Oh the hypocrisy

Oh the hypocrisy


So when covid happened and all the stores shut down and we had lockdowns, people dying, “oh no how will we get out of this”…….HOW DID THE VACCINE BECOME THE VILLAIN IN THIS STORYLINE


Because a lot of humans are really fucking stupid


Yes. I don't think most intelligent people realize how stupid the average person is. When A&W launched a 1/3 lb burger to compete against McDonald's Quarter Pounder burger, it failed because most people thought 1/4 was greater than 1/3. So they felt ripped off. An actual quote from the focus group used to investigate lack of sales, "Why should we pay the same amount for a third of a pound of meat as we do for a quarter-pound of meat at McDonald's? You're overcharging us." That's the level of stupidity we are talking about.


Should've marketed it as the 2/6 lb burger


The 1/5th lb burger would sadly sell better. People would just see a bigger number and assume it's better value.


'Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.' - George Carlin.


I hate this quote. Statistically to create an average you can't have half of the people more dumb. It's like 15%. If it's the median person, then yes, half of the population would be more dumb. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/68%E2%80%9395%E2%80%9399.7_rule


So you're taking an interval range of average intelligence as a group, instead of some hypothetical person of exactly average intelligence?


Well, 5/4 of people struggle with fractions.


It’s amazing how many US problems would be solved by adopting the metric system.


True, but the issue of people not knowing the difference between a third and a quarter would still exist


Oh no doubt. But we have equally dumb people in Europe too. We just make it easier to hide it.


1.3/4er pounder


“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.” - George Carlin


Oh my life... I hate being reminded how stupid people really are. Bring on the apocalypse, we’re the worst think that happened to this universe.


Everything has to be a conspiracy now


And gullible.


Because the gop doesn’t want America to recover under Biden.


This is probably it. Imagine that the US might actually be doing *better* under Trump. Not because of Trump himself but because his fanboys might never have become anti-vaxxers.


>Imagine that the US might actually be doing better under Trump. Nah, don't give the man more credit than he deserves. Over the summer he was literally boo'd at his own rally for suggesting that his fanbase should get vaccinated. And don't forget that most of these people were anti mask while Trump was president too. They just blamed Fauci and Gates for running the conspiracy back then. The truth is right wing propoganda spent the past 5 years insisting that every other news source was spreading controlling bias and fear mongering lies. They even had the backing of the president to boot. So when "those other sources" started saying Covid was serious, they just had to disagree, calling it a hoax. Eventually, when it couldn't be ignored anymore, instead of DARING to agree with the likes of CNN, they decided to double down, saying its overplayed or straight up tell their audience that they should die for their mone- er... country. This was always the natural conclusion, and there's always a scapegoat to these guys. Being able to shove blame onto Biden and the rest of the dems is just a happy little coincidence.


Only *five* years of conservative outlets claiming the real news media are the liars? They've been doing that since at least the talk radio boom of the 1980s. These are people who have grown up knowing nothing but the far-right conspiratorial bubble.


It just underscores how fucking stupid, petty and ridiculous they are


Ding ding ding


It’s because people were asked to take a tiny bit of responsibility for their health and the health of others, and some people didn’t like that.




I like the idea of being owned by donuts 🍩 , then when I'm bored taking over won't be too hard


Yeah polio i can see why antivax are 'ITS HARMLESS!' because none of us ever saw polio and its effects. But literally, COVID was demolishing the population just last year and they are just like 'I will trust my immune system' Yeah tell that to the million americans dead of Covid.


No one saw the effects of polio because it was eliminated by worldwide vaccination campaigns


This pandemic took a really sharp left straight to hell. I expected it to become a little bit annoying with some anti medicine people... But not this insane.


I think you mean a really sharp *right*.




Because most peoples iq is potato


The best part is that it is the same people who bought up everything in a panic who are now the anti-vaxxers.


