So I used to read these sort of posts with amazement - how could you not realise you're allergic to something??! But then, while eating a marmalade sandwich, I realised it's not normal for your mouth to burn while eating something. I've eaten marmalade my entire life and I'm 35. Guess what I'm allergic to? 🙃


My friends brother is allergic to watermelon. He thought the tingling sensation in the back of your throat was part of "the watermelon experience."


I get that beautiful sensation with all fruit, no matter what kind and how it’s served, and I’m almost certain I have a fruit allergy, but barely anyone believes me and my mom (I’m a teen) won’t take me to the doctor. **edit:** some words **edit 2:** Also, it’s actually a lot more frustrating than that. I’ve told everyone that fruit makes my throat tingle and my ears itch since I was a small kid, and *everyone* has either just dismissed it or made fun of me for it. One time, my father compared me to a friend of his who “always says her throat tingles when she eats eggs” as if it’s some kind of bizzare, unbelievable thing, and like she’s definitely making it up because she’s weird. These fuckin people have never heard of an allergy, apparently. Now imagine what it’s like talking to them about mental health, lol. I grew up thinking I was just making it up and being lowkey insecure about it, until I realized, pretty recently, that this is likely just an allergy—*a normal thing that just happens sometimes*—and that I need to stop feeling weird about it, and stand my ground if someone tries to make fun of me for it. One of those days, hopefully soon, I’m just gonna go to a good fuckin doctor who will finally take me seriously. One of those days. anyway rant over


my sister has the same allergy to most raw plant matter. see an allergist


I’m trying to but my mom won’t take me the doctor, and pretty much all other doctors I’ve talked to about this before have dismissed me.


honestly i would throw a huge fit about it. not dropping things is how i got some medical treatments i needed. refuse to eat anything that you’re allergic to and say how much the allergy is affecting your life and how upset you are about it. the next time you’re at the doctor for something else, bring it up and how much of a problem it is. it got worse for my sister and went from a little tingle to seriously itchy and uncomfortable, and it could get life threatening if you ignore it. it really is a big deal


I’m definitely gonna do that the next time the topic comes up :-] I actually started going to a dietician recently and she, surprisingly, believed me, and helped make a diet for me that doesn’t involve any fruit.


Are you in the United States? Usually people get a physical yearly, which also involves taking a blood sample. Next time you’re at a physical tell the doctor you want an allergy panel taken with your blood work. Maybe this could be a way to “sneak” the test without an extra trip to a doctor. Not 100% sure what allergies it covers but just a thought.


It's called oral allergy syndrome. Common in people with hayfever. Pretty much everyone in my family has it. If it's just a sore throat and maybe a stomach ache, it's unlikely to be life threatening. But if you start getting hives or trouble breathing, that's a systemic problem and needs medical intervention. Also, heat inactivates a lot of the problem molecules in fruit so if you want to get the nutrients and fibre you're missing from fruit, you can probably still eat things like applesauce or berry compote.


Finally saw an allergy specialist after years of sinus and skin symptoms, and it was very underwhelming. Only counts things as an “allergy” if it causes hives that go away within 24 hours. Blood tests showed no “allergies.” Method of food “allergy” testing is to have the patient eat the suspect food under clinic personnel observation. Still waiting on patch testing to see if “allergies” are actually “contact dermatitis.” Sinus issues are just “non-allergic rhinitis” - treated with same antihistamines/steroids as allergies, though - just no shots. Otherwise, everything for me turned out to be reaction to “irritants” not “allergies.” Edit to add: where I get medical care, the dermatology clinic does the patch testing, not the allergy clinic. The allergy clinic drew blood.


>raw plant matter I have never heard it phrased this way. It feels weird not gonna lie.


