“Don’t beat your wife.” - O. J. Simpson


Hey, careful there. That's my lucky stabbin hat! - Also the Juice


The timeline without Norm truly is the darkest one.


The worst part about all of this is the hypocrisy


Yeah. However, if hed see uns being all sad and grieving and crying for his death, he would say: "Good. That's what I wanted!"


"Don't murder." - A. Hitler


Which Hitler though??


African one True to his word


Featuring Chris Brown


I thought I was in /r/nottheonion for a second. Someone with more motivation could probably cross-post this there with some decent success.


I glanced at the title as I scrolled and thought "Sweden calling out China, nice." Then my brain said "You sure you read that right?" Had to read it three more times, then hit the link to be sure it wasn't mistyped.


I heard of a good drinking game where you read a headline from either the onion or r/notheonion and try to guess which one it's from


>I heard of a good drinking game where you read a headline from either the onion or r/notheonion and try to guess which one it's from Ohhhhhhh........... I know what I'm doing this weekend!


My very first thought. I had to look at the sub name to be sure. ... and [it's there](https://np.reddit.com/r/nottheonion/comments/u8arpz/respect_religious_beliefs_of_muslims_china_tells/).


Ain't that fuckin ironic


Dontcha fuckin think?


A little too fuckin ironic


Yeah I really fuckin think


It's like saying to respect a Religgioooooooon when you already oppress them. It's like "Free Musssssslimmmmms while you stick them in camps...


It’s like goooood adviceeee that you don’t do yourself


And who would have thought it'd Uighur?


Incredible. You deserve that gold.


I feel dirty upvoting for the clever here


Life is a fucky place Sneaking up on you


Life is a fucky, fucky place…. For Tibet and Hong Kong….


They’ve got PAAAAAAiiiiiaaain.


On their re-education day.


I'll for sure be seeing this thread on Tiktok tomorrow morning, and on Buzzfeed in like 3 weeks.


And who now remembers the Uyghurs?


And who woulda thooooooought it’s Chinaaa


And kill them with starvation and illness.


China’s a funny plaaace, when helping you out




it’s like fucking rai-e-ainnnn on your fucking wedding day




Tiiannamenn on your wedding day. Gave that guyyy a free ride to make sure he paid.


There's not enough iron in the world to compete with this level of irony.


It’s like raaaiiinnn on Tiananmen square!


It's a freeee riiiiide to a "re-education" camp


Its like Fuckin raaaain on your wedding day!!!


It’s free riiiiiiiiide when you’ve already paid


It's the good advice, you just gave but won't take.


And who would’ve thought…


The only irony is that Alainis didn't know what irony is.


Yeah, she really didn’t.


The Irony is that the song itself is ironic.


It figures...


I see The Onion has a new domain.


Nah just hypocritical




I think that's the point.




Is this some kind of reality denial competition between Russia and China?


They seem to be competing for the title of best troll.


china can only win if they can convince all the russian hackers to delete system32 because it will make their computers run faster


Right! Right! System32 is where all the western propaganda malware hides! Just delete it!


Oh no! That's the program that controls the lgbt agenda! The only way to stop us from world domination would be for some people to delete the program!


OMG is this what we talked about at the last Super Gay Friends Meeting?


32 naked .dll files in the folders of System32


Fun fact, it's called System32 because the 32nd letter of the alphabet is USA


It ain't called RAM Ranch for nuthin', partner. Get them .dll dick-licking lips ready.


*Ram Ranch Really Rocks!*


Yes and install System33. It's newer and better. Not with all that other bloatware.


System32 is turning the frigging frogs gay!


This internet comment makes me feel old.


Similar to how Russian bots have convinced certain Americans into acting like total fucking morons and basically selling their souls. Both are too busy with american soft targets.


"I'd rather be a Russian than a democrat", remember those traitors?


Ofc that’s not even yesterday yet, unfortunately




He's getting it damp at best.