Vaccine?!?! Are you nuts?! I'll stick with my horse de-worming medication, tyvm! **/s**


They're amazingly tone deaf. Whatever negative applies to them they paint as someone else's trait. They're UltraKarens.


Gaslight Obstruct Project


Because the same goldfish brains that think vaccines are bad also forgot that the private sector shut their crap down weeks before political figures did jack shit.


Idunno about the US but here in south america we . mostly got Russki vaccine which has now been banned by the WHO Ans I'm sure as fuck not getting the chinese one either Can't get access to any of the "good ones" nor I trust my local authorities to not label some russki flasks as Pfizer or moderna or whatever one was properly tested So they became the villain because now people are scared of what may happen to them because of it


>covid happened and all the stores shut down and we had lockdowns, people dying Why is this past-tense if it's still going on?


Because Trump




Homer Simpson sold his soul for a donut and he’s fat, yellow, has very little of his own hair and and isn’t all that bright. Wait, that sounds a lot like someone these people worship.


I still want the donut.


I wanted a peanut :(


Twenty dollars can buy many peanuts!


Explain how!


money can be exchanged for goods and services




Give me your peanuts and you can ride on my back.




Two objections; one of these people is orange, not yellow, and even Homer isn't *this* stupid.


True, Homer is actually quite intelligent when he doesn’t have crayons lodged so far up his nose.


Homer would vaccinate.


But just to get the donut.


Krispy Kreme 1 free donut a day rest of year if vaccinated




Whereas I'm the guy sweeping in this scenario: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/63/48/86/634886500b04f69e2953c5fdd6cadec3.jpg


40 miles is 64.37 km


I mean, they gave me a $25 gift card when I got my booster shot. I was pretty surprised actually since I was just expecting a shot in the arm. $25 can buy a decent amount of donuts, just saying.


25 dollars? But I wanted a donut!


I didn't even get a bandaid for my second shot :/


Krispy Kreme might still be doing free donuts for people who have gotten vaxxed.


> freedom & privilege for not dying. wait wait wait wait like... ever? that's not what I signed up for, I just didn't want to die from preventable disease, I didn't want to be cursed with immortality!


> Bless their heart Love the phrase. Such a subtle way to say “Go fuck a rock, cockface”


I was not offered a donut. This is tyranny.


Why not? Bojack Horseman got a free Churro!


If there is a Krispy Kreme in your area you are totally owed a doughnut every day until they decide to rescind their policy of “flash us your vaccination card and you get a free doughnut.” I’ve even heard of some locations offering 2 doughnuts.


Doughnut (or particularly doughnut days) is how some people describe having zero covid cases from testing on a given day (because doughnuts look like a zero).


where i live krispy kream was giving away a donut a day if you got vaxed


I prefer the spelling “vaxxer.”


Oh I know that one. I think it's pronounced "alive" though.


You can still die being vaxxed though, from other things.


Oh I know. And I know the vaccine isn't a 100% guarantee that nothing COVID will happen to you either. Was more just making an offhand joke. Definitely wasn't expecting the reaction below though lol


We hit 2000 dead one day this last week. Well over 700K total as the daily deaths continue to increase. And virtually ALL of them unvaccinated. Damn straight we can wait skippy. No need to argue. It's just not gonna be the outcome you are predicting.


Quite the opposite of that prediction. They are losing quite a lot of Trump voters every day but, I guess, we're the dumb ones.


Just your little reminder that the Republicans never won the popular vote in the recent time.


Almost all studies of the death count point to an even higher number. Those are just the deaths that are directly reported.


You know what’s sad…when things were really getting bad last winter and I’d have to argue with people about why this should be taken seriously, my reference point was always the total number of combat deaths from every military intervention in US history (which is about 670K FWIW). Then, when the vaccine rolled out and we were still in the 500 range I sort of breathed a sigh of relief thinking “well, at least we won’t hit that horrifying benchmark.” Sadly, I underestimated just how stupid/stubborn/easily manipulated some people are…


1. catch covid 2. die to own the libs 3. profit???


clearly they havent read anything on r/HermanCainAward


Obviously Covid was engineered to kill true red blooded patriotic Americans. WAKE UP. I'm actually surprised they haven't started heading in that direction yet but they only care about themselves so it might take them a while to realize they are dying off in droves.


