We are all faking it, nobody knows shit. Just the other day I was in a car accident involving 3 people and I was the adult in the situation. I held my calm but oh boy was I freaking out on the inside!


Almost 40 own a home, wife and kid. I don't have a fucking clue what's going on.


They are all faking it.


We’re all just faking it so the younger folks thinks we have authority. I’m in my early 30s and if in a situation that calls for an adult decision, my first reaction would be looking around the room before realizing “oh shit, I’m the adult.”


The older you get the more you realize you only have so much energy to give out each day. Obviously people are going to spend that energy on themselves and the people closest to them first.


I'm 34 and look around at other people my age and they seem like adults and I still feel like a teenager (stuck in an older body)


physical and mental maturity definitely exist but I refuse to believe that adults do


Romans: hold my wine


maybe that's where he got the inspiration from!


IIRC tolkein created hobbits as a foil to men, the way dwarves and elves serve as fools for each other. So while men rush through life trying to accomplish all they can Behr their death due to their short lifespans, hobbits take the time to appreciate the things in life not attributed to themselves and their accomplishments. They are satisfied not changing the world because doing do would cut into their "enjoying the little things" time. So while men rush out into "adulthood" to try to make their mark before they really ought to, hobbits stay at home as long as possible because family and community isn't an accomplishment, it's a slowly built group effort.


This tracks well, and is nicely explained. I’d also like to add that hobbits come of age at 33, not 30. Side note: Frodo is 50 when he, Sam and the others leave the Shire.


People older than 35 are just overripe children


Me at 39: any day now gonna be a grownup.




Me, at 47, not quite ready yet.


The Average life expectancy of a Hobbit was 100 with middle ages medical technology. Humans life expectancy is 80 with modern medical technology.


It was always around 80, most people just died of starvation plague or getting stabbed in the face before they get that old so the average age of death was much lower


You've had one childhood, yes. But what about SECOND childhood?


I am reminded of that tweet I saw once: I am an adult, but like an adult cat. I can kind of make it on my own, but someone should probably be taking care of me.


At 45, baby Yoda being 50 has me rubbing my chin like, now hold on a sec.


The kid from South Park?


My dad used to insist you weren't an adult until you were 40 At 40 he changed that to 50 And at 50 he changed it to 60 lol Growing up is for boring people


Technically the human brain doesn’t finish developing until 25-30. We can reproduce at 12-13, though, and usually split the difference at an arbitrary number like 18 or 21.


I’m 38 and I still want to know when I’ll actually feel like an adult


I actually turned 34 today and this made me laugh an unreasonable amount.


Yeah Tolkien is awesome no wonder that kid from South Park was named after him




Can someone explain this to me?


Someone at 14 thought 30 is way too late for adulthood. At 25 though you still have no idea what’s going on. Even at 34 you are still making it up as you go along.




Leave us manchildren alone. Signed, a 28 year old man that was stoked to come home and play pokemon today after work.


## chuldren


Grogu: Amateurs!


Even look at the constitution of the US, got to be 24 to be in the House, 30 for the senate and 35 for the presidency.


Well they are known to be overly hasty.


Isn’t it 33 for hobbits




That's because age as we know it is mainly about culture. People love to site brain development but that's mostly a myth. Even tho the brain is still growing at early ages what matters most in mental maturity is life experience. You see this in adults (as was stated) who do not feel like they are older, because when you get out of school, many of us stop growing, we stop experiencing new things, we instead stop and stagnate in a job or just staying at home so our mental growth stagnates too. And aside from certain physical attributes, that is what age truly is. An accumulation of life experience.


If you have zero self-confidence, you always have a voice in your head eternally screaming, "HELP I NEED AN ADULT!!!" no matter what age you are.


Based on what I saw as an American over these past couple of years, this makes absolute sense.


Adults that are unwilling to grow up are exhausting.