Solution = apply fire


Hey I just wanna say, I believe you! You might be having a lesser type of allergic reaction known as [oral allergy syndrome](https://community.aafa.org/blog/can-birch-trees-trigger-food-allergies) or [pollen food allergy syndrome](https://acaai.org/allergies/allergic-conditions/food/pollen-food-allergy-syndrome/), especially if you experience seasonal allergies as well. :)


Thank you!! Yeah, I already have seasonal allergies and a dust mite allergy. I’m definitely bringing it up seriously the next time I go to a doctor.


I too have a dust mite allergy, it's annoying that I can't have a normal day outside my house, there will always be dust :(


OMG those are the exact fruits/veg/nuts on my allergy list. My work around though is interesting. If I eat the organic version of them I have absolutely no reaction. (except the nuts)


Cooking also often deactivates the hayfever allergen.


Not for me, so mine might not be pollen and more I'm allergic to pesticides (which I am). It is weird to me there is so much overlap though.


I want to tell you you’re right. This could very well be just some common allergy you have and your family is making a bigger deal than it should be. I don’t want you to see this as an inability to advocate for yourself. Being young takes a loud voice to be heard but stand your ground until you can start making your own medical decisions. Keep otc allergy pills on hand and avoid fruit and research fruit allergy for a better understanding. You were being gaslit and I want you to realize that. Don’t let it influence how you’ll take care of yourself, you're your own advocate. You have to live with that body your whole life, stand your ground and make them take your health seriously.


Thank you. Yeah, I’m definitely gonna make this a big deal the next time I go to the doctor. Just kinda realized as I was writing that comment that what they did to me was/is straight up gaslighting.


One of my friends has the same thing! Do cooked or pasteurized fruits bother you? For him it has something to do with the proteins in raw fruit and heating them breaks those problem proteins down so he can eat them comfortably.


No. I can eat fruit that has been heavily “altered” (boiled, etc.).


If you have spring/fall allergies, it might be a cross reaction from that as well. I have it and as a result, eating things like raw apples, pears, peaches, etc. made my throat itch like hell. It was super annoying because people assumed I said it just because I didn't like fruit when in reality I loved all of those fruits. It wasn't until I went to college and met some other people who also had it that I started to realize it was due to spring allergies. Only thing was in my case cooking them made it not happen, which seems like it might be different from yours. In case it's of any help, here's an article on it: [https://www.thermofisher.com/allergy/us/en/living-with-allergies/understanding-allergies/cross-reactivity.html](https://www.thermofisher.com/allergy/us/en/living-with-allergies/understanding-allergies/cross-reactivity.html) Hopefully, it'll help at least someone to listen.


https://www.aaaai.org/tools-for-the-public/conditions-library/allergies/oral-allergy-syndrome-(oas) oral allergy syndrome is a common medical issue !! it happens because allergies to pollen are also triggered by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. please please tell your doctor, allergies can easily grow in severeness and you don't deserve to live in constant discomfort!!


Wtf is today the day I learn I have an allergy to fruits? I thought everyone’s mouth tingled when they ate them lol


Oh my God! Me too! My parents thought I was lying for the past 20 something years because it’s nuanced for me (I get reactions from raw vegetables but not when they’re steamed, or apples set it off but I can eat apple pie fine). I actually can’t believe I came across this comment cause I don’t know anyone in real life who has the same allergy as me.


Thank you for sharing this. I thought it was crazy that nobody else's lips burn and throat tingles after eating grapes. Glad to know I'm not crazy.


>these fuckin people have never heard of an allergy, apparently. you say you're allergic yet you're not on the ground suffocating as soon as you come into contact with it like a character on a tv show. CURIOUS.


My friend has that same thing. I think it was an allergy to birch trees. Definitely try and get your mom to stop being an idiot and go to the doctor.


Hey there I’m in the same boat as you. Apples, plums, peaches, really most fruits with a pit make my mouth and ears itch to no end, and nobody believes me. Though I always say to myself, I’ll mention it to my doctor next time I go for a checkup, and then totally forget by that time. Just want you to know that I believe you and you’re not alone.