Oh that’s definitely a take I’ve seen out there.


I believe the latest rewrite is… Dems hoax a global pandemic to establish a new world order. Or reestablish the old one? Not important except it foiled the whole become a fascist dictatorship under thump plan. Then take a year making the microchip “vax”. Then the sheep libs all get the shot. Then Dems unleash virus that microchip protects from so it only kills Rs. Whew.


God I wish Democrats would actually do something that valuable for country like killing off all the republicans


You're not far from the latest BS they're spouting, they now say that the Dems made vaccine political, so that the GOP would be against it and so they would die of COVID because they would mostly remain unvaccinated. I swear I'm not making it up.


Yes, it's the Dems cunning plan to trick them into not getting vaccinated by telling them they should, knowing full well they'll do the opposite of what Dems say. And in spite of this, they still can't think of a way of beating the Dems at this game. Like, say... By getting vaccinated? **Literal 5 year olds have figured out this game**.


>true red blooded patriotic Americans Red blooded? Do I look like China to you? My blood flow red, white, and blue thank you very much.


Right? Where is the subreddit for vaxxers dying alone and wishing they hadn’t gotten it with their last breath?


Those are clearly all crisis actors ^/s


tyranny penny is my rap name


Wait? For what 40-80 years?


Everyone who is vaccinated will die in the next 100 years. See how dangerous it is?


Let's, for a moment, assume that what they're saying was true. If we sold our freedom for a "donut," (I get to be Kermit, btw), what exactly would we be waiting for? If what they believe is true, there's no Coronavirus, and there's no need for a vaccine. So, then what? We took a vaccine, none of us died, and then? There's no endgame to their postulation. Even when they're talking about something they believe is absolute fact, they still can't put the pieces together.


Cause we're just going to drop dead in a year when the magnetic 5G microchip finally activates!


According to this logic, we chose the "die later" option while they opted for the "die now" option. Still waiting for my donut tho...


We get flu shots (boosters) every year, probably like we will with COVID. They will figure out what strains are prevalent and we will get a cocktail vaccine. Just like with the flu. This is nothing new.


Ironically that flu shot is the direct result of the previous pandemic, the Spanish flu of 1919. And then too people argued against masks and vaccine shots.


Because the real anti vaxxer are too stupid to know what's good for them and the real troublemaker amongst them are alreddy vaccinated. There is a lot of places that require vaccinations to attend look are fox news, they report 90% are vaccinated, but where is a good place to find Anti-vaxx rhetoric?


These people are dropping like flies and they wanna act like they've got the time to wait us out?


I’m happy to counter-wait while they play this game with themselves. Perhaps the person who made this image will be the last person playing, even. And then they’ll look around at all of the empty seats and say, “Oh.”


yeah, cause the government wants to get rid of everyone who listened and followed their rules.


Odds are, most of the anti-vaxxers are Christian. [Romans 13](https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Romans%2013&version=NIV) 1 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 9 The commandments, “You shall not commit adultery,” “You shall not murder,” “You shall not steal,” “You shall not covet,” and whatever other command there may be, are summed up in this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” 10 Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.


'Endangering others with a virus that can be contained if everyone would just vaccinate' doesn't sound much like "love your neighbor as yourself". So no, I don't believe the unvaccinated are very christian at all. They may claim to be, but actions speak louder than words. And their non-action is like an airhorn.


I was telling my mom about how almost all the anti vaxxers are Christian, and how I feel completely betrayed and disgusted with the people I grew up with and loved. She is completely vaccinated but she was still trying to play dumb about it.