Soft Juicy American Targets. Frankly I am amazed. The success of Chinese/Israeli/Russian propaganda to convince targeted Americans to feel like it's acceptable to attack teachers, librarians, doctors rhetorically and physically is frankly amazing. Weaponizing our own crippled thinkers against us is/was frankly a work of statecraft genius. One has to imagine the absolute joy that the FSB/3PLA guys get into sculpting the next iteration of garbage from degenerates like MTG or the Mango Mussolini to spew, edging some 20% of the country towards some [bent version of Gilead](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLFl97j-oIY). I have to imagine they're feverishly courting the likes of Josh Hawley and whomever else as the next iteration of seditious "patriot/traitors" intent on some delusional ideas, but while one hopes the electorate eventually starts to sober the fuck up, it's just not very likely, as I believe PT Barnum was right , there's a sucker born every minute. And frankly given the ruinous amount of money that are spent by the cannon-fodder class on everything from ivermectin to apocalypse arugula seeds, I wish, in my darker moments, that I had that bone, that could take an ad out in "Evangelical Times" or whatever, and promise Holy Miracle Maltese-Poodle "Jesus Juice" with every purchase of Sunny-D for only 40$/Container, but these are the same people that probably most desperately need help getting un-marginalized. I think that's the most fucked damage, is the damage across the country to families that might have been able to support these people back to something less noxious, and one needs slide on over to /r/QAnonCasualties/ to see that's a hard ask for many families. The damage runs deep and it's subtle , and it's not, and it's likely to be with us for a great deal longer than the Mango Mussolini. Sadly, and perhaps more profoundly, I'd be sadly kidding myself if it wasn't the case that the good people of many other countries, have been similarly fucked by their respective media and political classes, as in some rather uniquely British ways England got/is getting fucked, But this is true with Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, India, and Australia all have (to one extent or another) had to deal with the marginalized fuckery and the weaponization of their own citizens against the interests of their respective nations. Perhaps it's far too much to ask these people to reckon the notion that citizenship isn't just voting and pride, but an obligation to a sort of sober, rational willingness to be willing to compromise, honestly investigate, to act as responsible people, but I think for some portion of the population of our respective countries, there will always be some group for who those responsibilities will always be a bridge too far. Real citizenship is a virtuous burden we are asked to carry, and we must choose to either carry dutifully into the next generation discard meanly as way, way too many have chosen to do, changing into consumers and the consumed.


One of democracy's longest and most enduring flaws it that it assumes an enlightened voterbase. This is not a new problem. It only seems new because by most standards, America is a young country.


As much as I agree with you, and I do on a lot of what you've said, I think there's a couple key points to make distinction on. One, is that the West won the Cold War. Like, unequivocally. Nixon swung China away from Russia, they're vaguely trying to keep some semblance of Communism alive, but it's really capitalism in a one-party state. The USSR collapsed, broke apart, and technically Russia even has elections with opposition parties. Obviously it's fake, but, they go through the motions for some weird reason. As far as our leaders and elite were concerned, from 1991-2007, everyone that mattered was on the same team. Kim Jong Un went to school in Switzerland. The Chinese elite sent their kids to Western schools, the Russians bought yachts from Western luxury shipyards, if you were rich, for nearly twenty years, there really wasn't a superpower you couldn't go and party with. You had a couple pariah states like North Korea and Iran, a few human rights things, and Africa/South America had messes, but... There was no powerful bad guy. Democracy and capitalism defeated the hardliners and converted the masses. They won. The second is, those propaganda machines Rupert Murdoch built? They're not Western, they're elite. Nobody at Fox cared about the nationality of their donors because they all went to school together, why would they care? Borders were for poor people, all the rich kids were highly educated and could do blow together anywhere from Berlin and Shanghai, to New York and Saint Petersburg. And they did, for at least a decade, maybe even two. Like Tsar Nicholas, King George, and Kaiser Wilhelm, they're all friendlier with each other than their subjects. So when Russia targets poor Americans with propaganda, elite families on both sides of the aisle were pretty cool with it. The fresh blood members of Congress might get some airtime railing against foreign elite meddling in Western political processes... And then get donations from AIPAC or Citizens United, or Russians buy their real estate holdings, and they call it a day. In the end, they all want lower taxes, less accountability, more opacity in the functions of government, and to pay less taxes. Russia is ahead of the curve, but not by much by Republican or establishment Democrat standards. And the Chinese are wholly captured already. That's how all this happened. Why would you be suspicious of the folks you graduated from Harvard with? You did group projects together, partied together, became adults together. I'd be more suspicious of the socialist poor people too. TL;DR They were on the same side until the financial crisis of 2008 when we lost China for good and Russia through NATO expansion. They haven't lost that love yet.


Shouldn't it be System64 at this point?