I noticed the same type of tingling in my throat when I eat bananas. *Insert dick joke here* I really like bananas though, so I am just going to keep eating them until it gets worse.


My roommate is allergic to banana and avocados. Apparently both come from the birch family! So yeah you're probably just allergic to birch.


Ditto with kiwis


But kiwis make everyone's mouth tingly, right?


I never understood why people like to eat a fruit that literally hurts you. It hurts everyone, right?


It still tastes good 🤷 the pain is an added bonus


Yellow kiwis hurt less/not at all and are very sweet!


Kiwi doesn't hurt me.


I thought it hurt everyone too, until last year, when I mentioned to my boyfriend how “It’s too bad kiwis make one’s mouth hurt, because otherwise I’d eat like 5 of them at time,” and he had no idea what I was talking about. It’s actually a pretty common allergy from what I’ve read. It’s Oral Allergy Syndrome, which is generally considered to be a mild food allergy, and causes a local reaction in the lips, mouth, and throat. Bananas are another common cause of it. (I think in kiwis, it might have something to do with whatever makes the skin fuzzy (even if you’re not eating the skin), because as someone said below, golden kiwis don’t make my mouth hurt (and taste even better!), and their skin is smooth.)


My lips start burning and swell up a bit when I eat raw bell peppers, and some other vegetables, even cucumber. But not always. So I'm not sure wtf is going on with that.


Yo watermelon allergy here too lmao. How weird is it for other people to act surprised and even "oh dear just eat it, no one is allergic to watermelon, you're just being picky. Eat it." No miss that will fuck up my throat. I'd rather not thanks. I used to love watermelon as a child but that tickling sensation turned into an itching sensation turning into "ow that actually burns" sensation and then I realized I should probably stop eating this. I do have fond memories of watermelon and I remember loving it. So being told I'm "picky" because I don't want to spend all day in pain over a food I used to enjoy stings almost as much as the watermelon.


> "oh dear just eat it, no one is allergic to watermelon, you're just being picky. Eat it. These are the 'it doesn't exist if I don't experience it' people. Usually very ignorant, and dense.


That's how I found out I was allergic to lobster. I said something about how it made my throat tingle, and people looked at me like I was an idiot.


My tongue itches after eating uncooked carrots. Not itchy enough to be a hindrance, but enough to notice it everytime.


I never realized that I’m allergic to latex until COVID hit and my boss made everyone wear latex gloves and when I took them off after the first day my hands were entirely covered in a horrible rash.


I own a rubber plant and for the longest time I thought it's sap was a general irritant Guess where latex comes from


Guess how I discovered my latex allergy


Condoms? 😂 I had just assumed they came with “tingly” lube and then I stopped using them when I went on birth control and forgot about the burning sensation 😂😂😂


Ding ding ding!


Rash in your mouth?


John Rhys-Davies played Gimli (LOTR) while having a Latex allergy. His face was covered in rashes because of the latex mask


Oof, poor dude


I thought everyone reacted to the adhesive on bandaids and it was normal for the skin to blister and peel after wearing one for a couple days. I am not a smart woman.


I worried some hospital staff by asking "hey I've never had an IV before, is it supposed to feel ... spicy?"


I'm guessing the answer was no lol.


The answer was something like "no and you probably shouldn't have any more penicillin"


My dad is allergic to penicillin, but he'll still often choose it ove others if they let him... He finds the "side effect" of being allergic to it is often less than how the side effects of others make him feel 🤷🏻‍♀️


Thankfully I don't get much in the way of side effects from other antibiotics so I can avoid spicy veins


Luckily I didn’t get the penicillin allergy even though my mom is super allergic to it


Same!! 😂😂


About a year ago, I said to my husband, "You know that feeling you get when you eat almonds and, like, little pieces get stuck at the back of your throat and it's super uncomfortable and itchy?" And he was like, "Wtf, no, you're allergic to almonds..."