Why do they regard us taking boosters as some kind of gotcha? It’s not like it’s causing any damage. Feeling a bit rough for 24 hours is an acceptable price to pay for protection from a revolting disease IMO.


I am guessing it is the one thing Fucker Fuclson has said about this whole thing that actually came to pass. They don’t have much so the flexes get weird.


Chris probably has never seen, or doesn't want to see [sorryantivaxxers.com](https://sorryantivaxxers.com)


Jesus I know anti-vaxers and nationalists overlap, but that was like 99% white Americans, with a bedazzled flag hat for good measure.


Stereotypical covid deniers that succumb to their own stupidity.


Yeah trust me bro those vaxxed sheep are all gonna keel over on February 30th, and then Trump will be reinstated as President on the 31st.


And then Covid will magically disappear just like he said it would a over a year ago 🤦‍♂️


The prophecy will be fulfilled! 🙏🏽


Oh, same day HL3 comes out. Radical!


Yea we can wait till there are no more anti vaxer to argue to


♬Isn't it ironic?♬


We will be seeing him on r/HermanCainAward soon.


herman cain award loading....


What freedoms did I lose by getting the vaccine?


Wtf I could have gotten a donut!?


Totally unfair. All I got was a sore arm 😔


These people ruined the word tyranny. That word is basically "when goberment do a thing j don't like"


Also, they think under actual tyranny when everyone else "submits", they can just opt out. Like sure, 80% of people have surrendered to the government, got their vaccine microchips and show their ID papers at army checkpoints and whatever other nonsense antivaxxers claim, but the Gestapo say "Oh well, the other 20% have beaten us. Best leave them alone, they've got a "don't tread on me" flag on their profile picture".


Exactly, you don't get to be a "free thinker" under actual tyranny and stay out of prison or worse It's their desire to be a hero, they want to live in a science fiction movie where it's them vs the world.


Just wait… Any day now…


I downvoted this on instinct before realizing which sub it was.


They ain’t gonna be alive for that anyways so


I noticed they didn't say what exactly would happen other than the vague suggestion of "tyranny". I guess they hadn't thought up that part of the lie yet. Give them a few weeks and they'll claim you're being forced to take an injection of werewolf juice or some such nonsense, just in time for Halloween.


More like why argue with *anti*-vaxxers when you can just wait...


Exactly! Wait for them to drop like flies


Oh yes that freedom that we absolutely didn’t lose Even slightly


True, If I was unvaxxed, I wouldn’t be wasting my time arguing with a vaxxer either, vaxxers are living and antivaxxers…. Well you see the icu cases


Why argue with an Anti-vaxxer, if you can just wait?


Lmao yeah they could just wait to die themselves from Covid


Let’s see they are dropping dead, and we are still alive and enjoying our lives. You sure showed me!


i mean, they’re not wrong, you can’t argue with someone when you’re dead


When I got vaccinated I was given a band-aid and a wrist band. Which vaccine center was giving donuts???


Now wait a second! I did not get a fucking donut. Where the fuck do I get my donut?


Krispy Kreme




They’re dropping like flies everywhere so I’m not concerned


How does getting free booster shots affect my freedom in any way?


Wait you guys got donuts


I have cookies I sold my freedumbs for them


Freedumb not tasty. Cookie tasty.


My freedom was partially ripped away from me because covid packed its shit and took half my fucking immune system with it, traitorous cells. I get sick with things that I’ve never gotten sick with before (ex: the yearly flu and stomach bugs and the like). And these are the same fucking people who kept trying to convince me to expose myself to “the over exaggerated flu” to build a stronger immune system to it. What a fucking twist. Fucking piss baby dick fuckers, the lot of them.


Cuz anti vaxxers are on an extremely tight time constraint so they gotta move quick before they die


On the plus side you can just watch and wait for this one to get Covid too and put them up for the /r/Hermancainaward


So, right to lifers want the vaxxed dead. Curious?