You have to read between the lines of what they're actually saying. >"Freedom of speech cannot be a reason to incite racial or cultural discrimination and tear society apart," said Wang Wenbin, spokesperson of China's Foreign Ministry, referring to the incident that triggered widespread condemnation across the Muslim world. >"We hope Sweden can earnestly respect the religious beliefs of minority groups, including Muslims," Wang said, according to the Chinese daily, Global Times. "This wouldn't be happening if you censored literally everything controversial and made people willing to say controversial things too afraid of being jailed to say anything" - Country that believes social control is more important than freedom of speech and religion.


They don’t care about the troll life as much as they care about the number(X) of people whom they brainwash. It’s only the ones that they *do* freshly brainwash that care about owning the anti-authoritarianism types.


Weakest leader


Classic abuser tactic. You accuse your opponent / victim of doing what you're doing. This creates confusion and fatigue in public discourse. It's how you end up with "both sides are just as bad" comments. And that's how you commit genocide in Xinjiang and get away with it. Or annex Crimea in Ukraine. Or attempt insurrection in the US.


Sweden has racism issues but what they don't have is concentration camps.


I'd say Sweden has immigration issues despite doing more than any other country in trying to integrate the immigrants who just don't want to integrate (but also not leave).


> And that's how you commit genocide in Xinjiang and get away with it. They could say any damn thing they want and still get away with that. Western capitalists aren't willing to sacrifice a penny of profit for human rights reasons.


Not really. Gaslighting is just endemic of authoritarian governments.


Authoritarianism 101: always accuse your oponents of the corrupt shit that you intend on doing. Poobear is a bit late though, should've been making these accusations *before* building the Uighur camps. He could learn a lot from Putin, who's been called the Ukranians genocidal Nazis since 2014.


I swear it's like all got the same playbook.


They do. They'll all deny to fuck but its the Hitler playbook and its effective. But of course they hate the Nazis, it's just coincidence


It's all just authoritarianism. The USSR was authoritarian and fought in WW2 against the authoritarian Nazis.


The *Fascist Playbook*?


They do. They learnt a lot from Russia and despite their disagreements there is a lot of Russia in China. They are cut from the same cloth and represent the same threat.


Authoritarian comes in many flavors, but it's all the same function.


Totalitarianism is a helluva drug.


grasping at random straws in order to awkwardly attempt to 4Dchess western wokers and not realizing this segment of the population has been well informed (for years) of the fact that the CCP is a blatant authoritarian racist hellhole. It boggles the mind that these goons expect anyone outside of their cocoon to believe that this take is a genuine concern from them addressed to none other than the motherfucking epitome of Eurochill aka the Swedes. Absolute Clownworld. China respecting religious beliefs. My sides.


Nah, it goes deeper than denying reality. China cracked down HARD on their Muslim population because it goes against the core beliefs of the country (I don’t agree, but that’s their stance). Muslims are currently violently rioting in Sweden, so this is basically an, “I told you so” from China. They believe that violent riot is the natural Muslim behavior, so they’re daring Sweden to react the same way the Chinese did. They want to discredit the West in order to keep doing what they’re doing.


Agreed this is definitely one of those underhanded comments. "You told us all we had to do was respect the Muslim faith and it's gonna be easy peasy, how's that working out for u?"


China cracked down hard on Uyghurs. As far as I know, the Hui are also largely Muslim and didn't face a hard crackdown


Hey Sweden, It looks like you are having difficulty with your muslim population, have you considered putting them into concentration camps? Sincerely yours, China


I didn’t realize Clippy had a genocidal sibling.


It's the Chinese government-sanctioned copy. It's not Clippy, he's Glippy. Also browses Goojje and helps you choose which iPed or HiPhone case to choose from.


> HiPhone *Hu-weiPhone


“Reeducation camps” You know, so they can concentrate on their education.


I think they need to learn to concentrate first and then they can be re-educated.


I admit I’m not up to date on my totalitarian regime training. I’ve been a little lax, what with living in a democracy and all.


Fear not! I know the perfect location where you can go and learn about all these sorts of things.


Cartman you fat ass, stop trying to put Muslims into camps!


Excuse me, they're *re-education* camps! We're educating them!.. on how to do menial labor for no pay, but that's not the point!