When I was 15 I said to my mother "I think I'm lactose intolerant" and she said "Oh yeah, you have been since you were a baby." I'd had stomach issues my entire life and always thought I had IBS or something. I went to GI doctors and everything. Nope, I'm lactose intolerant and no one thought to tell me. If I get an upset stomach or something my family will say "Oh you've always had digestive issues." I don't, I was given lactose for most of my life.


Yeah, it took me a few years to realize avocado, actually doesn’t make most peoples mouths a bit tingly. Still eat it though it’s good


I was googling “broccoli is spicy” because I couldn’t figure out why nobody talks about how spicy broccoli is. And then I realized.


My mouth burned when I ate some kiwi recently. I used to eat it as a kid and don't remember that happening before. Few weeks ago I was like "I miss kiwi I should buy it" it wasn't fun. I figured they weren't ripe or something..


Allergies can develop later in life, so...


Makes me so sad that I might be allergic. Kiki is awesome


Think I might be getting an allergy towards citrus or at least oranges :( the last one I ate hurt like a bitch I have a few aunts and uncles who are badly allergic to citrus so it makes sense to me


Yeah it took me a long while to realise that, no, the reason I felt sick after eating pizza was not simply because "pizza is junk food and junk food is bad so my body is just reacting to that". It is because the garlic bread that I ate every time we ordered pizza, astonishingly, contained garlic! Which I'm apparently allergic/intolerant to!!! And this is after twenty years of taking garlic and horseradish vitamins every time I wasn't feeling well.


Anytime someone has asked if I have any food allergies I always reply "nope! Guess I'm one of the lucky ones!" About 5 months ago, my sister and I went to get smoothies and I asked to get mine with no bananas. "I just don't like them," I tell my sister "They leave that weird fuzzy texture on my tongue and in my throat." "What are you talking about, bananas don't have a fuzzy texture... That sounds like what melons do to me" my sister says. We know she is allergic to melons. I stare at my sister in awkward silence. "I think I'm allergic to bananas." I'm 34. 🥲


All the replies here remind me of the person who thought that a “sharp” cheddar was called that because it slices up your mouth and when they told their friends they were like “wtf”






I always thought it was weird that mango makes my mouth so itchy but no one ever mentioned it. Tastes so good tho! Cut to many many many moons later when I discovered my first significant allergy and I get hives in my mouth and an itchy throat everyone dismissed. Told me dad and he had me stop the antibiotic I was on as that was how his penicillin allergic reaction starts. He predicted my throat would close next. Huh. Sure was trying to! Wait that itching in my mouth might be an allerg… and that’s now I learned about Mango Mouth. Ha ha


sibling had a very similar moment re: eggplant. “I love eggplant too, but don’t you guys hate how itchy it makes your mouth and lips!?”


This is actually quite normal for eggplant and not uncommon for nightshades in general. It's hypothesized that it's due to histamine content. It's still the same reaction as an allergic reaction, but I think anyone's mouth would get itchy with the right variety of seedy eggplant. (Eggplants are spoken about [as if they have genders](https://images.app.goo.gl/onmU4xf6BLnDwTg98), but gender is not an accurate word. There do tend to be differences though, with "female" eggplants being seedier and more bitter/itchy.) Similarly, [mangoes contain urushiol](https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/what-do-cashews-mangoes-and-poison-ivy-have-in-common/), the oil involved in poison ivy reactions. It's mostly in and near the skin, but it would be common to get an at least slight reaction if you were to, for example, use your teeth to scrape out the mango skin. 🥭


interesting! i’ll have to share this with my sister and i believe she will feel vindicated as we have teased her about this “aha” moment for years. there must be a range of sensitivity though, as i have definitely never ever had itchy lips from eggplants.


See i've had the same thing happen. It's not normal for sunscreen to make your skin burn


your own sweat?


Marmalade is made out of oranges...