Give it time. Should get more karma on /r/hermancainaward


I like doughnuts....


When they wait, time for us passes. When we wait, they die. I know what horse to bet on, thanks.


Gotta love how people's stupidity and false sense of "freedom" extended the lockdown and will continue to do so. Also the fucking irony here is hilarious


Weren't we supposed to die on September 1st already? Why am I still here? Tf? Now I still have to go to work???


Sign would make much more sense if it said anti-vaxxer.


"why argue with a vaxer?Just wait, soon losing an argument will be the least of your worries" fixed it


Lmao why argue with an anti vaxxer when you can just wait?


Not hypocrisy, but irony


Oh the irony


Just scheduled my booster. I’ll take them every six months. For the rest of my life as needed. Used to be a junkie so I took shots a lot more often than that


You guys got donuts?!


When I first saw this meme, I thought it said "why argue with an antivaxxer, when you can just wait." That honestly makes more sense here. You see dozens of these chodes kicking off the mortal coil in the news daily, and they all said the same thing on their death beds: "I should have listened."


I mean true, we can't argue with dead people


Yep. But the anti vaxxed are the ones dying and.... Oh! Squirrel!


I didn’t sell my freedom. How is that even remotely related to freedom. I’d have more freedom if everyone did their part. Or is this “freedom means not having to stop at red lights” crap.


I understand the sentiment and I used to feel a sense of relief or smugness when a politically active rabid antivaxxer caught it or died of Covid, but it isn't just hurting them. Think of their friends and family. Think of the people they might have exposed, think of the healthcare workers getting PTSD dealing with them. Think of the people triaged or denied medical care to treat them instead. Think of the people hurt emotionally and financially by extended lockdowns because the virus is still circulating. Think of the chance of mutation in each new case and how much worse it could get.


why argue with antivaxxers when you can just wait and read their obituary.


I read this as anti vaxer and was confused why it was ironic. Wow


where's my fucking donut?


It shocks me how much people won’t don’t their own research. Oh the hypocrisy


Me, at the funeral of yet another antivaxxer dead from COVID: ‘Blast! I was really looking forward to arguing with this person. What a 4D chess move from them to evade the argument!’


For god's sake, nobody got the vaccine just to get a free Krispy Kreme donut. We don't even have that anywhere near where I live.


I got vaccinated to protect myself from disease. Not for a donut.


They're giving out donuts??? No one told ME. I got my second Moderna vaccine yesterday and had to buy my own pizza afterwards.


Why argue with an ativaxxer when you can just wait? Hospitals are full of THEM


Until you get sick? And the what take your entitled ass to a hospital and demand ineffective treatment while at the same time making sure a bed is taken from someone who really needs it? Goddamn I hate anti vaxx people I mean how fucking stupid can you be?


Ha! Joke’s on them. I had three doughnuts.


What rights are they talking about the government taking away? The right to eat a gallon of expired mayonnaise?


I started thinking about a bumper sticker/ slogan - "You won't wear a mask so I won't wear pants and we'll see who has the last laugh." Texas man strips at meeting to make point on masks - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9d8OHPK1Mk


projection, there's always projection


Wait hold up… you guys got donuts?


I got one of those tiny ring-shaped stickers they put the needle through. Definitely more a lifesaver than a donut.


Actually, this would be irony.


I think you mean irony.


I was given a dum dum sucker for each of my shots. They have clearly missed a great meme opportunity there.


I love how half the posts here are literally "where is the donut I am owed?" On a side note, give donut please.


God why did they use a Stranger Things meme... don't ruin the show for me 😭


You guys are getting donuts?




Should probably blur out the name so they don’t get doxxed


No that's ours. That's... that's the joke we make. You're not allowed to use... nooooo...


I never got my fucking donut. who do I need to talk to??


I mean yeah, we can wait lol


Well, let’s play the game - but in reverse. >:D


Just need to wait another 70 years