And essentially store them for when they need to harvest organs, allegedly at the cost of 25k Uyighurs a year. **e:** Sources https://www.webmd.com/brain/news/20220408/chinese-harvesting-of-organs-before-brain-death https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium.MAGAZINE-research-china-harvested-organs-from-living-people-doctors-helped-with-executions-1.10726687 https://www.haaretz.com/world-news/MAGAZINE-china-s-xinjiang-xxx-files-thousands-uighur-disappear-organs-harvested-1.9340106 https://news.sky.com/story/chinas-organ-harvesting-trade-unveiled-by-study-which-claims-living-prisoners-used-for-transplants-12583209 https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/china-forcefully-harvests-organs-detainees-tribunal-concludes-n1018646


>For their research, Lavee and Robertson scoured a database of over 120,000 papers in Chinese that deal with organ transplants. They filtered out 2,800 articles dealing with heart and lung transplants. They searched in the text for sentences that describe intubation into the windpipe of the deceased that was conducted only after determination of brain death or after the beginning of an operation to procure organs. Thats really a terrible way of trying to figure out if the Chinese didn't check for brain death before operating. Absolutely massive room for error in reporting the exact chain of events on the Chinese side, and massive room for error in their ability to assess samples on the researchers side.


If it's the same stuff I read recently, they also only found like 70-something questionable cases, and *included death by firing squad as possibly not brain dead because you can't assess brain death if there is cranial trauma from being shot in the head*... Meanwhile, we have one of the top investigative newspapers in the US saying the issues of the past have been generally resolved. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/in-the-face-of-criticism-china-has-been-cleaning-up-its-organ-transplant-industry/2017/09/14/d689444e-e1a2-11e6-a419-eefe8eff0835_story.html


China also claimed that they had stopped using organs involuntarily harvested from executed prisoners, so the possibility that they didn't check for brain death because they shot them repeatedly in the head has its own set of problems.


Wtf WebMD reports international news?


I get all my news from webmd. I don’t know how I’m still alive, but I am.


Well it’s because like Mr Burns, you have a case of 3 stooges syndrome. You have, everything.


China knows they’re full of shit. We know China knows they’re full of shit. China knows we know they know they’re full of shit. But we still have to pretend like they’re not full of shit.


Why do we have to pretend not to know they're full of shit?


Because they've made themselves indispensable. Can't shit talk the person that sells you everything short of food stocks.


That’s a bingo!




You just say bingo


BINGO!! Ha, how fun!!


"let's make ourselves economically dependent on these totalitarian dictatorships, surely that will fix them!" Our leaders have been incredibly dumb, probably because they got in on the profits in some cases. It was like marrying an abusive person to try and fix them


But was it actually the leaders? The dependence comes from companies outsourcing to China because it's just cheaper, blame shortsighted, greedy capitalism.


They can only do that because they were allowed to by our governments. The hope of reforming China was one of the goals of loosening trade starting from the 70s and finally in 2001, this is Clinton on bringing them full into the WTO: >China is not simply agreeing to import more of our products; it is agreeing to import one of democracy's most cherished values: economic freedom. The more China liberalizes its economy, the more fully it will liberate the potential of its people -- their initiative, their imagination, their remarkable spirit of enterprise. And when individuals have the power, not just to dream but to realize their dreams, they will demand a greater say. [https://archive.nytimes.com/www.nytimes.com/library/world/asia/030900clinton-china-text.html](https://archive.nytimes.com/www.nytimes.com/library/world/asia/030900clinton-china-text.html) Since then the massive flight of industry you discuss occurred. Social freedom and 'greater say' for the individuals in governance, not so much.


Thank Nixon for that one


No no. Western society made them indispensable by shifting manufacturing over to China for cheap labor. China was more than happy to oblige.




Diplomacy only works if both sides act faithfully to achieve understanding. Hard to do when the people across the table use diplomacy as an umbrella for action.


I'd say it also works if both sides are willing to turn blind eyes to stuff that don't have a direct impact on each other.


Yeah if we can't be reasonably honest/truthful then what good is diplomacy, it just erodes the value of diplomacy in the long run anyway. Maybe it's just an ends-justifies-the-means sort of game. Once we get there then maybe it'll magically be ok.




Because we are addicted to all the cheap shit they make for us.


By "we" they meant our governments, not we on reddit


This! True and hilarious but so frustrating! lol


this is how i feel a lot of the time about crohn's disease. we all poop. you're either full of it right now or you just went. i shouldn't have to be like "excuse me for a minute while i go do something unspeakable and impolite." we all know wht i'm doing.


... Relevant username?