I've heard of someone thinking bananas were spicy until they said it to someone else who reality checked them. My mom is mildly allergic to tomatoes but loves them. When she reacts, she gets open sores in her mouth, so likely something to do with the acidity? Possibly she's getting a mild rash and the acid irritates it into a wound. Either way, for years she'd insist that sometimes tomatoes are spicy, or too much tomato in a week is too spicy for her. It's funny how long someone can go without realizing what's going on.


I generally avoid seafood other than fish, shrimp and lobster because every time I’ve had food poisoning it’s been among what I’ve eaten that day, but until now I’ve never stopped to consider it could be an allergy.


You generally avoid seafood other than the most commonly served seafood?


I think they meant the bottom-feeders? Not sure. Maybe shellfish.


There’s all sorts of random stuff which pops up on menus pretty often; mussels, cockles, squid, octopus, oysters, cuttlefish, clams etc etc. I eat the common stuff enough to be happy there’s no particular risk, but am less sure of the ones that don’t appear as often.


I don't care about the risk, I've eaten some crazy seafood stuff in Asia, my stomach is built different. I'm craving seafood now damnit.


Cockles *teehee*


What planet are you living on where lobsters and shrimp don’t have shells?


Most people refer to lobsters/crab/shrimp as crustaceans even though they are shellfish technically.


Actually, they are 'technically' crustaceans https://www.britannica.com/animal/shrimp-crustacean >...Shrimp, any of the approximately 2,000 species of the suborder Natantia (order Decapoda of the class Crustacea). Close relatives include crabs, crayfish, and lobsters. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shellfish > *Shellfish is a colloquial and fisheries term* for exoskeleton-bearing aquatic invertebrates used as food, including various species of molluscs, crustaceans, and echinoderms.


I said shellfish though?


Yeah. As in they don’t eat shellfish. But they literally say they eat lobster and shrimp.


>I generally avoid seafood Ok >except for fish ???


I generally avoid going to work on any days that don’t end in ‘y.’ 🤷‍♂️


It appears you forgot to read the rest of the post.


Exactly my thought.


Possible allergy and sometimes it just goes bad Even if you are fine with the shellfish in general, it can go bad quickly >!Also when it was alive it can accumulate saxitoxins from what it eats which can cause “paralytic shellfish poisoning.” It’s a rarity, but it can happen!<


Oh, man. I hate when I have seafood and it ends up >!spoiled!<.


Yooouuu… …clever


You made a pun of...*formatting*. That's a first in a long life of many puns for me. Bravo.


Yeah, I always assumed it just goes bad and maybe I’m more sensitive to that than most, this post just made me reconsider the possibilities.


Shellfish food poisoning is also hell too.






I used to work in a seafood place. Unless you’re preparing seafood for yourself I would steer clear of it. I have more horror stories than I can remember. One of my coworkers would refuse to wear our chainmail glove while shucking oysters and would stab himself and bleed all over the raw oysters.


I would report that one quickly.


Lol, this dude said they avoid seafood other than fish 😂


Fish, shrimp, and lobster. So like, all types of seafood except for all types of seafood then?


Just mollusks.


I’m probably wrong but I thought shellfish allergies were like hives, swollen face, etc. I’ve never heard of nausea being a symptom. Edit: I was wrong.


I’ve found out there’s a difference between allergies and intolerance. I have/had shellfish intolerance, where eating a few bites of lobster or crab would give me 6 hours of feeling like my intestines were slowing being wrapped around a barbed wire. So, kind of like an extreme version of lactose intolerance. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/food-allergy/expert-answers/food-allergy/faq-20058538


All are possible symptoms. Most people don’t have only nausea/vomiting, though.


I vomit almost instantly, then consistently for the next few hours, then sweating, sometimes diarrhea, dry heaving, and generally wishing for the sweet release of death.


I have a nut allergy and I get gastric reactions like this first


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"I'm Literally shaking right now"


This is a seizure sir. Please contact a medical professional and surrender your license


"I can't even"


Wow, this person is very poignant while being deathly ill. Glad they took the time out from ralphing at eresto’s to post this manifesto on social media.


