Update: Acquired edenonline.com as a segway into a VR Space City MMO metaverse.

Update: Acquired edenonline.com as a segway into a VR Space City MMO metaverse.


What's funny here is that I thought about eve online when I read a prior post of yours although it wasn't entirely related. I was a member of two of the biggest alliances in the game in my late teens, so I know a tiny tad itty bitty about that game. Am overloaded with crap atm, otherwise I may have been interested as it sounds like a fun, albeit impossible venture. With Star Citizen an already established brand on the market it's gonna be tough to break through, especially considering the funding that project has. You sure know how to pick out impossible challenges I guess... *ROLEPLAYED EXACERBATED SIGH INTO SHRUG EMOJI.* ​ I do know one guy who \~might\~ be interested in working with you. He and the other guy just got done working on [this](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1663410/Happenlance/). I could give setting you guys up for a romantic Discord dinner a shot should you take an interest. AFAIK they're rather fresh out the gates, so I doubt either of them has done any VR work, so that's something you guys could experiment with. big wink. hmu i guess. ​ ​ \+ 1q while I'm here: *Will there be space sex functionality in ur space city property-owning socializing sim?*


Star Citizen looks pretty badass and yes I would like something on that level. However, I want my universe to be a projection of this reality and what we can strive to build in real life. The currency system would correlate to real life. I am trying to figure out how to break into this market. Probably starts with 1. A solid game dev/VR expert 2. Funding 3. Partnering with a top notch game company. I'll probably end up giving up 15% to a game expert. and then 30% to a VC, if I can pull it off. Then partner with a top notch game company to get this started. Are you a game dev? *And to answer your question. It can be done in "restricted areas". lol.*