So true, same with Russia. Not saying the west is perfect but man these are real hypocrites.


I'm ethnically Chinese, live in SEA. Never held a Chinese passport. But I think a lot of the western world doesn't quite understand China/East Asian culture and diplomacy whatsoever. East Asian cultures in general give very little fucks about diplomacy. Generally speaking moralizing is viewed as a waste of time - pragmatism and who has power is really all that matters. When China moralizes, it's definitely a taunt/attempt to undermine the western world's moralizing. They're not making a show of saying 'look we're the good guys'. They're definitely saying 'oh look how your good guy charade is turning out for you? Enjoy your riots' P.S I don't believe in either absolute authoritarianism like facist states nor absolute freedoms like the US. There are plenty of small, non superpower states with relatively fair and equitable governments


I see your point. As a foreigner living in China, certain aspects make you question some aspects and you go "how is this even possible". Ironically, China does not give a fuck if they are and appear as the bad guys; and that they know that you know. They will not waste their time either into arguments or mockery. All that matters is they stick to their to-do list, process and voilà the outcome and the money. Very intriguing and weird.


In a strange twist - talk to any East Asian person (China, Korea, Japan, Thailand etc) about what they think of western moralizing and they will say similar things. The East absolutely finds the west weird: why do citizens hold governments to moral standards when governments are never going to uphold them? The western expectation that governments act in the interest of it's people is so naive to the cynical east (evil and self interest is to be expected of individuals until proven otherwise) Self interest of course has different breadths depending on how individualistic/communal the culture is. Does it apply to individuals? Family? Race/ethnicity? Nationality? You will find the lines here are different for each culture. I live in a space which can be considered as between two cultures and watching both sides interact is frankly quite amusing. All I can say is all superpowers have their flaws: power corrupts absolutely, merely in different ways. The world would be better if we were all like Bahrain.


You know that I know that you know that I'm full of shit, but you know that I know that you know that I don't care that you know I'm full of shit.


Like similar ridiculous comments from Russian, North Korean, and even US Republican party politicians, this is not intended for us. It’s a performance piece. This statement is intended to be used as a snippet in propaganda by state media. It has to be said by the right talking head, in public, and in the right setting, but it will be manipulated to fit the narrative for their audience. Most of that audience doesn’t have, or doesn’t care to have, the context and additional reporting we do to understand that it’s ridiculous and hypocritical.


This is the only piece of important information in this thread. Really, we've got to start understanding this, because right now all the fascists worldwide are using the same playbook. They're facing outward but speaking only to their home base of brainwashed drones. Validating their nonsense by responding to it, amplifying it, and trying to craft rational rebuttals to it is literally going the wrong direction. We need to be—and I don't say this lightly—engaged in information warfare, because they've already been at it for years.


Someone on Twitter came up with "Uyghur please".


The Uyghurs would like a Uyrd


That’s pretty good lol


That’s fuckin’ gold.


Can you explain the pun or joke?


Uygher sounds like the n-word.


Guys this has been around for quite a while and certainly wasn't coined for today's news lol.


I remember The Daily Show using that joke when Bush was in office.


Sweden was one if the first countries to act on the Uighur Muslim detainment in China and gave the Uighur Muslims refugee status.


I feel like that’s why China is saying this to them and we’re reading this wrong. China isn’t trying to act “high and mighty” when everyone in the world recognises the hypocrisy of them of all people saying this. I feel like this is more of a “we told you so” type statement from them.


"Looks like you're having a little uprising problem... perhaps you shouldn't be accepting uprisers into your country..."


That had to be a joke, right?


At this point even the CCP can't tell what's a joke


Did you know that George Washington actually traveled to ancient China to learn about democracy and kung fu? Well now you do! - Brought to you by the wonderful world of the CCP! *Now how healthy are your kidneys?*


Doubtful. It aligns perfectly with their political ideology. China values social order over free speech and will censor and deplatform anyone that doesn't support the state narrative. They also crack down hard on gatherings to prevent 'wrong think' from spreading. China is using the Swedish riots to promote their methods of maintaining an orderly society.


It's interesting how this plays out between the west, China, and the muslim world. The west tends to value freedom of speech over social order and over respect for religious beliefs. China tends to value social order over freedom of speech and respect for religious beliefs. The muslim world tends to value respect for religious beliefs over freedom of speech and social order. A situation like the one in Sweden happens and China says "you really shouldn't let freedom of speech ruin social order" and the reddit comments say "that's ironic coming from China who let social order ruin freedom of religious beliefs (and basic human rights)". I agree there's irony, but it's also sort of missing the underlying difference in world view.