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Don’t be so short-sighted! Make your band, get popular faster, and claim the other user’s band was copying yours.


I will say that curled up on the bathroom floor ~10 min post-nausea can feel like a long, lonely time. You're not mid-vomit but you don't feel recovered enough to brave the non-bathroom world. So you sit, alone with your thoughts and your gradually receding misery... and then you pull out your phone.


Oooh I've been here too many times. Your limbs are still kind of shakey and there's good odds something might come again so you just enjoy the cool tile while you're temporarily back in control.


I have some instant doubt that creeps in, but you sound like you are speaking from more experience than I am.


My family used to make crab legs for New Year’s Eve. It wasn’t until I was reading a job training thing about food allergies that I realized that maybe I also just so happened to get throw up sick every New Years because I was allergic to crab because I never thought of nausea as an allergy response


Lol, I realised I was probably intolerant to peppers when one time someone was calling me a baby for not wanting to get spicy food. And I snapped back I could handle the burn fine, I just didn't like the horrible nausea part and how I couldnt understand why people liked food that made them feel sick. And he had a wait what no moment.


I've heard getting pregnant can cure a shellfish allergy, maybe try that idk? (/s but like, it's a weird thing I've heard can happen)


Not worth it lol


Doctor: I prescribe 15mg of *~Prego Alfredo Sauce~*


Funny, though I thought when a person has an allergic reaction to shellfish they get hives and puff up. Throwing up is more indicative of food poisoning?


Food allergies can manifest as gastrointestinal symptoms as well as dermatological or respiratory. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/food-allergy/symptoms-causes/syc-20355095


That’s good to know—I’ve never heard of that symptom before, thanks!


Makes a lot of sense too - get the stuff that is supposedly bad out of the system, and quick.




It took my parents 5 years of trying to sneak eggs into my food to find out i have a mild egg allergy. I can eat bread, cake, meatloaf. But i can't have eggs scrambled, omelets, sunny side up etc. My parents tried an omelet ¿caserole? Once and thought that because i didn't know it was there I'd be fine eating it. Damned thing hit my tongue and my stomach offloaded everything inside. Fish allergy was easier, i am omega 3 deficient, we tried putting me on fish oil, that lasted 2 days before i started breaking out in hives. None of that for me.


I don't like to eat Crustaceans because they taste boring, but they look so cool.


Try adding stupid amounts of garlic


No, I like them alive and kicking and not in my piehole


Still incorporate copious amounts of garlic




But garlic tho


You're Italian, aren't you?


*Leon the lobster liked this post*


Love that guy


and butter


Crustaceans taste boring? They are the best tasting meat on the planet


No, mussels are better seafood and I'll eat any number of land animal before I eat another Crustacean


Crustaceans are alright but they aren't exactly the pinnacle of seafood. I think that title goes to fresh squid salad.


No, mussels are the best


Mussels are cool but nothing beats squid so fresh that you can watch the fishing boat arrive at the private pier of the restaurant in Sicilly.


A lot of Italian shills today


Me thinking that strawberry leaves are similar to nettle leaves for 20 something years. Only to realise I'm allergic to some protein in the leaves but not the strawberries themselves.


Upvoting just for the use of the word Hubris.


What is it with people on tumblr just… not realizing they have serious food allergies?


Unsurprisingly you don’t know about allergies until you know about them.


You won't even know until it happen, just don't forget to drink antihistamine for allergy.


They can also develop as you age, just out of the blue in my 30s I went from adding beans to everything to vomiting after eating them.


Beans will make anyone sick if they're not prepped properly being cooked from raw.


The odds that I went from never having miscooked beans to having them miscooked every time at home and restaurants seems _low_.


Probably is, figured I'd point that out... Is it always one type of bean or all of them?


Probably depends how wide you throw the net, I know for certain bean sprouts, black beans, kidney beans, and white beans. Other things under the bean umbrella don't cause an issue, like chickpeas, lentils, green beans, peas, soybeans, etc.