I'd add that it plays out with, The west holds the individual highest Muslim world holding the family/tribe highest China holds collective population above all


China holds ~~collective population~~ the state above all


I found this comment really insightful - never thought about it this way; very interesting analysis.


Indians casually using all 3 philosophies at the same time and succeeding in none


The muslim world respects the religious beliefs of one religion.


It makes sense when you look into Chinas past. Pretty much whenever China didn't have strong social order it was chaos famine and warlords, when we did we were the strongest country in the world.


It's like rain on a your wedding day


It's a free ride when you've already paid


Ain’t no goddamn way


It do be that way tho


Some people don't think it be like it is, but it do...


That’s what I first thought. Fucking weird.


Following the same logics as with Russians, they must be doing or planning to do something horrible with their muslims when they say this.


Well the concentration camps sure seems horrible


This is very brave. I for one applaud China; it's about time someone *finally* took a stand against Sweden and its disgusting treatment of muslims. ^(/s)


Uhhhhhhhhh r u fkn srs? This is an interesting approach to be sure.


They're not saying thus because they mean it. They're saying it because they want to "disarm" western criticism of how their treat the Uyghurs by playing the "hypocrisy" card.


Astounding hypocrisy.


What did Winnie-the-Pooh and his gang smoke to come up with this absurdity?


Billions of dollars in manufacturing for other nations which allows them to get away with this stuff.


Hahaha honestly China and Russia’s official foreign affairs philosophy is literally shitposting


"Be kind to Jews." -Adolf Hitler


That's it folks! We can wrap up and go home. The award for Biggest Hypocrite of 2022 was won early this year, and handed out already as it can't be topped.


Perhaps China could teach Sweden how to build special "respect camps" where all the Muslims could be sent forcibly so that they could all be respected more, and be exposed to so much respect that they are forbidden to leave.


"Freedom of speech cannot be a reason to incite racial or cultural discrimination and tear society apart," said Wang Wenbin, spokesperson of China's Foreign Ministry, referring to the incident that triggered widespread condemnation across the Muslim world. "We hope Sweden can earnestly respect the religious beliefs of minority groups, including Muslims," Wang said, according to the Chinese daily, Global Times. **Last week, Rasmus Paludan, the leader of the far-right Stram Kurs (Hard Line) group, burned a copy of the Muslim holy book in Sweden's southern Linkoping city. He also threatened to burn copies of the Quran in future rallies.** So if i understand this whole thing correctly one far right nutter in Sweden decided to burn some Qurans which led to some rioting and now every Muslim nation and also i guess now China are chiming in to tell Sweden how they're not respecting the religious rights of minorities despite the Swedish government and the other 99% of swedes having nothing to do with this? Okay.


Stram Kurs is a Danish "ethno-nationalist" far-right group, and Paludan is from Denmark. Blaming the Swedish government or Swedish people for his antics seems like a big stretch.


Dra åt helvete.


How do people here not see the sarcasm here? They are literally mocking Sweden for criticizing them for their treatment of Muslim's. Because China believes Islam causes trouble and what happened in Sweden reaffirms their view, let alone the terrorist attacks in China.


How to we farm karma if we admit it's sarcasm?


Idk man I refuse to believe people are this stupid but the internet proves me wrong everyday.


China has no issue with Islam. They have an issue with Uyghurs whom they consider to be ethnic separatists. Same with Tibetans: No issue with the religion, just a fear of separatism fueled by religious leaders. They also think it's wrong to allow people to offend religious feelings, that's what they're saying here.


What in tarnation?


Uighur Muslims.


China shouldn’t be telling anyone about respect. CCP can’t even respect their own people or basic human life.


Ring ring, hello Swedish kettle, are you there? It's me Pot, how are you? BTW, you're black, OK?


Fucking wow. Kettle meeeeeeeet pot.


Almost like China is posturing so they can swoop into the Middle East and repossess some more ports without poking the bear too hard


“The pot calling the kettle black”


BAHAHAHAHA.....Oh your being serious?


Why are all these countries with zero human rights telling sweden what to do, in many cases we give them loads of money to their shitty state. They have no right. Respect our laws. And china litterally has a Swedish citizen in prison for the last 7 years because he critizised the government