You can probably identify the specific allergen fairly easily. It's helpful in avoiding future incidents with the same allergen in a different type of food.


When it's mild enough you just think that's what it's supposed to feel like. Between capsaicin, pineapple enzimes, alcohol, and bitter things we're all used to foods that have a layer of unpleasant sensation we consider ok to get used to as part of an acquired taste. You gotta get used to the burning sensation of alcohol to enjoy a good whiskey, so how do you know you're not supposed supposed to get used to a burning sensation to enjoy mango? It's just we don't all realize not everyone goes through that for some things.


fwiw as they describe it, it's consistent with food poisoning aside from the speed. Few know about the timeframe anyway.


Greatly improved by a voice actor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYE4qUrvOno


I thought I was developing a shellfish allergy for a while as a kid because I was throwing up when I had shrimp, not every time, but often. That was devastating for me, because I love seafood. Turns out I was just unknowingly eating the tails. Not the end of the tail, but the little bit of shell that’s left and it was making me sick. So glad, but I’m still extra careful around the tail.


My best friend was talking to me recently how he hates eating ginger. He said he hates how your skin starts itching around your throat and you get violent stomach cramps. It dawned on me there that he had gone 23 years without ever talking to another soul about ginger.


A Shakespearean tragedy really. Et tu shrimpay?


Yup, I have an intolerance to shrimp that gives me food poisoning symptoms every time. It took me until this last year to read online that one CAN develop an intolerance/allergy to shrimp in adulthood and that such symptoms are very common with said intolerance/allergy.


In my 20s I had an allergy test done. I told the tech that I was definitely allergic to shrimp/crab, she dismissed me and said I was probably just allergic to some kind of spice. My shoulder swole up like I'd been hit by a car less than 10 minutes after jabbing me with various crustacean allergens and they had to stop the test and take me to the ER.


I’m allergic to eggs and it took a while to realize it. When I was a kid I thought it was normal to have an upset stomach after eating eggs. It wasn’t until I was talking to my grandma that she realized that it was probably an allergy. Then my parents used my allergy as punishment.


I am so sorry that you went through that, that kind of parenting is downright evil and I hope you're safe now


Thank you! I got out of it a couple years ago and I’m no contact now. I’ve got younger siblings with allergies and as far as I know they don’t use their allergies as punishment.


I'm mildly allergic (light coughing) to something that's in practically everything.(probably gluten and dairy based on experience), but after trying a gluten free diet, I was like fuck it, I can deal with the coughing. Would be sad it if was this bad.


This past September, I dined at a 2-Michelin star restaurant in downtown San Francisco. After they dropped an entire soup and separate lobster dish on me, I realized they were heavy on the shellfish dishes. And I realized that my throat felt irritated and it was getting harder to breathe... yeah, turns out I'm allergic to shellfish


So basically it took a massive sht?


No what’s reflective of your hubris is that you think god would give any shits about you inhaling shrimp like a vacuum and you speak like a poet when you are in the Goblin Market known as tumblr, where no one respects anyone and you aren’t higher than anyone else just because you know how to do the Talk Good


Wow, I bet you're fun at parties


If vomiting is his/her only symptom, it's unlikely to be an allergy. Plus allergies have a hereditary component but less so... I'd guess it's a mix of recurrent food poisoning with a touch of psychosomatic response to the memory of vomiting all these times. If OP had mentioned difficulty breathing or urticaria I'd be more convinced


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This is poetry


No, but my step-family is almost all Italian, soooooo


I don't get it


I am not Italian, but a large part of the family that mine married into is Italian, therefore garlic runs in my veins


Oh, in that case you should know that you didn't reply to any comment about garlic but instead just to the OP.


God damn, I did, thank you for letting me know!


Whenever I eat/smell shrimp my throat, ears, lips become itchy asf and then my lips has these tiny bumps


potato potato


But Shrimp is brilliant D:


Shrimp heaven now